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View down Love Lane from Ivy Lane looking towards Longport


Ivy Lane to Longport

Farley Cottages 1 - 5

Built 1888

It used to be the COZENS builders yard

No. 1

1889 George Wicks

No. 2

L.A. Wood

No. 3

Mrs. Harvey

No. 4

John Bailey

No. 5

John Thomas Browning


No. 1

Thomas Finch COZENS, Master Builder %

In the 1841 census, John's father, Thomas Finch COZENS, and his family are shown in Love Lane and John's grandmother, Ann, the widow of Thomas COZENS who started the family building company, was also living there, in the house next door. These 2 houses are the pair of Georgian style houses a little taller than the Victorian houses on either side of them. You can see them on the left of the photo 'View down Love Lane from Ivy Lane looking towards Longport'. I do not know if Thomas Snr built these two houses but it is possible. I do know that Thomas Finch COZENS built 7-13 Love Lane and 6 Longport around 1826 and that he was the main contractor for the extension of St Paul's Church in the 1840's. He also built the Union Workhouse in Bridge in 1835 at a cost of £4376.

*The Jurist - March 1842 - Thomas Finch COZENS, Canterbury, Builder, March 24 at 12, and April 26 at 1, Guildhall, Canterbury; Sols. R. & G. Furley, Canterbury, Butterfield & France, 5 Gray's Inn square - Fiat dated March 10

In the 1851 census, Thomas' address was still 1 Love Lane and this is also the address on John Foat COZENS' marriage certificate in 1859. Tragically, by 1861 John was a young widower and then living at 4 Dane John Terrace.

1858 Thomas Finch COZENS, builder and surveyor, 1 Love lane

1861 Sarah COZENS, widow, House Proprietor (born Margate), daughter Maria COZENS, age 24 born Canterbury and Sister Maria Jore (w) Lodging House Keeper born Margate

John Foat COZENS was born at 1 Love Lane in 1832; this was the old numbering of houses in Love Lane before numbers 1- 4 were built on the Cozens family's former builders yard on the corner of Love lane and Ivy Lane in 1888. Although 5 houses were built at this time, one of them had frontage on Ivy Lane and so took this address. *thanks to Catherine for this, and the date of the building of Farley Cottages

1873 - Returns of owners of land - Thomas Foat Cozens, Canterbury - Acres 1, 1, 31 - Rent 40, 0

John Foat Cozens, thanks to Catherine for the loan of this lovey photo for the site

If you have any information to pass along on the COZEN family, please CONTACT ME


1889 John Foat COZENS, Builder (built the Simon Langton School)

"The new red brick buildings, dressed with Bath Stone, were built by the firm of J. F. Cozens of Love Lane and were completed by April 1881."


No. 2

John EALSE %

Kendall HALL, Carter to Builder % ^

William HODGSON, Carpenter &

1889 George RATCLIFF, Carpenter


No. 3

Alice BROWN, Seamstress %

John WILLEY, Master Gardener ^

David ELVEY, used to be a Police Sergeant &

William HODGSON, Builders Foreman *

William HODGSON, builder, 38 Dover St, and Burgate St., Canterbury, Ct. Canterbury. Debt. pet. Feb. 8. Order Feb. 8 - The Law Journal, Bankrupt List, Feb. 18, 1888


1891 George TERRY, Carpenter, with wife Amelia, Caroline CHURCH, Boarder age 12 and Harriett Elliot, Lodger And John WARMAN, lodger, Prison Warden

*possibly my TERRY family was working for John Foat Cozens the builder (at one time Mr. J.F. Cozens was employing 60 men)


No. 4

Matthew John DRAYSON, Carpenter %

Matthew DRAYSON, Joiner ^


1889 Henry HUGGETT, Gardener


No. 5

Frances STICKEL, dress maker %

George ELVY, Plumber & Glazer ^

George ELVY, Plumber &

Hannah ROBERTS *

Her son William is apprenticed to an Organ Builder

1889 J.C. ELVY, Carpenter


No. 6

Ann WHITE, Seamstress & Tench James WHITE, professor of music %

Elizabeth RILEY, Laundress ^

George F. COLLYER, Foreman in Corn and See Shop &

George ELVY, Plumber

1889 - 1891 Richard H. RATCLIFF, Jr., Carpenter


No. 7

William Henry HOBBS, Carpenter %

Robert PILCHER, Waiter & Carpenter ^

Frederick WOOD, Carpenter & Joiner &

James CRISP, Police Constable

1889 - 1891 Ed FULLER, Mineral water maker, Carman


No. 8

Wallace GENTRY, Carpenter, with wife Charlotte and son Wallace % (thank you)

James Robert RICHARDSON, Bricklayer ^

James R. RICHARDSON, Bricklayer &

1880's George SPICER, Groom


No. 9

Richard UNDERDOWN, Grocer with sister Harriet BLACKMAN %

Matthew J. DRAYSON, Grocer &


1880's James R. RICHARDSON, Bricklayer

Dec - 1905 - To let, No. 3 North Holmes Road, Canterbury; six roomed house. Apply, 9 Love lane, Canterbury



Longport street



No. 10

James WILCOX, Hay Binder &


No. 11

John P. HARTLEY, clerk in Brewery %

Alice BROWN &

1880's James WILCOX, Hay dealer


No. 12

Joseph WILSON, Carpenter %

William R. PARNELL, Carpenter &


No. 13

Charles PILLOW, carpenter %

Edward PEARSON, Blacksmith &

1889 Mrs. S. HAMMOND


No. 14

"RED LION" Charles CATT, Publican &


No. 15

RED LION (no number listed) Thomas HORNE, victualler %

1889 William EARL "RED LION"


This is now No. 19, but likely the Red Lion



Turning onto Love Lane from Ivy Lane


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