St. Gregory the Great, St. Mary Northgate


An Act for enabling the Commissioners of the Pavement of the City of Canterbury to improve and alter the Line of certain Streets, called Palace Street, The Borough of Staplegate and Northgate Street, from the Entrance into the Archbishop's Palace, in Palace Street, to Cold Harbour Lane in Northgate Street aforesaid, within the said City of Canterbury and the County of the same City, and the County of Kent. 22d June 1825

The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Brain and Ireland 1807-1868/69


The last suburb is that of Northgate, without the walls; the houses are numerous, but of an inferior description, being occupied chiefly by the poorer classes; near the city wall, in Duck Lane, there is a spring called St. Radigund's Bath. 1838 directory



On the other side of Northgate Street, immediately opposite the entrance to St. John's Hospital, is another old gateway, which leads to the ruins of the priory of St. Gregory, also a foundation of Archbishop Lanfranc, intended for secular canons, whose duty it was to administer spiritual comfort to the poor of the hospital, and to officiate at the burial of their dead. These ruins have been converted into private houses, which are occupied by laboring people. 1845 AA


The Axe which beheaded Anne Boleyn. A friend of mine has excited my curiosity by stating, that in his school boy readings of the history of England, he learned that the axe which deprived Henry VIII's second wife (Anne Boleyn) of her head was preserved as a relic in the Northgate Street of Kent's ancient citie, Canterbury. I have written to friends living in that locality for a confirmation of such a strange fact; but they plead ignorance. Can any of your numerous readers throw any light relative to this subject upon the benighted mind of Philip West. 1853 NQ


1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament to represent the city of Canterbury

Zachariah PRENTICE, Northgate, Worsted Manufacturer, Canterbury


Died at Canterbury, in Northgate Street, Mrs. Holmes - 1822


Canterbury (Northgate Brewery) "After carefully perusing your first edition, we feel bound to say it is the very best work on Brewing we have ever seen. We have enclosed a Post-office order for 1l. 10s. and will be obliged by your forwarding the second edition, and also your Essay, "A Voice from the Mash-tun" Wall & Saker" The Theory and Practice of Brewing Illustrated - By William Littell Tizard 1857


Brewers Arms (No. ?)

Alfred COOLEY, Wine & Spirit Merchant from London, neice Rose COOLEY^

*The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter - Deeds registered pursuant to Bankruptcy Act, 1861. Tuesday, Aug. 17, 1869. Alfred Cooley, Canterbury, Wine Merchant. July 19. Asst. Reg. Aug 16.

March 13, 1869 - The Law Times - List of Sheriffs, Under-Sheriffs, Deputies and Agents for 1869. Canterbury - Alfred Cooley, of Canterbury, Esq. - Rest William Flint of Canterbury, Esq. Kingsford and Essex-street, Strand, W.C.


Lanfranc House site of St. Gregorys


Cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Northgate Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal - one in Northgate Street, Female 16 months, death May 4th, Nature of District - Unhealthy ASJ


The buildings which now stand on the site of the old St., Gregory's Priory


The Green Court Gate, which will be found on the map. It is but a few paces from the south end of Northgate Street, lying between the latter and the north end of Palace Street. COT


From the Jurist (1849) - William WILMSHURST, Canterbury, Kent, baker: in the Gaol of Canterbury - A Baker in Northgate Street, his wife's name was Hannah

1840's Edward Nicholson wife Sarah - Shoesmith - The Jurist 1848 - Edward Nicholson, Canterbury, Kent, boot maker, June 26 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

1839 Thomas PLOMLEY, Veterinary Surgeon, Northgate Street (no address number listed)


No. 1

1838 under Watch and Clock Manufacturers - David NATHAN, 1 Northgate street

James WOOD, Cane Worker %

Edward PLUME, Saddle & Harness Maker )


No. 2

Martin FARRELL, Blacksmith %

James H. BALDRY, Taylor for the Military )


No. 3

Richard PARKER %

James E. UDEN, Victualler )


No. 4

John ELDRIDGE, Shoemaker %

Elizabeth BOORMAN (w) )


