No's 1 to 7 (houses just inside Christ Church Gateway)

The Archbishop (Randall Thomas Davidson) and General Young 5th East Surrey. Posted Sept 23 1914, from Canterbury. J. G. Charlton, Photographer, Canterbury - From my collection. What was the event? (I'm assuming possible send off of troops for the war?)

No. 11 the Precincts (Cathedral House)

A cropped photo from my collection, showing Cathedral House in the background

George Austin Jr. was one of the occupants of this house (stained glass)


No. 14 the Precincts (house of stall IX)

Destroyed in the bombing raid June 1st 1942

Rev. Canon Stuart's House


Rev. Canon Stuart....in residence July 28, 1911, by J. G. Charlton


14C The Precincts (No. 11 Burgate)

Damaged in the bombing raid in 1940 the day Starr's house was destroyed

I believe this is No. 10 & No. 11 Burgate above, with No. 11 being the one on the left

14C The Precincts 1931, from Lady Bertram's Album, some of those photos are now in my collection

Sir Anton and Lady Edith Bertram who lived at 14C Precincts 1931

Sir Anton Bertram (Feb 8, 1869, Barnstable, Devon - Sept 17, 1937, Canterbury, Kent), an English Barrister and 22nd Chief Justice of Ceylon (1918-1925)

In 1930 he published "The Colonial Service"

September 1934, Sir Anton Bertram attended the funeral of Mrs. Hyacinth Staple the wife of Canon R. Staple, the Precentor of Canterbury Cathedral. Sir Anton and Lady Betram also sent a floral tribute.

"Sir Anton Bertram, a former Chief Justice of Ceylon, who is seriously ill at his home in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, was stated last night to be "very much weaker." Sir Anton is 68." The Yorkshire Post, Friday, September 17, 1937

Library of Congress www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/matpc.08326/

National Portrait Gallery www.npgprints.com/image.php?imgref=176339

Lady Edith Bertram, a photograph in my collection


14D & E





"The Precincts" Meister Omers, was built in the thirteenth century 13/12/23

Taken by Mother when the hall door was being painted!

No. 16 "The Precincts", Meister Omers, from an old photograph in my collection.



Revd. Dr. John Lynch (Rector of Adisham, Kent), Prebendary and Archdeacon of Canterbury once lived in this house *connection to Jane Austen


CHOIR HOUSE No. 18 (the house of Stall II)



Infirmary arches



The Deanery, drawing of 1777

The Monthly Magazine, 1809 - Death at Canterbury, at the Deanery, in his 74th year, the Rev. Thomas Powys, D.D. dean of that cathedral, rector of Fawley, Bucks, and Silchester, Hants, justices of the peace for the counties of Oxon and Bucks, and formerly of St. John's College, Oxford, M.A., 1780, B. and D.D. 1795.

WTHBH - April 15, 1899 - An interesting photographic album has been published by Mr. Colborne, photographic artist, St. George's Street, consisting of thrity-one cabinet portraits of the Deans of Canterbury from the Reformation, from the unique collection of valuable oil paintings at the Deanery. The portraits date from 1541 to the present day, and the collection therefore includes those of Dean Wooton and Farrar. The edition is strictly limited to 50 copies, the price of the album being one guinea. Among the subscribers are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dean of Canterbury, Mr. Henniker Heaton, M. P., the Mayor of Canterbury, Lord Bagot, Lord Algernon Percy and Sir Alfred Lyall.

The Deanery 2008 (damaged twice during WW2)

Dean Hugh Percy 1825-1827

Dean Richard Bagot 1827-1845

Dean William Lyall 1845-1857


Dean Henry Alford 1857-1871


Dean Robert Payne Smith 1871-1895


Dean Frederic Farrar 1895-1903


Dean Henry Wace 1903-1924


Dean George Bell 1924-1929 *went to to become Bishop of Chichester (he founded The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral)


Dean Dick Sheppard 1929-1931

Dean Sheppard, from Lady Bertram's Album, some of those photos are now in my collection (appointed Dean of Canterbury in 1929)

Passed away November 1937, Interred in the Cloisters.

Lady Bertram attended the memorial service.


Dean Hewlett Johnson 1931-1963

Dean Hewlett Johnson, from Lady Bertram's Album, some of those photos are now in my collection


Present Dean Robert Willis




THE GRANARY HOUSE No. 22, No. 23 The Precincts, No. 24 Deans Brewhouse

No. 23

23 The Precincts 1927, from Lady Bertram's Album, some of those photos are now in my collection

Sir Anton Bertram leased No 23 from 1926

He helped start the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral with Dean George Bell

The old bakehouse furnace chimney - No 23 The Precincts


No. 25 The Precincts


No. 26 & 27 The Precincts





Destroyed in the Bombings of WW2

John Starr, Esq. Canterbury, subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

*John Starr, 1817. Son of John Starr, Solicitor and Auditor to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. b. 1804. New Inn Hall, Oxf. Solicitor. Partner with his father. Retired 1840. The Precincts Canterbury.

