21 Aug. 1893 - Charles TERRY: loitering with a hackney cab on a public thoroughfare, The Parade Canterbury



W. Bristow, Parade, 1801 (Printer) - printed Hasted's books....history of Kent by Edward Hasted, Volume II, printed by W. Bristow on the Parade-Canterbury, 1757

*Will of William Bristow, Printer and Stationer of Canterbury (23 September 1808)

Aug. 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press) Henry William JEANS was summoned for causing an obstruction with his motor car on July 28, on the Parade. Adjourned for a week.


No. 1

Robert Croft Chemists on the left hand side of the photo. The very ornate building on the right is London Bank in St. George's Street

Daniel AMOS, Pharmaceutical Chemist ^ &

1885 Members of the Pharmaceutical Society Who are Pharmaceutical Chemists - Daniel AMOS, Year of membership, 1858 (No. of Major cert. 400), 1 Parade, Canterbury (The Calendar of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain)

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists - Daniel AMOS, (Pharmaceutical Chemist) 1 Parade, Canterbury

1885 Daniel AMOS, 1 Parade, Canterbury - annual subscription 10s 6d. (The Calendar of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain)

1860's - 1889 Daniel AMOS, Chemist *son Frank Amos is an Auctioneer & Land agent

Walter Edward PAIN, Chemist Assistant ^

1870 Mr. D. Amos 1 Parade, Canterbury (from Yearbook of Pharmacy, list of Members)

George A. Story, Chemists Assistant *

(620) Nickel Plating - Will some correspondent kindly state a reliable mode of depositing nickel on dental and other small instruments? Parade, Canterbury GEO. A. STORY. (from Pharmaceutical Journal, August 9, 1879)

1889 Pilcher & Son, Accountants

1889 Canterbury Building Society offices

1889 J. J. S. Harvey, Surveyor and Land Agents

1889 Swimming Baths Company's office

1892 Mr. F. AMOS, 1 Parade, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society

*An old sign saying "Kent Insurance Company Established 1802. Agency, Mr. R. Croft. The Parade Canterbury."

1903 Robert Croft (late Amos) dispensing & analytical chemist

1903 Macdonald Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Artificial Teeth Manufacturers

1917 Robert Croft, Pharmacist

1917 T. L. Collard, Clerk to Guardians of Bridge Union



No. 2

The building is still there now

1860's to 1880's Richard Reeves, Boot Seller, Carrie Reeves, Assistant in a book shop

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Richard Reeves, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

Opposite the London and County Bank - Reeves, Ladies' & Gentlemen's Fashionable Boot & Shoe Maker. Repairs neatly executed, Pinet's Boots and Shoes. Boston Rubber Goods.

1889 Reeves (executors of the late) Mrs. S.D. Boot warehouse

1903 Reeves Brothers, Boot & Shoe makers

August 2, 1913 - Reeves Bros. 2 and 3a Parade, Canterbury, Family bootmakers, Established 1851 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press

A type of ladies boot that they were selling in 1913 (my drawing)

1917 Reeves Brothers Bootmakers



No. 3


1839 James JEFFERY, Watchmaker, 3 Parade

Edward W.F. Sclater, Carver & Guilder ^

Infringements of Copyright. Gambart v. Sclater. The Photographic Journal. April 15. 1863.

Jesse WATSON, Working for Mann & Co. Drapers as a Manager &

1889 Nash Brothers, Tailors

1892 F.C. Nash, Esq. 3 The Parade, Canterbury (see advert in "The Angler's Diary and Tourist Fisherman's Gazetteer, 1892)

1903 Frank Amos F.S. I. Auctioneer, valuer, surveyor, house agent & fire loss assessor. Secretary and Surveyor to the Kent and Canterbury Permanent Benefit Building Society. Lessons given in Surveying, Levelling and Thoedolite work. All kinds of Insurances Promptly Effected. Offices: 3, The Parade, Canterbury

August 1913 - Frank Amos, F.S.I. (by Examination) Auctioneer, Valuer and Surveyor, House and Estate agent. List of houses, shops, land and properties may be had on application. Agent for the Sun Fire and Life Insurance Office. Offices - 3 Parade, Canterbury