No. 6

Fanny NICHOLLS (w) )


No. 7

William BACKFORD %



No. 8

Elizabeth TUCK, Grocer %



Thomas CARTER, Publican $

William CARTER, Victualler %


No. 9


1927 Charles PHILLIPS & Son Bakers & Pastrycooks, (also 29 St. Dunstans Street) (phone book)


No. 10

James PARSONS, 11 Northgate Street , early 80's by 1889 no. 10 and 11 Northgate Street (photographer)

Charles HAYWARD, Grocer (No. 10 & 11) )


No. 11

John SHAXBY, Baker %

1885 Kelly's Directory - Listed under Photographers - James PARSONS, 11 Northgate Street, Canterbury

James PARSONS, 11 Northgate Street , early 80's by 1889 no. 10 and 11 Northgate Street (photographer)

Charles HAYWARD, Grocer )


No. 12

William WHEELER, Stone Mason %

Rachael GODDARD, Pub )


No. 12 1/2

George GODDARD )



No. 13

James FIELD, Butcher %


No. 14

Daniel REARDON, Blacksmith Sweep (children, Olive M. Reardon, Alfred D. I. Reardon, Sidney V. Reardon) )


No. 15

Alfred SHORE, Watchmaker %

Thomas MILLS, Tobacconist & Blacksmith )


No. 16

Mr. PHILLIPS, Bread Baker )


No. 17

William ALLEN, Tailor $

William GODDEN, Whitesmith %

William SMITH, Millers Carter )


No. 18

Octavius PERFECT, Bootmaker )


No. 19

John F. SANDYS, Tailor - John Stockbridge working as an Apprentice %

The Jurist 1848 - Insolvent Debtors - John Fred. SANDYS, Canterbury, Kent, tailor, June 26 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

Frank UDEN, Green Grocers Assistant )


No. 20

1838 Edward NEWTON, Chorister in the Cathedral, 20 Northgate Street

William NEWTON, Baker %

Alfred CLARY, Barber & Cutter )


No. 21

1838 Policeman, G. MILLENER, 21 Northgate Street

George ROBINSON, Cordwainer %

Alfred CLARY, Barber & Cutter )


No. 22

Thomas HOWARD, Gardener %

George ARGRAVE, Watchmaker )


No. 23

George ALLEN, Carpenter %

Mary HANOPHY, Midwife )


No. 24

Charles MUIR, Cordwainder %

George PARREN, Carpenter )

1917 G. PARREN, Picture Frame Maker, Carver, Gilder, 24 Northgate Street


No. 25

William LIDBETTER, Victualler & Bootmaker %

John Henry BRETT, Bricklayer & (Houses in Havelock street built by John Henry Brett)

Alfred J. PARREN, Grocer, Sub Postmaster )


No. 26

Thomas FILMER, Grocer %


No. 27

Thomas HEAD %


No. 28

Mary A. DADY, Washerwoman %

Francis O'Brien, Baker )


No. 29

Joseph O'Brien, Green grocer )


No. 30

Ann RALFE, General Dealer & Susan STRUDE $

Thomas G. NOTLEY, Broker % (Notley Street)

George CHEESEMAN, Victualler )


St. John's Hospital Gate looking out onto Northgate Street - Looks like G.T. CHANEY, baker see No. 43 Northgate below


No. 31

Joseph BURCH, Coachman $

George BLAKE, Landed Proprietor, Mary Blake wife, Ann TERRY daughter, age 20, Edward TERRY, son age 15, Printers Apprentice %

1882 May INGE, Grocer, 21 Borough, Staplegate, 41 Stour Street and 31 Northgate Street

(There was a May INGE, Miller of Littlebourne listed in the 1830 Poll books, which could be a relation)

George WOOD, Carrier )


No. 32

1838 George AUSTIN, 32 Northgate Street (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and retired persons)

George AUSTIN wife Mary AUSTIN $


No. 33

1838 under Watch and Clock Manufacturers - Joseph MONTI 33 Northgate Street

Ann BELL, Shop Keeper $

William THWAITES, Cabinet Maker $

James Deverson?


