July 1842, Alfred Lochee is living at St. George's Place (wrote a report to the Governors of the Kent and Canterbury Hospital)

1846 Alfred Lochee, Esq. Canterbury was a subscriber to The Archaeological Journal

Elected Fellows at the Royal College of Physicians on Monday the 26th; Dr. Alfred Lochee, Canterbury - The London Medical Gazette, 1848

A subscriber to "The Archaelogoical Journal", 1848

In 1851 Alfred Lochee was living at 33 St. George's Place with his wife Honora and sons, Lewis and Francis, age 2 and 6 months respectively. Alfred is noted as Physician (Fellow of R. Coll of Physicians London). He was born in Middlesex. They were employing a cook, a Miss. Frances Jones of Kensington.

1858 - September 18th, at Canterbury, the wife of Alfred Lochee, esq., M.D., a son.

1861 - President of the British Medical Association

1871 - at Oaten Hill

Alfred Lochee, Esq., M.D., Oaten Hill House, Canterbury, subscriber to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879 - Alfred Lochee, Physician F.R.C.P. London

In 1881 living at 25 Oaten Hill, Physician M.D. F.R.C.P. London, with wife Honora, son William and daughter's Charlotte and Katherine. He is employing a Cook, Parlourmaid and Footman.

Late 1880's Still at 25 Oaten Hill in Canterbury, Physician and Surgeon

*A second edition has been published of An Address to the Students of the Missionary College of St. Augustine, Canterbury, preparatory to their commencing the Study of Practical Medicine. By Alfred Lochee, M.D. (Rivingtons) It is a beautifully written paper, which we commend to our readers

1850 - 1877 He was Lecturer in Practical Medicine at St. Augustine's

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