1917 Frank Amos, (F.S.I.) Auctioneer, valuer, house agent and surveyor

Kent and Canterbury Permanent Benefit Building Society, F. Amos, Secretary

1917 Sun, Fire and Life Office, Frank Amos, agent

1933 Amos & Dawton F.S.I., Will sell the above by auction on the premises, on Thursday next, 13th April, 1933, commencing 10:30 o'clock precisely. ....(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933)

1935 Amos & Dawton, 3 The Parade, Canterbury


No. 4

1838 William BIRD, 4 Parade, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants

Edward RAYNER ^ *out of business

1884 Thomas Harry Walkley, 4 Parade & Buttermarket (listed under ale and porter merchants & bottlers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Thomas Harry Walkley, Wine and spirit merchant

1903 T. H. Walkley & Co. wine, spirit & bottled beer merchants (& 39 Burgate St.)

1913 T. H. Walkley & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants (& 39 Burgate St.)

1917 Walkley and Co. (T. W. Greene) wine merchants


No. 5

1839 John HOMERSHAM, Watchmaker, 5 Parade

Thomas SANDERS, Drapers Shop ^

1870's & 80's Thomas G. WILKINSON, Clothier

The Law Times - Bankruptcies Annulled. Gazette, Sept. 22. Thomas George WILKINSON, Draper, The Parade, Canterbury. March 4, 1874

Thomas George Wilkinson died in Canterbury in 1883 at the age of 36

1889 Marchant & Tubb, Tailors & Outfitters

1903 Marchant & Tubb, Clothiers

1917 Marchant & Tubb (ltd.) Tailors, outfitters, hatters, hosiers, and boot warehousemen; A. H. Beecher, manager


No. 6

Cowtan & Colegate, printers, booksellers & stationers, Parade c. 1809-11

"Another noteable bookseller settled on the Parade was Mawer Cowtan, who was established about 1812, was associated with Robert Colegate, a printer and publisher in the publication of the Rules, Orders and Regulations of St. Augustines' Gaol in 1812. Cowtan afterwards became Alderman of the City, and his son, Robert Cowtan, wrote Memories of the British Museum in 1872."

Mawer Cowtan of St. Andrews Canterbury, stationer (bachelor), 28? & Ann Elizabeth BAYLIS of St. John Thanet, sp.

1824 Mawer COWTAN, Parade - listed under Booksellers, Stationers & Printers (no address listed)

1824 Robert COLEGATE, Parade - listed under Booksellers, Stationers & Printers (no address listed)

*noted in England's Topographer of 1830 - "A useful Guide to the City of Canterbury and the Cathedral-church, published by Messrs. Cowtan and Colegate, of Canterbury"

"Robert Colegate established a reading room and circulating library in 1833" "Book auction records" by Frank Karslake, 1917

1838 Robert COLEGATE, Bookbinder, Bookseller, Stationer and Publisher, 6 Parade

"There are two public libraries and reading rooms in this city; they are Colegate's and Barnes' Libraries, the former situate on the Parade and the other in St. Margaret Street, and well stocked with books and supplied with newspapers and magazines. They are supported by subscription on a similar plan to public reading rooms in other parts of the kingdom." 1838D

A book was sold in 2007 "The Canterbury Guide: Or Traveller's Pocket Companion", printed and sold by Cowtan & Colegate, Canterbury (one blue paperbound volume with fold-out plates to front - a.f.)

1848 R. Colegate (sold copies of Man's Manhood, A Lecture by George Morris. A lecture, delivered before the members of the Mental Improvement Society, Canterbury, On Tuesday, October 31st, 1848. And also at the Literary and Scientific Institution Canterbury, On Monday, December 18th, 1848, by George Morris, Minister of Watling Street Chapel, Canterbury.) C. Marten, Printer, 6, Parade, Canterbury

Robert Colegate, Printer %

1855 Robert Colegate, Printer, Parade (Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers' directory)

Robert Colegate, Stationer ^

Robert Colegate died in 1863

*"I was much shocked not long since, on revisiting Canterbury, in company with a friend who had never seen our magnificent Cathedral, to find, on inquiring at the old house on the Parade in which I was born - the shop and reading room of which remain to this day exactly as they were when I was a boy - that the gentleman for many years in partnership with my father, and who carried on the book-selling business there as aforetime, died only a few days before my visit. He was my sponsor at the baptismal font, and was a quiet, kindly man - one of the old school. To the last he wore the blue dress-coat, buff waistcoat, white cravat, and the frilled shirt of former days.

