July 1907 - Board residence for Lady or Gentleman, moderate terms, central position - St. Alphege House, St. Alphege Lane, Canterbury



No. 1

1889 J. L. Green, Marine Store Merchant

1900's Alfred Jas. Hodgskin, Verger of Cathedral & Tailor. Daughters Amy C. Hodgskin and Bertha E. Hodgskin, Teachers of Elementery School, and son Edwin Charles Hodgskin, is a Tailors Apprentice


No. 2

1882 Mrs. Harriet Walker Bing, Ladies' School

1889 No occupant

1900's Alfred G. Pepper, Elementary Schoolmaster


No. 3

1882 William C. Gough, Canterbury Cathedral Lay Clerk

1889 Wm. C. Gough, Insurance Agent

1900's Mary Gough & daughter Gertrude M. Gough, School Governess

1913 Charles Lefevre

No. 4

1882 Stephen E. Cannon, Auctioneer

1889 Thomas Bunce, Registrar of Marriages

1900's Thomas Bunce, Superintendent Registrar B.M.D. & Solicitor's clerk. Daughter's Emma, Marian and Bessie have a shop on Parade (dealers in art needlework), son Thomas Wells Bunce is an Electrical Engineers articled pupil


No. 5

1889 Henry Shorto, Commercial Traveller

1903 Alfred William Belsey, Plasterer


No. 6

William Stapleton, Draper & Clothier

1889 Rev. Drayson Moore

1900's Mary A. Withers, Housekeeper (domestic), Boarders - Annie M. Lefevre, Dressmaker, Nellie Carnagham, Drapers Assistant showroom, Violet E. Martin, Drapers Assistant, Jessie K. Gainsford, Drapers Assistant, Ann A. Williams, Drapers Assistant, Madeline Epps, Mantle (Clothier) Showroom, Ethel M. Vernel, Milliners Apprentice, Elizabeth Castle, Milliner, Minnie Gibbenson, Showroom Hand (Drapers), Florence Smith, Milliner, Margaret C. Rolf, Drapers Assistant, William H. Styles, Drapers Assistant, John Harding, Drapers Assistant, George K, Strivens, Drapers Assistant, William E. Bean, Drapers Assistant

1903 William Lefevre


No. 7

1889 Henry Ladd, clerk to the guardians

Alfred Kemp, Accountant (

*1904 I saw a post card for sale that was sent to Miss D. Kemp of 7 St. Alphege Lane from Gibraltar

1913 Miss Kemp, 7 Alphage Lane, Canterbury


No 8 St. Alphege Lane and looking up towards Palace Street from this spot


No. 8

1860's Thomas Moor, former Chief Officer in late E.J. Company, Services?, Abolished 1836?

Thomas Neaves. Where do you live? No. 8 St. Alphage Lane. What are you? A groom....I there anybody else of your name? Yes, there is another name the same as mine in Canterbury. Where does he live? He did live in Knott's Lane, but where he is now I do not know." Parliamentary Papers

1889 Benjamin Lingham, labourer

1900's John Tuffley, Lime Worker & John Tishborne (boarder) Evangelist Preacher



Looking down St. Alphege Lane from Black Friars towards Palace Street


No. 9

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Miss Catherine LORDING, St. Alphage Lane

Thomas Neeves, Labourer *


No. 10


Looking down St.Alphege Lane towards (the corner of the pub on the right is King Street) this bar Scribes is 51 King street



Cumberland WOODRUFF, surgeon

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