The making of the New Street called Guildhall Street in 1805 - 1806

On the north side of High street, and immediately adjoining the Guildhall, is Guildhall street, which was cut in 1806; for which an act of parliament had previously been obtained. This street immediately leads to Palace street, the direct road to Margate and Ramsgate, by which travellers to that part of the coast avoid not only the narrow and dangerous turning of Mercery Lane, through which they were formerly obliged to pass, but save a considerable distance in their journey. In this street stands the Independent or Presbyterian chapel erected in 1696, but which, at the time the new street was cut, underwent much alteration, and was new fronted. WG

"Compensation discussed for local dwellers and traders effected by the New Street connecting High Street to Palace Street" (Burghmote Minute Books) 1798-1818

December 24, 1807. Mr. William Wiltshire with regards to two lots of land on the east side of New Street (Guildhall Street). With conditions of sale and plans of both lots. CCA-CC-MILLENS/37/B/25

The road from the city to the Isle of Thanet and Herne Bay has been shortened and very much improved by the construction of Guildhall Street, and thereby avoiding Sun Street and Mercery Lane. 1838 directory

The Guildhall at the corner of this street, modernized without, contains some relics of armour, and some curious portraits. That of Cogan, who gave lands in 1657 for the support of 6 clergymen's widows, to the hospital called after him in High Street, is by Jansen, who was long resident of Bridge, about 3 miles from Canterbury. At the north end of this street is the small district called "Stable Gate," which Ethelbert, it is said, assigned to Augustine and his companions before his own conversion. HFT1858

July A.D. 1806, the Guildhall was ordered to be put into a complete state of repair. The same year, a sale being made of part of the land on which the "Lyon" public house stood, near the Guildhall, the new street, called Guildhall Street, was made, according to the provisions of an Act of Parliament. COT

August 19, 1807. An agreement between John Southee and the Mayor and Commonalty regarding land in New Street (Guildhall Street). CCA-CC-MILLENS/37/B/14


According to Walter Cozens (1906) "When the old Red Lion Inn disappeared from the High Street in 1806, in order to open the new thoroughfare we call Guildhall street, it is very probable that the Medical Hall was built."

1830, Insolvent Debtors - James LAWS, formerly of High Street, Canterbury, out of business, afterwards of Guildhall street, butcher, afterwards of Dovor, and late of No. 41 Watling street, Canterbury, horse dealer.


1839 Stephen OAKENFULL, Turner, Guildhall Street

A view looking up Guildhall Street from Sun/Palace Street to High Street


Starting at Sun Street & Palace Street to High Street


No. 1

1834 Samuel PRENTICE ?

1838 Something sold to Samuel for 115 pounds as noted in Archaeologia Cantiana 1994, pg 44

1840 Samuel PRENTICE, Bookseller & Stationer (Printer)

*will of Samuel Prentice, Stationer of Canterbury (Nov 19, 1851) - (retired bookseller) living at 12 High Street in 1851 with his wife Sophia

1860's - 1880's William HOBDAY, Music Seller & Teacher, wife Frances, father John Hobday, Albert COURT, apprentice to Music Trade ^

1852 Insolvent Debtors - Who have filed their petitions in the court of bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process - William HOBDAY, Canterbury, Kent, teacher of music, April 22 at 11, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury

1853, William HOBDAY, Canterbury, Kent, Teacher of Music, April 22 at 11, County Court of Kent, Insolvent Debtors, (who have filed their petitions in the court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process) TJ1853

*English Mechanic and World of Science Sept 12, 1879. ARNSTADT: New Church. A large Case with Five Towers. The design is imposing, but rather loose and wild; at the ends of the Front are what appear to be suspended Wings of perforated Tracery or constructive Floriation. An engraving is extant; one may be seen at Mr. W. Hobday's, Guildhall street, Canterbury, but I am unable to give the Publisher.

