Canterbury - The truth is preached in Zoar chapel, Burgate Lane; "A friend" says, "Mr. Heritage, the minister of that new and handsome Baptist chapel in the New road often gives the people a good Gopsel sermon. The Baptists in this city, have risen up in appearance, and in numbers, during the last few years. Not very many years since, there was but one small Baptist cause; and that was up a low passage; King street chapel, under the patronage of those influential families, the Flints, the Christians, the Howlands and the Ladds, was an improvement in its appearance, and in tis enterprizes; and many good men often occupied its pulpit. King Street chapel has been destroyed entirely.

We suppose the parties interested were afraid to let it reamain, lest " the Gospel" should take possession of it. St. George's Baptist chapel, is quite in accordance with the times. Sir Morton Peto laid its corner stone, upon the condition that it should be Open-Communion. But, in Zoar, they abide by the New Testament Order; consequently, they are not either a flourishing or a wealthy cause. Mr.


Zoar Chapel. Burgate Lane. "In 1801 a cistern for the city's water supply was housed in the bastion after being moved from St. George's Gate. The present building probably predates the arrival of the Zoar Baptists and its conversion into a chapel in 1845." from the city plaque




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