Death, May 1809, At her apartments in Mercery Lane, Canterbury, in her 90th year, Mrs. ROYLE, mother of Jos. ROYLE, esq. of that city, distiller. GM


An old photograph postcard in my collection


Saturday, August 9, 1890 (WTHBH) - Friday, August 8th, Mercery Lane was illuminated last night, and at ? o'clock there was a lantern ride of cycles through the streets.


An old photograph postcard in my collection



On the north side of High Street is Mercery Lane, anciently denominated La Mercerie, supposed to have derived its name from this traffic having been carried on in it. The houses here are of greater antiquity than any others in the city; they were built with stories projecting over one another, so as almost to meet at the top. Of late years they have undergone considerable alterations, and the shops are handsomely decorated and newly fronted. 1838 directory

"In some parts of the city, particularly in Mercery Lane, the ancient La Mercerie, the houses have still the projecting upper stories, and the narrow streets of the 14th century. But these features of the olden time are rapidly disappearing before the progress of modern improvement. The old Checquers inn, noted by the lively and laughter-loving Chaucer as the resort of the pilgrims visiting the shrine of Becket, has been converted into shops and dwelling-houses; and the remains of the house of Sir Thomas More are now used as a store-house for wool." PG1851



A beautiful photo postcard in my collection of Mercery lane looking towards Parade/High Street, and the view today on the right

The scaffolding is on the shop of J.G. Charlton, photographer, at no. 14, they must be re-doing the front face of the shop. The building on the left is Boots Cash Chemists, where in 1871, my family member Eliza TERRY was working for the WARR family. Thomas WARR was an agent for Sewing Machines. The sign on the scaffolding under the snow says from what's visible "Co.... Builde. Contrac... ....Dover" This is Walter Cozens, Builder and Contractor located at 5 Dover Road.


It's kind of fitting that 100 years later they are working on the same building again, the scaffolding is up at 14 Mercery Lane


Mercery-lane, leading off the High-street, was named from the mercery-stalls at which pilgrims bought memorials of their visit, and contains some window arches of the "Chequers of the Hope," noted by the lively and laughter loving Chaucer; and the first opening west of this lane shows part of the court into which the pilgrims rode."IG1872

To return again to the High Street, on the northern side of which, opposite to St. Margaret's Street, is a narrow lane, called Mercery-lane, anciently Le Mercerie, no doubt from that trade having been principally carried forward in it. Before the time of the great rebellion, there was a colonade on each side of it, like that formerly on London Bridge. The houses in it are the most ancient of any in the city; each story projecting upwards, so as almost to meet at the top. There has, however, been a considerable improvement in this lane: like the rest of the city, many houses have been new fronted. The south-west corner of it is the site of one of those ancient inns, which Chaucer mentions as being frequented by the pilgrims in his time, and the inner part of the adjoining premises, where every information can be obtained for the stranger and traveller, gives some idea still of the manner in which these sort of receptacles for travellers were built. This lane leads to the entrance into the precincts of the Cathedral, the principal gate of which is opposite to it. CG


A beautiful shot of the corner of High Street and Mercery Lane showing E&E Lefevre, courtesy of Andy Linklater

Mercery Lane - from my collection

A man wants but little persuasion to do what he is inclined to - so we sallied out from the Fountain, and crossing the High Street, turned into Mercery Lane, bedeviling the pavement at every step; the stones of which are so sharp, and so irregularly thrown together, that one would swear it was the chance-medley work of Deucalion and Pyrrha. Heaven help, said I (as they were cutting through my shoes) - the old, the weak, and the crippled, who are condemned to tread daily this flinty path - 'Tis much wonder the penance should exist more than two centuries after the shrine - or that the reformation never reached the city. It behoves their incorporated worships to look into this matter - it is both moral and politic to make the way to the church easy to all. SN1802



