November 25, 2016

Wow, where has the time gone....



Ok, so we've been busy, and not.... Hard to explain where all the time has gone. We've spent alot of time waiting. Waiting for the windows, waiting for the roof, waiting for the popcorn ceiling to be removed. As of today we are on our way again. The last couple of things on the "waiting" list for this year is the bathroom vanity (Nov 30th) and the front door, which is scheduled for December 13th (we hope). We'll tackle the garage doors in the spring.

We wanted to put in trees for some privacy. We started small and then gave up and went big, you'll see what I mean.



The trees were a gift from my mom and husband for my birthday. The manual labour was my contribution (I dug most of the holes by hand) with the exception of the last two I used the kubota. I'd also like to thank my hubby in my acceptance speech, he's awesome! He also did some of the digging by hand and co-ordinated all of the work, he's the guy in the bobcat!

He also moved the massive lilac bush in front of the house, it was crazy, the thing just wouldn't move!! I dug around it with the Kubota and the hubby moved it with the Bobcat. *we've since split it up and re-planted it all over the property

I'd also like to thank Dean for the beautiful trees from his farm.

The ground is full of rock, I don't think I've ever sweated so much while working. Forget cardio, plant trees.

The most fun I had that day! I could get used to this. Did I mention I slept like a baby that night?



Look at four of my beautiful babies.....and the guy I love for all the hard work.



And the journey continues.....


© T. Machado 2016