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The original Sun Inn of 1437 seems to have been beside and behind the Christ Church Gate

The Sun Inn was built by Christ Church Priory in 1437/38


June 13, 1498 "Lord Fyneaux came to Canterbury with Sir Edward Poynings and spent three days at the city's expense at the Sun Inn in Burgate attempting to settle the various disputes between the mayor, aldermen and commonalty." CCA-CC-A/A/44

July 1588 - Lease, by the Dean and Chapter to Esdras JOHNSON, a tenement called the SUN on the north side of the Buttermarket, to the east of Christ Church Gate. CCA-DCc-BB/41/96

Dec 1746 - Lease, by the Dean and Chapter to Peter WEBSTER, gent. of London. CCA-DCc-BB/41/98

1776 Lease to John SIMMONDS, vesturer of Canterbury, a tenement or "boarded house" in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, part of the Sun Inn. CCA-DCc-BB/60/300-301

AD 1798....he came in the course of that evening again to Canterbury, to the Sun Inn, kept by a person of the name of Nicholas Cloke; when he came to the inn at Canterbury, you will find from his conversation, which will be given in evidence to you, that his purpose was to have gone that night to Whitstable from Canterbury, which was about six miles distant;..." Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings 1819


"On Tuesday, the 14th, instant, Mr. Staples, of Ramsgate, undertook to ride a poney, aged twenty-five years, from Ramsgate to the Sun Inn, Canterbury, and back, in four hours. The first part of the journey he rode in an hour and twenty-one minutes, and returned in an hour and twenty-three minutes. Including the time he took for refreshment, the task was performed in three hours and twenty-three minutes, with great ease to himself and the poney."

The Sporting Magazine 1812


To be LETT at Old Michaelmas Day next, THE SUN-INN, near the Butter-Market in Canterbury; being an old-accustomed house, and stands well situated for business, in particular for the Country Trade on Market Days. Inquire of William Rigden, Brewer. Kentish Post September 1756 *information kindly supplied by Richard, please do not copy the above Newspaper information without prior permission from him - the links to his site are as follows:

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dutillieul/ZOtherPapers/NewKent11Sep1756.html (Kentish Post)

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dutillieul/ZOtherPapers/Index.html (Main Newspaper Site)


Death at Canterbury April 1803, Mrs. CRUX, of the Sun Inn. MM


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