Headquarters.. Fleur de Lis Hotel (1883/84)

Honorary Secretary - J. G. Jackman, 6 Parade

Captain, R. L. Jones

Entrance Fee, 2s. 6d

Uniform - Brown

Headgear - Polo Cap

24 Members, formed 1877

Canterbury Cycling Club at the Green Man Inn, Shatterling. To a Strawberry Tea.

Shatterling is about two miles east of Wingham in the district of Dover, about 7.7 miles from Canterbury. It would take you about 2 1/2 hours to walk / 15 minutes by car (nowadays)

A detail from the above card showing a gentleman in the top row holding a tea pot and the gentleman at the bottom left holding a tea cup. I believe one of the gentlemen in the middle row is holding a plate (right hand side)



Mr. Nash, Mr. Chamberlain of Kennett and Chamberlain, Mr. Greenwood, George Henry West, nephew of Thomas West, Mr. Williams, Frederick George Coast, Mr. Pollard, Mr. Miskin, Mr. Kennett, partner to Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Thomas West, Giblett Jackman, Mr. Oxley, Mr. E.J. Philpott, H.D. Coast, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Gilman, Mr Jackman, Mr. Schelanker


A detail from the above card showing a gentleman in the top row left holding a plate


The Racing of 1883

Canterbury (Rural Fete). 15th May. - One Mile Tricycle Handicap: H. Sturmey, Coventry, 40 yds (1); L. Grose, Camberwell, scratch (2). Time 5m. 2s.

Canterbury (Athletic Grounds). 15 May. Two Miles Handicap; H. Walker, Rovers, 240 yds (1); P.J. McKinlay, Beckenham, 130 (2); E. M. Mayes, Centaur, 280 (3). Time 7m. 51 1/2s. One Mile Tricycle Handicap; H. Sturmey, Coventry, 140 yds (1); E.W. Brown, Clapham, 200 (2); G. Smith, Merry Rovers, scratch (3). Time, 4m. 9s.

Canterbury (Cnterbury Cycle Club Sports). 2nd August. One Mile Tricycle Handicap; G. Smith, Merry Rovers, scratch (1); J. Smith, Tunbridge, 175 yds (2); M.A. Stevens, Maidstone, 200 (3). Time 3m. 35s. Two Miles Handicap; J.W. Clark, Maidstone, 440 yds (1); F. Kennard, Lynstead, 280 (2); W. H. Homewood, Maidstone, 440 (3). Time, 7m. 55s.

Canterbury, 20th August - Two Miles Handicap: J.W. Clark (1); G.J. Wood (2); H. Homewood (3). One Mile Tricyle Handicap: J. Smith, scratch (1); G. Philpott, 160 yds (2).


A detail from the above card, love the kid with the "attitude" in the front row


1907 - Cyclist Parade - The Canterbury Cycling Club have obtained permission from the Dean for a Church parade to the Cathedral on Sunday next. Dr. Wace has arranged for seating accomodation for nearly 300 cyclists, and it is estimated that over 500 will take part in the procession, which will start from Pay's athletic grounds, Wincheap at 1:30 and go to the Cathedral by way of Wincheap, Castle Street, St. Margaret's Street, Parade, St. George's Street, Lower Bridge Street, Broad Street, the Borough, Palace Street, Guildhall Street, High Street and Mercery Lane. The cycles will be stored, by permission of the Mayor under the Corn Exchange during the Divine Service. Among the various clubs who have signified their intention of being represented on the occasion are the "Star" Club (Canterbury), Dover, Chatham and Rochester, Gravesend, Whitstable, Faversham, Ashford, Folkstone, Eastry, Deal and Walmer.

c. 1926 by Frank Bailey photographer - from my collection


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