1880's living at 8 Caledon Terrace, St. Mary Bredin/Dane John, Canterbury. He was born in South Shields, Durham, christened Sept 19, 1852, South Shields, Durham. His father John Downey was a photographer in the 1870's in Northumberland, John was born c. 1824. His mother is Jane born South Shields, with sister Dorothy. John was widowed by 1881 and living alone in Elswick, Northumberland and still working as a photographer.

Wife Lucy Downey [nee Flynn b. Liverpool], children Herbert John Downey (c. 1879, Canterbury) daughter Annie Maud [Mary] Downey (c. 1880, Canterbury) and Leonard James Downey (1882, Canterbury)

Cornelius' first wife Lucy passes away in 1884 and he marries for a second time to a Margaret of Lancas, Liverpool and has Gertrude Downey (c. 1889) and Ethel (1891). They have moved to Lancashire by 1891.

Edward Ireland Downey b. June 12, 1886, St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire (parents Cornelius and Margaret)

In the early 1900's Cornelius Cecil Downey is working as a photographer in Lancashire. His father John is at his brother William Downey's residence in London.

"J. Downey & Sons" Northumbria

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Cornelius possibly left Canterbury because his first wife was ill, she was born in Liverpool and died there in 1884. Cornelius moved to Salford sometime after this, and had remarried by 1891. He died in 1902. His uncles were William and Daniel and were well known photographers of London, their company was W. & D. Downey.* They were known as the Royal Photographers and were frequently commissioned by Queen Victoria who was a great patron of the photographic arts. Cornelius had another uncle, James Downey who was also a photographer and might have been working in Newcastle-On-Tyne in the late 1880's.

*William Ernest Downey (1829-1915), Daniel Downey (d. 1881) and William Edward Downey (d. 1909)

W & D Downey - 61 Ebury Street, London

J. J. & F. Downey - South Shields

*equally famous for fine photographs of famous figures were W. & D. Downey of Newcastle-on-Tyne and London. A note in the Photographic News of 27 February 1885 relates that Mr. W. Downey "photographed nearly every living crowned head of Europe, three Sultans of Turkey, two emperors of Russia......"


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