Powys Starr, 1821, Brother of the above. b. 1808. Died at Charterhouse 1824.

Thomas Starr, 1809-12. Brother of the above. b. 1794. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Died at Canterbury 1858.

Marriages, August 17, 1852. At Canterbury, John Starr, esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of George Curteis. esq. GM

April 13, 1848 - In the Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury, aged 79, widow of Thomas STARR, esq. The Gentlemen's Magazine vol 183

The Lady Davidson of Lambeth, Starrs House, The Precints, Canterbury (m. 1878, w. 1930)




Elizabeth Bae (1850's)

Jeffery Morton

Thomas E. Jones, Music Master

Anby Beatson, Teacher M.A. Cambridge

No. 5 Elisa Newman

King's School

Kings School

George Wallace, Head Master of the King's School

*June 5, 1840, Katarine Russell (born April 28) daughter of George and Emily Frances Wallace, of the Precincts, Head Master of the Kings School

*June 28, 1844, Christening, William (born May 12, 1844), son of George and Emily Frances Wallce, of the Precincts, Head Master of the King's School

Lewis Smith, Assistant Master of King's School

The King's School War Memorial unveiled December 19, 1921


Mark Keel, Porter of the Gate (Green Court Gate)

*March 2, 1841, Christening, Henry Thomas, son of Mark & Catherine Teal, of the precincts, Porter at the gate, Canterbury Cathedral

March 6, 1845, Christening, Helen Christiana Catharine, daughter of Mark & Catherine Teal of the Precincts, Porter, Canterbury Cathedral

September 30, 1846, George Hatton, son of Mark & Catherine Teal, of the Green Court, Gate Porter, Canterbury Cathedral

Charlotte Croft

John Richard Castleden, Corn and Hop Factor

Daniel Finch, Barrister

The Hon. Daniel Finch, Precincts, Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Frederick Roach, Vicar of Lower Haslslow

Stephen Maple, Servant

William Walker, Coachman

Mary Batchin

Agnes Walters

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1737 Rev. Francis Angel SMITH, Green Court, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

The Green Court & King's School buildings from within the Dark Entry



William Bennett, Minor Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, Vicar of Milton, Sittingbourne, Kent

Robert Moore, Canon of Canterbury

George Raynor

Sarah A. Iggleden



William S. H. Braham, M.A., Minor Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, Rector of St. George the Martyr with St. Mary Magdalen, Canterbury

Rev. W. S. H. Braham, Precincts, Canterbury. Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - East Peckham- Rev. Francis DAWSON, Oaks, Canterbury


"...the goodly Oaks in our common Garden, of good value in themselves, and in their time very beneficial to our Church by their shelter, quite eradicated and sett to sale; generally, whatever was money worth made prize of and imbezilled; and in fine, a goodly brave Cathedral become no better (in respect of those who gott and kept possession of it) than a Den of thieves and pulnderers; and to make the better way for such invaders to abuse it the Church guardians, here faire and strong Gates, betimes turned off the hooks and burned. ......" Ecclesia Christi Cantuar



Mary Ann White

John Metcalfe, Minor Canon of Canterbury

Rev. John Metcalfe, Precincts, Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

George Austin, Solicitor

*June 12, 1834 - Christening of Harriett Fanny Austin (born Feb 7th, 1832), daughter of George and Eliza Austin of the Precincts of the Archbishops Palace, Architect & Surveyor & Frederick (born July 29th, 1833), son of George & Eliza Austin of the Precincts of the Archbishops Palace, Architect & Surveyor

Sarah Blecleynden

Thomas G. Meredith, Painter & Glazier

Margery Chaney

Mary Chaney, Print Seller

Henry Pussell, Carver & Guilder

Thomas Wright, Vesturer of the Cathedral

Henry Purrier, M.A.

Mary M. Freeling, daughter of a Baronett

Charlotte J. Bennett

Henry G. Austin, Architect


*Captain William Gregory, R.E.

Nov. At Woolwich, Capt. William Gregory, R. E.

He was a brother of the late Hon. John Gregory, who died a few months ago, while Governor of the Bahamas. Both these gentlemen were natives of Canterbury, sons of the Rev. Mr. Gregory, of the Green Court, Precints, and received their education at the King's School.

