J. B. Backhouse, Lieutenant-Colonel, East Kent Regiment (1888)

b. 1854 Deal, Kent

Julius Batt Backhouse *made sub-lieutenant May 15, 1872

South Africa War 1879 - Zulu Campaign - medal with clasp...Captain Backhouse served with the Buffs in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in the engagements at Inyezane and Gingindhlova (Medal with Clasp)

South African War 1899-1902 - In command of 2nd Battalion of the East Kent Regiment from October 17, 1900. Queens Medal with 4 clasps. King's medal with 2 clasps.

There was a book written by him called "With the Buffs in South Africa" Gale & Polden 1903

(there is a website www.1879memorials.com with a picture of the gravestone and a memorial tablet to him and his father)

Backhouse, J. B. Lt.-Col. E. Kent R.

S. African War, 1879 - Zulu Campaign. Action of Inyezane and battle of Ginginhlove. Medal with clasp.

S. African War, 1899-1902 - In command of 2nd Bn. E. Kent R. from 17 Oct. 99. Relief of Kimberley. Operations in the Orange Free State, Feb. to May 00, including operations at Paardebert (17 - 26 Feb.); actions at Poplar Grove and Dreifontein. Operations in the Transvaal, east of PRetoria, July to 29 Nov. 00. Operations in Orange River Colony, May to Jun. 00. Despatches, Lond. Gaz., 10 Sept. 01. Queen's medal with 4 clasps. Kings' Medal with 2 claps. CB

J. B. Backhouse, Lieutenant-Colonel, East Kent Regiment

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