St. Dunstan Within


To be sold by private contract, A well built residence, in St. Dunstan's Terrace. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)


No. 1

John G. ELWYN, Hop Planter ^

John G. ELWIN, 110 acre farm &

John G. ELWIN, Farmer (

John. G. ELWIN, Retired farmer )


No. 2

John GOULDEN, wife Elizabeth, children Frances, Governess, Emma, John, Linen draper $

Elizabeth GOULDEN, Proprietor of Houses, daugher Frances is a Schoolmistress, Matilda Finlason, Teacher (4 pupils) %

1858 Mrs. Mary ASHENDEN, St. Dunstan's Terrace


James V. SNELLER, Grazier, wife Charlotte and 5 daughters &

Marriage, GILBERT & SNELLER, On the 10th, inst. at St. George's, Canterbury, Harry Pearson GILBERT, M.R.C.S., of West Malling, Kent and younger son of D. Gilbert, of Buckingham Palace Road, London, S.W., to Edith Hill Sneller, third daughter of the late James Vidgen SNELLER (d. 1874) of Canterbury. 1886 The Lancet

(by 1881 the family had moved to 30 St. George's Place)

William CRUMPLIN, Captin in the Army Service Corps )


No. 3

Frederick T. RAIKES, late Lieutenant of the 62nd Regiment %


Charlotte SOUTHEE *

Charlotte SOUTHEE, and Mary Ann SOUTHEE )

Companion - Miss Eleanor F. MOUNT )

1913 The Misses SOUTHEE


No. 4

Samuel POWELL, Frances POWELL $

Charlotte SOUTHEE, son Edward is a Parchment Maker %

Edward SOUTHEE, Fellmonger & Wool Dealer &

Mary COURT *



No. 5

Thomas POPE, Farmer, wife Sarah $

Sarah JARMAN %

Jennings U. SOUTHEE, Fellmonger & Wool Dealer & *

William SOUTHEE, Chemist & Druggist &

Ann SOUTHEE (w) )


No. 6

Mary WILLER, Professor of Music $

Samuel PRENTICE, Proprietor of Houses %

Robert HAMILTON, Hop Factor &

George E. BROWN, Teacher *

Frederick T. PUTTICK, Drapery, Commercial Travellerr )

Joseph OGDEN, Art Master School (Sidney Coopers School of Art)


No. 7

Joseph JACKSON, Independent, William JACKSON, wine merchant $

James BLOMFIELD, School Master % (possibly for the School on London Road)

Sophia ELWIN &

Edward B. MASON, Solicitors Clerk, wife Hanna and son Bernard H. Mason born Canterbury (was a photo of him for sale on E-bay by John Bateman), Bernard was in Lincolnshire in the early 1900's working as a Stationers Assistant *

----- )


No. 8

Henry B. WILSON, Coal Agent %


William RITCHIE *

------ )

c. 1902, Mr. Ben TWYMAN, Auctioneer, Surveyor, and Appraiser. Brewery Agent, Hotel Broker & Valuer


No. 9

Sophia ELWIN %

Thomas SCOONES, Solicitor's Clerk & *

Thomas SCOONES, Solicitors Clerk )

Aug 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press) Six Roomed house to Let. Wincheap Grove, gas and water, rent 6s inclusive. Apply 9 St. Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury.


