St. George the Martyr - Municipal ward of Dane John

Many of the houses on the North side of the street were damaged/destroyed in the bombing of WW2

William BALDOCK built about 26 houses at the upper end of St. George's Place on the left hand side of the road. William MOSS (of St. George's Street) and Thomas COOPER also built houses here.

St. George's Place (north side), in 1941. All (except a few buildings nearest the parked car) were burnt out in the June 1942 blitz. Between the wars, this side was popularly known as 'Doctor's Row', because of the sheer number of doctors who lived or practised here.

Write-up and picture above courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


Map detail of 1843 showing St. George's Place

The suburb of St. George's is of greater extent; it includes St. Sepulchre's, the borough of Longport, and the manor of Barton; it contains many handsomely built mansions, and has been greatly improved by a row of elegant and well built houses in St. George's Place, the commencement of the New Dover Road. 1838 directory


Map detail of 1777 showing the highlighted area which is now St. George's Place between Ivy Lane and Dover Lane (now Dover Street)



The North Side of the Street was heavily bombed in 1942

No. 1

1847 Mr. Henry TIDDEMAN, St. George's Place

*there were two Henry Tiddeman's baptized in Canterbury. 1719 St. Alphage and 1720 at the Cathedral

*Subscriber to "A Walk In And About the City of Canterbury" Henry TIDDEMAN, Esq. Canterbury 1825

1840's - 50's Henry TIDDEMAN, Army half pay %

1853 Death at Canterbury, aged 87, Henry TIDDEMAN, esq. late of the 75th Foot. 1854 GM

John ARIS, Clerk to the Justices for Canterbury and to the Commissioners of Land and ...and income tax for St. Augustine the West Kent and Secretary to the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway and agent Globe for & life Insurance Company % *previously at 3 Bridge Street, Canterbury 1840 - John Aris, Registrar of Births & Deaths *was in Broad street in 1847

1853 Parliamentary Papers -

Mr. John ARIS, Sworn and examinded. (May 14, 1853) Are you clerk to the magistrate of the city and borough? Yes. Are you the sheriff too? No; Mr. Thomas Thorpe De Lasaux is the sheriff. He is in court. Can you give us the information which the last witness seemed to be unable to afford the Commissioners? I shall be happy to give all the information in my power. .....c 9 pages.

Mr. John ARIS Recalled. Have you prepared a list of the freemen and householders, distinguishing between those freeman who are householders and those who are not? Yes. There are 946 freemen on the register of 1852, and 928 householders, making a total register of the names of 1874 persons; but then there are 277 freemen upon the householders list, and 16 double entries, making a total of 293, which, deducted, from the total on the register, will leave 1581, who could vote in 1852; then there are 928 householders, deducting the 293 from them, would leave 635 householders; making a total of 1581. How many persons are there freemen? So that ther are 946 freeman and 635 householders.

1857 Land Tax Commissioners names for the city and county of Canterbury - Frederick Bellingham, Thomas Sankey Cooper (Surgeon), Thomas Ash, George Rigden, Alfred Neame, John Aris, Charles James Fox senior, John Brent junior, John Gibbons, Nelson Collard and John Bushell.

Mr. GIBBONS, Canterbury - Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Charels James FOX, Esq. Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 (2 copies)

1858 John Aris, Esq., St. George's Place

*a marriage of John ARIS of St. Mary Magdalene and Hannah COATES of St. Mary Bredin, at St. Mary Bredin. October 12th, 1832 (neither were born in Canterbury)

*Hannah ARIS (nee COATES) died in 1867 in Canterbury

John married again to Susannah P. PILBROW, sometime after 1867 - they are living in Ivy lane "Ivy House" in the early 1870's

1878 - John ARIS stamp distributer for Kent

*John ARIS died in Canterbury in 1878

John and Hannah ARIS ^

1870's - 90's George Prentice, Linen Manufacturer (died 1894) / Samuel Prentice, Linen Manufacturer

1882 George & Samuel Prentice

1889 Samuel Prentice, Esq., St. George's Place (The Right Worshipful The Mayor) & Chairman of the Canterbury School Board

George E. Twyman, Cir Yarn, Sackman, Linen Merchant )

The Town Clerk, Henry Fielding reading the proclamation in front of Twymans (on the left), with Mayor Bennett-Goldney, and a Clergyman in the carriage 1910

1917 G. Twyman and Son, Linen Manufacturers

The tent behind reads G. TWYMAN & SON Tent Contractors Canterbury

1922 G. Twyman & Son Ltd., Show Rooms, Oriental Rugs, Guaranteed Hand Made & to have been obtained direct from the Caravans on their entry into India

1950's - 60's G. Twyman and Son Ltd. 1-3 St. George's Place


No. 2

1824 James ROBERTSON, Book Binder, 2 St. George's Place

1840 Miss Grace CURLING, 2 St. Georges Place

*Grace Curling died in Canterbury in 1846

Grace & Margaret Curling

1847 Miss Margaret Curling, 2 St. George's Place

Miss Margaret Curling, Independent %

*Margaret Curling died in Canterbury in 1855

1858 Mrs. Philpot

Frances Philpott w ^


70's - 1880's Walter Sheepwash, Licenced Victualler


Thomas Lallo, Publican )

