The Star Brewery, Broad Street demolished 1936

Properties were built against the city wall, including a brewery. This was built by George Beer, a Canterbury brewer in 1845, doubtless to replace the brewery demolished on the site of St. Augustine's abbey when that site was bought for a missionary college. This new brewery was the Star Brewery which was demolished in 1936.

"As part of the 1935 Town Planning scheme it was decided to clear away the Star Brewery from the city wall opposite Lady Woottons Green and to replan that area." Kent Archives


In 1836 the Mayor and Corporation acquired the right to sell the land under the 94th section of the statute of 5 and 6 William IV c76. It was sold at auction in 1844, and in 1846 2 messuages were built on it. Two years later George BEER, a Canterbury brewer, erected a brewhouse and malthouse on the site, sometime known as the Star Brewery, it was demolished in 1936. In 1851 he purchased more land nearby and on it built the malthouse stores. Kent Archives


In 1851 Mr. George Beer, a brewer, started a business on the corner of Broad Street, Canterbury. The Brewery was named by an old man called Jacobs who had placed a star on the sacks he was delivering. He pointed to the star telling Mr. Beer that he had christened his Brewery and the name of the Star Brewery was then adopted. On the second of July 1883, Mr. Beer sold the company to a firm of gentlemen, William Charles Newton Chapman, Stanley Hamilton Lound and Francis Gibbon Oliver for £50,000. It continued to trade as the George Beer Company until 1922 when it merged with Rigdens, another Canterbury Brewery. The Brewery continued as George Beer and Rigdens until 1933, when it merged with Fremlins. Kent Archives CCA-U175

There was a deed of partnership up for sale between Messrs. Geo. Beer & Co. - Deed of Partnership, that I lost, (it might have been the deed above), as it named William Charles Newton Chapman, Francis Gibbon Oliver, George Alexander Chapman.


Canterbury, Kent. (St. Augustine's Brewery) "I can but say, that, without exception, it is in my opinion the most useful and scientific I have ever met with" George Beer The Theory and Practice of Brewing Illustrated - By William Littell Tizard 1857


A view of the Old Star Brewery in Broad Street. Demolished in 1936.


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