Some of the lovely windows that can still be seen in Mercery Lane

"Mercery Lane - the name (like that of Butchery Lane, the next narrow turning to the cathedral) reminding us of the days when all of one trade congregated together - has a peculiar charm from its very narrowness and lack of straight lines, as well as from the projecting character of most of the houses, several of which are certainly of fourteenth-century building, though altered much in Tudor, Elizabethan, or Stuart times." CC

Mercery Lane itself takes its name from the shops and stalls which lined it, in which the pilgrims sought memorials of their visit, principally leaden brooches representing the mitred head of the saint, with the inscription "Caput Thomae." These and the "Ampulles" of water distributed within the cathedral were the great marks of a Canterbury pilgrim, as the scallop-shell was of Compostella, or the palm-branch of Palestine. From these mercery-stalls King John of France, on his return from his captivity, bought "a knife for the Count of Auxerre." At the end of Mercery Lane was the ancient rush-market, in which stood a great cross, gilt and painted. HT1858

Mr. Cecil Brent exhibited a large iron key of the fifteenth century, which, together with various Roman and medieval coins, had been recently found in digging a sewer in Mercery-Lane, Canterbury, close to Christ Church Gate. GM1860



A photograph from my collection c. 1899 showing Mercery lane as well as High Street on the left and Parade on the right


"A very large house still existing in that city, at the corner of Mercery Lane in the High Street, (but now divided into several shops and tenements,) is said to have been the veritable Chequers Inn, the principal hostelry in the times of Pilgrimage." 1849



Mr. Snelling, Mercery Lane, 1830 (subscriber to England's topographer)

A. G. Wyatt, Esq. Mercery Lane, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879


2 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Mercery Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ

Sun Street

No. 1

1824 George CLARIS, linen &c. drapers

1838 William CLARIS, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c., 1 Mercery Lane

No. 1 & 2 William CLARIS, Linen Drapers %

No. 1 & 2 John Brooke, Ironmonger %

William M. CLARIS, Draper &

1882 1 - 2 Maurice Sayers, Draper & Silk Mercer

1889 1 & 2 Maurice Sayers, Draper & Costumier


No. 2

1838 Thomas Arnold HURT and John BROOKS, listed under Ironmongers and Hardwaremen, 2 Mercery Lane

*Thomas Arnold Hurt died 1837 in Canterbury

John BROOKES, Ironmonger $

No. 1 & 2 William CLARIS, Linen Drapers %

No. 1 & 2 John BROOKE, Ironmonger %

William M. CLARIS, Draper &

1882 1 - 2 Maurice SAYERS, Draper & Silk Mercer

1889 1 & 2 Maurice SAYERS, Draper & Costumier


J. Hunt & Sons (No. 1 - 6 Mercery Lane)


No. 3

1838 Frederick Freeman COBB, listed under Grocers, Tea Dealers and Cheesemongers, 3 Mercery Lane (d. 1879 in Maidstone)

1838 - Frederick Freeman Cobb, Butter Market - Chruchwarden of St. Andrew

1846 Pet. Cr. Frederick Freeman Cobb, of the Butter Market, Canterbury, Grocer (Robert Stone of Petham)

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Strood (Tunbridge) - Frederick Freeman Cobb, Canterbury

Frederick Freeman Cobb sworn and examined - You come to Dover to attend the inquiry today do you? Yes. Were you a voter in the last election? No. Were you a voter at the election of 1847? I was. Which side were you of? The blue side. ....There is a Boree in St. Peter's and a Boree in St. Alphage; which was it? I do not remember. But one of the two? Yes one of them. (19th May 1853)

1852 Petitions Annulled. Wm. Platts, Crawford St., Marylebone, Middlesex, draper. - Frederick F. Cobb, Canterbury, grocer.

*was a death of a Frederick Cobb b. 1834 in 1881 in Canterbury (possibly his son or relative?)

