Flooded Oct. 1909 & Dec. 27, 1927

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Natural Curiosities...Canterbury, mineral springs, Pound Lane, discovered 1693

A view of Pound Lane from Westgate Towers c. 1905 (from my collection)

A view of Pound Lane and North Lane rom Westgate Towers (from my collection)


William Gostling 1825 - "Part of the wall in Pound Lane has been taken down to make room for the erection of dwelling houses, and the wall between the two owers westward of the scite of the three curious arches..., is quite gone."

Canterbury Guide "...there were three posterns in the city wall, viz., the one of the Dean and Chapter, as already stated; another at St. Mildred's church yard; and a third in Pound Lane, between Westgate and the River Stour."

"Canterbury, mineral springs, Pound Lane, discovered 1693.."


Old Police Station, Pound Lane

In consequence of the rapid melting of the snow, which commenced on Monday evening, a great number of houses in Canterbury were overflowed, and the furniture in many materially damaged. The thaw continuing all Tuesday, and the greatest part of Wednesday, occasioned the river Stour to spread its waters to a greater depth and extent than at any time since the year 1776, over all the adjoining low lands from Ashford to Sandwich haven. At noon on Wednesday, the flood increased so rapidly, that many houses in Stour Street, Beer cart lane, Lamb lane, Bests Lane, St. Radegund's bath, Pound Lane, part of St. Peter's, Cocklane, St. Dunstan's, and North Lane, had their ground floors laid under water, those nearest the river several feet deep. The inhabitants were obliged to betake themselves to their chambers for safety, and some families to leave their habitations. In the afternoon it again began to freeze, which probably in some measure checked the supplies of the torrent, and lessened its rapidity; and between ten and eleven at night the waters were perceived to subside, and in the morning marked their progress, by leaving the streets covered with broad and broken sheets of ice. TSMFeb1795


Flooding in Pound Lane

A view of Westgate from Pound lane


From a will dated Dec 30, 1767..note of a John Legrande Esq., of Pound Lane, Canterbury *there was a John Le Grand christened on May 12, 1730 at Saint Alphege Church, Canterbury

Poll book 1830 - Pound Lane

Richard Butler, Coachman

James Clark, Pound Lane, Woolstapler (Unpolled)

John Francis, Pound Lane, Bricklayer

Peter Lamberton, Pound Lane, Cordwainer

James Lamberton, Pound Lane, Labourer

Charles Lamberton, Pound Lane, Cordwainer

William Smith, Pound Lane, Bricklayer

Kirby Francis, Pound Lane, Glazier


Robert P. Davies, Superintendent of Police &

1889 Robert Peacock, Superintendent of the City Police

Jane Garlinge, prisoner, Prostitute &



No. 1

Police Station/Kent Music School

1838 Police Inspector William Bradley, 1 Pound Lane

John Winter, Fellmonger &

Samuel Crippen, Costamonger &

1889 Henry Potts


No. 2

William Tolhurst, Smith &

1889 William Tolhurst, locksmith and woodturner


No. 3

1880 Kelly & Co. Directory of the Leather Trades - 53 North lane & Pound Lane - H. Hart (see North Lane)

John F. Avann, Fellmonger &

*1851 - Robert AVANN, of the parish of Holy Cross, Westgate, near the city of Canterbury, in the county of Kent, fellmonger, d. c. surr. April 4 and May 5 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols. S.C. Venour, Gray's Inn-square; Furleys & Mercer, Canterbury. Petition, March 18. Pet. Crs. James Homersham, sen. and James Homersham, jun., of Canterbury, Woolstaplers. (The Law Journal)

1889 Henry Stagg, Wool stapler and Fellmonger

1903 R. & W. Stagg, fellmongers & wool staplers, 53 North Lane and Pound Lane


No. 4

Thomas Dove, Labourer &

1889 William McConnell, Railway Porter


No. 5

John White, Labourer &

1889 John White, labourer, Mrs. White, laundress


No. 6

(now number 16?)


Ann Kendall &

1889 William Collins, labourer


No. 7

Thomas Lucas, Wire Worker &

1889 Charles Whittenden, labourer


No. 8

Alfred Wyatt, Tailor &

1889 Henry Austin, labourer


No. 9

Jane Wilson, Labourers wife &

1889 James Lamberton


No. 10

John Small, Painter & Glazier &

1889 John White



A view of Sudbury tower from Pound lane (reputed to be haunted)

The North View of Westgate from Hasted (a view of Sudbury Tower on the left)


A view of Sudbury tower from Pound lane (reputed to be haunted)


Tower House, Pound Lane - Robert SCHNEIDER, Magistrate


No. 11

Alfred Perry, Joyner &

1889 Mrs. Woodridge


No. 12

William Rye, House Agent &

1889 Alfred Perry, Carpenter


A photo of the flooding in Pound Lane, October 1909, the photo courtesy of michaelsbookshop.com

The wooden plank is in front of Bastion Cottage, which beside it stands Rechabites Temperance Hall (Gospel Hall) prior to The Causeway


Another version of the October 1909 flooding in Pound Lane, photo courtesy of Len Parrick

Posted December 10th, 1909 to Miss Light, 1 The Strand, Walmer. "Dear K. this will give you a little idea of what Canterbury was like when it was flooded. This is just below Mrs. Potts in Pound Lane...."


No. 13

BASTION COTTAGE (Tower House, pound lane?)

Bernard H. O'Reilly, Pensioner &

1889 Charles Daley, foreman Local Board




No. 14

1889 William Todd "TOWER INN": and marine store dealer

Tower Inn - Frederick J. Rolfe

Tower Inn, 14 Pound Lane (Edwin Dalby - 1903)


TOWER HOUSES built 1871

No. 15

(*possibly now number 20/21)

Stephen W. GUNNER, Currier &

1889 William ROSE


August 23, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


PYSDEN-August 5, at 15, Tower Houses, Canterbury, John PYSDEN, aged 63 years.



No. 16

Listed Building

William WILDING, Umbrella Maker &

1889 Charles ALLWORK, sugar boiler

Charles TAYLOR, Nursery Gardener )


No. 17

Robert C. Nethersole, Carter &

1889 William Parker, coach painter

John Cox, Labourer )


No. 18

William Elliott, Coachman &

Angel Hyde, Tailor &

1889 John May, coal dealer and shopkeeper


St. Radigund Street

...Proceeding toward the gate, we pass by St. Peter's Lane and church on our right hand, not far from which, on the same side, was a grated door, which formerly led to our wells, or springs of mineral water; (discovered 1693) but the passage, to which this formed an entrance, is now attached to an adjoining dwelling house, and the principal entrance is in Pound Lane, a little farther below on the right. These springs rise on premises occupied by Mr. W. Masters, as a nursery ground. The were accidentally discovered about 130 years since, and have from that period to the present, been esteemed for their medicinal properties. WG

St. Peter's Lane


No. 19


Richard Clinch, Brewers Servant &

William Todd, Marine Stores


No. 20

1889 James Smith


No. 21

1889 William Elliott, Ostler

William Elliott, You live in Pound Lane? At No. 21. Did you get some money from T. Holttum over the last election? Yes. How much? 10s. Was that for your vote? He knew I was a Tory, and he gave me the 10s. on that account; I am a staunch Tory. It had something to do with your vote? I suppose so. Did you get anything in 1879? No, I never received a halfpenny for anybody. Or any other time? No, this is the first. Parliamentary Papers.


No. 22

1889 William Langford, labourer


No. 24

1889 Elijah Fenn, bricklayer


No. 25

1889 Henry Budd, under bailiff, Board of Trade


A view of some houses now in Pound lane


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