1917 STAR TAVERN, H. Bushell


No. 3

Jane and Charlotte COLLARD $

Jane & Charlotte COLLARD, Milliners

1847 Misses Collard, 3 St. George's Place

Miss Jane Collard, Milliner &c. %

Miss Mary Staunton %

1858 Misses Jane and Charlotte Collard, 3 St. Georges Place

Charlotte Collard ^

*death of a Charlotte Collard in Canterbury in 1873 age c. 69

---- *

1917 no listing


No. 4

1840 Mrs. H. Bentham, 4 St. George's Place

John FURLEY, Late officer in the Naval Service, Banker %

Obituary, Sept. 1853 At Canterbury, John Furley, Junior, Esq., Banker formerly Commi. H.E.I.C.S. GM

1858 Mrs. Harriet Bentham, St. George's Place

Eliza Gertrude W. Furley w ^

*Eliza died in 1883 at age 66

Stanley CLARKE, Captain 17th Lancers, was in Ireland and Aldershot *

1882 - 1917 Mr. John Greasley, Surgeon (born Liecester, Houghton) was previously at 47 St. George's Street (1901 he was not married)


No. 5

1847 Lieut. William Horton, 5 St. George's Place

James WHITE, Annuitant %

Dawson C. Greene, Major in H.M. Army

1870's - 1887 Rest W. Flint, Esq. 5 St. George's Place, Canterbury (Archaeologia Cantiana) *Solicitor, Town Clerk and Clerk to Local Board of Canterbury

1882 Mr. Rest W. Flint, St. George's Place, subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

1886 Rest W. Flint, Esq., 5 St. George's Place, Canterbury, Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

Timothy Wright, Gentleman (

Mary C. Monk )

1917 P. R. Nicholson, assistant superintendent Prudential Assr. Co. (ltd.)


No. 6

1840 The Misses Dorsett, 6 St. George's Place

George Benthan, Capt. Royal Navy %

1858 Mrs. Sophia Small, 6 St. George's Place

Sarah Furley ^

Sarah Furley &

Eliza Holness, servant, Charlotte Message, Domestic Nurse *

Robert Pilcher, Ale & Stout Merchant (

1902/3 Choicest Freehold Building Sites, of the best positions in Canterbury. For full particulars and prices apply: Edward W. Dean, 6 St. George's Place Canterbury

1917 Mrs. E. M. Collard


No. 7

1840's - 50's John Johnson, Gentleman %

John Johnson w ^

Thomas D. Saunders &

Elizabeth Brown, Clara A. Brown, Governess *

Elizabeth Brown (

1903 Mrs. Brown

1917 Miss C. A. Brown


No. 8

1840 Mrs. Mary Parnell, 8 St. George's Place

1840 Mr. John Halliday, 8 St. George's Place

William Palmer, Professor of Music %

William Palmer, Esq. Professor of Music, Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

W. H. Longhurst, Ecclesiastical Music, &c. (from a list of paid lecturers 1859)

William H. Longhurst, Professor of Music. Assistant organist at Canterbury Cathedral. Lay Clerk ^

William H. Longhurst, Professor of Music &

Gertrude M. Furley *

1882 Mrs. FURLEY

1890's - 1903 William Henry Netherclift, Registered General Medical Practioner (F.R.C.S.)

*The Medical Times and Gazette 1864 - Bronze Medal for Physiology Mr. William Henry Netherclift (Charing Cross Hospital College of Medicine)

*1881 - to at least 1883 was the medical superintendent of the Chelsea Workhouse Infirmary (court case Wednesday, December 14th, 1881)

*January 1881 (Obstetrical Society of London) elected Fellow of the Society - William Henry Netherclift, M.R.C.S.

*died in Hampshire in 1906 ?

1917 Reginald Graham, Wills, Esq. M.D., C.M.


No. 9

1847 Mrs. Susannah Parnell, 9 St. George's Place

Lt. Vincent Wm. Richett, Lt. Colonel Commander %

Valentine WARD, Nonconformist Minister ^

Margaret WRAY &

Miss WRAY, 9 St. George's Place, Canterbury (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

Eugene F. O'Leary, M.R.C.S. England, Surgeon Major A.M.B. *

1882 Rest William Flint, 9 St. George's Place; & 9 Clarence lawn, Dover

Gertrude F. Hautrey (w) her brother is Charles C. W. Vesey, a Major (

Sidney Wacher, Surgeon )

1891 - Marriage at St. Margaret's Church Canterbury, Sidney Wacher, FRCS, to Margaret Caroline, only daughter of the late George Royle Frend, of Canterbury.

1903-1917 Sidney Wacher, Esq., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.


No. 10

Mr. Osborne Snoulton $

Osborn Snoulten, Banker

George WHITE, Proprietor of Houses %

(there was a George WHITE, at 1 Dane John Canterbury in the poll 1847)

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Tunbridge - George WHITE (a), 10 St. George's Place, Canterbury

1858 Mrs. WHITE, St. George's Place (no address)

Eliza WHITE, w. ^

Nicholas H. McGachen, Rector of St. George the Martyr and St. Mary Magdalen &

Frederick W. Furley, Banker *

1882 Mr. W. F. Furley, St. George's Place, subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

1882 Frederick W. Furley

Mary S. J. Short (

1917 Robert James Ferguson, Esq., M.D., M.Ch.

1917 - M.U.I.O.O.F. Lodge "City of Canterbury", No. 3743, held at the Odd Fellows Hall, Orange Street; about 1300 members; Secretary, Mr. A. JOAD; Surgeon, R. J. Ferguson, Esq. 10 St. George's Place

1917 - M.U.I.O.O.F. Juvenile Branch - in connection with Lodge 3743 - Held at the Odd Fellows Hall the 4th Monday in the month; 500 members; Secretary, Mr. H. MOYS, 81 Military Road; Surgeon, R. J. FERGUSON, Esq., 10 St. George's Place