1855 Frederick Freeman Cobb, Dover, Kent, Grocer (Certificates - To be granted unless an Appeal be duly entered)

Counties, &c. Sheriffs - Canterbury, City of... Frederick Freeman Cobb, of the New-Road, Canterbury, Esq.

1859 The Law Journal - Pet. Cr. Frederick Freeman Cobb, auctioneer, Earl street Maidstone

"We very much regret to record the death on April 19th of Mr. Walter Cobb, of Normanhurst, Rusper, Sussex, at the age of 86. The eldest son of Mr. Frederick Cobb, of Canterbury, he well remembered the good old coaching days, and was always pleased to relate how by means of...."

James MATHEWS, Berlin Wool Dealer %

1882 3 - 6 Higham & Hunt, Linen Draper

1889 3 - 6 Hunt & Westwood, Drapers & Outfitters


No. 4

1838 George DAVEY, listed under Boot & Shoemaker, 4 Mercery Lane

George DAVEY, Bootmaker $

*son Frederick DAVEY, also a bootmaker

1882 3 - 6 Higham & Hunt, Linen Draper

1889 3 - 6 Hunt & Westwood, Drapers & Outfitters


No. 5 & 6

1838 AD

1838 Matthew MARTIN, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c, 5 & 6 Mercery Lane

1838 John BATES, linendraper at Mr. MARTINS, Mercery Lane

Matthew MARTIN, Silk Mercer $

*apprentices - John NEVE and George FEATHERSTONE

1882 3 - 6 Higham & Hunt, Linen Draper

1889 3 - 6 Hunt & Westwood, Drapers & Outfitters


No. 1-6 Mercery Lane

J. Hunt and son's shop Mercery Lane c. 1902

1905 AD J. Hunt and son's shop Mercery Lane (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Mercery Lane)

1903 - 1917 J. Hunt & Sons, Drapers, Milliners, Furnishers and Tailors

1925 J. Hunt & Sons, General Drapers, Furnishers and Tailors, spacious showrooms for costumes, gowns, underwear and Millinery, established in the reign of King George III.


(Jessops is located at 7 Mercery Lane)

No. 7 Mercery Lane

The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury sold off many holdings in the City, such as the Rose Hotel (on the site of Messrs. Burton's shop) and the Chequers, At the same period street numbering was instituted, and so we now know who lived and worked at No. 7. Piggott's great Directory of London and the provinces, published in 1826, shows No. 7 in the hands of Edward Kite, grocer. In the 1840 issue of the Directory he has been succeeded by Stephen Cladish, another grocer. The name Cladish was associated with the shop in 1865, when the great disaster overtook the Chequers. The whole of the western wing, with its splendid top storey, still not sub-divided, and with all its range of Gothic windows, together with the frontage on the High Street, including the entrance to the inn yard, was burnt down. Scorch marks from the flames across the yard are still visible on the backs of Nos. 7 and 8.

1826 Edward KITE, grocer

1838 Stephen CLADISH, listed under Grocers, Tea Dealers and Cheesemongers, 7 Mercery Lane

Stephen CLADISH, Grocer $

1860's Henry CLADISH, Grocer

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1723 CLADISH, Henry, Mercery Lane, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B, K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

*1873 return of owners of Land, (Kent) Henry CLADISH, Canterbury Acres - 138 1 31, Rent - 112 0

1882 Thomas SCOTT, Grocer & Provision Dealer, Mercery Lane

*1882 Mr. Thomas SCOTT of Mercery Lane bought a copy of "Rambles round old Canterbury" by F.W. Cross and J.R.Hall

1889 T. SCOTT, Grocer & Merchant

1891 Directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex - Grocer & Tea Dealer/ Provisions Dealer - Thomas Scott

1893 Thomas SCOTT, family grocer

1894 Charles HOLMES, late Thomas Scott, Grocer & Provisions Merchant

1903 Walter Charles HOLMES, Grocer and provisions dealer

1917 W. C. HOLMES, Grocer & Provisions Merchant

1925 Charles E. BURGESS, (late Holmes) High-Class Groceries, Provisions, French and Italian Goods, collector and distributor of all the latest and newest produce brought on to the European Markets at London store prices