Peace to his memory! The name of Robert Colegate will not soon be forgotten by those who have known Canterbury for the last half-century. Though a singularly reserved and undemonstrative man, and a bachelor withal, he always greeted me with a kindly smile in my visits to my native city."

Robert Cowtan

"Memories of the British Museum" - The first and foremost name that occurs to me is that of my father, who introduced me to the Museum in 1835, as a youth of eighteen. Mr. Mawer Cowtan was the son of a Kentish yeoman, and was born at Boughton-under-Blean, a pretty little village on the old London road, about six miles from Canterbury. From a family register, most carefully chronicled and preserved in an old bible, I find that my grandfather, Robert Cowtan, was born in 1739, and was twice married; his death is duly recorded in the family register; - "aged seventy-two years, five months, and twenty days," April 22, 1812. My father was the third son of the second marriage and was born in 1782. My father received a plain commercial education at the best school in the neighbourhood and was at an early age apprenticed to Mr. William Bristow, a bookseller at Canterbury, who combined with that business an extensive printing establishment. Several local publications were printed and published by his master, and amongst others that might be named are "Hasted's History of Canterbury" and the second edition in octavo of the same writer's famous "History of Kent." The author's beautiful copy of the first edition of his work is in the Grenville Collection, and contains some additional plates, which are very scarce, with a list of them in the handwriting of Hasted, and his signature attached."...At the expiration of his apprenticeship, my father had become so valuable to his master that he took him at once into partnership. Shortly after this he was elected a member of the corporation, and so popular was he as a citizen that he was chosen Mayor of the city of Canterbury the same year; an incident I believe without precedent in the corporate annals of that ancient city. On the death of his partner which occurred in 1808, my father succeeded to the business and for many years conducted the editorial department of the Kentish Chronicle. He was afterwards a second time elevated to the office of chief magistrate, and continued an active member of the corporation till his removal from Canterbury in 1834. In 1834 my father retired from business and resigned his magistracy. Dr. Howley hearing of this, presented him with the appointment of Collector of publications under the Copyright Act, in the British Museum, to which was added shortly after the office of Accountant. He held these appointments until his death. He was laid aside from duty only a few days by an attack of influenza, and died gently, as an infant would fall asleep on January 29, 1847, aged 65 years.

"Death, August 14th, at the house of her son-in-law, in Holborn, aged 70, Ann-Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Mawer Cowtan, of the British Museum, and formerly bookseller of Canterbury, in which city he twice filled the office of chief magistrate." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1855

Hales, Miss. Envelope. To Robert Cowtan, Esq., British Museum, London. From 1 Hales Place, Canterbury. Postmarks-- Canterbury Dec. 6, 1874, London, W.C., Dec. 7, 1874

Beresford-Hope, Alexander James. Envelope. To Robert Cowtan, 21 Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, London. From Bedgeburg Park, Cranbrook [Kent], Sept. 20, 1874.

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn. Envelope. To Robert Cowtan. Postmark-- London, S.W., April 13, 1868. Payne Smith, Robert. Envelope.

Noted as Robert Cowtan (1817-1893) miscellaneous writer; born in Canterbury; on staff of British Museum 1835-1876, published Passages from the Autobiography of a Man of Kent, 1865, priv. printed for subscribers, who included CD (Charles Dickens), Memoirs of the British Museum, 1872; and A Biographical Sketch of Sir Anthony Panizzi, 1873. (a letter was sent to Robert Cowtan March 5th, 1867 from Charles Dickens.)