No. 11

Mr. Thomas White $

1847 William Henry Furley, Esq. St. George's Place

*dated 13th of August, 1846 - Vellum Wiliam Henry Furley - re lands in Charing Kent "Assignment of serveral messuages, buildings and lands at Charing in Kent for the ...of the terms of 1000 years and 500 years" Mr. William Sillibourne? and Mr. Daniel Elliott (of Wye) to Mr. Richard Rabson (of Ashford, Linen Draper) and to Mr. William Henry Furley (of the City of Canterbury banker) in trust for Mr. Rabson. (Daniel Elliott of Wye was a carpenter, wife Elizabeth, living on Bridge Street)

William Henry Furley, Banker %

1858 "Birth, September 14th, at the Paddock (see No. 25 below), Canterbury, the wife of William Henry Furley, esq. a son." GM

1859, Death November 1, at the Paddock, Canterbury, aged 57, William Henry Furley, esq., banker of that city

1859 "November 1st at the Paddock, Canterbury, aged 57, William Henry Furley, esq., banker, of that city. Mr. Furley will be remembered in perpetuity in Canterbury, having during his lifetime given 10 great coats annually to the poor through the Charity Trustees, and has provided property so that the donation may be perpetual. He presented to the corporation the gold chain and badge which decorate the person of the chief magistrate for the time being." GM

Henry F. Salter, Major General, H.M. Indian Army ^

Mercy Hyder &

William R. Young, Grazier of 100 acres * Sheriff of Canterbury

William R. Young, Grazier. J.P. (

1917 Capt. J. E. Harrison


No. 12


1840 Rev. William Haskins, 12 St. George's Place

William H. CULLEN, Solicitor

James PILBROW (A. 1856 May 20, M. 1860 Jan. 17) Wingfield House, Canterbury (from the Institution of civil engineers, members)

Stephen SOLLY, Saddler and Harness Maker (retired) &

H. A. GOGARTY, Esq., M.D., Wingfield House, St. George's Place (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mr. H. A. GOGARTY, M.D., St. George's Place, Canterbury

Sophia CASTLE (

*early 1900's - 1903 Mrs. M. GREENWOOD, School for Girls & Kindergarten

"During all this time the numbers of the School were rising rapidly. In 1898 a new boarding house (Winchelsea House) was opened under the charge of the Rev. Leonard Evans. Moreover, temporary accommodation was found by placing some of the boys under the care of Mrs. Evans at "The Haven", St. Stephens, others in the Precentor's house....Further expansion in the School was met by the opening of a boarding house by Mrs. Bell in 1902 "Wingfield House" and by Mr. Evans change from "Winchelsea House" to a larger one in the old Dover road, known as "Holme House" Of these, the former can accomodate twelve and the latter twenty-eight boys. The increased number of boys has led also to the creation of new forms. ...Schola Regia Cantuariensis (King's School) 1908"

1906 Charles William BELL - ...Master and House Master King's School, Canterbury. Educ.: Durham Sch.; Trinity Coll. Oxford; and Class Classical Mods., 1888; 3rd Class Lit. Hum., 1890, Reg. Col. B. Exp.; Darlington Gr. Sch; Master Canterbury since Sept, 1894. Address: Wingfield House, Canterbury.

August 2, 1913 - List of Properties to Let: Canterbury - 'WINGFIELD HOUSE," ST. GEORGE'S PLACE - Containing 3 reception rooms, 9 bed and dressing rooms, bath room (h and c) side entrance, and small enclosed garden. Rent, £75

1917 Miss. GREENWOOD, Prep. School


No. 13

1847 Mr. William JARMAN, 13 St. George's Place

Alexander MARSH, Retired tailor and draper %

1858 Belsey MARSH, Esq., St. George's Place

Betsy MARSH, Harp Teacher ^

Decimus SHOOSMITH, Artist & Photographer &

Margave W. WRAY *

1882 Miss WRAY

Alfred PILCH, Coal Merchant (

William PIDDUCK, Fire and Life Insurance Agent )

1903 William Gilbert Pidduck *married 1849 in Middlesex, died 1912 in Canterbury

1917 Miss M. PIDDUCK


No. 14

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) William Henry FURLEY, 14 St. George's Place

1847 Richard PETMAN, Solicitors clerk, 14 St. George's Place

Richard Pettman, assistant clerk in the county court of Canterbury %

Mary A. MALTIN ^

Charlotte HOMERSHAM &

Nicholas H. McGachen, Vicar of Littlebourne, from Scotland *

1881 Rev. N. Howard McGachen, St. George's Place (from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

Nora F. VINE

Henry D. FRENCH, Rector of St. George the Martyr with St. Mary Magdalen (

1917 St. Georges Rectory - Rev. Basil B. SMYTH


No. 15

1847 Miss Jane SIMMONS, 15 St. George's Place

Mr. William TONG $

Thomas W. HALL, Cashier ^

William B. PILCHER, Silk Mercer &

1873 (return of owners of land, 1873) W. PILCHER, 15 St. George's Place, Canterbury

Acres. 1, 3, 35

Rent 10 15

Walter FURLEY, Solicitor & Registrar of County Court *

1882 Robert JOYNES

1890s - 1903 Mrs. Charlotte SNELLOR (w)

1917 Edward SUTTON, L.H.


No. 16

1840's - 1850's Edward SCUDAMORE, M.D.