Charles E. BURGESS High Class Grocery and Provision Stores

*courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


No. 8 Mercery Lane

1838 Henry WARD, listed under Engravers and Copper-Plate Printers, 8 Mercery Lane

1838 Henry WARD, listed under Printers, 8 Mercery Lane

1838 Henry WARD Listed under booksellers & stationers (and Publisher), 8 Mercery Lane

"He was an enterprising man and published many pamphlets of local interest, and dealt in prints as well as books. He was succeeded by his son-in-law, Masters, from whom the business passed to Ashenden and then to Hal Drury, who published among other things the Rev. M.E. Walcott's Memorials of Canterbury in 1868. Edward Crow, his former assistant, next purchased the business, which is now in the hands of his son." "Book Auction Records" 1917 *Edward Crow took over about 1887/88


Henry has moved from Sun street to Mercery Lane c.1838

"An Ancient Powder Flask"

A few years since, a chimney sweep was employed to clean a chimney in a house occupied by Mr. Chipperfield, High Street, Canterbury, nearly adjoining the Chequers Inn, spoken of by Chaucer, as being the resort of the Pilgrims on their way to the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral; and after he had been in his sooty abode for some time, fears were entertained for his safety, and it was intended to break a passage through into the chimney to rescue him, but on this project being carried into effect, the little urchin made his appearance through another apartment of the house. It having soon been found necessary, from the dilapidated state of the premises alluded to, to remove the chimney, when an apartment was discovered, evidently intended, from its situation, to contain fire-arms and other weapons used in those troublesome days, which the ancient City of Canterbury have formerly so unfortunately witnessed; and in this apartment four ancient Powder Flasks were discovered, one of them being that of which we have given the above representation: it is made of wood, and the ornaments of steel. It is now in the possession of Richard Friend, Esq. of Canterbury.

We are indebted to the kind attention of Mr. WARD, bookseller of Canterbury, for the drawing and particulars of the above curious antiquarian relic.

The Mirror or Literature, Amusement, and Instruction...Vol. XXXIII, 1839

1838 Herny WARD, Bookbinder, 8 Mercery Lane

1853 *Mr. Thomas Ashenden Sworn and examined, 20th May, 1853 - Are you the son-in-law of Mr. Ward? Yes. Were you present as he states when a sum of money was made up in the committe room? I was not present. The money was handed to me. I was not aware of it before. I was not present when the money was put into the envelope. .....more (PP)

1855 Henry W. WARD (printer), Mercery Lane - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855

1840-1857 Henry WARD, Bookseller and Stationer *Henry passed away in 1857

James FARLEY, Printers Apprentice %

1855 Henry W. WARD (printer) Mercery Lane

*October 19th, 1861 - Marriage - At Canterbury, Henry LAWES, esq. of Putney, to Rosa WARD, fourth daughter of the late Henry WARD, esq. of Canterbury GM

"Descriptive Account of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, Illustrated with 10 highly-finished line engravings, from drawings taken expressly for this work, with a short description of St. Augustines Monastery, now converted into a Missionary College for the Church of England", Published by Henry WARD, 8 Mercery Lane, Canterbury, 1850 (apparently the drawings are off-prints from Winkles)

"An Address to the Students of the Missionary College of St. Augustine, at Canterbury, preparatory to their commencing the study of practical medicine by Alfred Lochee, M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London" Canterbury: Henry Ward, 8, Mercery Lane, M.DCCC.LI.

The Violet Poems, printed by Henry Chivers, published by Thomas ASHENDEN, 1857

Audited Expenses incurred at the Election of Two Burgesses to serve in Parliament, held the 27th March 1857 by Henry COOPER, jun., Election Auditor. Payments made on account of the Honourable Henry Butler Johnstone..... Tradesmen's Bills: Thomas Ashenden, stationery, and bill of election rooms £26 13s. 9d.