1870's - 1900's Joseph G. JACKMAN, Tailor & Woollen Draper (employer), son Alfred W. J. Jackman, son, Auctioneer & Valuer, own account (working for him in the 1870's was Rebecca INGE)

1903 Joseph Giblett JACKMAN, Tailor and hosier &c.

No. 6a

1870's - 1889 John Gibbons JACKMAN, Outfitter (Hosier)

1903 Joseph Giblett JACKMAN, Tailor and hosier &c.

1907... last October he opened a branch business at 6A, The Parade Canterbury, because the doctor said his wife could not live in Folkestone (British Journal of Photography, 1907)

1917 Joseph C. JACKMAN, tailor; breeches maker, hatter, ladies hosier and outfitter; agent for Jaeger's Sanitary Woollens and Aertex Cellular Goods

1917 Elise (O. Millsum) Millinery and blouse specialist

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) J. G. Jackman, Ltd. 6a, The Parade & 10, Mercery Lane, Canterbury (AD)


A photograph in my collection showing Parade on the right hand side

No. 7 Parade & 9 Mercery Lane

1838 W. Henry TRIMNELL, Commissioner of Pavements, 7 Parade

1838 Henry WEST, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers &c., 7 Parade

1839 William H. TRIMNELL, Watchmaker, 7 Parade

1850's - 1880's William C. TRIMNELL, Goldsmith (Jeweller and Silversmith)

Bracelets or armlets belonging to a still older period have recently been discovered close to Canterbury. On of these, in the possession of Mr. Trimnell, is of twisted gold wire, weighing 2oz. 2dwts. It is of unusual pattern; the gold wire, tolerably thick in the centre, gradually diminishes towards the ends, a peculiarity which evidences considerable skill in the manipulation. It was no doubt worn on the wrist of some Celtic or Anglo-Saxon Lady, and buried with her, ages since, when Canterbury consisted of but a series of rude habitations, skirted by wood and marsh. Mr. Trimnell has also in his possession a beautiful gold signet ring, found in the river Stour at Fordwich, near this City. It is Roman, and exhibits high art in its design and finish. It is of massive gold, with an onyx intaglio, on which a Cupid leaning on a spear is beautifully engraved. Its weight is 10 dwts. COT

1861 - 1863 Mr. William Charles TRIMNELL, Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

1889 William Charles TRIMNELL, Silversmith and Jeweller

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent Thomas FOX, Jeweller 7 Parade St. & 9 Mercery Lane

The Tea Lounge - Mercery Lane

1917 T. FOX, Watchmaker


No. 8

Henry WEST, Linen draper

1860's - 1880's Fortescue WEST, Draper

1889 Fortescue WEST& Henry PHILPOT, Drapers

1903 Fortescue WEST & Henry PHILPOT, linen drapers

1908 Mr. Fortescue WEST, 8 The Parade, Canterbury (Free Church Year Book, 1908)

1917 F. West & Son, general drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and ladies outfitters. F.West (J.P.)


No. 9

1838 Assurance Office Agents, County (Fire) & Provident (Life), Richard SANKEY, 9 Parade

8 & 9 Parade - Fortescue West, Draper ^

1889 F. & H.P. West, Drapers

1903 Fortescue West & Henry Philpot, linen drapers

1917 F. West & Son, general drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and ladies outfitters. F.West (J.P.)

1930 ...claims to E.W. Gardener, 9 The Parade, Canterbury

April 1933 E. L. Gardener & Son, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Land Agents, Valuers. (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933)


No. 10

George Henry Drayson, Hatter ^

Sophia M. Cheeseman and Elizabeth Cheeseman, Governesses ^

Eliza A. Hambrook, Dressmaker &

1889 Miss Kinmont, Florist & Fruiterer

1917 W. R. Pierce, Florist


No. 10 1/2

Andrew PINNELL, Ironmonger ^

James HELLIAR, Ironmonger &


No. 11

1847 Thomas R. HARRISON, Bank Manager, 11 Parade (London & County Bank)

John HEWERY, Bank Manager ^

Enoch BARTLETT, Bank Porter &

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Tar Merchants - Walter PRICE, 11 Parade and at Watling Street, Canterbury

1889 Walter PRICE, Ironmonger

1903 Walter PRICE, Ironmonger (and Watling Street)

August 2, 1913 - For Hay Rakes, Forks, Scythes, Files, and all Agricultural Requirements, try John Parker, 11, The Parade, Canterbury. Stores: Watling Street (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

