1901 onwards



"The 2nd Battalion sailed on the Gaika on 22nd December 1899, and arrived at the Cape on January 13th, 1900."

Photograph of the 2nd Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

The 2nd Battalion of the famous Buffs arrived at Cape Town in the "Gaika" on January 14th. under command of Lieutanant-Colonel R.A. Hickson*, who is here depicted with his officers, the illustration being from a photograph taken before the battalion left for South Africa. The regiment, which has arrived to take part in the operations directed by Lord Roberts, is one of the most celebrated in the British Army.

December 22, 1899, the Gaika sailed from Southampton, with the 2nd East Kent Regiment with 881 men. Col. R.A. Hickson*; Major J. B. Backhouse, Capts. Alexander Rowland Eustace, R.G. Marriott, F.W.B. Dynem, W.H. Trevor and F. Godrey-Faussett; Lts. E. H. Finch-Hatton, C.D.K. Greenway, C.A. Worthington, G. Mc.B. Ronald, H H. C. Baird, and F.S. Firth; 2nd Lts. Greatwood and Houblom; Capt & Adj. A. G. Geedes; Lt. & Q.M. G. Boom. RGA, Capts. Thomas and Pendergast. RAMC, Majors. Pike, Geddes, and Fayle; Capt. Chambers; Lt. Rattray

January 15, 1900... The Gaika with 2/East Kent Regiment......arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Gaika brought part of the shipment of the Queen's Chocolate for the troops.

*Capt. R. A. Hickson was on board the St. Lawrence bound for South Africa as an officer in the 2nd regiment of the 3rd Buffs in (Cape Times Nov. 14, 1876) - the St. Lawrence was wrecked on the Great Paternosters Reef - 1881 he was in Cheriton (Folkestone), Kent (age 32) , born Kerry Ireland staying at Stranway house, Capt. in the Buffs. Wife of R.A. Hickson, A.E. Hickson, born London, Middlesex (no children 1881).... Robert Albert Hickson


Click on picture for larger image and notes on J B BACKHOUSE

J. B. Backhouse, Lieutenant-Colonel, East Kent Regiment (1888)

b. 1854 Deal, Kent

J. B. Backhouse, Lieutenant-Colonel, East Kent Regiment

These two photo's are on loan from a Buff's enthusiast, along with the information "thank you"


The Buffs - Boer War, South Africa 1899-1902 (from my collection)

The Buffs solider possibly Boer War (see his helmet)

No writing, not postmarked but the card back reads:





The Buffs outside the church, but not sure where the church is. If you can help please CONTACT ME

The Buffs possibly India? If you can help please CONTACT ME

could possibly be Rangoon, Burma?



1902 Boer War

"Peace was made at the end of May 1902, and by the autumn both 2nd and 3rd Buffs had returned to England."


1902 - 2nd Battalion in Dover


"The Buffs Veteri Frondescit Honore"


October 1902, the 2nd Buffs Regiment was at the Citadel, they left October 1907, for Aldershot, Hampshire.


April 4 1908 (The Canterbury Journal....) "F" Company 4th Battalion The Buffs East Kent Regiment Company Orders. For the week ending Saturday, 11th April, 1908. On duty - Sergeant P. Brice and Lance-Corporal R. Butcher. Sunday - Church parade, for dress and time of parade see order boards. "E. W. Turner, Capt., Commanding "F" Company" Headquarters Herne Bay


The Buffs, 5th Batt, Champion Band (Military Section) Crystal Palace

1906-7 1907-8 1908-9 1910-11 and 1913-14

*Notes about the band above from a photograph listed for sale on the internet



I believe that the attached photograph is of Frank Raven (standing) and one of his brothers. Frank attaesed in 1903 into the 2nd Batt. Buffs and served 8 years before going on the reserve. He was recalled in 1914 and was killed at Ypres on 20th October 1914. (courtesy of L.Beckler)

