A view of St. Peter's Methodist Church off of St. Peter's Street (the large building in the center), behind the church (to the right) is The Wesleyan School



The Wesleyan School, in St. Peter's Street, is a well managed and flourishing institution, the schools are neat and well kept, and the system of the master, Mr. S. Walker, is based on an elementary style worthy the consideration of the better class of families in the district.



Mixed, St. Peter's Street

Erected in 1870 & enlarged 1886 for 420 children, average attendance, 350

Samuel Walker, Master



Ann Paull, Wesleyan School teacher


June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

For the best arrangement of wild flowers (arranged for effect) in a tumbler and soup plate.

children under six years of age:

3. Victor BURLEY, Wesleyan School

children eight years of age and under ten:

1. Christopher CARDINAL, Holy Cross School

2. Winnie LEMAR, St. Paul's School

3. Beatrice BURLEY, Wesleyan School

4. Mabel HAMMOND, St. Dunstan's School

5. G. F. RYE, St. Dunstan's School

6. Annie KANE, Garrison School

7. Alice VAUGHAN, St. Mary Bredin School

8. E. TRAVERS, Board School

9. Carrie LAWLESS, St. Dunstan's School

10. William PARKER (no school listed)

v.h.c. Jessie ENDEN, St. Paul's School

v.h.c. F. FRYER, St. John's School

c. Percy SPICER, St. George's School

children ten years of age and under 12:

1. Lillie HODGSKIN, St. Paul's school

2. Edmund BURLEY, Wesleyan School

3. Gertrude GILLAM, Wesleyan School

4. F. JARRETT, Payne-Smith School

5. E. STONE, Payne-Smith School

6. Charles CARDINAL, Holy Cross School

7. Alfred HORTON, Board School

9. Alfred HODGSKIN, St. Paul's School

10. Nora PINE, St. Mary Bedin's School

h.c. Eva EAST, St. Dunstan's School

h.c. A.M. BEETON, Garrison School

c. Ada PARREN, Board School




Mixed and Infants. St. Peter's Street, erected in 1870 and enlarged 1886, for 420 children; average attendance, 300; Charles Warden, Master



Mixed and Infants - Fee Paying

Erected in 1870 and enlarged in 1886, for 298 children

Fred D. Randerson - Master


1877 - Canterbury St. Peter (w. 12) Amount of Grants for Building, Enlargement, Improvements or fixtures to 31 Dec. 1876 -0

Average attendance 148

Annual Grants - 86 2 9



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