October 9, 2016


I took the pup for a walk this morning, and I've never seen maple leaves so red before.....they're a bit worse for wear, but the red is stunning! I don't know what happened to our weather, I was going to cut the lawn yesterday but the wind was whipping up and it was darn cold outside.

Today is brisk, the sun is shining and the turkey is in the oven....smelling delicious....


Here is our oak flooring, we just laid out a little bit to see what it will look like. I think we like it.

Here is a better picture of the hall tile, the one I'm in love with....travertine all the way!!!



Old bathtub....new bathtub...it still has to be installed in the washroom. It's a good thing no plumbing or electrical has to be moved. All the new is just replacing the old. As much as I might have loved to move walls to make a bigger washroom, this will do just fine.


Happy Turkey Day!!!


© T. Machado 2016