1858 Melville & Co. Directory of Kent, Thomas Ashenden, bookseller, stationer and book-binder


Bookseller, Stationer, Binder,


Engraver & Printer,

8 Mercery Lane, Canterbury


A Choice Collection of Bibles, Prayers and Church Services.


Fancy Stationery. Account Books.




1860 The rest of the churches, the seed time of peace and charity, published by Thomas ASHENDEN, Mercery Lane, 1860

Thomas Ashenden, Bookseller ^

*1863 - ....In addition to the long list of names in the Gazette, we regret to say that Mr. ASHENDEN, of Canterbury, Mr. Charles BROOK, of Brighton, Mr. GUNN, South Bridge, Edinburgh, and Mr. John HADDEN, College, Glasgow, have been unable to meet their engagements, and have summoned meetings of their creditors.

Lithographs by L. L. RAZE , View of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury and South West View of the Quadrangle of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, printed by Day & Sons, and published by Thomas Ashenden, 8 Mercery Lane, Canterbury

September 30, 1863 - Mr. ASHENDEN's business, Canterbury, has been purchased by Mr. DRURY, of that town.



Fine Arts Repository, Canterbury


Courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site

1882 Hal Drury, Stationer, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, lithographer, account book manufacturer, engraver, fine arts repository, picture frame maker & circulating library in connection with Mudie's agent for Frith, Norman & Wilsons, Photographers, Mercery Lane

Under Sheriff. Hal Dury, Mercery Lane, Canterbury 1868.


"THE NORMAN STAIRCASE " a photograph by Charles M. Drayson

Sold by Hal Drury , March 5, 1868

C. Millington Drayson (photograph sold by HAL DRURY, Fine Arts Repository, Canterbury)

*Photo courtesy of a frequent visitor

*Hal Drury died 1902



*death of an Edward Crow age 66, May 1882

1889 Edward Crow, Bookseller, Stationer, Printer and Lithographer (late Hal Drury)

1903 Edward Crow, Bookseller & Stationer

1906 Edward CROW & Son, 8 Mercery Lane, Established 70 Years, Circulating Library

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent, E. Crow & Son Booksellers Mercery Lane (no address listed)

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory, Edward Crow & Son, Stationers (Tele. 187)

1922 Messrs. Crow & Son, 8 Mercery Lane

1929 Messrs. Crow & Son, 8 Mercery Lane


No. 9 Mercery Lane

1838 Edward WATERS, listed under Green Grocers & Fruiterers, 9 Mercery Lane

1838 Edward WATERS, listed under Poulterers, 9 Mercery Lane

1858 Melville & Co. Directory of Kent, George Wood Draper and Bonnet Emporium, Grafton House, 2 High Street and 9 Mercery Lane

1858 Melville & Co. Directory of Kent, Mrs. Wood Baby Linen, Hosiery, Glove and Stay warehouse, 9 Mercery Lane and 1 High St

George WOOD, Draper ^

The back of one of my photo's showing Trimnell's at 9 Mercery Lane

1889 - 1891 Directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex - William Charles Trimnell, Jeweller & Silversmith - 9 Mercery Lane & 7 Parade St. **fig. 5 is a representation of a golden armilla, found at Canterbury, drawn by a member of our Society, Mr. W. C. Trimnell, and kindly communicated by him; it is in the possession of his father. It is formed, he says, "of four pieces of solid gold wire, weighing 2 oz. 2 dwts.; the wire instead of being drawn is hammered, being much thicker in the middle than at the ends. It appears to have been hooked together to keep it fastened. It was found about a mile from Canterbury, in making the railway to Dover, in 1860; there were two found, but we were not fortunate enough to obtain both of them; the other, I am told, was not quite the same pattern. A human skeleton was found with the armillae, and the workmen who found them supposed them to be coffin-handles. I am indebted to the same gentleman for drawings of four bronze armillae, of various sizes, in the possession of J. Brent, jun., Esq., F.S.A., Canterbury. Mr. Brent states that the armillae (Figg. 6, 7, and 8) were found in the Well-field, near the Dane John, within the city, with an ivory pin, beads, and large hollow coffin-nails; and Fig. 9, near Martyrs'-field, Canterbury in 1861. All undoubtedly Roman. AC1863

