The families are not necessarily directly related to each other


The picture above showing the Tent behind which belongs to G. TWYMAN & Son


1727 - Jan. 11, St. George's Church, Cantebury - burial of Hammond TWYMAN, in the church. pd.

1756 - Penance performed by John Twyman of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury - spoken divers disgraceful and defamatory words against Margaret Osmond wife of William Osmand CCA-DCb-J/P/A/267

Henry Twyman, Police Constable *61 Havelock St.

*Oct 22, 1888, Charles Hodges assaulted Constable Henry Twyman - CCA-CC-J/V/1888/239

James Twyman, Police Constable *10 Havelock St.

1891 - 4 Whitehorse Lane - James Twyman, head, age 32, Chimney Sweep, born Canterbury, Kent, Wife, Agnes Twyman, age 26, born Canterbury, son Edward, Charles, John Thomas*, William (Civil Parish, St. Mary Bredin)

1891 - College Garden, St. Stephens, Hackington, Thomas Twyman, head, married age 48, Gardener, born Hearne, Kent, wife Eliza, daughter Lizzie, age 15, Agricultural work, Scholars, Louisa, William, Fredick, and Agnes 3, and Arthur 1

July 27, 1893 - James Twyman, assault and battery of Agnes Twyman, St. Mary Bredin parish, CCA-CC-J/V/1893/129


1894 ad


The Town Clerk, Henry Fielding reading the proclamation in front of Twymans (on the left), with Mayor Bennett-Goldney


1901 - 43 & 44 Ivy Lane - James Twyman, head, age 43, Chimney Sweep, wife Agnes age 40, son Charlie, age 19, Journeyman Sweep, James age 16, Carriage Builder Apprentice, Edward age 15....? Ware Merchant, son Thomas 13*, son Albert 6, son Ernest 4, son William 3, son Sidney 5months

James Twyman, Chimney Sweep, 95 Northgate Street, Canterbury

James & Agnes Twyman


1901 - Tyler Hill - Thomas Twyman, head age 57, Agricultural Labourer, Eliza, wife age 52, born Herne, son William age 18, born Meopham, Agricultural labourer, Frederick, son age 15, Gardener, not domestic, Agnes age 13, son Arthur age 11

September 10, 1900, Thomas Twyman, Larceny - CCA-CC-J/V/1900/226

April 4, 1902, James Twyman: assault on Susan Carey, CCA-CC-J/V/1902/54

May 16, 1902, John Twyman: using obscene language, CCA-CC-J/V/1902/92


James Twyman (Chimney Sweep) and Children 10 Victoria Row bottom of Artillery Street


*John Thomas Twyman, aged 15, stealing money from Edith Jutson, errand boy at Messrs. Hook & Sons, Drapers, was convicted of Larceny Sept 10th, 1900, sentenced to Philanthropics Society Farm School at Redhill Surrey for 3 years. CCA-CC-J/V/1902/125 see also CCA-CC-J/V/1902/126 - *son of James Twyman, chimney sweep. James Twyman of 41 Ivy Lane is "...of sufficient ability to contribute towards the maintenance of his son"(* Edith Jutsum an assistant at Messrs Hook & Sons Drapers


A view of G.Twyman, Tent Contractors, Canterbury - Baby Show Canterbury 1909?


October 7, 1902 - James Twyman of 41 Ivy Lane, ordered to contribute towards the maintenance of his son, John Thomas Twyman, aged 14 years. John Thomas Twyman having been placed in the Philanthropic Society's Farm School for the Reformation of Criminal Boys, Redhill Surrey. CCA-CC-J/V/1902/126 & 125



1906-1914 , 1 St. Georges Place, Canterbury St. George, 1906 Abstract of Title 1907 Copy will of G. E. Twyman, CCA-CC-P/E/CP/5/9/1 *14 deeds and papers

Henry George Twyman, St. Martins


Back of a Bill from 1936

A detail from a glass slide in my collection c.1935 showing G. Twyman & Son Ltd.



To the memory of


Who died Janry 17th 1863

Aged 69 Years.

Left Surviving Amey his wife

three sons and one daughter

to lament the loss of an

affectionate husband and father

Also of AMEY

the beloved wife of the above

who died June 19 1882

Aged 85 years

"Blessed are the dead which die in

the Lord"

Burial St. Gregory the Great

Charles was a linen weaver (son George Edmund Twyman) *29 Castle Street

George Edmund Twyman had nine children, one of which was Frank TWYMAN (1876-1959)


A post card in my collection

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