St. Gregory / Northgate

Union Street and Union Place were laid out in about 1830 and houses were built by Ambrose Whale, William Marsh, William Newing, William Petts and William Frier. CCA

His younger brother George Job Elvey, born at Canterbury, March 27th, 1816 (in a small house in Union Street), was much more celebrated both as an organist and as a composer. He also began his musical education as a chorister, and continued his studies under his brother Stephen. (see Broad Street for more information on the ELVEY family)

The street was damaged in the bombing in WW2

"Union Street Redevelopment 1961-3, Architects - J. L. Berbiers, City Architect. A re-worked version of the 4 storey maisonette blocks, this time with opposed mono-pitch roofs, creates a major rhythm interspersed with 2 storey housing and a community building..."


No. 1

Private House

Isabella Elizabeth GILL, Dressmaker %

Robert CASTLE, Brickmaker &

Edward SETTERFIELD, Carpenter *


Agnes WEBB, Rag Factory Cutter, Boarder Frederick Green, Road Labourer for the Corporation )


No. 2

Private House

Mary CULMER, Glover %

John CRAYFORD, Bricklayers Labourer &

Henry HOPKINS, Coachman *

1889 Henry Thomas HOPKINS, Cab Driver

Henry G. EDWARDS, Retired, his grand daughter Lillian L Edwards is a School Teacher )


No. 3

Private House

Henry POWELL, Gardener *

Thomas MULTON, Sexton &

1889 Henry POWELL, Gardener

William B. SOAMES, Carpenter, General Labourer )


No. 4

Thomas STOKES, Fruiterer %

George W. ENSTON, Plasterer's Labourer &

John RICHARDSON - Where do you live? No. 4, Union Street. What are you? Well, I am a labouring man. Do you know a Mr. Swain? He lives at Northgate. Did you get anything from him? No. Did you get anything from anybody at the last election? No. Did you in the election of 1879? Yes. From whom? William Horton. How much? 1l. Was that for your vote? Yes. Did you get anything from anybody else? No. Laming; did you get anything from him? No. Was 1l all you got? Parliamentary Papers 1881 (Bricklayers Labourer)

1889 Harry SMITH, Greengrocer

Alfred STOCKBRIDGE, Greengrocer & Fruiterer, father Herbert Stockbridge* is also a Fruiterer )

*July 20, 1907 (The Kentish Gazetter and Canterbury Press) Canterbury Police Court, there was a Herbert Stockbridge was fined 40s. and 16s. 6d. costs for driving a horse and cart furiously in Guildhall nad High Street, on July 11. P.C. Holness and a private witness proved the case.


No. 5

Private House

Hannah AUSTEN %

Charlotte DRAYSON %

John RICHARDSON, Bricklayers Labourer, see no. 4 above &

George BROWNING, Labourer *

1889 William PEETH, Labourer

Arthur UDEN, Tan Yard Labour )


No. 6

Private House

William BOWEN, Mason %

John POTT, Labourer *

1889 George COOMBS, Labourer

Harris WALSH )


No. 7

Private House

Thomas CRADDUCK, Plummer %

James STURT, Pensioner of the Navy &

John PRESTON, Brewers Servant *

1889 Mrs. BAILEY

Frank S. BROWNING, Cab Driver (Groom) )


Union Place


No. 8

Baker's Shop

James FAGG, Baker %

1870's - 1900's Henry FOSTER, Baker


No. 9

Private House

James FAGG, Baker %

John STOCKBRIDGE, General labourer &

Sarah STOCKBRIDGE (Manglewoman, washer) *

1889 William SETTERFIELD, Baker

Harriet COMBER )


No. 10

1832 - 34 John DALBY, Beer Retailer

James WILLEY, Cordwainer % &

Stationer's Shop


1889 Miss JEFFERY, Newsagent

Mary A. Jeffries, Stationer, with help from her nephew Andrew W. Ridles, Store Keeper )


No. 11

Private House

Mary Ann ROOK, Glove Maker %

William KING, Bricklayer &

George Joseph JOHNSON, Carpenter *

1889 Thomas THORNER, Greengrocer

William Reader SHELTER, Wine Merchants Porter )


No. 12

James DADD, Cordwainer %

Henry C. HARDLEY, Bricklayer &

John DUNAGAN, Tailor *

1889 David MANNING

Henry UDEN, Dealer in Wood and Coal )


No. 13

Private House

John MAHER, Tailor &

1889 Frederick HAWKES, Coach Painter

Mary A. CONSTABLE, Rag Factory )


No. 14

Private House

John PHILLIPS, Machine Maker %

John SIDDERS, Labourer &

Henry CASTLE, Market Gardener *

William H. AKHURST, Sergeant Major in the 7th Hussars )


No. 15

Private House

George WHEATLEY, Cabinet Maker %

Thomas G. NOTLEY, Horse Slaughterer &

* Thomas G. NOTLEY, Canterbury, Horse Slaughterer: June 6 at 2, at Fleur-de-Lys Hotel, Catnerbury. F. J. Till, Canterbury, Solicitor (May 21, 1879, the Weekley Notes) - Proceedings for liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors. Notices of first Meetings. Friday, May 23, 1879.

