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1911 - exhibiting "The Very Revd. Henry Wall, D.D. Dean of Canterbury"

1912 - noted at 4, St. George's Gate

A view of the "FISK-MOORE STUDIOS" at 4 St. George's Gate from the Cattlemarket, a detail from one of my old postcards


Stamp courtesy of Don Green Photography - Tyler, Texas by Cindi Cunningham


From "FISK-MOORE STUDIOS" showing Nancy HARVEY c. 1916

*from my collection


B&W Fisk-Moore, Courtesy of Tony & Angie of Spain

This lovely piece was found framed sitting near a dumpster in Spain

(Type of Rifles Badge)

This is a broach normally worn by a lady to show support for her husband who is in the Rifles eg. Shropshire Rifles.
You can see the ornamentation at the top of the horn/bugle. (thank you kindly to a visitor for this information)


A Photograph by B & W Fisk-Moore, Canterbury (actual size 11 3/8" x 7 5/8"), possibly the Old Stagers

*from my collection

Wedding Party by Fisk-Moore

Provided by: Don Green Photography - Tyler, Texas by Cindi Cunningham


Lovely wedding party by Fisk-Moore

Provided by: Don Green Photography - Tyler, Texas by Cindi Cunningham


Albert & Mina

A beautiful postcard by B.W. Fisk-Moore studio of Whitstable, thanks to a lovely VANDERPEER visitor to the site for the loan


Miss C. Pepell, Market Place, New Malden, Surrey..Dear C. This is our new Post office.

Postcard by B.&W. Fisk-Moore, Photographer, St. George's Gate, Canterbury

*from my collection


Photo by B.&W. Fisk Moore of St. George's Gate, on the back of the photo is noted as "Littlebourne Flower show at Elmleigh" and the name W. R. TRICE

Postcard courtesy of the Trice and Dickinson families


Photo by Fisk Moore of St. George's Street, Canterbury

photo courtesy of the late Phoebe Louisa Sutton nee Conley


Irish VAD Nurse Hilda Knight, Canterbury Military Hospital, May 3rd 1917

Postcard courtesy of the family


Fisk Moore Canterbury, Possibly one of the Cook family.

Photo courtesy of the late Martin Conway Cook.


Dark Grey Persian Cat, hand-tinted

Picture taken by Beaufort Fisk-Moore, thanks very much to M.S. a visitor to the site for the loan of this treasure


Lovely photograph of Sylvia Pratley c. 1938 by Fisk-Moore courtesy of Terry Blake


1925 AD above

Two interesting photo's by Fisk-Moore. I think they are likely troops from the Barracks putting on a history display.

If you have any information that you can share please



Auxiliary Fire Service c. 1939-1942. Photo courtesy of Edna Overy's collection in the DVD the house of BOTTLE.

Any extra information on the photo or the gathering would be greatly appreciated by the family.



1913 - 1925 - Fisk-Moore, Photographer, 4 St. George's Gate

London Gazette 1919 - I James Fisk Moore of 4, St. George's Gate, in the city of Canterbury, Photographer, hereby give public notice that I have abondoned the use of my original surname of "Moore" and have assumed and from henceforth upon all occasions intend to sign and use and to be called and known by the surname of "Fisk-Moore" (by which I have for some time past been known in connection with any business), and further, that such intended change of name is formally declared and evidenced by a deed poll under my hand and seal, bearing the 20th day of January 1919, and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature on the 29th day of January 1919. In witness wereof I now sign and subscribe myself by my said adopted surname. Dated this third day of February, 1919. James Fisk-Moore

1925 The Original Olde Canterbury Pottery "Monksware" Hand Made from Local Clay.

Agents: - Messrs. B. & W. Fisk-Moore, St. George's Gate or from the Makers at 5 Dover Street, Canterbury

also 1917 - 1929 - 93 High Street, Whitstable (High-Class Photographers)

1926 - 1942 - 7 St. George's Place, B. & W. Fisk-Moore *WAS BOMBED IN THE WAR

London Gazette 1942 - Notice is hereby given that the Partnership which has for sometime past been carried on by James Fisk-Moore and William Fisk-Moore under the style of B & W Fisk-Moore at Number 7 St. Georges Place and Number 4 St. George's Gate both in the city of Canterbury in teh trade or business of photographers and photographic dealers and framers was this day dissolved by mutual consent and that in future and said business will be carried on by the said William Fisk-Moore and that all debts due to or owing by the late firm will be respectively received and paid by the said William Fisk-Moore. As witness our hands this 10th day of November 1942. James Fisk-Moore William Fisk-Moore www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/35785/page/4955/data.pdf

1944 - William Fisk-Moore, Photographer c/o Messrs. Lefevre Ltd., Canterbury

1948 - 1955 - Wm Fisk-Moore, Photographer, 10c Burgate Street

1969 - Fisk-Moore Studios, 10c Burgate Street

Charles Willet & Co., Kent A Cinque Ports Publication, Travel Guide. See Canterbury in a Day. Illustrations by W. Fisk-Moore


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