Edward Scudamore, Esq., Canterbury, Kent List of Subscribers to Fugitive Pieces: By Frances Greensted 1796

1813 - death at Canterbury, 72, Edward SCUDAMORE, esq. many years an eminent surgeon. MM vol 36

"Marriage lately, At Canterbury, the Rev. Hugh Willoughby Jermyn, B.A. to Ellen, eldest dau. of Edward Scudamore, esq. M.D. Canterbury. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1845 GM

"Death, February 10, In London, Alfred Scudamore, third son of Dr. Edward Scudamore, Bridge Street, Canterbury." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1846 GM

Edward Scudamore, M.D. St. George's Place Canterbury, 1848 (Artificial swarms. A treatise on the production of early swarms of bees by artificial means) 1848

"Death, March 17th, at Canterbury, aged 72, Edward Scudamore, esq. M.D. one of the Physicians of the Kent and Canterbury hospital." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1850

1858 Mrs. Eliza POWELL

Sarah A. Lawrence / Elizabeth Iggleden &

1890's Henry Alexander Gogarty, Physcian, B.A., M.D. *Thwaite House 1903

1917 No listing


No. 17

1847 Mrs. Sarah SELLING, 17 St. Georges Place

Miss Charity Selling, Lodging house keeper %

Charity Sellinge, Lodging House Keeper ^

Montague KINGSFORD, Solicitor &

William HORNE, Butcher

1882 John Sankey HARVEY

John Sankey Harvey, of Victoria House, Wincheap, Canterbury - eleceted member of the Royal of England Agricultural Society May 7th, 1879 (British Farmers Magazine)

1882 Mrs. WALL

1892 Mr. H. M. BRIGGS, 17 St. George's Place, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society


1917 F. G. DAVIES


No. 18


Ann WILSON w ^


Alfred G. Phillips, Clergyman for Church of England


1917 A. G. BAKER


No. 19

1847 Mrs. E. J. Partridge, 19 St. George's Place

Elizabeth Partridge %

1858 Mr. William Philpot, St. George's Place

William C. Philpott, Corn Factor ^

Samuel C. Lepard, Chaplain of the East Kent County Prison and curate of the Parish of St. Martins &

William Ladd, Rate Collector and Assistant Overseer of the Parish of Canterbury

1890's - 1903 William Ladd, Collector of the Poor Rates for the Parish of Canterbury, Assistant Overseer & Collector of Rents and privileges to the Corporation

1917 Lieut. W. Acheson


No. 20

1840 Miss Grace Curling, 20 St. George's Place

1847 Mrs. Jane Clarke, 20 St. George's Place

William Croasdill ^

William Croasdill &

William died in 1874 in Canterbury

*Williams daughters Henrrietta M. and Emma S. were both born in Australia in the late 1840's

William only son of William Croasdill , Gentleman. Son William was b. 29 February 1848, of Newcastle, New South Wales, Oxford, 1866 (only son of William Croasdill, of Canterbury, Gentleman)

Published Feb, 1873 The following men were called to the degree of Barrister at Law - William Croasdill, B.A. Pembroke College Oxford (student of the Middle Temple)

Mr. H. B. Wilson, St. George's Place, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879

Edward Cackel, was previously a Stationer

Mary Hill (

Births - EVANS. December 22nd, at 20, St. George's Place, Canterbury, the wife of the Rev. L. H. EVANS, King's School, of a son (stillborn). KGaCP Sat Dec 26, 1896

1905 Monsieur C. Le Clair, B. es L. Professor of the French Language and Literature. Has pleasure to announce that he visits schools, gives private lessons in families and at his residence, prepares candidates for all competitive and public examinations, holds conversational classes for ladies at the pupils' or at his class room. References (local) and particulars obtained on application at Monsieur C. LeClair's residence. 20, St. George's Place, Canterbury

1905 Apartments, with or without board, moderate terms - 20 St. George's Place, Canterbury

1917 Mrs. A. M. WILSON


No. 21

1847 Lieut John O. BERRIDGE, 21 St. George's Place

*served in the East Indies c. 1834

John Osborne BUNIDGE, Staff Officer, H.P. 10 Hass Army %

Amelia MUDFORD w. Sons Frederic and William Mudford who are Newspaper Proprietors ^

John F. JENKS, Retired Upholsterer &

1890's - 1903 Miss Lucy IVORY, Apartments

1917 Mrs. A. E. SOAMES


No. 22

1847 Mrs. BARKLEY, 22 St. Georges Place

John J. WADDINGTON, Solicitor %

Henry P. WRIGHT, Army Chaplain ^

Camilla WALKER &

1903 - 1917 George BROWNING, Builder, house decorator and monumental mason


No. 23

1847 Mrs. Harriet BENTHAM, 23 St. George's Place


Hannah BENTHAM w ^

Edward R. BERRY, Captain of Infantry, Staff Officer of Pensioners &

1882 Joseph RUSSELL

*Joseph Russell - Oct 15, 1880 - What is your position in the bank? Second Cashier. In Messrs. Hammond & Co.? Yes. Do you produce a ledger which has been referred to containing Mr. Frederick Mudfords account for 1879-80? Yes. Do you also produce the ledger containing Mr. Laurie's separate account in 1879? Yes. I believe he kept no election account with you in 1880? No. You also produce the waste book showing the payment to Mr. Mudfords credit by Colonel Laurier through Messrs. Glynn of 125l. on the 18th June, 1879? Yes. ....Parliamentary Papers