(Tuesday, March 11, 1879) William HOBDAY, Canterbury, Music Seller, Tuner, and Organ Builder; May 21, at 3. at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham-street. Sankey, Son & Flint, Canterbury Solicitors - The Weekly Notes March 15, 1879 - Bankruptcy Act, 1869

1889 Charles D. HOBDAY, Music Warehouse

1917 F. G. STEWART, Hardware Stores


No. 1a

1917 George HUBBARD, Confectioner


The Blue Doors are the old Prepatory School between the Church and No. 2 Guildhall


No. 2

1889 Charles D. HOBDAY, Music Warehouse

c. 1901 - 1903 Miss Annie PIERCE, Prepatory School, working with her sister Daisy in her 20's

1903 George HUBBARD, Grocer 73 & Confectioner 74 Northgate Street and 2 Guildhall Street

1911 William BURNISTON, Coal Merchant

1917 BURNISTON & CO., Coal and coke merchants

1917 Miss D. PIERCE, Prep School

1920's - Miss D. PIERCE, Principal - Prepartory School (above Skinners) & Miss Jennison

*a wonderful little booklet entitled "A Chronicle of Canterbury in the 1920's: At Miss Pierce's" by Kenneth Pinnock, The white house press

1920's - SKINNERS



A view of the Congregational Church and other buildings in Guildhall Street


No. 3

1838 Samuel PRENTICE, Bookbinder, 3 & 20 Guildhall Street

1840 Samuel PRENTICE

George PULLEN, Printer, Bookseller & Stationer, wife Sarah%

*1855 Charles PULLEN (printer) Guildhall Street from Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory (Should read George?)

1889 W. Lefevre & Co., Drapers

October 22, 1907, Esther Dailey, obtaining goods by false pretences. Three nightdresses, two black skirts, two grey skirts and two chemises, value two pounds fifteen shillings and six pence, from Annie Adams assistant at Mr. William Lefevre's Drapers in Guildhall Street. CCA-CC-J/V/1907/18

October 23, 1908, conviciton notice. Benjamin Ernest Gambrill, stealing a pair of men's pants, a pair of ladies hose and about £10 cash from William Lefevre Drapers. Guildhall and Sun Street. CCA-CC-J/V/1908/23 *He was the son of Albert J. Gambill a Bootmaker and Photographer of Mill Lane.

1917 W. LEFEVRE Ltd., General Furnishing Warehouse

Lefevre & Hunt Guildhall Street, Canterbury


No. 4

1882 John Crispe WINDER, Watch Maker

1889 John Crisp WINDER, Watchmaker

John Cristopher WINDER, Watchmaker (

1917 W. LEFEVRE Ltd., General Furnishing Warehouse


No. 5

early 1880's - 1903 Henry Samuel HARRISON, Fish and Oyster Dealer d. 1910 (m. Caroline Charlotte Gibbs 1867) + Coach Smith


No. 6

1838 Charles MARTEN, Bookbinder, Bookseller & Stationer, 6 Guildhall Street

1840 Mary MARTIN, Straw Hat Maker, 6 Guildhall Street

Alice LADSON, Milliner % *moved over to Palace street by 1858

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - George Henry WEST, listed under Saddlers & Harness Makers

1889 George Henry WEST, Saddler *the WEST family have been here since at least the early 1860's

George Henry WEST, Saddler (

Valentine (Photographer) - 6 Guildhall Street, Canterbury - 44 High Street, Folkestone, Old Corn Exchange, Guildford - No date

John W. ATTAWAY, Harness Maker )

1917 F. W. PARRATT


Guildhall Street c. 1920's


No. 7

1840 John SIDDERS, Corn Chandler, 7 Guildhall Street

Dec 11 1885 William ELDING, Fruiterer and Greengrocer, 7 Guildhall Street

1889 Stephen BEDO, Refreshment Rooms and Confectioner

John William HUNT, Printer & Compositor (

1901 (Practical and Junior Photographer) F. C. SNELL, 7 Guildhall Street Canterbury

1903 Frederick Charles SNELL, Picture Frame Maker

1917 F. C. SNELL, No. 7 & 8 Guildhall Street, listed under Picture Frame Maker, Carver, Guilder


No. 8

1889 William ELDING, Fruiterer and Greengrocer

William ELDING, Fruiter (

Frederick C. SNELL, Picture frame maker )

1903 Frederick Charles SNELL, Toy Dealer

At the Canterbury Camera Club's Exhibition held at the Foresters Hall. Bronze medal, F.C. SNELL (The Photographic News 1908, pg. 313)

