All Saints, Parish of St. Mary Breadman

"White Horse Lane looks very much like a corrupted form of such a name as White House Lane. If the designation be of any antiquity, it may very possibly have arisen from the great stone house of Roman foundation, situated at its north-west corner. Outside Canterbury the name Whitehall still clings to land in and around Roman earthworks at Harbledown, which overhang the Chatham and Dover railway. Rare Roman coins of gold have been found there. The same name Whitehall is found in divers parts of Kent, and in every English county, still clinging to land in which signs of Roman occupation have been found." AC1883


Corner of White Horse Lane looking towards Jewry Lane


36 High Street to Jewery Lane



No. 1

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Frederick G. DAVEY, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

*1881, George SMITH stole a pair of boots from Frederick George DAVEY, and a James ROBERTS (pensioner) of White Horse Lane

Louisa DANBY, Boot & Shoemaker (


No. 2

George AIANO, Cordwainer (


No. 3

George GREENSTREET, Working for a Grocer (

1893 Emily GREENSTREET, 3 White Horse Lane CCA


No. 4

James TWYMAN, Chimney Sweep


No. 5

Eagle Tavern, Leonard Spendiff, Victualler *


1917 Alfred WHITCOMBE


No. 6

James Elvy, Emma LEFEVRE (

James ELVY, Plumber *

1917 Henry Charles BAKER


No. 7

Albert MINTER, Builders Foreman

1917 Leslie JORDAN


Biggleston and Sons, Iron Foundry


1847 William Henry BIGGLESTON, Ironmonger, White Horse Lane

*Patents applied for and patents granted - Hoists, &c. Construction of ships' capstans (number of patent - 3240) Date, 8th Dec. 1866, William Henry Biggleston


No. 8







No. 9

James ROBERTS, 9 White Horse Lane *


Gateway of Fleur De Lis Yard *


Salvation Army Barracks highlighted in yellow


The Salvation Army Barracks, and old rag factory

"Preaching in Knott's Lane" c. 1886

"The Christian Life - Saturday, September 13, 1884 - In anticipation of a visit by the Salvation Army to Canterbury, and with a view to prevent disturbances similar to those which have occurred in other towns, it is proposed to make a new byelaw, under which it will be an offence punishable by a fine of £5 going about playing trumpets and drums in the streets."

Salvation Army Postcard photo - December 1st, 1919 "With our kindest thoughts"

Taken by Mrs. G. SWAIN, St. Giles Studio, Norwich




Fleur de Lis Tap *now the Cherry Tree Freehouse (No. 10)

William Gambier, Publican and Bricklayer %

Edmund BRENCHLEY, Victualler &

Edmund Brenchley, Serving House Keeper %

Elizabeth BRENCHLEY, Licensed Victualler, 10 Whitehorse Lane *

1903 - Henry BAKER, White Horse Lane, Fleur-de-Lis Tap Public House

1917 Henry BAKER


My thanks to Paul for pointing out the corbels from the old Fleur de lis hotel (although they are in the opposite position of where they were placed under the original window)

White Horse Lane (in passage) - ASHENDEN'S COTTAGES

Edward SOUTAN, Fish and Fruit Seller &

Edward SOUTAN - Where do you live? You must speak very loud as I am very deaf. White Horse Lane. What are you? A horse dealer, fishmonger or anything. Did you get any money at the last election? Not this election; never in my life; not a farthing from anybody. Did you get any in 1879? Yes, I never received a farthing from nobody; never not a half penny from nobody, and not a single farthing in my life in any election that ever was. Do you know a man named James Roberts? No, I do not, and I tell you I am independent of everybody. PP1881


Jewery Lane


1830 Poll Book

Absalom Johnson, Fishmonger, White Horse Lane

John Dawson, Labourer, White Horse Lane

George Browne, Coachmaker, White Horse Lane

William Anderson, Fishmonger, White Horse Lane

Thomas Fist, Cordwainer, White Horse Lane


Joseph Pitt, Gunmaker $

Joseph Pitt, Pig Dealer $

Frederick Linom, Printer $

Absolom Johnson, Fishmonger $

Elizabeth Hyde $

Isaac Read $

Isaac James Moore $

Henry Hayward, Coach Builder $

John Groombridge, Fishmonger $

Francis Moses Price, Porter $

John Price, Shoemaker $

Zachariah Davey, Dyer $

John McGowan $

John White, Cordwainer $

George Dopson Harden, Hair Dresser

Geroge Harden, Carrier

John Thomas & George Marshall, Weavers %

George Meadhurst *, Labourer %


Edward Loutan, Fruit and Fish Seller &


LEE's BUILDINGS, Whitehorse Lane

William Lam Laker, Fruiterer %

Sarah Chandler, Seamstress %


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