J. RUSSELL, 23 St. George's Place - Assurance and Insurance Agents (Accident & Alliance Fire and Life) 1889

1890's - 1903 Joseph RUSSELL, Chief Cashier, Canterbury Bank

1917 Henry WESTRON, Esq. L.D.S., R.C.S. Eng.


No. 24

1847 Major Frederick WRAIGHT, 24 St. George's Place

1858 Rev. Christian E. SMITH, St. George's Place (no address)

Charles E. SMITH ^

Charles E. SMITH, Vicar of Nackington &

Lucilla J. LOUTH

1882 James Wilson & John WILSON

1884 - 24 St. George's Place, Educational House for Young Ladies, Miss H. Wilson and Miss Heslop - From Our Schools and Colleges, F.S. Dumaresq de Carteret-Bisson

"At this superior school, established in 1881, pupils are prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local and South Kensington Examinations, also for the practical and theoretical course of the R.A. of Music. The subjects taught are the Modern Languages and Latin, and the usual accomplishments. There are about 25 pupils. The fees are from 65 to 80 guineas per annum for boarders, and 12 to 15 guineas for day scholars, accordig to age. German, Italian, Latin, Music, Singing, Drawing, etc. are extras. The educational year is divided into 3 terms, and the vacations are 14 weeks. Principals Miss Wilson ( Cambridge Honour Certificate ) and Miss Heslop, assisted by a staff of Professors."

1890's James Wilson, daughter Harriet N. Wilson, Principal of School - Elizabeth Heslop & Frances Baker (assistant teachers) *Grace E. TERRY was a student in 1891

Harriet N. WILSON, Principal of a Private School for Girls

*1893 (WTHBH) - We regret to announce the death of an old and respected citizen of Canterbury in the person of Mr. James WILSON, of St. George's Place. He held for nearly fifty years a responsible position in the office of Messrs. Kinsgford, Wightwick, and Co.

1903 Miss Harriet Newport WILSON & Miss H. A. COOK, B.A., Ladies School

1917 ROMER HOUSE - M. T. WILLIAMS, Esq. M.B., B.S. Lond.


New Dover Road

Upper and Lower Chantry Lanes


No. 25

The Paddocks - PADDOCK HOUSE

1847 Misses PATTISON, 25 St. George's Place

Thomas LAMBERT, Retired officer of the Royal Artillery ^

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1850 Thomas LAMBERT, 25 St. George's Place, Canterbury, listed under parish of Waltham (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

Thomas LAMBERT, Late Captain of the Royal Artillery &

1858 Captain Thomas LAMBERT, St. George's Place

James CROWHURST, Veterinary Surgeon M.R.C.V. J.E. *

1890's - 1903 Henry Thomas EAGAR, used to work at the Post Office

William Henry Crowhurst, Veterinary Surgeon *moved to Upper Chantry Lane by 1903 )

1884 William Henry Crowhurst, Stour Street, Graduated April 30, 1856 London *The Register (and Directory) of Veterinary Surgeons 1884

1917 no listing


No. 26

1847 Mrs. Jane BELL

1858 Mrs. Eliza FAIRMAN, St. George's Place

Eliza Fairman w ^

Thomas Lambert, Late Captain of the Royal Artillery &

1880s - 1890's Thomas Soars JOHNSON, City Coroner & Surgeon *at Oswald House in 1903, died 1910

Emma E. Cooper, Lodging House Keeper )

*Elsie Cooper (dau), Stationers Assistant )

1917 Mrs. James


No. 27

1847 Rev. Charles Collins, 27 St. George's Place

Henry J. PARKER, Rector of High Holden %

Reverend Henry J. Parker, Courtesy of the Parker Family Collection / parker933@hotmail.com

1858 Rev. Henry J. PARKER, St. George's Place

"Death, March 18th, At the residence of his father, aged 45, George Russell Parker, eldest son of the Rev. Henry John Parker, of St. George's Place, Canterbury." 1857 GM

Henry J. Parker, Gresham Professor of Divinity ^

F. Philpott, her brother Herbert Philpott is a Brewer *

Harriet S. Read (

Frederick FINN, Retired Farmer )

1917 Misses E. and F. Finn


No. 28

1847 Mrs. Charlotte Chaplain, 28 St. George's Place

Charlotte Chaplin %

Robert Y. FILL, Retired Wine Merchant &

June 7, 1873, The Solicitor's Journal & Reporter - "Liquidation by Arrangement" first meeting of creditors, Friday, May 20? 1873 - Alfred SABINE, Canterbury, Baker, June 13 at 2 at office of De Lasaux, St. George's Place, Canterbury

Miss Alice ROGERS, 28 St. George's Place (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

Thomas T. DELASAUX, Solicitor and Coroner for Kent *see him previously in Stour Street

wife Sarah

*Saturday, May 31, 1884 (The Christian Life) - Mr. Thomas Thorp Delasaux, who had been corner for East Kent for sixty-four years, died at his residence at Canterbury on Thursday, in his eighty-eighth year. The deceased was one of the oldest, if not the oldest coroner in England. He was a stout Liberal in politics, and was descended of a Huguenot family, who settled in Canterbury after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Death May 25th, 1854 of Miss Delasaux at Canterbury, aged 68. 1854

"Death, March 10th, at Canterbury, aged 54, Elizabeth Delasaux, wife of T. T. Delasaux, esq. Coroner." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1855

Christiana Woodgale (

(Houses, etc., to let) 1907 No. 28 St. George's Place, Canterbury, re-decorated and drained, six bedrooms, three reception, bath (h.c.) garden, etc. (houses to let) 7, St. George's Place, Canterbury

1917 No listing


No. 29

Charles E. Smith, Late Vicar of Nackington, without care of souls *

Susannah Coppin (

Henry Bailey, Clergyman, Church of England )

1903 Rev. Henry Bailey, D.D. (hon. canon of Canterbury), 29 St. George's Place

*late fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge

Henry was warden of St. Augustine's College (1850-1878)

Rev. Canon Henry Bailey DD, The Rev. Canon Bailey who died at Canterbury on the 29th December, 1906, aged 91, was at the time of his death the Senior ex fellow of St. Augustines College.