No. 34

William WHITEHEAD, Dyer $

May 1896 - Lady's cushion safety, also gent's Rudge cushion, fine cockatoo, also grey parrot and cage. 34 Northgate Street


No. 35

Mary HOPKINS, Office for Servants $

1903 Mrs. Catherine KENNETT, Oil and Lamp dealer, 35 Northgate Street


No. 36

William BING, wife Catharine, Carpenter $

Alfred ARNOLD, Brickmaker )


No. 37

Sarah FURLEY, Cloth Shop $

Elisabeth B. BURGESS %

Catherine BING %

Photo above courtesy of a family member, showing James Edward Bryant who managed the shop for Charles Barrows.

1903 Charles BARROWS, Grocer and Provisions Merchant. Devonshire butter twice weekly. Sole agent in the city for Ridgway's Celebrated Teas.


No. 38

James GALVIN, wife Susanna, Labourer $

Mary A. THWAITES, Upholsteress *

Frank PARREN, House Painter )


No. 41

William SWAIN, Green Grocer $


No. 42

Samuel CALDWELL, with wife Jane, Hair Dresser $

Samuel CALDWELL and son Samuel Caldwell, Hairdressers %

1855 Samuel CALDWELL, Stationer, Northgate-street (Hodson's Booksellers, Publishers and Stationers' Directory)

William CRIPPEN, Fruiteer )


No. 43

1840's - 50's James JORDAN, Shoemaker/Bootmaker % $

William SWAIN, Master Baker and George T. CHANEY, Bakers Assistant &

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol 72 f.221, Probate 12 Mar 1856
William Swain, pensioner from Royal Artillery, of Canterbury St Gregory, will dated 3 Feb 1856, Thomas Jackson, whitesmith, executor, Niece Ellen wife of William Whitaker, Nephews Robert, John and William Swain, Niece Ellen Nutter, Witnesses James Hughes, George Eastes.

William CRIPPEN, Grocer )


No. 44

This address was the White Swan in the 1840's $

1838 White Swan, Mrs. Jemima WELBY, Northgate St.

1839 WHITE SWAN, Jemima WELBY, Northgate Street (no address listed)

Jemima WELBY, Publican $


No. 44 George H. JENNINGS, Master Butcher &


On the other side of Northgate Street, immediately opposite the entrance to St. John's Hospital, is another old gateway, which leads to the ruins of the priory of St. Gregory, also a foundation of Archbishop Lanfranc, intended for secular canons, whose duty it was to administer spiritual comfort to the poor of the hospital, and to officiate at the burial of their dead. These ruins have been converted into private houses, which are occupied by labouring people. 1845


No. 45

(no. 44 in 1832) WHITE SWAN, Charles Welby

1839 WHITE SWAN, Jemima WELBY, Northgate Street (no address listed)

Elizabeth THORN, Baker $

Elizabeth THORN, Baker $

WHITE SWAN, Jemima WELBY, Victualler %

John WOOD, Marine Store Dealer &

William BROWNING, Fishmonger (No 44 & 45) )

1903 William BROWNING, Shell Fish Shop

A lovely postcard of St. John's Hospital and The White Swan. Thanks kindly to Len Parrick for the loan of the above


No. 46

Henry REYNOLDS, Butcher $

Edward GRIGGS, Fishmonger &


No. 47

William ROOKE, Bookmaker $

William W. SOMERFORD, Tailor %

No. 47 & 48 Plasterers Arms - George FOWLER, Basket maker &

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Edward JORDAN, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

Edward J. JORDAN, Boot maker

1903 Edward JORDAN, Boot Maker, 47 Northgate Street


No. 48

Charles SMALL, Plumber $

Charles SMALL, Plumber $

No. 47 & 48 Plasterers Arms - George FOWLER, Basket maker &


No. 49

William BUSLEY, Grocer $

James NELSON, Fishmonger &


Nelsons Passage (1870's)


No. 50


Elizabeth CLURCH, Publican $

Lazarus SOLOMON, General Dealer &


Bullens Rents (1840's)