1917 F. C. SNELL, No. 7 & 8 Guildhall Street, listed under Picture Frame Maker, Carver, Guilder


No. 9

1840 John DELO, Shoemaker, 9 Guildhall Street

1889 Mrs. NYE, Oyster Rooms

Martha NYE, Oyster Dealer and Fish Monger (

Martha Mary NYE, Fishmonger )

*died 1904

In Memoriam

NYE - In loving memory of Martha Mary Nye who departed this life December 23rd, 1904, aged 56 years "Gone but not forgotten"

NYE - William Harrop Nye who departed this life December 22, 1899, aged 32 years (died in Wandsworth, London) Railway porter?

1917 G. W. FOSTER, Tobacconist

No. 10

1840 Stephen WOOD, Brazier, 10 Guildhall Street



George GAMMON (


George B. NORRIS, Licenced Victualler



Costa - where the Guildhall used to stand


Right from High Street


No. 11

1832 Henry JONES (Wine & Spirit Merchant, Porter also)

Gazette, Friday, July 14 - Bankrupts. Town and country fiats. Henry Jones of Guildhall street, in the city of Canterbury, victualler, and wine and spirit merchant. Official assignee, Pennell. Sols. Waterman & Co. Essex Street. Fiat. July 10. Pet. Crs. Henry Kingsford and George Curteis, of Canterbury, gent.

Bankrupts, Gazette, Friday, February 13 (the Law Journal, 1846) Frederick Jones, of Nos. 11 & 12 Guildhall Street, Canterbury in the county of Kent, wine and spirit merchant. Official assignee, Follett. Sols. Lawrence & Plews, Bucklersbury. Fiat, Feb. 9. Pet. Cr. Edwin Jones of Canterbury, Gentleman.

H. JONES, Guildhall Street, Canterbury, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Div. 2 3/4d. (Bankruptcy dividends) Jan 28th to Feb 21, 1845

1846 Frederick Jones of Nos. 11 and 12 Guildhall Street, Canterbury, Kent, wne and spirit merchant. Dividends

1882 William Stapleton, Clothier & Sewing Machine Dealer, 11 Guildhall Street

1889 Theatre Royal, leased by Arthur Hampden Claris** (will hold 800 persons)

1894 Lessee and Manager - Mr. Edward Graham-Falcon

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 - Mr. E. Graham FALCON, the new lessee of the Theatre Royal, Canterbury, who is well known as having brought such excellent companies as "In the Ranks," "The Harbour Lights," "The Romany Rye" "The Private Secretary" "Held by the Enemy" "The Trumpet Call," " A Woman's Revenge," &c., will on Boxing Day commence his tenancy and produce his grand Christmas pantomime entitled "Red Riding Hood, or Harlequin Robin Hood and his Merry Men." Judging by the excellent productions on former occasions, we feel convinced that his efforts will be well rewarded. Mr. FALCON, we understand, intends making Canterbury his permanent abode.

December 20, 1894 - D. Couper, Military and Civil Tailor, (late of the Cavalry Depot), Begs to announce to the nobility and gentry of Canterbury and neighbourhood that he has opened an establishment at No. 11 Guildhall Street, Canterbury, (opposite the Guildhall) where all branches of the Tailoring business will be conducted with promptitude. Military Outfits. Angola Suits. Liveries.

Theatre Manager - Eric J. Phillips )

The Theatre Royal, built by Thomas Sidney Cooper in 1861, demolished 1926. Both plays and operettas were performed here and each year during Canterbury Cricket Week at the beginning of August, the oldest amateur dramatic company in England, The Old Stagers, performed.

"A Theatre has been erected in Guildhall street and tastefully decorated by Thomas Sidney Cooper esq. R.A. the celebrated animal painter."1882D


photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/



Monday, May 25, 1903 - Buckstone Clair's Principal Company, ADMIRAL JACK


Photo courtesy of Ray Woods



Cricket Week, 1913

72nd SEASON of the


The "Old Stagers" have the honour to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, that they will produce on the first night of their 72nd Season,


and on



Comedy in Three Acts, by ROBERT VANSITTART, and followed by






Comedy in Three Acts, by R.C. CARTON.