There is a book on his life called "The life of Henry Bailey, Honorary Canon of Canterbury, sometimes Warden of St. Augustine's College" by Edward Redman Orger 1912

1917 Mrs. Priestly


No. 30

1847 Mr. John Lawrence, 30 St. George's Place

Charlotte SNELLER (widow), wife of James V. SNELLER of St. Dunstan's Terrace, Grazier, with daughters Laura, Ellen, Edith H. Alice A. and Aubrey J. SNELLER *

1882 Mrs. Sneller

William L. Hussey, Retired Clerygyman (

1903 George Rigden, Retired Surgeon

1917 East Kent Liberal Club - W.A. Johnson, Secretary


No. 31

1847 Robert Smithson, Newspaper Proprietor, 31 St. George's Place

Robert Smithson, Newspaper Proprietor %

Dudley Somerville, 1st Class Chaplain to H.M. Forces (retired) *

1882 Rev. William Sykes, M.A. - Chaplain to the Forces

James Crowhurst, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and in Practice, Charles H. Stuergeon, Veterinary Student from London (

William J. Mackeson, Major Cavalry Reserve (Army Officer) )

1917 No listing

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) Motor Insurance - all classes - at reasonable rates. Spread over premiums arranged if desired. Quotation or name of nearest Agent from The Anglian Insurance Company, Ltd., local branch office, 31, St. George's Place, Canterbury. Telephone 1039.


No. 32

1847 Mr. William Torner, 32 St. George's Place

Anne Longley (w) %

1858 Mr. T. Goulden, (organist of St. Margaret's) Professor of Music, teacher of the Organ, Piano-Forte, and Violoncello

Thomas Goulden, Professor of Music &

Jane R. WALKER / Sarah A. MATES / Thomas R. WYER, Clergyman of the CofE without care of souls *

Landale - Birth on April 14th, at 32, St. George's Place, Canterbury, the wife of Brigade Surgeon Landale, M.D., A.M.D., of a daughter. The Medical Times 1883

Stephen Martin, Farmer (

Mrs. Ellen Martin, Independent )

1917 Mrs. S. Martin

The changes on St George's Place. An image of the new Christ Church College building. Photo courtesy of Tricia Baxter


No. 33

July 1842 Alfred Lochee, St. George's Place (To the Governors of The Kent and Canterbury Hospital, this second report of the cases received into it, is respectfully inscribed by their much obliged and faithful servant, Alfred Lochee)

Alfred Lochee, Physician, Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, London %

1858 Mrs. Sarah Davis, St. George's Place (no address listed)

Sarah Davis, Outfitter &

1879 R. Y. Fill, Esq. J.P. subscribed to "Canterbury in the Olden Time" by John Brent - St. George's Place, Canterbury

Robert Y. Fill, City Magistrate *

1882 Robert Young Fill

1882 Mr. Robert Y. Fill, J.P. St. Georges Place (2 copies), subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

Robert Y. Fill, Retired Wine Merchant with wife Emma (

Emma Fill )

1917 Mrs. Fred Mantell Pratt, superior apartments without board


No. 34

1847 Mrs. Ann Longley, 34 St. George's Place

Robert G. Peter, Fellow of Jersey College Cambridge and curate of St. Alphage Canterbury %

Ann Heritage &

Thomas W. REID, Physician *

1882 Thomas Whitehead Reid

Surgeon at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital

*Canterbury, May 25th, 1880

Sir, both for the dignity of the profession, and the eventual good and moral training of the patient, I consider that the consultant should in all cases communicate with the ordinary medical attendant, whether the consultant be chosen by the patient with or without his approval. This is the only way in which the running about for promiscuous medical advice can possibly be restrained. It is as necessary for us to teach our patients how to behave as to secure the best and most successful treatment for their maladies, if we wish to make our profession what it ought to be.

I never think of receiving a patient under my care until I have ascertained all the previous course and treatment of the case; and if I find the patient is still under some one's supervision, I should not think of treating him continuously, except in concert with his former attendant. This is the only way in which we can behave fairly to one another or to our patients.

Difference of opinion are chiefly created by the patients themselves, or imply the keeping back of some essential part in the history of the case. To ignore the value of independent opinions is foolish; to assume omniscience is delusive.

If we do not behave fairly to one another, we damage our profession status and the estimation in which the public should hold us.

Yours faithfully,

T. Whitehead Reid

Miss Florence GINDER & mother Nancy GINDER (

Robert A. Hickson, Staff Colonel Army Officer )

1903 Miss GINDER

1917 George TWYMAN


Baptist Congregational Church, Rev. J. Lewis, Baptist Hall

1907 - A flower show and industrial exhibition is to be held in connection with the Baptist Sunday School on Thursday next at the Schoolroom, St. George's place. It will be opened at 3 o'clock by Mr. F. J. GODDEN, J.P., and in addition to the usual exhibits will include singing and recitation contests, etc. Among other attractions there will be frequent lantern displays and a fine art gallery.


