Established July 1792 - 9 High Street

Marriage at Canterbury of Mr. George Wood, one of the proprietors of the Kent Herald, to Miss Eliza Friend. - The New Monthly Magazine 1816, pg 567

1821 - J. Quested of St. Margaret's, Canterbury. My Leisure Hours, or Poems on various occasions. G. Wood, Printer, Canterbury, 1821, 8 vo. (one hundred copies printed at the Lee Priory by stealth, and not inserted in the List of Publications of that place) The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature

1824 - Thursday, B. Baines, Cathedral Gate

"August 5th, 1829, the death of Mr. George Wood age 39, Mr. George Wood, for some years proprietor, editor, and publisher of the Kent Herald newspaper. Mr. Wood was a native of Canterbury; and first entered the newspaper business by starting "The Man of Kent," a weekly journal, in which he undertook to point out all the abuses of the county, but which had not a very long career. Shortly after its close he purchased the Kent Herald, then limited in its circulation, but which he raised into high esteem with the "liberal party." Mr. Wood was a man of extensive observation, of considerable reading, and energetic, spirit in what he undertook, or encouraged others to undertake. He was a concise and pertinent speaker; and came prominently forward at the Penenden-heath Meeting in opposition to the originators of that measure. He was fond of literature; and took an active part in the establishment of a Museum at Canterbury, which we are happy to hear, that persons of all classes and denominations, with a generous rivalry, have come forward to support with a sufficient subscription, and various presents of antiquities, &c. Mr. Wood's life was eminently useful in his native city; but there is reason to fear that his decease was hastened by the embarrassed state of his affairs, although he had long been a martyr to the gout." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1829

1840 - George Friend Wood, 9 High Street - Thursdays

1855 - The Gentleman's Magazine - Death - Canterbury, at an advanced age, James Saffery, Esq., who at the early part of this century was printer and publisher of the Kent Herald. A newspaper entitled the Kentish Herald had previously been published by Mr. Epps, but the undertaking having been abandoned, was revived with success by Mr. Saffery.

1858 published every Thursday by W. Davey, jun., High street.

1860's - William Davey Printer and Publisher

Death, January 10th, at Canterbury, aged 69, John Chalk Claris, esq. for nearly 40 years editor of the Kent Herald. He was also the author of "Durovernum, a Poem" and of other poetical works published under the name of "Arthur Brooke," between the years 1814 and 1824. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1866

1870's William Davey living at 9 High Street, in Canterbury. William is noted as Printer. Son Frank M. Davey is listed as Reporter.

1880's Charlotte E. Davey, Newspaper Proprietor and son Frank Davey Printer

1882 Directory THE KENT HERALD est. 1792 Published Thurs. Herbert S. Claris Proprietor & Publisher

1882 Directory THE KENTISH CHRONICLE est. 1768 Published every Saturday Herbert S. Claris Proprietor

1889 Directory KENT HERALD OFFICE and printing works, Arthur H. Claris Proprietor

1889 - Proprietor and Publisher, Arthur H. Claris, 9 High Street. The oldest established Liberal Newspaper in Kent. Thursday. Price 2d.

1891 (MY FAMILY) - Thomas Fenwick Grantham, married age 40, PRINTER, employed, born Boston, Lincs. with wife Hannah Maria Grantham (nee TERRY) age 30, born in Canterbury and children Charles Frank age 9, scholar, Sidney Howard age 7, and Amy Beatrice age 3 all born in Canterbury.

Arthur H. Claris was living at 13 Fountain Street in Whitstable with his family in the early 90's when Thomas Grantham was working at the Kent Herald/Chronicle, Arthur H. Claris is noted as Newspaper Proprietor.

1903 Entirely under new management (see ad below)

1913 Kent Herald - Wednesday afternoon, J. A. Jennings Limited, proprietors, St. George's Lane

Chronological History of Canterbury Cathedral, with Illlustrations, G.S. Smith of Canterbury, Published by H.S. Claris, Kent Herald Office, 1883 (Hard Cover)

1903 AD, directory




Established 1792.____________Published every Wednesday Afternoon, Price 1d.



Established 1768.______________Published every Friday Afternoon, Price 1d.


9, High Street (Next door to the Theatre), CANTERBURY.


1917 AD - Canterbury & District Directory


Medium for Advertising.

Guaranteed Circulation far in excess of any Canterbury and District

Mid-Weekly Newspaper. Books can be inspected.


The East Kent Newspaper



With which is incorporated the -----------------





Canterbury and District; Whitstable and District; Herne Bay and District; the Districts of Barham, Bridge, Chilham, Chartham, Upper and Lower Hardres, Wingham, Littlebourner, Sturry, Fordwich, Westbere, Chislet, Hoath, Upstreet, Sarre, St. Nicholas, Minster; Stourmouth and District; Boughton and District; Eastry, Ash and Sandwich, etc., etc.