No. 51

James CROW, Hairdresser $

Edwin JENNINGS, Butcher &


No. 52

Abraham ABRAHAMS, Watch Maker $

Abraham Abrahams, Watchmaker &


Miettes Rents (1840's) *possibly to do with the family of that name


No. 53

Henry NICHOLLS, Painter $

Aug 28, 1911 Alfred FRIER, newsagent, 53 Northgate Street CCA


No. 54

William STEER, Butcher $

George Greenman, Tavern )


No. 55

Edward BARBER, Grocer, Edward Barber Jnr. Grocer $


No. 56

William OVENDEN, Grocer $

James Sutherland, Tailor $

Charles MAWER?, Master confectioner *

1903 Arthur Tyrrill, Confectioner (14 Borough & 56 Northgate St. )


No. 57

1838 Benjamin BARNARD, 57 Northgate Street (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and retired persons)

1847 Mr. Benjamin Barnard

Thomas LAVENDER, Staff Sargeant, East Kent Militia &

Charles STOCKER, General Dealer *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Charles Edward Jones, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

Hezekiah Perry, Shoemaker )

1903 Albert Joad, boot maker, 57 Northgate Street


No. 58

(1815-16, John ABRAM, King's Bridge)

1838 John ABRAM, National Schoolmaster and Teacher of Mathematics, 58 Northgate Street

John ABRAM, Teacher of Mathematics $

"A Curious Sundial..Mr. John ABRAM, of Canterbury, teacher of the mathematics, and author of the Kentish Tide-tables, has constructed a curious sun-dial, which is to be fixed in the front of the Droit-house, Margate, below the transparent clock. etc."

A book written by him "A complete treatise on practical arithmetic" by John Abram, No. 58 Northgate Street, Canterbury, January 1st, 1842

Mr. John Abram of the National School Canterbury

Benjamin BARNARD $

Joseph PITT, Greengrocer &

Abraham ABRAHAMS, Watchmaker *

1882 Abraham Abrahams, Clothier


No. 59

Thomas PLOMLEY, Vetrenarian

John MARSH, Draper ^ (no address noted)

John MARSH, Draper &


No. 60

CITY ARMS William MARSH, Victualler $

CITY ARMS James FOX, Inn Keeper ^

Charles H. ERREY, Butcher *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - John Vautier, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs. & Grindery Dealer & Leather Cutters & Sellers


No. 61

William LEDGER, Leather Seller $

Thomas PAWSON, Baker, born Cranbrook ^ (no actual address listed)

Edward PARKER, Baker & Confectioner &

John CRUICKSHANK, Pawnbroker *

Thomas C. ASH, Butcher )


No. 62

George WELLARD, Baker &

Thomas DENNE, Corn Dealer *

Thomas DENNE, Corn Dealer (

Emma PAYNE )


No. 63

Henry BULLOCK, Tailor $

Isiah A. JONES, Confectioner &

James WILSON, Fish Salesman *

James WILSON, Fish Salesman (


*Castle family also has some relation to the TERRY's

A Mary Ann Castle was born about 1817 in Canterbury, Kent. She married George TERRY on December 25th, 1845, at Saint Dunstan, Stepney. George TERRY was also born in Canterbury, Kent. (since the Terry's also lived on Orange street, this could possibly be the family they are related to).


No. 64

Richard JONES, Grocer $

William H. PRINGUER, Confectioner ^ (no actual address listed)

Halbett F. PRINGUER, Chemist & Dentist &

Albert BROWNING, Carrier *

George STEDDY, Draper (

William E. Steddy, Draper and Warehouseman )**STEADY FAMILY? (married into the TERRY's)


No. 65

1832 Thomas MASON, Beer retailer

George WALL, Brewer $

VICTORIA HOTEL - Thomas BURREN, Victualler &

John MARSH, Draper *

George STEDDY, Draper (

William E. Steddy, Draper and Warehouseman ) **STEADY FAMILY?