Notes on Frank Raven


1st Volunteer Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent
Regiment), The undermentioned Captains resign
their Commissions:—
C. B. Mercer. Dated 24th January, 1903
C. A. Moxon. Dated 24th January, 1903
L. H. Page. Dated 24th January, 1903

*The London Gazette, January 23, 1903



Location, Dover - Officers' Mess in the Citadel on the Western Heights (thanks to Paul and Phil for their confirmation)

Click on picture for larger image

Officers of the 2nd Battalion of the Buffs, 1904

*this photo is on loan by a Buff's enthusiast "thank you"


1905 Arundel Park

1st V.B. The Buffs, Arundel Park 1905 (from my collection)

1st V.B. The Buffs, Arundel Park 1905 (from my collection)

1st V.B. The Buffs, Officers Mess. Arundel Park 1905 (from my collection)

1st V.B. The Buffs, Arundel Park 1905 (from my collection)

1906 Dover

The Buffs, Dover 1906 (from my collection)



Bugle Band of the 2nd Vol. Batt. East Kent Regiment, A. Coy. Arundel Park Camp, June 1907 * from my collection



July 1907

In October next, Captain E. H. Finch-Hatton, D.S.O., East Kent Regiment, will complete his extended tenure in the adjutancy of the 3rd Battalion, and will revert to regimental duty with the home battalion of "The Buffs."

All England Championship Shield Holders 1907 - Band 1st V.B. The Buffs (from my collection)


July 1907

The War Office has decided to abolish the appointment of second in command in the Imperial Yeomanry, thus following the abolition of seconds in command in the line. In the future, the duties of second in command will be discharged by the senior major of the regiment.


The Army Billeting in Canterbury (from my collection)



Hawks Hill Camp, Walmer July 1908 (from my collection)

View of Camp Walmer 1908 (from my collection)



Possibly Dover 1908. Mayors Trophy, For shooting competition."K" Coy The Buffs 4th Battalion. From my collection


The Buffs Possibly 1st Vol Batt. K Company Dover (date unknown) see detail from trunk in tent below



Infantry Brigade 1906

West Kent Volunteer


MAY 22, 1909

Kent Territorial Camp Dover, 1909. Written on back...Admiral at Fort Burgoyne Camp on Saturday May 22.

from my collection


JUNE 4th, 1909

Written on the back - The Camp at Dover on Friday morning, June 4th, 1909 after a heavy rain all night.

Postcard by F. Firth & Co. Lt. Reigate (from my collection)


JULY 1st, 1909

Posted from Dover July 1, 1909 10:30 pm (from my collection)

Showing Vice Admiral Prince Louis of Battenburg visiting the Buffs a camp in Dover (thank you to a visitor for this information)

back of card - posted to Mr. A. Pott, 10 Alessandra Place, Buckland, Dover..Just a card to let you know I am alright we are in for a rough night hoping you are all quite well yours truly E.P.


Corporals, 1st Batt. The Buffs Badajos Barracks, Aldershot, 1909, photo courtesy of NL

Corporals, 1st Batt. The Buffs Badajos Barracks, Aldershot, 1909, photo courtesy of NL


c. 1910

Photo courtesy of the family of Albert Hunt, Bristol - if anyone can share more information on this photo, please CONTACT ME

1st Batt. The Buffs (as noted on the drums). We believe the shield reads Rugby Football on the botton ribbon and the top ribbon reads 1st Battalion the Buffs. This could possibly be at Aldershot. The 1st Batt. Buffs went to Dublin late in 1910, after being stationed at Aldershot for three years. In September 1913 they moved onto Fermoy, County Cork. From there to their participation in WW1.


DOVER 1910

Showing a band of the buffs, Dover Camp 1910. (from my collection)

Reverse - Dover 1910, Self, Halter? Sergeant. Postcard by E. Stevens, Photographer. Poole.



