October 4, 2016


Today we are talking about ....Design, Design, Design…ohhhh I love this part. Ok all you shoppers out there, you know who you are …ready set gooooo. Just explain one thing to me, why is it we always like the most expensive items on the shelf? Don't try to deny it, you know it's not just me.

We created a budget to keep us on track (mostly me) so we can see our daily expenses and where we need to cut some $'s if other expenses come up, like the roof. We were going to wait until Spring to get it done, but I think before we finish the inside we want it off our "to do" list.

If I can give any good reno advice, it would be to create a realistic budget, try to get as many REAL prices, including taxes, as you can, and give yourself a contingency fund for emergencies. In your budget don't forget to plan for the little things, nails, screws, caulking, door handles, etc. Another thing I can't say enough of is research your products, go online and check reviews, research, research and more research!

So enough of the boring stuff, here are a few glimpses into what's to come for our interiors:

Main Bath

Sleek wall hung vanity, square toilet and tub, tall side vanities….and the piece de la resistance LED mirrors with Bluetooth!! We take our tablets everywhere.

Can you say high gloss white, I'm loving it!


Front Hallway

My favourite tile of all, for this week at least. Just kidding, I've had this one picked out since July. This picture doesn't do it justice, it really is magnificent.


My modern light fixture. The hallway is really open, and has about a 9 foot + ceiling so this should spread out the light nicely.



Will be all white at the moment, Benjamin Moore - Oxford white or Decorator's white
I'm leaning towards Oxford (less blue). Until I live in a home for awhile and get the feel for it, white makes the most sense for me. I can use the accessories for the colour to begin with. Our last home had red in the office, grey in the living area and brown in the kitchen, so don't expect white forever.




Cupboards are grey with sleek metal handles and will have white/grey countertops. We are not sure yet whether we are going Ceasarstone in Calacatta Nuvo or Statuario Nuvo, or with a new product called Neolith that is available that will allow us to do the backsplash in the same pattern, but in a relatively thin piece. I'm still in research mode on this.

This evening's entertainment...the new welcome mat!


© T. Machado 2016