October 2, 2016


Good morning, I'm going to start posting some of the before pictures and work in progress before we head off this morning to the job site. Working Sundays who knew!


We are replacing all the windows and doors. I contacted four companies in and around our area for quotes, everyone was really professional. They came in, measured and sent us the quotes. We made our decision and all of the items are now on order, with a 4 - 5 week waiting time. The thing I'm most looking forward to seeing is the new front door. It's a 42" door with one side light (we have two now). We should be able to bring in a massive couch through the new front door. Black on the outside, white on the inside. I cannot wait to see it installed.


Here is our lovely kitchen, definitely built in the 1970's. Wood cupboards, vinyl flooring, small and closed in. On the bright side, they don't make fridges like they used to. This one is still running perfectly and keeps things really cold. It's moving to the garage.


The gradual progress of taking out the kitchen. Everything is pretty much going back where it was, just all NEW!


The photo on the right shows you the planning stage. I've cut out the sizes of each of the cabinets on construction paper, and placed them where I want them to sit. I then marked the floor and the wall so that my husband knows where they go when he installs them. I wanted Kitchen Aid Appliances, but again my budget wouldn't allow for it, so we ended up chosing smudgeproof stainless steel Frigidaire Professional appliances, which are now on order.

All of the wood I carried up stairs from the basement. The lower room was full of tables and boxes. What a work out. I think typing is easier on the arms!


The livingroom and diningroom area. The chandelier is going..... and the carpet is gone! The popcorn ceiling is on the way out also.


This is the main bathroom. Again the very 70's pink tub, and wood vanity. I'm assuming that the previous toilet was also this soft pink to match, but it was recently changed. We need to remove the old toilet paper holder still. My husband does amazing drywall patch work, so you'll never know it was there. Time for a new subfloor and deitra before the tile is put down. We were looking at doing infloor heating but I wanted some other items instead, so you have be prepared to re-work your budget.



The sunset....in front of our house....we face a farmers field.


© T. Machado 2016