Crowboro Camp 1911 (Crowborough) (from my collection)

*4th & 5th Buffs were at Crowborugh 1911


Posted from Lydd?, Kent July 6, 1911 - photographer Charles Harris 77 London Road, Dover (from my collection)

back of card - Mr. E. Pott 10 Alesandra Place, Buckland, Dover

Dear Sam thanks for PC of this morning glad you had a good Parade and also of Tripps Promotion hope you soon get yours I did not see anything of Tom(?) we are now made a Battery at Dover so I hope I shall get my own give my love to all at home will try and write to them if I can get time but we are kept at it until 6. Dick

"H Company" Tug of War Team 110, 2nd Batt. "The Buffs"

LW Champions Army & Navy

Hong Kong 1909-1910

Winners Warren Shield


In the back row, 2nd from the left is Charles Thomas Young. He was #8102 and #6081936 of the Buffs serving between Bet. 08 Dec 1909-26 May 1923.

Photo courtesy of wilfredyoung.com



Kent Brigade, Camp Worthing

Worthing Camp 1912 (from my collection)


4th Buffs, Worthing Camp 1912 (from my collection)


Buffs, Cooks c. 1912 possibly Worthing Camp (from my collection)

Kent Brigade Camp Worthing 1912 (from my collection)

Buffs, Worthing Camp (Pryor 433) (from my collection)


Unknown Buff soldier from my collection - no photographer or writing on the reverse, date unknown (from my collection)


1912 Dover

The Buffs, Dover - photographer Charles Harris 77 London Road Dover (from my collection)

Posted from Ashford July 28, 1912 8 pm

back of postcard - Mr. E. Pott ...Alessandra Place, Dover...Dear Brother just a line in answer to your letter . Glad you enjoyed yourself we are just getting ready to go to Ashford have been very busy love to all Dick(?) This is my wagon in the rear

The Buffs, Dover (date? likey 1912 as above) (from my collection) - photographer Charles Harris 77 London Road Dover

back of the postcard - Dear Brother just a line hoping you are still fit, as it leaves me as I am sending this to Ramsgate hoping it will find you alright. I saw George Saturday and he said you were alright. Have you heard anything about going away yet. I have volunteered. They have formed a service Battery and I am one of the Sergeants being the next senior and they have put the other men into the 2nd and 3rd Kent Battys so the service Battery takes the place of 1st Kent. We are to undergo special training for a time then go but where and when we do not know. We are getting it strong to reveille at 5 every morning and we just (end of writing)


MAY 1912 Ashford

The Buffs Band - photo postcard from my collection (no photographer listed)

Written on the reverse..

Bugle Band of "A" Co. & Battalion Band (Ashford) (Showing Sergt Drummer Hinkly, Drums Don Wood & Jack Blackwell. Bandmaster W. Thorne) on the occasion of the opening of "A" Co! new Drill Hall, Saturday 11 May 1912 (was not there)




THE BUFFS (from my collection)

The postcard was mailed on August 8th, 1913 from Sussex to a Mr. A. Sinclair, 12 St. Francis Road, Folkestone, Kent

"Dear Bert, Due to arrive at Folkestone Jct. 6 PM Sunday. What do you think of 4th Buffs. Staffs George"

Seated to the left is Bernard George Borrett. The photograph is pre 1914. I believe it to be H section of East Kent Cyclists based in Dover. The postcard is by Charles S Harris, 77 London Road, Dover. I don’t recognize the cap badge as EKE cyclists so this may be another unit.
There is no written record that I have to confirm what Bernard joined. There seems to be a variety of badges worn.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


Act. Capt. S H S Marchant M.C of the Buffs and fellow Sergeants he served with. Sadly, they all died on the Western Front, with the exception of S.H.S. Marchant. photo courtesy of the Marchant family

4th Buffs Seaford 1913, no. 127. Postcard to Miss E. Bowyer, Buckle Lane, Warfield nr. Bracknell Berks. Sent by Sydney Henson. My Dear E. Thanks very much for letter, received this morning (Sunday). Still having fine weather. Going to a service in the Y.M.C.A. tent this evening, if alls well. Writing letter tomorrow. Fondest Love etc. Syd. Photo Brighton View Co. 3a Clarence Street, Brighton.