And followed on Friday, August 8th, by a


Characters By -

Mr. Alan Mackinnon

Mr. Ivor McClure

Mr. G.C. Rentoul

**Arthur Hampden Claris was a commission agent living in Cheshire in 1871 and in London in 1881, was a newspaper Proprietor in 1891, passed away in 1892.

Photo courtesy of Ray Woods

The Theatre closed in 1926 and was torn down, and Lefevre's (Now Debenhams) was built in 1927

White Lavatory Tiles, this building is where the Theatre used to stand

Lefevre's restaurant and Tea Lounge. Lefevre's New Building, Guildhall Street.

A compact mirror in my collection


The Old Lefevre's Building in Guildhall Street built 1927 (could be opening day?)

WT&TP - Saturday, March 12th, 1927 - AD - Monday, March 14th is the opening day for Lefevre's New Store in Guildhall St., Canterbury. On Monday next, March 14th, the New Store in Guildhall Street will be opened, and the Directors and Staff of William Lefevre, Ltd., hope that you and your friends will visit the New Store during the Special Opening Week. Although the New Store is not yet wholly completed, the additional floor space now available will add greatly to our customer's convenience, and with a lift to all floors or if you prefer it a wide staircase and other modern fittings, we feel sure customers will appreciate the added ease and quickness of shopping at Lefevre's. The following departments will be accommodated in the new building: Dress Fabrics, Silks, Cotton Materials, Corsets, Underwear, Lingerie, Baby-wear, Gloves, Hosiery, Lace, Ribbons, Fancy goods, Trimmings, Haberdasher, Umbrellas, Aprons and Overalls, Perfumes, Toilet Goods, etc.

The Arcade Guildhall St.

Lefevre & Hunt bill to Mrs. Adam, The Rampards, Sandwich, April 1937. From my collection.



No. 12

1832 Henry JONES (Wine & Spirit Merchant, Porter also)

1849 AD....Mr. Davey, Bookseller, Guildhall Street, Canterbury

William DAVEY, Bookseller & Newsagent %

1855 W. Davey (news) Guildhall Street - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855

(under list of Freemen for 1830 is a William DAVEY)

The Canterbury Cricket Week published by William Davey, Canterbury 1865

1883 Alford Canterbury Poor Relief Association. 9 to 1; 2 to 6, Guildhall Street, Canterbury

1889 Alford Canterbury Poor Relief Association, resident manager Thomas Dunne

Edward DUNNE, Officer of the Alford and Canterbury Poor Relief Association (

Canterbury Free Museum and Library, Librarian W. Welby, Esq. Deputy Librarian, A. D. Blaxland

The Canterbury Museum and Public Library, founded in 1858, was removed from Guildhall street in 1898 to the Beaney Institute

"The Canterbury Free Library, situate in Guildhall Street, was established in 1825, and became the property of the Council in 1847. Open daily from ten in the morning, until ten in the evening. It contains over 5,000 volumes of valuable works, many of which have been recently added. Daily, weekly, local and other newspapers. The Patents for inspection are kept in the Old Chapel, Westgate Towers. Books are issued to Ratepayers daily from 11 till 1 and from 7 till 9. The Canterbury Museum, situate in Guildhall street, was established in 1825, and became the property of the Council in 1847; it contains a valuable collection of antiquities, curiosities, and &c. Open daily, admission free. Curator, A. D. Blaxland." 1889


Philosophical Institution and Museum, Guildhall Street, Erected 1825

THIS institution, situated in Guildhall-street, was established in 1825 by subscription. It consists of a Library of about 2200 volumes, an extensive Museum of natural and artificial curiosities, chiefly illustrative of Natural History, and a lecture-room capable of holding about a hundred persons, and in which lectures are delivered on Tuesday evenings at eight o'clock; the season commences in September and closes about May. The front is a handsome portico, consisting of four Ionic columns, and the windows are in the Egyptian style.

1839 & 1840 Philosophical and Literary Institution and Museum, Guildhall Street, Mr. Thomas WILKINSON, secretary, Mr. William MASTERS, curator


The photos above show the old Museum and Library in Guildhall Street. This is the same building which has been stripped of it's elaborate exterior. The round blue plaque level with the upper windows records this fact. Thanks kindly to Len Parrick for the above.

