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You know I enjoy all those renovation shows too, Brian Baumler, Jonathan and Drew Scott, Mike Holmes, Masters of Flip (love them), Scott McGillivray, Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis, and the list goes on. They do amazing work in an hour. What they don't show you is how hard the work actually is, the bruises, broken nails, the sweat and ALL the decision making processes that are involved in a Real reno. They take weeks even months to film one show, but that one hour of TV is awesome. Believe me, when you live through it, and it's your blood, sweat and tears, it's a whole different experience. Follow me around with a camera and I'd probably be mopping my brow, and swearing at you the entire time.


We've embarked on our renovation. I'd like to say the hammer started flying the moment we got the house and the tranformations were amazing. But it took us about two weeks just to cleanout the house. We filled our first 40 yard bin just with things left in the house, in the garage and outside the home. Our second bin was filled with construction garbage, old carpets, panelling, vinyl flooring, kitchen cupboards you get the picture.



As I find spare bits of time between work and renovations, I'll upload our progress. I'm warning you now it will be slow, but hopefully rewarding.


Here's what they don't show you....all the baseboards need to come off, including the nails. All of the staples need to come out when you pull up the carpet and vinyl flooring.
So you sit or kneel on the floor for hours while you use your vice grips to pull out all of these little bits from the wood. Here's my new hobby! Believe it or not I actually enjoy doing this.


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