A Group of Soldiers marked 1914 Canterbury *there were a few Battalions formed at Canterbury (from my collection)

1/4th Battalion August 1914 in Canterbury

2/4th Battalion Sept 1914

3/4th at Canterbury


OCTOBER 8th, 1914

(from my collection)


A Group of Soldiers marked C Company 2/5 BUFFS, 1st Draft (from my collection)

(Weald of Kent Battalion Territorial Force, formed at Ashford...eventually joined the 202nd Brigade of the 67th Division. May 1915 Moved to Ashford. Nov 1917 Disbanded) Batt. information from forces-war-records.co.uk


MAY 1915

5th Batt THE BUFFS Kent Regiment at CHATTENDEN May 21 1915 *probably the 2/5 Btn (from my collection)



Lt. Col. Vaughan Cowell, 2/4 The Buffs, 1915. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)

Capt. & Adjt. G. S. Dixon 2/4 The Buffs. 1915 (courtesy of a visitor to the site)

202nd Infantry Brigade. Route march near Tonbridge 1915. Head of the column is Lt Parry Jones, CSM Joe Buckley, Sgt Daniel Borrett unknown corporal. post card published by Allwork Bros Tonbridge (courtesy of a visitor to the site)

The 2/4th Battalion Territorial Force and the 2/5th (The Weald of Kent) Battalion Territorial Force - September 1914, Formed at Ashford and then moved to Ascot to join the 202nd Brigade of the 67th Division (www.forces-war-records.co.uk)


Again 202nd Infantry Brigade on route march near Tonbridge 1915. Sgt in middle with rifle butt to ground is
Daniel Borrett C Company 2/4 Buffs. I can only assume that "C" Company had been picked out as the 'target'. Published by Allwork Bros. Tonbridge.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


APRIL 1915

Officers and NCO’s ‘C’ Company 2/4 Buffs at Chattenden Camp, near Rochester, April 1915. Lance Corporal Daniel Borrett on the ground centre right. Seated behind him is CSM Joe Buckley. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)



The caption of the reverse says,”Don’t laugh!” In May Daniel Borrett, seated second from right, was a Lance Corporal, in July written records list him as a Corporal and by August 1915, he is a Sergeant. I assume that he is referring to his promotions.
2/4 Buffs at Beacon Hill, Rochester.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


OCTOBER 21, 1915

The entry of the 2/4 Buffs into Tonbridge Oct 21, 1915.
Identified on the card on the horse Capt. Sangster. Front row Lt. Parry-Jones, CSM Joe Buckley, Sgt Daniel Borrett and Cpl. Albert Snow
Card from Allwork Bros Tonbridge.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


2/4 Buffs, 1915 Tonbridge. No names given. On back of postcard, B.C. Flemons
191 High Street , Tonbridge
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants 2/4th Bn. Buffs (East Kent) Regt. from Dover

Top Row: Sgt W.H. Dyer, Sgt. F. Carter, Sgt. J. Colthrup, Sgt. D. B. Borrett, Sgt. J. J. McKeen, Sgt. J. J. S. Gillespie, Sgt. F. Oates, Sgt. W.A.H. Marsh

Middle Row: C.Q.M.S. A. Wisdom, C.S.M. J. W. Buckley, R.S.M.T. Holloway, C.S.M. W. J. Byrne, Sgt. W. Kemp

Bottom Row: Sgt. B. Nolan, Sgt. G. Hogben, Sgt. F. Buzan, Sgt. N. V. Sutton, Sgt. A. Bourner

