October 8, 2016


Yesterday was all about the outside, the weather has been super fabulous this Fall so far. We had a balmy 22 degrees yesterday, the morning was really foggy, but the afternoon cleared up and was awesome.


On the way to the house.....


Here we are planting our little trees while the weather is still good. We've been told by the neighbours to wrap them in burlap for the winter as the wind can be really strong. We wanted 10ft Blue Spruce trees, but we haven't been able to find a tree mover with a big tree spade in our area just yet. We might just have to wait for spring.


Our four little trees all in a row. The digging of the holes was fun....we have slate underneath our soil. I took out rocks while I was digging! I can see the fence is going to be a blast. Digging for days and days...you get the picture.



A view of the backyard...ahhh sunshine and fresh air!


Last nights pink sunset


© T. Machado 2016