1917 John Parker, Ironmonger

1927 John PARKER & Son, Ironmongers, 11 Parade, Canterbury (phone book)




No. 11A

1889 London and County Bank - Walter John DINNIS manager

1903 Walter John DINNIS, Manager of the London & County Bank


No. 12

1839 William TASSELL, Tobacconist, 12 Parade

1860's - 70's Edward H. BUNCE, Silk Mercer (Draper)

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Miss Ann BUTCHER, listed under Furriers

1889 A. M. BUTCHER, Silk Mercer

1925 W. H. HAMILTON, The Optician, 12 The Parade, Canterbury


12 1/2

Edward K. BUNCE, Silk Mercer (working for a Draper?) ^

William ELCHER? Master Draper

1903 Miss. Anna Maria BUTCHER, Mantle Warehouse

1917 W.H. HAMILTON (F.S.M.C.) The Optician

1925 W.H. HAMILTON, Optician


No. 13

Thomas FILMER, Grocer ^ .....Herbert HOBDAY and Charles F. DUNN are Thomas's Nephews

Elizabeth FILMER, Grocer &

1889 - 90's H. W. HOBDAY, Grocer

1903 E & M. BUNCE- Art Needlework Depot

1917 The Misses E. and M. BUNCE, fancy repository


No. 14


Thomas GIBBS, Hotel Keeper &


1917 FLEECE HOTEL, family and commercial, F.H. NAPTON, proprietor, The Cyclist Touring Club

No. 15

1838 Drury & Co. (Listed under Ironmongers and Hardwareman and Founders), 15 Parade and Crown Yard

James FULLAGAR, Toy dealer (wife Hannah and nine children, Mary, Fanny, Jane, Henry, Hannah, Kelsham, Edwin, Jane, George) %

1852-53 J. Fullagar - James Fullagar was called in; and having been sworn, was Examined by Mr. James, as follows: Whose son are you; what is your father? My father is a toy seller at 15, Parade. Do you know the last witness, William Thomas Bradley? Yes. Do you remember going with him upon one occasion; you must not tell us what he said to you; but in consequence of something that he said to you, do you remember going with him to the top of Rose lane, when he went down to "Smith's" the coachmakers? I do. Did you remain there till he came back? No, I went back to my place first, and then I came back again. After he had been down to Smith's the coachmakers and come away, did you see him with any money? He said he had it in his hand; two sovereigns. I believe he showed you the sovereigns? No, he did not show them to me; he kept them till he came down to his mother's, and there he changed one of the sovereigns. (The Witness was directed to withdraw)

William H. VERRALLS, Grocer &


1884 James COPPIN, Rose, 15 Parade (directory of Brewers and Maltsters, listed under Hotels)

Canterbury, James COPPIN (Mayor), Hotel Proprietor, date of appointment - Nov 9, 1884, Cities in England and Wales on 1 June 1885, &c.



1917 ROSE HOTEL, Clifford Henry RITTER, family and commercial, garage and stabling


No. 16

James COPPIN, Town Councillor & Hotel Keeper &

*Wife Susannah

Councillor 1871, 1882, 1889, Westgate Ward


Rose Lane



*1902/3 Mrs. HOWARD, Parade & Mercery Lane, Canterbury. High-class Millinery. Millinery Materials and Accessories of all descriptions. Flowers, feathers, ornaments, veils, gloves.



Baker, Kingsford, Halford, Kingsford and Halford, bankers

William Thomas BENNETT, silversmith

David BOWAN, watch and clock maker

William BRISTOW, printer, bookseller and stationer

John FISHER, brazier

Richard HALFORD, attorney, Parade

William RADFORD, butcher

Robert John SPRAKELING, corn chandler, seedsman and dry fruiterer

Henry TIDDEMAN, linen draper

Henry TRITTON, sadler

William WILCOX, linen draper



Edward HOLTTUM, Parade - Listed under Druggists &c.

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Chart, next Sutton Valence - Edward Holttum, Parade, Canterbury

John FISHER (County), Parade - Listed under Fire Office Agents

Mawer COWTAN (Kent), Parade - Listed under Fire Office Agents

John PRINGUER, Parade - Listed under Glovers & Breeches Makers


1838 Charles HUDSON, 27 Parade, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants

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