Photo was published in the Dover Express & East Kent News on Friday 22nd Oct 1915 (all men from Dover)

(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


OCTOBER 21, 1915

Written on the back 2/4 Buffs Tonbridge Oct 21 1915. Identified front rank left to right Sergeant Wildman, Sergeant Borrett, CSM Buckley and Lt Royden. The Buffs band can be seen in the foreground breaking off. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)



202nd Infantry Brigade, Church Parade, Tonbridge
C company 2/4 Buffs Sunday Nov 7 1915
Sgt at front is Daniel Borrett
Photo is outside YMCA (evidenced from another photo)
Postcard published by Allwork Bros. Tonbridge
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


Nothing written on the back . At far left is Sgt Daniel Borrett
Allwork Bros, Tonbridge postcard of 202nd Infantry Brigade bayonet practice, 1915
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)



Postcard from Allwork Bros. Tonbridge.
The caption on the back reads, 2/4 Buffs trench digging, Tonbridge Nov 1915.
Sgt Daniel Borrett standing at left.


DECEMBER 17, 1915

Post card from The Alma Studio , Tonbridge, Dec 17 1915 at Cliffe Fort
Officers and NCO's C Company 2/4 Buffs
5th from left in back row is Sgt Daniel Borrett. Seated left middle row is CSM Joe Buckley
Officers in seated row would include Capt Sangster, and Lt Parry Jones
Not identified on card, but from cross-reference to other photos, the corporal standing left in back row
is probably Corporal Albert Snow.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)


XMAS 1915

Card sent to Sergeant and Mrs Daniel Borrett for Christmas 1915 with kind regards from Mr and Mrs Wildman.
Sergeant Wildman was serving in 2/4 Buffs. In early 1917 both he and Sergeant Borrett were transferred to The 1st Battalion East Lancs in France in time for Passchendaele. Both of them survived the war.
(courtesy of a visitor to the site)



9 Platoon ‘C’ Company 2/4 Buffs on the move near Tonbridge, 1916. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)


MARCH 1916

2/4 Buffs Tonbridge March 1916 ‘C’ Company . The business to the left is making gravestones. The wall ad at top right is for The Dartford Brewery Company. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)


APRIL 1916

Brewery Camp. 1st Camp from Natgodam, April 1916 (Kathgodam?) from my collection


DECEMBER 16, 1916

Sgt Tumber 2/4 Buffs killed in action in France December 16 1916. On CWG he is listed as belonging to the London Regiment, presumably sent as a replacement. His home address was given as Mrs Minnie Tumber 7 Frognal Lane Teynham. He is buried at The Railway Dugouts, Belgium. (courtesy of a visitor to the site)

A Buffs Soldier and what is presumaby his wife and cat! - photo courtesy of Ann Cook nee Hilton

He is wearing a Khaki serge tunic and puttees. His belt is that of the 1908 pattern issue. He is not showing any badges of rank and has no wound stripes which were introduced in 1916 , so he has been lucky up to the date of the picture or it was taken prior to 1916. His walking out cane is not rank related, they would have been made of bamboo with a brass top with regimental insignia. (courtesy of Ann Cook nee Hilton)

If you can help by adding any information on the photo or if you recognize the man, please CONTACT ME



TUNBRIDGE WELLS (poss 1916/1917)

The Buffs (from my collection)

*the 3/4th & 3/5th Battalion Territorial Force was in Tunbridge Wells 01.09.1916 when the 5th was absorbed. Nov 1917 they moved to Crowborough then back to Tunbridge Wells


JULY 1918

Officer Training July 1918, 19 OTC. Third row from top and fourth from right is Sgt Daniel Borrett who after being transferred from 2/4 Buffs to B Company 1st Battalion East Lancs in early 1917 survived the battles of Broodside, Poelcapelle, Passchendale and Hazebrouck.
The post card was made by H.R. Gwyer Gibbs, photographer to the Brigade of Guards, Pirbright
(thanks kindly to a visitor to the site)