No. 66

Mayer LYONS, Tailor & Clothier $

Edward E. LYONS, Auctioneer &

George COLLINS, Publican *

*The Law Times, July 18, 1874 - Edward Emanuel LYONS, furniture dealer, Canterbury. Pet. July 10. Juy 24 at one, at the Rose Hotel, Canterbury. Sol. Delasaux, Canterbury

Albert COOK, Furniture Dealer (


No. 66A

Thomas J. Amess, Stationery & Haberdasher, Traveling (

Frank Marshall, Caretaker )


No. 67

George SILK, Hair Dresser $

Edward E. LYONS, Auctioneer &

*The Law Times, July 18, 1874 - Edward Emanuel LYONS, furniture dealer, Canterbury. Pet. July 10. Juy 24 at one, at the Rose Hotel, Canterbury. Sol. Delasaux, Canterbury

William READ, Pensioner & Tobacconist *

William T. READ, Tobacconist


No. 68

Moses NATHAN, Fruiteer $

Isaac SURRY, Greengrocer &

William MIDDLETON, Cordwainer *

Alfred FRIER, Green Grocer (

Frederick HATCHER, Grocer )


No. 69

William POST, Butcher *

William POST, Pork Butcher (

William POST, Butcher )

Aug 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press) Arthur William Todd was charged with breaking and entering Mr. W. E. Post's lock-up shop in Northgate street, on March 15th and stealing therefrom 1s. in bronze and 1 1/2 lbs. of sausages. Accused was committed for trial at the Canterbury Quarter Sessions, the Bench consenting to allow bail in prisoner's recognizance of £50 and two satisfactory sureties of £25 each.

1917 W. POST, Pork Butcher


No. 70

Halbett F. PRINGUER, Chemist and Dentist *

W Cruickshank a wardrobe dealer in 1894-5

1885 Kelly's Directory - Listed under Dentists- Halbett Frederick PRINGUER, 70 Northgate Street, Canterbury

*Married 1857 in Pancras, London to Maria Catherine Row, d. 1912 in London

by 1897 George Thompson, Photographer )

Noted on the back, with love to Eliza from Mother

1905-6 George Thompson (but he was gone by 1911-12) * courtesy of a frequent visitor


No. 71

Victoria Hotel - Thomas BURREN, Hoptel Proprietor & Horse Slaughterman *

1891 Directory Thomas BURREN, VICTORIA HOTEL

December 26, 1896, Notice. To Undertakers and Others. Mr. Thomas Burren, Job and Post Master, VICTORIA HOTEL, Canterbury, Begs to announce that he has purchased the FUNERAL CARRIAGES of Mr. G. W. Johnson, and is now prepared to supply all descriptions of Funeral Carriages upon the shortest notice and at the lowest possible charges. Kent & Canterbury Press

William RASDILL, Victualler )

October 29, 1945, January 31, 1946, March 18, 1947, Mr. G. T. Bradford, The "Victoria Hotel" Northgate Street, Canterbury *an inventory in my collection - discusses alterations to the bars (Fremlins)


No. 72

William H. COOK, Grocer *

William H. COOK, Grocer (

John WOOD, Clothier, son Robert Wood is a gold jeweller )

Dec 6, 1909 - Roland Wood, Assistant in his father's Pawnshop, 72 Northgate Street Canterbury and Sergeant Charles James Jury Canterbury Police.


No. 73

Annie BOASTES, Linen Draper *

Walter MUMFORD, Butcher (

George HUBBARD, Baker )

1903 George Hubbard, Grocer 73 & Confectioner 74 Northgate Street and 2 Guildhall Street


No. 74

Charles JONES, Bootmaker *

Edmund F. HUDSON, Carpenter and Shopkeeper (

Geroge HUBBARD, Baker )

1903 George Hubbard, Grocer 73 & Confectioner 74 Northgate Street and 2 Guildhall Street


No. 75


Insolvent Debtors 1830 - Benjamin Radford, formerly of NO. 75 Northgate street, Canterbury, trading together and in copartnership with Mary Radford, as plumbers, glaziers and painters, and late of No. 75 Northgate street, Canterbury, plumber, glazier and painter. (Thurs Mar 4 at 9)

William JARRETT, Publican, wife Jane (

*children, Rose Ellen (12), William H. (10), George H. (9), Frederick J. (8), Margaret W. (6), Edward J. (2)