No. 35

Mary Sankey %

Sarah A. McCrachen ^

Thomas GOULDEN, Professor of Music *

1882 Mrs. Hayward

William P. Thornton, Retired Practitioner in General practice, (Charles & Kate Lee are working for him) (

William P. Thornton, Surgeon )

1905 William Pugin Thornton, 35, St. George's Place, Canterbury


No. 36

Sarah Calmer, Freehold and Landed Propietess %

William Hooker, Perpetual Cruate of Stodmarsh ^

Matilda Collins &

Stephen MARTIN, Grazier *

Federick Pethman, Printer & Compositor (

Frederick Petham, General Printer )


No. 37

Frederick Woodgate, Wholesale Confectioner %

Mary SANKEY (w), Fundholder ^

Maria Stringer &


No. 38

1850's - 60's Edward GODDEN, Gardener ?

Stephen Plummer, Retired Solicitor, son Edward is a Solicitor ^

Stephen Plummer, Esq. Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Stephen Plummer Jun. Esq., Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Stephen PLUMMER, Retired Solicitor ^


John ALDIS, Baptists Minister, St. George's Place Chapel, Canterbury Undergraduate, London University *

(October 1, 1869 - The Gospel Herald - REMOVALS - Mr. John ALDIS, of Reading, to George Street Chapel, Plymouth)

William Townsend, Baptist Minister (

c1900-1903 George Fright, Retired Station Master


No. 39

1847 John FURLEY, Junior Esq. 39 St. George's Place

Thomas POTVINE, Saddler &c. %

*Christenings... Thomas Potvine, December 28, 1788 at St. Mary Magdalene, Canterbury to John and Frances Potvine

A William Potvine, May 16, 1793 at St. Mary Magdalene to John and Frances Potvine

A John Potvine, April 12, 1795 at St. Mary Magdalene to John and Frances Potvine

A Mary Ann Potvine March 26, 1786 at St. George the Martyr to John and Frances Potvine

Thomas Potvine, February 21, 1808 at St. Paul's, Canterbury to Samuel and Margaret Potvine

Ann Portvaine, November 5, 1809 at St. Paul's, Canterbury to Samuel and Margaret Portvaine

William George Portvaine, November 24th, 1811, St. Paul's Canterbury, to Samuel and Margaret Portvaine

Frederick FINN, Tailor ^

Frederick T. WOODGATE, Confectioner &

Elizabeth FINN, Dressmaker &

Richard C. KINCHAUT, Chaplain H.M. Prison Canterbury (

*103 Foot - Lieut. Richard C. KINCHAUT, from the 32nd Madras Native Infantry, to be lieut. E. E. Gibson, transferred to the Bengal Staff Corps: Dated 2nd March, 1866 (United Service Magazine 1866) Richard Caton Kinchaut

Mrs. Jessie Rogers, Ind., Herbert W. Plowman, Clergyman Church of England (Quebec, Canada) )

1917 Miss Batty


No. 40

1847 George Turmaine, Bankers Clerk, 40 St. George's Place

George Turman, Bankers Clerk %

Frederick T. Woodgate (w), Confectioner ^

(Frederick T. Woodgate, died 1886 in Canterbury)

Tuesday, July 18th, 1865 F. T. Woodgate, 40 St. George's Place, Canterbury, voted for D (Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart.) Parish of Qualification - parish of All Saints

Robert Nayes &

1880's - 90's Thomas Cross, Retired Schoolmaster *at 3 Hanover place in 1903

1917 A. Finnis, Cork Merchant


No. 41

1850's - 70's Henry Cooper, Estate Agent and Hop Planter employs 83 men

Henry Cooper, Land Agent and Surveyor, Farming 416 acres? ^

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1359, COOPER, Henry, 41 St. George's Place, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. George the Martyr (it is the parish of qualification) He voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1882 William Sanderson

Thomas Scott, Grocer (

1903 - 1917 Thomas Scott, Provisions Merchant


No. 42

Sophia A. Dunn, Domestic Housekeeper *

1882 Miss Frend

1882 Miss Frend, St. George's Place, subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

Thomas W. Reid, Physcian & Registered Surgeon (

1903 Thomas Whitehead Reid, Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon

1917 St. George's House, Edward Reid, Douglas Whitehead, Esq. M.B., B.C., B.A., M.R.C.S.


No. 43

Frederick Thomas Woodgate, Confectioner (*Frederick Thomas Woodgate married Christianna Gray 1879, Canterbury, Kent)

Edwin Jennings, Confectioner (

Sydney N. Jennings, Confectioner Shop Keeper )

1917 William Lester, Confectioner


No. 44

Catherine Godden, "PINE APPLE INN" &

"PINE APPLE", Charles E. Godden *

"PINE APPLE", Charles E. Godden (Brewer's Traveller) (

Charles Godden, Licensed Victualler (Pub) )

1917 Nothing listed


No. 45

*there was a J. Webber photograher here in this building at some time (I cannot find an actual date)

R. W. Bindon, 45 St. George's Place, Photographer *

*there was a Robert BINDON in the Kent & Canterbury hospital (noted as photographer) in the early 1880's

Edward Williams, Tailor *died c, 1890

Francis Slater (Boarder) (

1891 Directory W. S. Palin, Photographer

Alfred J. House, Gas & Water Fitter )

1917 Nothing listed


No. 46

Harriet Mary Noyes, Fundholder *passed away in 1888

William A. J. Richardson, Captain, Indian Staff Corps (

Amelia Buchanan, Boarding House Keeper *mother Charlotte Halladay (

1900's Arthur John Lancaster, Accountant & Auditor *parents are James J. Lancaster & Caroline Fanny Lancaster, his father was a Chartered Accountant in Burgate street in the 80's