Posted from Canterbury November 26th, 1918 to Miss Elliott, South Croyden, Surrey

We are all dressed up & nowhere to go (from my collection)


The Buffs, East Kent, D Coy - no reference to place or date on the card (unposted) (from my collection)



Buffs Memorial 1914-1919 in Canterbury Cathedral



1927 PAST & PRESENT ASSOCIATION (THE BUFFS) Depot, Canterbury (phone book)



William Mummery of the East Kent Regiment. Reverse is noted as Ranikhet India 1927. Courtesy of a frequent visitor.


2nd Battalion The Buffs

Presentation of New Colours, July 27th, 1928


Outside Cathedral before the ceremony.

X Myself

1. Lt. D'arcy Symonds

2. Lt. Chester

3. Lt. Dochray

4. Lt. Backhouse

5. Capt. Rice

6. Lt. Skeggall

7. Capt. Drew

8. Lt. Seath

8. (possibly - Lieutenant George Seath, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1908-1921

9. Lt. Harrison, M.C.

10. Major Crookenden D.S.O.

11. Major Gould

11. (July 8th, 1938, Th Catholic Herald....possibly - Major Edmund G. F. L. Gould. The death took place on Sunday last of Major Edmund George Francis Langdon Gould, late The Buffs, of Ciboure, France, and Roland Gardens, S.W. The son of John Gould and grandson of the late John Gould, of Loughgarc, Co. Cork, Major Gould was born in 1881. After education at Beaumont and at the Oratory School, he entered the Army and served both in the South African War and in the Great War of 1914-18. He retired from military service fourteen years ago.

12 Lt. King

13. Lt. Ayres

"After the Ceremony" I am just coming out of the Cathedral with the King's Colour 2nd Batt. and a white carrier on. Frank.

The Dean of Canterbury is here in garb and the uniformed gentleman in his rear is the reprentative of the King of Denmark* our Colonel in Chief.

*On the 9th of November 1906, the appointment was made as to the Colonel-in-Chief of The Buffs, His Majesty King Frederick VIII of Denmark.






Bell of HMS Canterbury being taken to Canterbury Cathedral 1934 (from my collection)


Kings Birthday Celebration, 2nd Buffs. Photographic poscard in my collection (no photographer or date or place noted)



No. 6 General Service Squad, 12th I.T.C., Canterbury 6th August - 16 September 1942.
Half of the squad came from the call up of Kent police from reserved occupation.
(thanks kindly to a visitor to the site)

Johnson and Borrett from the back row were friends from childhood in Dover. At the end of the war Johnson was a sergeant in the artillery and had survived Normandy and the trip to Berlin. Borrett was a lieutenant in the 9th Buffs.
Stan Johnson retired from Kent police as a detective sergeant at Deal. John Borrett retired as a chief-inspector from Northfleet.


Buff's Depot St, Martins Hill, Canterbury, photograph of the permanent staff about Oct 1949

Photo courtesy of K. Marris

Photograph by Lambert & Weston & Son Ltd. Folkestone, 1955. Buffs Paardeberg Platoon. Courtesy of a visitor to the site.

"A chartered flight from England took the Buffs off to Kenya in March 1953 to help other battalions take control of the Mau Mau rebellion. By July they had settled into policing one area a sector of the Aberdare mountains and its approaches. Their patrols took them into jungles for days at a time. Any casualties they sustained were more from wild animals and accidental shootings than from the Mau-Mau who only killed one of the Buffs. But the Buffs killed 290 Mau-Mau, captured 194 and retrieved 114 rifles. Towards the end of the tour they were beneath the snowcapped Mount Kenya, boosting the Embu tribe, and on 22nd of November they marched in ceremony through the streets of Nairobi."



The Buffs..unknown date (from my collection)


If you have any information or photo's from The Buffs that you wish to share, please


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