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 - The Sidney Cooper School of Science and Art

An examination for free scholarships at the above School took place on the 30th ult. The conditions this year differed from those of previous years, the examination being open only to past and not present pupils of the elementary schools. Some 32 candidates presented themselves. Then were, however, disqualified, through being students at elementary schools. The maximum number of points was forty, and the subject freehand drawing from a flat copy. The work was generally very good, and the following were the successful candidates with the number of points gained: Miss Bear, 36, Louisa Surry, 36; William Jarrett, 35, George Jarrett, 34; Rose Surry, 32, Frank Collingwood, 30, Arthur Rye, 30, Ernest Ingleton, 29; Mabel Sewel, 29, George Parry, 28; Robert Holness, 27; George Coppen, 26; James Spillett, 24; Alexander Twyman, 23; - Hopkins, 16; Forwood, 8.

1903 JOLLY SAILOR Public House, William Jarrett


No. 76

John WILLMOTT, Gardener %


No. 77

1838 William T. ROALFE, Bookbinder and Librarian, 77 Northgate Street


No. 78

John C. FIELD, Carpenter %

1929 Buyer and Seller of Antiques. Miss E. M. VIDLER


No. 79

Williamm LEPINE, Grocer and Corn dealer %


No. 80

William ROOKE, Boot and Shoe maker %

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - James Willey, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1907 July, Maidstone House, particulars E. Fever


No. 81

Charles SMALL, Plumber %


No. 82

1839 John PARKER, Tobacco Pipe Maker, 82 Northgate Street *also listed is Jesse PARKER, Tobacco Pipe Maker (& potter), Northgate Street, no address #

Hannah SOLOMON, daughter Bella, is a straw bonnet maker %

George FOX, Tailor %


No. 83

Elizabeth BANISTER, Victualler %


No. 84

George WALKER, Baker %

TKC - Jan 14, 1865 - Births, Canterbury, Dec 22, at 84 Northgate Street, the wife of Mr. F. Fagg, of a daughter.

William BOWN, Hair Dresser )

c.1902 E. Redman & Co., Motor, Cycle and Gun Engineers. (By royal letters patent). Scientific appliances made on the premises. Inventions perfected and patents carried through. Sole agent of the Edlin Sinclair Pneumatic tyre. Also for the celebrated Wyncycle. Redman's Blenheim cycles, fitted with Free Wheel and Back Pedal Brake, Plated Rims, Front Rim Brake, Clipper Tyres, Price 7£


No. 85

James Constant, Metal & Copper Plate worker )

1905 J. CONSTANT, Cycle Maker


No. 86

Sidney R. Styles, Grocer )


No. 87

Frank Fagg (grocer's shop)


No. 90

Nathaniel J. Skelton, Journalist / Author )


No. 91


Joseph William Green

Are you the landlord of the house called the "Two Brothers"? Yes. In Northgate Street? In Northgate Streeet. Were there a good many voters at your place on the election day last April? Well, casually, possibly so. Was it a committee room? Yes. For the Conservatives or the Liberals? For the Conservatives......At either of those elections have you either given or taken money yourself? No, neither the one nor the other. (his daughter Florence is a teacher of music)

Joseph William Green )

1913 Joseph William Green, 91 Northgate Street, Canterbury


No. 92

WORKMANS CLUB, Edward A. Castle, Steward (

Charlotte E. Chaney, SCHOOL OF COOKERY, caretaker )

1935 F. G. Eyers, Wholesale Sundriesman, 92 Northgate Street, Canterbury, Phone 675


No. 94

John Green, Cordwainer %

Jane Bird & Edward Fill Bing %

Bourne & Jackson

Daniel Bourne, Tobacco Paper Manufacturer (


No. 95

Daniel BING, Printer & Compositor %

Bourne & Jackson

Annie Reeves, Confectioner (


No. 96

Emily READ, Second hand clothes shop (

Walter Middleton, Boot Maker and furniture dealer )


No. 97

1850's John BRYSON, Pork Butcher - Susan Ann Bryson, daughter with parents John and Elizabeth, John being a Pork butcher.