James Thomas PALMER, Stone Mason *

Frederick F. BISHOP, Domestic Coachman )


No. 16

Private House

James McCONNELL, Corporal in the East Kent Militia &

John WILLIAMS, Agricultural Labourer and Militiaman &

William John STEED, Baker *

1889 George MAXTED, Letter Carrier

Edward L. LONGLAND, Brickyard Labourer )


No. 17

Private House

Herbert STURT, Iron Moulder &

Herbert STURT, Time Keeper *

Herbert STURTS, sworn. Where do you live? 17 Union Street. In whose employment are you? Messrs. Drury and Biggleston's. PP1881

1889 Herbert STURT, Clerk

Thomas H. ELDERGILL, Soldier in the 7th Hussars )


No. 18

Private House

Frederick ROBINSON, Shoemaker &

Frederick ROBINSON, Cordwainer %

early 1880's - 1889 Frederick ROBINSON, Shoemaker

James TOMLIN, Road Labourer (for the Corporation) )


No. 19

Private House

Thomas ANDREWS, Labourer %

early 1880's - 1889 William MILLS, Tailor

James J. ADAM, Gas Stoker )


No. 20

Private House

John HERITAGE, City Missionary %

early 1880's - 1889 Richard MOYS, House Painter

Richard MOYS, Plumber )


No. 21

Private House

Daniel DAVIS, Carriers Porter %

early 1880's - 1889 Edward WILLEY, Shoemaker

Frederick WILLEY, Vice Man, Blacksmith )


No. 22

Private House

James PALMER, Cordwainer %

early 1880's - 1889 James PALMER, Shoemaker

John LAMBERT, Coach Painter )


No. 23

Private House

Thomas Henry PALMER, Cordwainer %

early 1880's - 1900's Edgar Ernest Hawkes, Police Constable - son Edgar is a Postman, son George is a Sugar Boiler (Confectioner) and son Reginald is a Carpenters Labourer )


No. 24

Private House

Charles HOLLOWAY, Policeman %

early 1870's - 1889 Mrs. Eliza Jane HOLLOWAY

George EVANS, Barracks Sweeper, son Walter is a Coach Painter. Joseph Berry of the Kentish Buffs is visiting them. )


No. 25

Joseph BURTON, Tailor %

Edward HALL, Bricklayer &

1889 James T. PALMER, Stonemason


No. 26

early 1850's - 1889 John LEMAR, Shoemaker


No. 27

Peter DILL, Labourer %

Henry McCONNELL, Corporal in the East Kent Militia &

Henry McCONNELL, Drum Major in the East Kent Military *

1889 Mrs. Elizabeth McCONNELL


No. 28

William GERRISH, Gentlemans Servant %

George BAKER, Staff Sergeant in the East Kent Militia &

James McCONNELL, Drum Major in the East Kent Military *

1889 Herny VASS, Mailman G.P.O.


No. 29

1838 Policeman, Edward PARKER, 29 Union Street

Elizabeth Fill BING, Schoolmistress %

Edward IDDENDEN, Baker &*

1889 Mrs. GORELY


No. 30

Benjamin BOWNE, Cordwainer %

George ROGERS, Bricklayer &*

1889 Mrs. Sarah ROGERS


No. 31

John SAYER, Miller %

William HADLEY, Carpenter &

1889 Mrs. Elizabeth Ann HADLEY, Laundress


No. 32

Ambrose WHALE, Shoemaker %

Alfred PIERCE, Dairyman and Farmer &


No. 33

James COPPINS, Bricklayer %

Ambrose WHALE, Farmer &


No. 32 & 33 DAIRY

early 1880's - 1889 Alfred PIERCE, Dairyman


No. 34

Margaret CARPENTER, Shoe Binder %

James REYNOLDS, Retired Brewer &

Ambrose WHALE, Farmer *

1889 Ambrose PEIRCE, Wood Dealer


No. 35

Private House

Abraham CARPENTER, Grocer %

George MARSHALL, Labourer &

early 1880's - 1889 James REYNOLDS

Henry F. MILLS, Blacksmiths' Labourer )


No. 36

Mary MUNN, Seamstress %

John RICHARDSON, General Labourer &

early 1880's - 1889 George WILSDEN, Bootmaker


No. 37

Private House

William LUCKETT, Cordwainer %

"John Richardson. Where do you live? In Union Street, No. 37. What is your employment? Farm Labourer....." Parliamentary Papers 1881

