October 10, 2016




We enjoyed our turkey dinner yesterday so today we slept in, then decided to head up to the house to work. It was just too nice outside to be inside when you know winter is coming. We saw frost this morning, for proof, I etched a heart on the glass table top...burrr.....

Today we did some work, really we did. Mostly it was outside as the weather was perfect. Brisk but sunny, our last chance to cut the grass for the year and trim the trees, and spread some limestone screening.

On the way to the house this morning.......

Our lovely fall views.



We left the house in the evening around 5:30 and headed to pick up coffee for the drive home, but we got a little distracted.

Come, check out our adventure.

We spotted a hot air balloon in the distance, which we thought might be coming in for a landing, so we decided to follow him. After a bit of trailing, he evidently wasn't landing....so we kept on following....through a subdivision....



He didn't really land on the house.....



Over the fields....we must have followed him for at least 45 minutes.



Coming in for a landing over the trees....what a great afternoon.


An amazing haunted house, we happened by on our way back home this evening after our adventure. Check out the skeletons climbing on the windows.


At the end of the day after all this adventure, we were just barely hanging in there!


© T. Machado 2016