No. 10

Samuel RIGG, Solicitor, Henry COX, Clerk $

*This was a legatee's suit, by administration summons in chambers, with respect to the estate of Samuel RIGG, who had appointed his wife, Eliza RIGG, and Daniel De la Cherois GOURLAY, M.D. executors. Eliza RIGG permitted her co-executor to receive £1200. He misappropriated it, and was proceeded against under the Fraudulent Trustees Act,, and imprisoned, about £270 having being eventually recovered. In chambers, the chief clerk had found various facts upon a statement brought in by Eliza RIGG, and also on her affidavit, and examination, and cross-examination, with reference to the breach of trust, and also with reference to a draft or agreement for a settlement, which facts were substantially as follows: Samuel RIGG, who was a Quaker, and a solicitor, at Canterbury, in February, 1847, was proposing to marry Eliza RIGG, then Eliza PARNELL, who was possessed of certain property in money, and a promissory note for £500 fromt he Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Canterbury. A draft of a settlement was prepared, and, the following memorandum appended to it: "We have read over this draft, and mutually approve thereof. (signed) Samuel RIGG, Eliza PARNELL." The marriage took place without anything else being done and nothing in fact was done up to the time of Samuel RIGG's death, but it appeared that in certain letters the subject was referred to, in which Samuel RIGG said, "What better trustee canst thou have than thy husband," and use other similar expressions. William PARNELL, a cousin of Eliza RIGG and another person being proposed, and so the matter ended. Mrs. RIGG also stated that Samuel RIGG took her to the Bank of England, and asked her to sign a book saying it was better that her stock should stand in the name of RIGG, and she having signed it, after his death discovered that it was a transfer of her stock to him. He also purchased a house at Notting Hill for £250, and paid interest upon the stock till his death. Upon these facts the chief clerk had found the state of the accounts, and that the stock, &c, included in the proposed settlement did not form part of the testator's personal estate - in other words, that there was a binding agreement for a settlement. To these findings the plaintiffs excepted, on the ground that it was ultra vires for the chief clerk upon an administration summons to enter on such questions, the 45th section fo the 15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, contemplating only simple accounts, but the decision of no questions. .....etc. (TWR, vol 10 1862)

William A. VENNING, Retired Merchant %

Joseph M. WARD, Curate of St. Andrews and St. Mary Bredman &

Elizabeth KELLY *

Cecil M. GANN, Professor of Music )

1903 Mrs. E. J. GILDER, 10 St. Dunstan's Terrace


No. 11

Catherine WRIGHT, Fund Holder %

William WARMAN, Private Class Teacher &

Frederick WALKER, Brewers Traveller *

Mary A. HOLMES )


No. 12

Sarah HOGBEN ^ &

Edward S. COLLINGWOOD, Bankers Clerk *

---- )

Mary HOGBEN *possible death at age 80 in 1911 Canterbury

1905 Bob Dunk Esq. (12 St. Dunstan's Terrace), Canterbury, seen from a postcard on the web. Dear Bob, just a P.C. hoping you are still improving. What lovely weather we are having. Ernie will be calling next week. Kind regards to all. Louisa? Posted from Sturry July 15, 05


No. 13

Sibert SANNDERS, Bankers Clerk ^

Horatia F. H. BEAR )

Esther BROOKS *

Harvey MARTEN, Commercial Traveller )

1903 John Thomas GIBBS


No. 14

Thomas KINGSFORD, Land & Houses % (wife Maria, sons Stanley & Felix, daughter Clara)

"At a court holden at Canterbury in the Eastern Division of the County of Kent before me, the revising barrister appointed to revise the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said County, on the 22nd day of October, 1861, the Reverend Francis James HOLLAND, Joseph BURN, and Thomas PARNELL, severally claimed to be placed on the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said county in respect of property situate wholly, or in part within the parish, called the Ville of Christchurch, in the said city of Canterbury, and were duly objected to by Benjamin Richard Eastes, a person on the said Register of Voters, on the ground that they did not possess the requisite qualification. the claims were set forth in the following form:

Francis James HOLLAND, 14 St. Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury, Freehold office. As one of the six preachers in the cathedral church of Canterbury.

As regards the claim of the Rev. Francis James HOLLAND, the facts proved before me were that the said Rev. Francis James HOLLAND was appoionted by the Archbishop of Canterbury one of the six preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, that he held his office during good behaviour, provided he remained in the diocese, and preached at least twice a year in the said Cathedral, that he received an annual stipend of £32 a year as preacher from the treasurer of the dean and chapter at the audit room in the Cathedral precincts, situate within the said Ville of Christchurch. It was further proved that, each of the six preachers formerly received an annual stipend of £20 a year, and a house to live in, but that the stipend was afterwards increased, and the house taken away." 1862

Mary HOLLAND, Clergymans Wife ^

Maria WRIGHT &*

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mrs. DAVIES, 14 St. Dunstan's Terrace


1913 Miss KINGSFORD, 14 St. Dunstan's Terrace

Miss Clara KINGSFORD (b. c. 1837 - d. 1915)



1858 John FREW, Orchard Cottage, London Road

John FREW, House Proprietor ^

Edward GREEN, Woolstapler )



George COOPER, Building Surveyor ^



James TROTTER, Draftsman ^


No. 15

William M. CLARIS *


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