He was appointed a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in 1813, and attained the rank of Captain in 1831. He served six years in Canada, where he was frost bitten, and lost part of his toes. He served in Barbados from 1826 to 1831, and while on the passage to that station, in the command of the 3d company of Sappers and Miners in the Shipley transport ship, he was wrecked on April 19, 1826, on the Cobbler's Rocks near Kitridge Head. on that occasion he was the last person on board, and saw every man, woman and child safely carried tot he rocks, which was effected through his cool and judicious arrangements, and in a few minutes ater he quitted the vessel she became a total wreck. He went to Ceylon in 1834, where he remained nearly nine years. On his return to England his health gave way to the effect of the climates in which he had served, and he has ever since been unable to leave his room without assistance. During his military service he had been actively employed in superintending several important works, both at home and abroad. The Gentlemens Magazine, 1854


No. 28 (on the left)


No. 29 Chillenden's Chambers and Pentice (The house of Stall VII)

South view

The Pentice



Entrance to the Dark Entry, Green Court and The Precincts





The Archbishops Palace


An ariel view of Walpole house on the left and the Archbishops Palace on the right



James COLE, Gate Porter *




Canons - Arthur James Mason D.D.

James C. ROBERTSON, Canon of Canterbury Cathedral





August 1864 - Death at the Precints, Canterbury, aged 63, James Jennings, esq., of the Elms, Old Windsor, Berks. The Gentlemens Magazine

November, died at his house, in the Cathedral Precinct, Canterbury, the Rev. Joseph Price, B.D. Vicar of Littlebourn. The Universal Magazine 1806

Charlotte-Frelian Bennett, relict of the Rev. Thomas Bennett, died at age 71 in 1854, in the Cathedral Precincts.


"Death, June 20th, in the Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury, aged 54 Louisa Toogood, wife of the Rev. William Stone, Canon of Canterbury Cathedral." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1859

Marriage August 31 at the Cathedral, Canterbury, S. Musgrave Hilton, esq. of Brambling House, Kent, to Emily Shuttleworth, eldest daughter of the Rev. William Stone, Canon of Canterbury. GM 1864

*Rev. William STONE, M.A., Canon Residentiary of Canterbury, 1855-1882, d. at Canterbury, Feb. 2 (aged 81). Guardian, xxxvii.p. 197c.


1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Hon. & Rev. Fremantle, Canon, M.A.

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mrs. Gardener, Precincts Canterbury

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Rev. Canon HOLLAND, M.A., Precincts Canterbury

1927 Rev. PARTRIDGE, Sacrist, Canterbury Cathedral, 26 the Precincts (phone book)

1886 The very Rev. The Dean of Canterbury, The Precincts, Canterbury *Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

Benjamin Harrison, Archdeacon of Maidstone (1845-47)

1901 Thomas Cooke, Gate Porter

Emma Bowler (w) Bookseller, dealer, Employer

Thomas B. Blackman, Cathedral Verger, Mary, daughter, Assistant School Mistress

Jane H. Elmes, Head, married age 47, Ada G. Elmes, daughter age 19 born Canterbury

Emily J. Knox (?)

William J. Forcel, Clergyman Church of England born Marylebone, London

Marion E. James, single age 40, Caterer Refreshment, own account with sister Jessie M. James, both born Canterbury




Rev. John BIRT, D.D., Precintcts listed under Academies

George AUSTIN, Precincts, listed under carvers and gilders

Dent HEPPER (to the Dean and Chapter), Precincts, listed under Surveyors (previously surveyor was Jesse WHITE who died 1821)


TENDERS, May 1863 For new schools and master's residence within the precincts of the Canterbury Cathedral. Mr. Austin, architect. Quantities supplied by the architect's clerk at a charge of three guineas for each set:



Stephen Shrubsole.....£5890

Gaskin & Godden....£5846

*Gaskin & Godden built a new malt-kiln and store for Flint and the waterworks (in Wincheap) at Canterbury


Saturday, June 16, 1906 - Local Wedding - The wedding took place in St. Anselm's Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral, on Tuesday afternoon, of Mr. Reginald Elmes, son of Mrs. Elmes of the Precincts, and Miss Edith Benn, daughter of Mr. James Benn, late Postmaster of Canterbury. A large number of relatives and friends of the parties witnessed the marriage ceremony, which was performed by the Precentor, the Rev. F. J. O. Helmore. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a white silk dress trimmed with rose point lace, and carried a lovely bouquet of white gardenias and white roses. The bridesmaids were Miss Ada Elmes, sister of the bridesgroom, Miss M. L. Elmes, cousin of the bridegroom and Miss C. Hougham. They were muslin de soie dresses and lace hats. Mr. Arthur Bowen acted as best man. Later in the day Mr. and Mrs. Elmes left for Brussels. The presents received were numerous and costly.

The Rev. J. Cullin, M.A., Tait Missioner in Canterbury Diocese, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site

"The Literary Churchman", Dec. 4th, 1885. At Canterbury Cathedral the special prechers for advent are on Wednesdays, Dec. 9, Rev. H. Venn, vicar of Sittingbourne; 16th, Rev. J. Cullin, Six Preacher; and on 23rd, Canon F. J. Holland. A part of the "Messiah" will be rendered, with orchestral accompaniment, on Christmas Eve.


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