1903 A. J. Lancaster, Accountant

1917 Mrs. H. Dean


No. 47

Henry Ingram, Coal Factor and Merchant *

1882 Henry Ingram

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Charles Chapman, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

Annie E. Collard, Apartments (

Horace Broughton, Solicitor (

1900's - 1903 Mrs. Sarah A. Reynolds, Apartments

1917 Nothing listed


No. 48

1880's no No. 48

1890's no No. 48

1917 St. Georges Post Office, Mrs. G. Nichols, Subpostmistress

...Hence the road branches off towards Dover, the one straight forward having been but lately made; on the sides of which have been built several handsome houses, called St. George's Place; the other, branches to the right, leading in a circular route, by Oaten Hill..... CG


1801 Marriage of James Hammond, esq. to Miss Gibbs, of St. George's Place, Canterbury The European Magazine, and London Review 1801

Died at Margate, Miss Denne, of St. George's Place, Canterbury. (October) MM



James WARREN, silversmith and watch maker

John HODGES, attorney

William MOSS, carpenter

John COOPER, surveyor


1826 - Died at St. George's Place, Canterbury, 62, Richard Mount, esq. MM1826

*Lessor: Dean and Chapter, Lessee: Richard Mount, Gentleman of Canterbury, a tenement and garden on the north side of Broad Street in Canterbury, with a piece of ground called the Hempspot. Made June 26, 1797. CCA-DCc-BB/78/275

Died at St. George's Place, Canterbury, 62, Richard Mount, esq. - The Monthly Magazine 1826 pg. 460 *subscribed 1790 to "A Full Inquiry into the Subject of Suicide: To which are added (as being closely connected with the subject) two treatises on duelling and gaming by Charles Moore - *Deaths, 1832 At Canterbury, Mrs. Mount, relict of the late Richard Mount, Esq.

Died at St. George's Place, Canterbury, 69, Richard Halford, Sen., esq., Alderman MM1823

1811 New Member - Mrs. Ann Curling, St. George's Place, Canterbury The National religion the foundation of national education

1852 Poll Book - registered to vote in Strood/Chatham - William BROCK, St. George's Place

May 9, 1858, death, at St. George's Place, Canterbury, aged 87, Mrs. Elizabeth Groves. GM1858

November 22, 1859 - Death at his residence, St. George's place, Canterbury, Major Wm. Ford., R.M. Light Infantry, second son of the late Rev. James Ford, Rector of St. George the Martyr and St. Mary Magdalen, in that city. GM


1907 - Accident - A serious accident befel a maid at the Nursing Home in St. George's Place on Sunday. From some cause she had the misfortune to fall from an upstairs window, a distance of nearly thirty feet, on to the stones at the back of the premises, and seriously injured her back. She was conveyed to the hospital on Tuesday, where she now lies in a precarious condition.


1838 Mrs. Mary Ambrose and Miss Elizabeth Burton Ambrose, Boarding (listed under Academies and Seminaries), New Road

1839 Warren and Son, Watchmakers, St. George's Place



Thomas POTVINE, Saddler

*noted in the List of Freemen 1830 - Thomas Potvine, Dover Lane, Saddler

Benjamin Richardson, Victualler

*noted in the List of Freemen 1830 - Benjamin Richardson St. George's Place, Victualler

Susanna Parnell

*there was a John Parnell, Gentleman of St. George's that might be related to Susanna above, noted in the List of Freemen 1830

Richard Bax, Victualler

*noted in the List of Freemen 1830 - Unpolled, Richard Bax, St. George's, Victualler

Charles Benham, Brewer *possibly moved to Australia c. 1855

(Mary, Charles, Hilham, John, Ann, Richard, Mary) *death of a Charles Henry Benham, 1853, Canterbury

1838 Charles BENHAM, CANNON BREWERY, St. George's Place

Grace & Margaret Curling No. 2

Jane & Charlotte Collard, Milliners No. 3

Mary and Sarah Dorsett No. 6

John Johnson No. 7

John Halliday No. 8

John Homersham, Merchant's Clerk

Thomas White No. 10

William Haskins, Clergyman No. 12

William Bushell

William Furley, Banker No. 11

Edmund Burnaby, Navy H. P. - Capt. E. Burnaby, Royal Navy, St. George's Place 1840

John Partridge, Grazier

Louisa Cockbourne

Louisa Harvey, Mary Stutter & Frances Wardell

John Wardell

John Lawrence, Grazier

Robert Smithson, Newspaper Proprietor

Thomas Longley, Mason

Harriett Allen and John Renwick

John Penfold

Alfred Lochee, Medical Doctor

Eliza Sankey *Mrs Sarah Sankey, St. George's Place 1840

John Clifford, Tailor

William Howard, Green Grocer

Benjamin Rolfe, Saddler

Sarah Colmer

James Warren, Silversmith



1847 Mrs. Sarah Culmer, St. George's Place

1847 Mrs. Mary Sankey, St. George's Place (no address)

1858 Mrs. Patience Baker, St. George's Place (no address)

1858 John W. Blackburn Esq., St. George's Place (no address)

1858 Mrs. Catherine Campbell, St. George's Place (no address)

1858 Samuel Wright Esq., St. George's Place (no address)

1858 James J. Bradley, Banker's Clerk, St. George's Place (no address)


1917 Pilch, Collard & Co. (ltd.) coal merchants


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