1902/3 Mrs. Howard, Parade & Mercery Lane, Canterbury. High-class Millinery. Millinery Materials and Accessories of all descriptions. Flowers, feathers, ornaments, veils, gloves.

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent, Thomas Fox Jeweller 9 Mercery Lane & 7 Parade St.

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent Thomas Fox Jeweller, only listed under 9 Mercery Lane


High Street


No. 9a Mercery Lane

1903 Mrs. Catherine Howard, Milliner (& 7 Parade)

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent, Miss Hannah Douglas Hart

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory, T. Fox Jeweller (Tele. 10x4)

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory, The Misses E. and E. Lefevre Ladies and children's outfitters

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory The TEA LOUNGE (no address number listed)

From a 1922 Directory "It was a happy inspiration in recent alterations to restore the interior of this fine old 15th Century building. Here is felt the atmosphere of Medieaeval days. Fine old oak, hundreds of years old, is abundant everywhere - in panels- in arches, and great beams, shewing the ancient craft which during recent years has been hidden from view. Here too has been discovered some fine old open fireplaces o'er topped by massive beams, in splendid preservation, whilst from the windows one looks down upon the highways trodden by the feet of innumerable Kings and Queens. Through the old lane below passed Fitzurse, Tracey and de Broc after the Martyrdom of Archbishop Becket in the Cathedral. Passing up the narrow staircase we step into the unique and restful haven of beautiful old world rooms where Teas and Luncheons are now served (between the hours of 10 - 6:30)."


No. 10 Mercery Lane

1838 Thomas Tolbutt POPE, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c, 10 Mercery Lane

John PARRISH, Silk Mercer $

*George Thompson, Assistant - Henry Ashenden and Robert White, Apprentices

1847 Joseph PARRISH, Draper (dividends)

1847 Joseph PARRISH, of No. 4 High Street, Newington, Surrey, and late of No. 10 Mercery Lane Canterbury, draper: div.

James CLEMENTS, Boot Maker %

William L. COLE, Linen Draper ^


1882 Mrs. E. & Miss E. Lefevre, Hosiers and Milliners

1889 The Misses E. and E. Lefevre, Ladies' Outfitters

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent, E. & E. Lefevre (Misses) Ladies' Outfitters 1 High St. and 9 Mercery Lane & baby linen warehouse, 10 Mercery Lane and Milliners 42 Burgate St.

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent, E. & E. Lefevre Ladies Outfitters

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory, The Misses E. and E. Lefevre Ladies outfitters

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) J. G. Jackman, Ltd. 6a, The Parade & 10, Mercery Lane, Canterbury (AD)


No. 11 Mercery Lane

1838 John Underdown BLACKBURN, Chemist & Druggist, 11 Mercery Lane

John BLACKBURN, Chemist $ %

John R. HALL, Pharmaceutical Chemist ^


An 1860 AD (John Brent)





Sold in Bottles, 1s. 6d., 2s. 6d., 4s. 6d., and 8s. 6d. each.


