Civil Parish - St. Gregory

Municipal Ward - Northgate

View of Miltary Road looking towards the Cathedral, on the right is the way to Artillery Street

The view also shows the Diocesan School which later became the Payne-Smith School in Broad Street


To be sold by private contract, A small piece of ground in the Military Road, suitable for a Stable. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)


5 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Military Road, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. Association Medical Journal


1838 Jos. DEWHIRST, day, (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Military Road

1839 Thomas LINTON, Turner, Military Road (no address #)



No. 1

Margaret McDONALD, Milliner *


No. 2

Albert WALLIS, Labourer *

Jan 1901 Emma Powell* and children, Maud, George**, Angelina, Deborah, Grace, Ethel (all born Canterbury) )

*Emma's husband John POWELL (bricklayer), was charged with running out on the family and is in St. Augustine's Goal in early 1901

**There is a George Powell in the Barracks in Canterbury as a private in the 18th Hussars )


No. 3

Edward UDEN, shoemaker *


No. 4

Thomas ELLIS, Traction Engine Driver *


No. 14

Mrs. H. Twining

1917 George William TERRY


No. 17

1889 Frederick Steed, Grocer's Assistant

John E. Palmer, Cordwainer


No. 18

1861 James TERRY, head age 28, Bricklayer's Labourer born Ashford, Kent with wife Sarah, age 22 born Canterbury

"James Terry. Where do you live? Military Road. What are you? I work in the country. Did you get anything at the last election? Nothing at all, not from either side, not a halfpenny....Is there any relation, or anybody else of your name, who lives in Military Road? There are one or two of the name of TERRY. Who live in Military Road? Further up, near the "Two Bells" at the back. There is a TERRY there. Is he your brother? No, I have not got a brother. What is the name of the TERRY who lives at the back of the "Two Bells"; do you know? I do not know. However, you yourself neither got money nor offered any at either of the two elections? No, not a halfpenny...." Parliamentary Papers 1881

1889 Albert Medhurst, Labourer


No. 22

The Rose & Crown in Military Road built by John Welch between 1833-37


1889 John Revell

Rose & Crown Pub - "Good Skittle Ground" the sign on the corner notes Artillery Street

No. 22a

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) F. R. Beaney, 22a, Military Road, Canterbury. Easter Lamb. We supply one quality only - the Best New Zealand at Reasonable Prices. Also Choice Home-Killed, Beef, Veal & Pork.


Artillery Street


No. 23

1889 H. C. Hammond & Son, General Dealers


No. 25

1889 William Goodhew, Professional Cricketer


No. 26

The Yew Tree formerly known as the Princess Royal, was built by Richard Crofts 1830

1889 A. Nelson Milton, YEW TREE INN

1913 YEW TREE, Mrs. Clara Milton, 26 Military Road


No. 29

Hannah Nixon, Laundress, with her son Thomas Nixon, Grocers errand boy

(*1874 Thomas Nixon, assistant to Messrs. Pocock of St. Margaret's Street, Canterbury - Pocock is a boot & shoe manufacturer in St. Margaret's Street)

Thomas E. NIXON is noted as Boot and Shoe Salesman in 1881, located at 45 St. Peter's Place, with wife Rosina and his brother in law Benjamin MORLEY


No. 30

No. 42 Built by Thomas Finch Cozens by 1832


No. 33

Frederick Brown


Union Street


No. 34

The Star & Garter, formerly the British Oak, built by 1830

STAR & GARTER Thomas Powles *

1903 STAR & GARTER, Public House, Walter Cave Ayers


No. 35

1881 James TERRY, Agricultural Labourer (born Liverpool, Lancashire), married Eliza (born Canterbury), James Higgulden grandson, born Canterbury

1889 Mrs. TERRY


No. 37 & 38

Were built by James Coppins by 1834


No. 40

Mrs. Hannah Pope, Laundress

John Bigley (


No. 41

William CARDEN, Porter (

November 29, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


CARDEN - November 17, at 41 Miltary Road, Canterbury, William CARDEN, aged 46 years


No. 42

No. 42 Built by Thomas Finch COZENS by 1832

George FRYER, Hand Loom Weaver of Linen %

Elizabeth RAVINE (


No. 43

James PARREN, Labourer &

John Webb, Engine Driver (


No. 44

Henry Deverson, Butcher %

James TERRY, Agricultural Labourer with wife Eliza and daughter Mary A. TERRY, boader James IGGLEDEN &

James Eden, Hawker (


No. 45

Rachel Baker, Beer Shop Keeper %

LORD CLYDE, Henry G. KENNETT, Licenced Victualler &

Alfred Elvy, Gardener (


No. 46

John Murray, Servant

John Russell, Tailor (


No. 47

William Davis, of the 8th Hussars

Thomas Castle, Farm Labourer (


No. 48

Joseph Hoare, Pork Butcher

Joseph Hoare, Maltster (


New Ruttington Lane


No. 51

John H. Coppins




No. 55

Frederick Pollard


Notley Street


No. 56


S. Maple


No. 58

George ANDREWS, Coach Trimmer )

James W. Kesby, The Buffs


No. 59



No. 61

Arthur E. MARSH, Carriage Salesman )

Arthur Edward Marsh


No. 62

Henry CAREY, Pork Butcher


Carpenters Cottages, Military Road


Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry Barracks


GARRISON CHURCH (now called All Saints)

Garrison Church


The way to the Garrison Hospital


Old Ruttington Lane


No. 63


1917 THE LEOPARDS HEAD, Frank White


The corner of Old Ruttington Lane and Military Road former Leopard's Head pub Building on extreme left, thanks to Tricia for this photograph


No. 64

John Jupp, Groom

Edward Ransone, Cordwainer (


No. 65

E. Ransom, Bootmaker

Thomas Malaney, Tailor (


No. 66

George Hobbs

William Austen, Carman (


No. 67

John Russell, Tailor

Eddell Wright & Thomas W. Haynes - Privates in the Medical Staff Corps. (


No. 68

Mrs. Scott, Dressmaker

Thomas F. Scott, Baker & Frederick T. Scott, Photographer (


No. 69

Alfred J. Stickel, Baker (



Rev. William H. Gibbons

Arthur F. Northeute, Vicar of St. Greogory's (


Military Plain (Drill Ground)


St. Gregory the Great Churchyard


No. 70 - 73 Military Road

Were built by William Moss before 1817


No. 70 (NOW)



No. 76

George Lemar, Coal dealer

1907 - July 20th, Young White Aylesbury Ducks (fat) for Sale 2s. 3d. each - Mrs. Lemar, 76 Military Road, Canterbury


Jones Cottages


No. 83

Edwin Bing, House Painter (


No. 84

Joseph William Pitt, Carpenter


Military Road Gardens


No. 85

Mary A. TERRY born Upper Hardes, Kent, Laundress and son George TERRY, Errand Boy, born Canterbury (


No. 95

Mrs. Crippen


No. 96

Albert White, Mailman


No. 98

Joseph Clarkson, Tanner


No. 100



c. 1902 Frederick T. Gentry, Builder, Contractor, and Undertaker, Broad Street & Military Road, Canterbury


Military Road

George BORAIN, Cordwainer

Richard UNERDOWN, Baker

John GOODWIN, Sawyer

James CRIPPEN, Labourer

James SAYER, Labourer

Henry G. Allen, Cordwainer

Richard BEARD, Cordwainer

William BROWN, Gardener

David SIMS, Labourer

Daniel Turmaine, Woolcomber

Edward LEMAR, Labourer

William BECKETT, Labourer

William Reader, Cordwainer

Edward MINTER, Bricklayer

John Packman, Mariner

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