1889 Charles HADAGH, Painter

Charles HADATH, Painter, Local Preacher )


No. 38

Private House

Thomas BEAN, Brewers Servant *

Thomas CADDINGTON, Ex Soldier )

* CADDINGTON - death July 26, at Union Street, Canterbury, Thomas CADDINGTON, aged 77 years - Aug 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press)

Saturday, August 2, 1913
The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Canterbury Cemetery of Mr. Thomas Caddington of Union Street, who died on the previous Saturday, at the age of 77. The deceased served in the Royal Horse Artillery, and was for seventeen years stationed in India with the Bengal Horse Artillery, being there at the time of the Mutiny, though he did not take active part in the campaign. On returning to Canterbury he took his discharge and was subesquently appointed to the post of canteen steward, R.H.A. The funeral was of a semi-miltary character. The C Battery Royal Horse Artillery kindly lent a gun carriage, by permission of Major Butler, six gunners acted as body bearers, and the staff sergeants and sergeants of the Horse Artillery followed. The chief mourners were: The widow, Captain T. Caddington, R.H.A., Captain C. Caddington, R.H.A, and Corporal of Horse A. Caddinton, Royal Horse Guards (sons of the deceased), Mrs. Robb (daughter), and Mrs. Knight. There were about thirty wreaths, one of which was sent by the C Battery at Canterbury. A large number of friends of the family and others who had known the deceased were present at the graveside.


Military Road (no. 45)


No. 39

1889 Mrs. M. L. TILBE, Baker

Maria L. TILBE, Baker (


No. 40


No. 41

Edward IDDENDEN, Baker & Manager (


No. 42


No. 43

Harry STRAND, Brewer's Labourer (


No. 44


No. 45


No. 46

Sole Agent, John Waters BANKS, 46 Union Street, Northgate. Printed and published by Elijah Lazarus, Canterbury (re: Sir William Courtenay)

John NICHOLSON, Shoemaker $ (possible address 1841)

John NICHOLSON, Shoemaker %


No. 47


No. 48


James PARREN, Victualler ^


No. 49

William NEWING, Bricklayer, George Newing, Plumber & Glazier, Alfred Newing, Bricklayer % (Builder of some houses in Notley Street)


No. 50


No. 51

Alford E. CHAMBERS, Blacksmith & Cycle Maker (


No. 52


No. 53


No. 54


No. 55


No. 56


No. 57


No. 58

Elizabeth PALMER, Domestic Cook ( )


No. 59

Ellen PIERCE, Seller of Milk (

Ambrose PIERCE (see No. 34 above) )


No. 60


No. 61


No. 62

Charles H. ALBURY, Confectioner (

John BOURNE, Wholesale Confectioner and Preserve Maker (Baker) )


No. 63

Thomas BOURNE, Grocer (

John BOURNE, Wholesale Confectioner and Preserve Maker (Baker) )


No. 64

Thomas BOURNE, Grocer (

John BOURNE, Wholesale Confectioner and Preserve Maker (Baker) )


No. 65

1889 Miss. Julia C. DODD, Grocer and General Shop, brother George Drives a Cab

Thomas THERNER, Green grocer (


No. 66

Emily RYE (

*children, William, Printer Compositor, Charles, Office Boy for a Printer, Arthur, Percy J.

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 - The Sidney Cooper School of Science and Art

An examination for free scholarships at the above School took place on the 30th ult. The conditions this year differed from those of previous years, the examination being open only to past and not present pupils of the elementary schools. Some 32 candidates presented themselves. Then were, however, disqualified, through being students at elementary schools. The maximum number of points was forty, and the subject freehand drawing from a flat copy. The work was generally very good, and the following were the successful candidates with the number of points gained: Miss Bear, 36, Louisa Surry, 36; William Jarrett, 35, George Jarrett, 34; Rose Surry, 32, Frank Collingwood, 30, Arthur Rye, 30, Ernest Ingleton, 29; Mabel Sewel, 29, George Parry, 28; Robert Holness, 27; George Coppen, 26; James Spillett, 24; Alexander Twyman, 23; - Hopkins, 16; Forwood, 8.


No. 67

Frederick G. HALL, Sewage worker (


Unpolled - 1830

Richard ADAM, Union Street, Labourer

Polled - 1830

William James WILTSHIRE, Tailor, Union Street

John ELLERBECK, Gentleman, Union Street




Andrew KENNEDY - Tea Dealer, with wife and 5 children and servant

Charles KENDAL

Robert PHILLIPS - Wine worker

James PARREN - Labourer

Walter LeFevre - Woolcombing?

Joseph HILL - Labourer

John NICKOLSON - Shoe maker

John PITTOCK - Basket maker

Charlotte BACTHINSON? - Milliner

George MILLINER - Policeman

Andrew PLANK - Inspector of Police

Sidney SPRATT - Policeman *see Ivy Lane


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