1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists - Edwin R. Biggleston, 11 Mercery Lane, Canterbury

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Perfumers - Wholesale- Edwin Radford Biggleston, 11 Mercery Lane, Canterbury

1889 Edwin R. Biggleston, Dispensing Chemist at 11 Mercery Lane

December 26, 1896 - Restorative Coca Wine and all other Medicinal Wines supplied by Edwin R. Biggleston, Dispensing Chemist, Mercery Lane, Canterbury

1870-1871 Pharmaceutical journal - Edwin Radford Biggleston...Exeter. (Modified) *Resolved - that the followig having passed their respective examinations, be elected "Associates in business"

Ad c. 1897

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent Edwin R. Biggleston Chemist

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory Hall's Wood Violets (E.R. Biggleston) Perfumer


HALL'S WOOD VIOLETS ________Triple Extract.___ Supplied to Royalty.

_____________________________________________E.R. Bigglestone, 11, Mercery Lane, C'bury

1917 AD



No. 12 Mercery Lane

1838 Mrs. Mary HOMERSHAM, listed under Hair Dressers, 12 Mercery Lane

Mary Homersham, Perfumer $

John CLARK, Hair Dresser $

George COOMBS, Hair Dresser %

1860 AD - H. Dunn, Hair Cutter and Perfumer, 12, Mercery Lane, Canterbury. Private Apartments for Hair Cutting and Shampooing.

Herbert Dunn, Hairdresser ^

1882 Frederick George COAST, Hair Dresser

1889 F. G. COAST, Hairdresser

c. 1902 Ad F.G. Coast, from Douglas's, New Bond Street, London. Wigs. Wigs. Transformations. Fringes. Toupets. Pincurls. All kinds of ornamental hairwork of best quality, moderate prices, made upon the premises. Ladies' own combings made up. Theatrical wigs on hire. Ladies' and Gents' hairdressing and shampooing saloons. - 27 St. Margaret's street, and 12 Mercery Lane

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent, Frederick George Coast, Hair Dresser, 12 Mercery Lane & 27 St. Margaret St.

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent Fredk. Geo. Coast, Hair Dresser, 12 Mercery Lane & 27 St. Margaret's St.

1917 F. G. Coast, Hairdresser

1922 F. G. Coast & Sons (From Douglas, Bond Street) 27 Margaret's Street, and 12 Mercery Lane, Canterbury. Hairdressers, Wig Makers and Perfumers. Permanent Waving. Hair Tinting. Vibro Massage. Manicure. Marcel Waving. Post orders receive prompt attention.

1925 F. G. Coast & Sons 12 Mercery Lane and 27 St. Margaret's Street, Hairdressers, Wig Makers, and Perfumers

Post 1931 COASTS ad


Mercery Lane, on the right are the shops of Taylors Seeds and Lotus. This is a hand-coloured photograph c. 1952 from my collection


No. 13 Mercery Lane

1838 Thomas WEST, Eating House Keeper, 13 Mercery Lane

1840's - 60's Thomas WEST, Eating House Keeper

1889 Robert WORTERS, Dining Rooms

Robert WORTERS, Lionel SOUTHEE, nephew (

December 20th, 1894 - "The following students have obtained two certificates each: Lionel SOUTHEE passed 2nd class in monochrome painting, 2nd class in drawing from the antique.

George H. WEST, Ham & Beef shop (

1903 George Henry WEST, Beer retailer and dining rooms

1905 AD - West's Dining Rooms, Mercery Lane, Proprietor - C. Philllips

1917 Charles PHILLIPS, Dining Rooms

1925 AD from the Pilgrims Guide - in my collection


Mercery Lane, on the right is the shop of John G. Charlton


No. 14 Mercery Lane

1838 John MOORE, Butcher, 14 Mercery Lane

John MOORE, Butcher %

Charles CORNES, Butcher ^

1882 Charles CORNES, Butcher & Grazier

Marriage - March 1, 1882, at the Baptist Chapel, Fortesque West to Margaret CORNES second daughter of Mr. Charles Cornes of 14 Mercery Lane

1889 William CORNES, Butcher *living in Rochester, Kent in the early 1900's


A photo of The Butcher in Mercery Lane, likely Charles or William CORNES, credit for this photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family

1891 Kellys Directory of Kent, Wm. CORNES, Butcher, 14 Mercery Lane

*death of a Charles CORNES, 1893

John C. GRIMMETT, Photographer ( *actually John G. Charlton

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent John G. Charlton, Photographer, 14 Mercery Lane

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent J. G. CHARLTON, Photographer, 14 Mercery Lane

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory, J. G. CHARLTON, Photographic Artist

1922 J. G. CHARLTON, 14 Mercery Lane

1924 - Large pictures of the pilgrims and the Cathedral are available from ....