Photo's and information courtesy of the Vandepeer family

Photograph of Susan Vandepeer (nee BRYSON) in her later years in Australia, and her husband William James Vandepeer (of Sheerness, Kent). His family were boat builders.

They emigrated to Austalia in 1854, he was a carpenter in Adelaide until 1883. They both died at a small location on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula, called Petersville, which is near Ardrossan.

If you have any information or photo's of Bryson or Vandepeer families that you wish to share, please


Charles Huckstep - Where do you live? 97 Northgate. What is your employment? A shoemaker....1881

Sarah Hughes, Umbrella Repairs (

Alfred Frier, News Agent )


No. 98

Phineas Soloman, Stationer %

Alfred Harris (

1903 William Bown, Hair Dresser


No. 99

1832 - 34 Thomas Marley, Retailer and Brewer of Beer

Thomas Gardner, Chimney Sweep (


No. 101

Thomas Herne, Butcher (

Richard Sinclair, Military Artist & Photographer )

1903 R. Sinclair & Sons, Photographers


No. 102

1840 Susannah Marsh, Shopkeeper


George H. Dunford (

Henry Olive )




No. 109

Return of Owners of Land, 1873 (Kent) - William Sneller, 109, Northgate street, Canterbury Acres 73 0 2, rent 536 9


No. 114

Henry E. Willey, Baker (


No. 115

Albert Nash, NORTHGATE BAKERY, Baker (


No. 120

late William Sneller

Edward Vidgeon, Dairyman (


No. 121

late William Sneller


No. 122

George H. Care, Printer (


No. 123

Richard Sinclair, Artist & Sculpture, his son Richard Sinclair is a Photographic Apprentice and will go on to have his own business (

1903 Richard Sinclair and Sons, Northgate

Sinclair, 101 Northgate Street in 1917


No. 124

W.R.Harris Junior & Richard Sinclair


No. 125

Vass and Moys


No. 126

Gibson Notley


No. 127

Gibson Notley


No. 132

William WANSTALL, Hawker (

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 *At the Ashford Police Court on Tuesday, William WANSTALL, a Canterbury dealer, was charged with stealing a quantity of turnips, value 6d., the property of Mr. Barnes of Hurst Farm, Chilham. P.C. Mills said that he saw the defendant in Mr. Barnes' field picking turnips on December 7th, and afterwards put them in his car, which was standing in the road. Defendant was fined £3, in default 21 days; imprisonment with hard labour. Defendant said he would do the 21 days.


No. 133

Thomas PITCHER, Fish Salesman (


No. 134

William PITCHER, Market Gardener (



Dec 1905 - Charming semi-detached Residence to let in Catnerbury; two reception rooms, five bedrooms, and dressing room, bathroom (h and c); moderate rent - E. Fever, Maidsonte House, Northgate, Canterbury

Dec 1905 - House to let in St. Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury - apply E. Fever, Maidstone House, Northgate, Canterbury



Daniel BING, cowkeeper

William BURGESS, grocer

John BUSHER, carpenter

John CHAPMAN, cowkeeper

John ELWAY, millwright

John FERRY, cooper

John FIELD, grocer

John FRANKLYN, China and Staffordshire warehouse

William GADESBY, upholsterer and cabinet maker

John GARDINER, cowkeeper

John GODFREY, baker

Stephen HARDMAN, organ builder

Edward HAYWARD, fruiterer

James HAYWARD, gardener

Robert NIGHTINGALE, cowkeeper

John and Joyce PARKER, pipe makers

Richard READ, smith

James SNELLER, cowkeeper

John UNDERDOWN, baker

Simon-John WILLIAMSON, plumber and glazier

James WIMBLE, grocer

Ann WILSON, feather manufacturer



1838 under Veterinary Surgeons - Thomas Frewen PLOMLEY, Northgate Street

1838 under Watch and Clock Manufacturers - A. Abrahams, Northgate

(Dec 6, 1909) Percy Walton Manager to Mr Vandersteen a Pawnbroker Northgate Street Canterbury


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