1903 Alford Poor Relief Association, George Herbert FREND, Honorary Secretary


No. 13

1889 WILLIAMSON & SONS, Tanners and Leather sellers


No. 14

1889 William LEFEVRE & Co. Millinery Manufacturers

S. T. DEAKIN, clothier and outfitter




No. 15

1917 COMMERCE HOUSE, W. LEFEVRE Ltd., Drapers (tele. 238)


No. 16

1830 John BILBE, Grocer, Guildhall Street

*Marriage April 1, 1825, John BILBE of this Parish, a Bachelor and Mary MUNNS of the same a spinster by Licence (Canterbury Cathedral)

(John BILBE was a Churchwarden of St. Mary Bredman)

+ from a list of donations to the Museum (Canterbury Philosophical and Literary Museum) - Anas Ferina (red headed Wigeon) Mr. BILBE

+ 1827 - 1831 John BILBE is listed under Members of the Canterbury Philosophical and Literary Museum

1840 John BILBE, 16 Guildhall Street, Grocer

1855 John BILBE, Grocer and Tallow Chandler


No. 17

1917 COMMERCE HOUSE, W. LEFEVRE Ltd., Drapers (tele. 238)



No. 18

1917 DEAKIN AND SONS, Outfitters (tele. 116)

Deakin & Sons, Tailors, Hosiers and OUtfitters, 1, 18 & 24 Sun Street and 18 Guildhall Street, Canterbury. Courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site.


No. 20

1838 Samuel PRENTICE, Bookbinder, 3 & 20 Guildhall Street


No. 22

1840 Samuel PRENTICE



Mr. AMBLER, Guildhall Street - Listed under Academies


1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament to represent the city of Canterbury

Stephen Wood, Oysterman, Guildhall Street, Canterbury

Edward Keeler, China Dealer, Guildhall Street *

Joseph Ladson, Carver & Guilder, Guildhall Street

C. J. Walkington, Shoemaker, Guildhall Street

John T. Wrake, Butcher, Guildhall Street



John DOVE, Gardener

Charles WEST, Saddler

Edward Keeler, Dealer in China *The Jurist - Edward Keeler, Canterbury, dealer in glass, Sept. 8 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. Certificates, to be allowed, unless cause be shewn to the contrary o the Day of Meeting - Edward Keeler, Canterbury, dealer in glass, Sept. 8 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. 1848 - Edward KEELER, Canterbury, Kent, dealer in glass and earthenware, June 8 at half-past 2, and July 2 at 1, court of bankruptcy, London; Off. Ass. Edwards; Sols, Walker, Canterbury; G. and W. C. Smith, 5 Southampton buildings, Chancery Lane, London. Fiat dated May 15

Edward KEELER, of the parish of St. Alphage, in the city of Canterbury, dealer in glass and earthenware. Official assignee, Edwards. Sols Messrs. Smith, Southampton buildings and Walker, Canterbury. fiat, May 15. Bankrupt's own petition. Gazetter, Friday, May 21 (The Law Journal 1847)

*1850's in Watling street there is a Edward KEELER staying with his sister Eliza KEELER a lodging house keeper and his son Edward W. B. KEELER who is an apprentice printer.

Possible Christening of Edward KEELER - June 9th, 1797, Saint Alphege, Canterbury

... Then there was Edward KEELER, who had some travelling expenses from London and back? Yes. I remember the circumstance perfectly well. KEELER arrived, I think about two or three o'clock in the day, and he was anxious to vote. He had been a bankrupt in Canterbury once or twice. He came forward to vote without solicitation, to the best of my recollection. It was about two or three o'clock. I saw him at the corner of the Guildhall street, and he said he had come down to vote. I said, I am much obliged to you; and after he had voted, bearing in mind the expenses he had incurred in coming from London, and also his poverty, I think I give him 5l. out of consideration of his poverty, combined with his expenses. I suppose his vote was one small element? Decidedly. Put it for his expenses, his pverty, andhis ovet he had 5l. That is the feeling on which I acted. Had you come to any understanding with Keeler before he voted? I have no recollection of anything of the sort. ....KEELER always voted on the blue side? No; always the other way. He came as a volunteer. Had he always voted on the blue side? No; quite the contrary; with the Reds. I suppose that circumstance of his having voted for the Reds rather increased the liberality? I do not think so, I sympatized with the poor man.