List of Advertisement Charges sent on Application





"City" Printing Works, St. George's Lane,


Whitsable Agency - 18, High Street, Whitstable



*there is a record of a marriage between James Saffery of the Precincts Canterbury, Stationer, bachelor (age 25) and Mary Ann Crothall of St. Paul, Canterbury (age 17, mother Elizabeth C. widow), at the Canterbury Cathedral on April 14, 1804.

In the early 40's I believe James was in Southwark, London with his family. Son James George Saffery is noted as Printer, James Sr. as Independent.

Mr. James Saffery was living at 5 New Street in St. Dunstan's Canterbury in the early 50's with his unmarried daughter Isabella.

There was a death of a James Saffery in 1855 in Blean, Kent.


Arthur Hampden Claris' father John Chalk Claris was also a Newspaper Proprietor & Editor (Edited the Kent Herald 1826-1865), who was born in Canterbury c. 1796, and educated at the King's School. He was also a Poet and published works under the name of Arthur Brooke. John's father James Claris was a Bookseller, and his mother was Catherine Chalk. James Claris and Catherine Chalk were married October 21, 1791, at St. Alphege Church in Canterbury.

John Claris and family were living at 6 Best Lane in All Saints, Canterbury in the early 50's, when Arthur was still in school.

Arthur married in 1860, in Pancras, London. By April of 1861, Arthur, Frances and family were living in Newington, Surrey, and he was working as a Clerk. The couple had just recently had a son, George Arthur Claris who was now 4 months old.

Death, January 10th, at Canterbury, aged 69, John Chalk Claris, esq. for nearly 40 years editor of the Kent Herald. He was also the author of "Durovernum, a Poem" and of other poetical works published under the name of "Arthur Brooke," between the years 1814 and 1824. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1866

By the 70's the family had moved to Cheshire and had grown, now with the addition of son Frederick and daughter Annie Devere, Arthur's wife is noted as "Fanni" born in Ashford, Kent. Arthur is now working as a Commission Agent.

In the 80's Arthur is still working as a Commission Agent, but has moved onto London, where he and family are living at 5 Allsop Place "Cornwall Residence" in St. Marylebone. Their eldest son George is a Stock Brokers Clerk, and Frederick is an Art Student of Oil Painting, daughter Annie is not at home with them.

Arthur and family have moved back closer to home by the 90's and are now living at 13 Fountain Street, "Boston Villa" in Whitstable, Kent, daughter Annie is at home, and Hannah Knight their domestic servant has travelled with them from London. Arthur is now noted as Newspaper Proprieter and employer.

In 1889 Arthur is also listed as "Ordinary," under Prudential Life and Annuity, so it's possible he was an Agent for this Insurance Company.

Arthur Hampden Claris passed away in 1892 in the district of Blean in Kent.

In the early 1900's Frances has moved to 52 Alexandra Road in Hornsey, Middlesex with daughter Annie in order to live with her brother-in-law Horace C. Claris who is also a widower.

It looks like daughter Annie Devere Claris was married in 1911, in the district of Edmonton, Middlesex.It


1850's William Davey is living in St. Bride Middlesex at a boarding house 106 Dorset Street, and is working as a Compositor. William Marsh also from Canterbury and a Compositor is residing here too.

I believe William married Charlotte Esther Marsh in 1852 in West London.

Charlotte is likely the sister of William Marsh above. Charlotte is the daughter of Charlotte Marsh, nee Minott (1797), widow, a Baker, employing 3 men living on Orange street in 1851. Her brother George B. Minott is also working for her. m in the 1850's.

1860's William Davey and wife Charlotte are living on High Street. William is noted as Printer and Publisher.

Death of Bertha Monot Davey & Jessie Beauvais Davey in Canterbury

1870's William Davey and wife Charlotte are living at 9 High Street, in Canterbury. William is noted as Printer. Their son Frank M. Davey is a Reporter.

1875 Death of William Davey age 57 in Canterbury

1880's 9 High Street, the Kent Herald Office, we find Charlotte E. Davey, widowed and listed as Newspaper Proprietor. Her son Frank. M. Davey is working as a Printer.

Charlotte Esther Davey passed away at age 57 in Canterbury in 1881

In the 1890's we find Nora Davey boarding with Selina Sisonn, a widow and her sister Eliza Funnell in Paddington, London, she is noted as living on her own means

Early 1900's there is a Nora Dowland living with Henry Dowland in St. Margaret, Norfolk. Nora is born in Canterbury, Kent. Henry is a H.M. Customs Boatman *there is a possibility that this could be Nora Davey


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