1925 J. G. CHARLTON, Photographer & Publisher, Cathedral Studio, 15 Mercery Lane

1934 J. G. CHARLTON, photographer, 14 Mercery Lane, Canterbury

No. 15 Mercery Lane

1838 Mrs. Sarah Jane KENNEDY, 15 Mercery Lane, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c.

Sarah KENNEDY, Draper $

Richard SKINNER, Draper ^

1871 Eliza Jane TERRY who is 19 is working for the WARR family as a domestic servant. Thomas Warr was an agent for Sewing Machines

1882 Willcox & Gibbs, Sewing Machine Warehouse

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. listed under Sewing Machine Makers

1887 (Exchange Column, Enlgish Mechanic and World of Science) What offers for treadle Sewing Machine, also one Hand Ditto ? - E. P. 15, Mercery Lane Canterbury

1889 Wilcox & Gibbs, Sewing machine company

December 20, 1894 A. J. Rose, 23 years with Mr. Trimnell of the Parade. Watchmaker and Jeweller. gold and silversmith, 15 Mercery Lane, Canterbury. All kinds of repairs executed on the premises.


No. 16 Mercery Lane

1858 Thomas CRUMP, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Provisions Merchant, Mercery Lane and Butter Market (no address listed)

Thomas CRUMP, Grocer ^

1882 Thomas CRUMP, Grocer, 16 Mercery Lane; 37 Northgate Street & 49 Wincheap Street

Sept 17, 1885 Fanny HAMMOND, a servant, stealing from her master Thomas Crump, 16 Mercery Lane CCA

1889 Thomas CRUMP, Grocer & Wine merchant

1917 Buttermarket Stores, Theobalds and Studman, grocers and wine merchants


View of Mercery lane looking towards Christ Church Gate





You can see some renovations that have been done to the "Old Chequers Inn" which is on the left. The first picture postcard is the older of the two. On the front of the third story of the building you can see where they have added the scalloped face boards to the old building, and the "High Street" sign.



James BUCKHURST, basket maker

WJohn BUCKLEY, silversmith and watchmaker

John CARLTON, grocer

John CLARIS, linen and woollen draper

Ann COUCHMAN, butcher

Thomas CRAMP, chymist

Hopkins FRANCIS, shoe warehouse

Robert Hayes LEGGETT, haberdasher

James PARNELL, ironmonger

George PEARCE, haberdasher

Thomas PIERCE, brazier and tin plate worker

John PENFOLD, linen and wollen draper

John SOUTHEE, linen draper

John TERRY, boot and shoemaker

William THOMAS, confectioner

John TRIMNELL, surgeon



Sturges & Turmaine, porter and ale merchants

George DAVEY, boot & shoe maker

*1838 listed under Householders, St. Andrew, G. DAVEY, Mercery Lane

Amy SYMPSON, boot & shoe maker

John EIVES, brazier &c., Ironmonger& smith

Richard HILLS, brazier &c.

James HOLDSTOCK, grocer & cheesemongrs

Edward KITE, grocer & cheesemongrs

John BLACKBURN, druggist &c.

William ROALFE (& bookseller) - listed under Book Binders

*1830 Poll of the Electors - William Roalfe, Northgate, Bookbinder, a William Roalfe, Ruttington Lane, Gardener, a Benjamin Roalfe in St. George's Place, Harnessmaker

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