Charles GOULDEN, Stationer

Joseph Ladson, Carver & Guilder *Alice Ladson, Guildhall Street, Milliner

George Purtchell, Jeweller

Sarah Wellard, Victualler


1 case of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Guildhall Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city) AMJ


There have been alot of convictions for being drunk and disorderly in Guildhall Street, CCA

October 19, 1874, Richard Smith

June 28, 1875, Elizabeth Hoare *possibly a cook

October 7, 1876, John McCullen

February 3, 1877, Thomas Norley

September 18, 1882, Mary Softhouse

May 4, 1885, Henry Filmer

July 19, 1886, Alfred Brand

December 11, 1886, John Gibson


The Red Lion Inn, a large building that formerly adjoined the Guildhall, having been pulled down, a new street (called Guildhall street) has been opened from the High-street into Palace street, being the direct road to Margate, Ramsgate, &c. At the entrance of this street stands the side front of the Guildhall, immediately opposite to which a very compact range of buildings have been erected, originally fitted up as an inn and tavern, and called the Guildhall Tavern, for which purpose part is now occupied, and the remainder has been converted into a Bank and other offices. The old established Catch and Glee Club*, so frequently visited by strangers passing through Canterbury on Wednesdays is also held under this roof. Near this has lately been erected, a handsome edifice for philosophical purposes, where lectures are given. It contains a library and museum, which are highly creditable to the projectors and members. Ward's Canterbury Guide, 1843 *George Neame Esq. President of the Catch Club Canterbury (Dover Telegraph 1850, Oct 5)

The Catch and Glee Club has been established about 57 years, and affords much social and agreeable pastime to the citizens of Canterbury. It is supported by subscription. This club holds a concert at the Guildhall Tavern every Wednesday evening during the winter, when non-residents are admitted upon payment of an admission fee of one shilling and six-pence.


Passages from the Auto-biography of a "Man of Kent", by Robert Cowtan 1866

"On my leaving this school, my father sent me to a "select academy" in Guildhall street, Canterbury, presided over by rather a superior man in point of education; but from his bad temper totally unfit to have the care and management of boys. I took a dislike to him from the first, and an event occurred, shortly after my being placed under his care, that rendered my removal from his influence necessary. He was a tall, thin, red haired man, with a vinegar aspect, and very passionate. He resided at some short distance from the school, and one favourite mode of punishment with him was, on leaving in the afternoon, to give a boy some hundred lines to learn, and lock him up in the school for two or three hours. Three of us one afternoon had misconducted ourselves so as to come under his displeasure, and at five oclock we were duly locked in with "a hundred lines" from "Enfield's Speaker" to commit to memory. It so happened on this afternoon that a large part of us had determined to go for a swim in the Stour at the close of the school, and we three poor unfortunates felt the disappointment veyr much. After thinking a little upon the hardness of our fate, I suggested that we should give the old gentlamen the slip, and join our companions at the river. One of the fellows who was locked up with me consented to go, providing I could devise a way for our escape from the durance vile, and would lead the van; but the other fellow, a boy of phlegmatic temperment, and who afterwards became a lawyer, and practised for many years at Canterbury, thought very naturally what we should catch in the morning, and therefore prudentially declined to join us in our flight."......


H. Jones, Guildhall Street, Canterbury, Wine & Spirit Merchant. Div. 2 3/4d. (Bankruptcy Dividends) 1845


The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter 1861 - George Brook, Boot & Shoe Manufacturer, Guildhall Street, Canterbury, Kent. Com. Fonblanque: Feb 27 at 1 and March 27 at 2; Basinghall Street. Off. Ass. Graham. Sol. Preston, 15 Broad Street buildings London. Pet. Feb 2.


December 22, 1896, Conviction notice for Edward Wyborn, driving a horse furiously in Guildhall Street.



Stephen WOOD, Fishmonger

John Delo, Shoemaker

John Goodchild, Tailor

Charles Goulden, Stationer

George W. Purtchell, Jeweller

Joseph Ladson, Carver & Guilder

John Bilbee, Grocer

Sarah Wellard, Victualler


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