One of the Memorials in the church, a detail from one of my postcards and a 2010 photo of the monument to William JACKSON Esq.

"Above this is an elegant mural monument of white marble, on a black ground, in memory of William Jackson, Esq. of this city, whose death was occasioned by a hurt received in riding an unruly horse in April, 1789. Over the inscription is a figure of Hope leaning on an urn, supposed to contain the ashes of the deceased, and inscribed with his initials: above are his arms, emblazoned on a small vase: this monument was executed in 1790, by the late J. Bacon R.A."




Elizabeth the wife of John Bix, of this parish, gent. buried the 25th of April, 1636.




Here lieth interred the body of Lydia, wife of William Eades, of this parish, gent. She departed this life Jan. 8, 1755, aged 49 years.


William EADES

Son of William

& Susanna Eades

died Septr ye 8th


Aged 4 Years


In wood against the wall, on a black ground, and letter of gold; Near this place lie interred the bodies of William Smith, of this parish, gent. and Dorothy his wife, daughter of George Juxon, late of Chart-Sutton in the county of Kent, by whom he had issue three sons and six daughters, viz. William, Mary, Dorothy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ann, George, John and Lidea, all surviving him. He departed this life October the 14th 1699. She departed this life April 22, 1711, in the 75th year of her age.


Nathaniel HIGHMORE, Esq., died March 2, 1790, aged 66 years

And a small stone on the right with

an arrow and




Sarah HIGHMORE daughter of Anthony HIGHMORE Esq. and Anna Maria his Wife died 23 March 1814 Aged 66 Years


In memory of William Brome, son of John Brome, of Tuppenden in this county, Esq. He lived beloved and died lamented, June 27 1749, in the 25h year of his age.


On a small black marble against the wall, in letters of gold; "Here lies the body of Thomasine Honywood, widow, late wife of Anthony Honywood, of this parish, Esq. and before, the wife of John Adye, of Dodington, in the county of Kent, gent. and one of the daughters and heirs of Richard Day, of Tring, in the county of Hart. who departed the 9th of July, 1626, about the 70th year of her age; having had by her first husband 2 sonnes, John and Thomas, and 5 daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Johan, Margaret and Jane. John married first to Elizabeth Waller, eldest daughter of Thomas Waller, of Beconsfield, in the county of Bucks, Esq. and afterwards to Mary Cole, one of the daughters of Soloman Cole, of Lyffe, in the county of South. Esqr. Mary married to John Fell, of Hamstead, in the county of Middlesex gent. Elizabeth married to John Bix of Bapchild, in the county of Kent, gent. Jane married to James Wood, of Tunstall, in the county of Kent, gent. Thomas and Mary died unmarried.


Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary Smith, who died the 31st of May, 1743, aged 60 years.



In the body of church are these flat stones:

In the hopes of a joyful resurrection, here lies the body of Mr. Henry Waddell, Alderman, and twice mayor of this city, who had two wives, the first Margaret the daughter of Mr. Barber by whom he had only one daughter Margaret; and afterwards Rebecca, the daughter of William King gent. of this city, by whom he left Ann, Henry, William and Rebecca. He died Sep. 5, 1705, in the 62d year of his age. Here also lieth the body of Rebecca the daughter of Mr. Henry Waddell, and of Rebecca his wife. She departed this life March 31, 1709, in the 17 years of her age. Also here lieth the body of Rebecca Waddell, wife of the abovesaid Mr. Henry Waddell, alderman, who died Nov. 14, 1716 aged 50 years.


Here lies the bodies of Mr. William Waddell, and Elizabeth his wife, late of this parish, who had issue one son Henry surviving. She departed this life January 12th, 1712, aged 18 years. He departed this life Sept 1, 1714, aged 24 years.



Henry, son of Robert and Elizabeth FLATMAN


A small white slab: Here lieth the body of Robert GILBERT, who deceased the 20h of September Ano Dni 1624



Sacred to the Memory of Sarah WALCOT widow who departed this life May 30th 1825 In the 73rd Year of her Age

(memorial on the floor)




Children of Lieut Col. GEORGE RAMSAY

of the Royal Regiment of Artillery

and Elizabeth his Wife

MARGARET RAMSAY died the 26th of Sept

1801 Aged 5 Months

JOHN RAMSAY died the 16th of Feb.

1807 Aged 7 Years.


Near the font:

Thomas Bayly, wife Aphra....1719/1732










Ann, late wife of John Brown, second daughter to Robert and Elizabeth Flatman....


Robert Beake Presbiteri & Aphra Beake....


Catherine first wife of Mr. Richard Berkenhed....


Here Lyeth ... y Body of Mary wife of Lawrence BRIDGER ...... (I believe that's what this says)



Monuments (May 1792)

In the chancel, against the wall, is an elegant marble, at the top the figure of an angel with a cup in his right hand, and under his feet the word EYEEBEI. The inscription is on a square tablet, on each side of which is a palm tree of white marble on a dark ground.

"Near this place

And by the side of her beloved brother,

In humble hope of an happy resurrection

Through the merits of her Saviour,

repose the remains

Of Winifred Bridger; she died Feb. 18, 1776,

and by her will erected this monument

to Winifrid Bridger her grandmother,

who died in the year 1727;

Her father Lawrence Bridger, Esq. and Mary her mother,

who died in 1738 and 1701;

And her brother John Bridger, Esq. who died 1747.

Behold the hour is coming in which all that are in the graves, shall

hear the voice of God, and shall come forth, they that have had done good

unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil unto the

resurrection of damnation." John v, v.28, 29

Arms, on an atchievment above, "Argent, a chevron engrailed, Sable, between three crabs, Gules."



Five years curate of St. Mildred and All Saints in this city


Mr. Somner mentions memorials in the windows of six benefactors to this church, but none of them now remain, and the painted glass which remains, is very little and irregular. 1792


Eximiae Matronae:

Dn. Margaretae Halesi E filiae & haeredi Oliveri WOOD armigeri ex Joanna Cantelop filia & Haerede Henrici Cantelop Tillii & Heredis Dn. Gvliel. Cantelop. Milit. Mvlieri Omnib (9) DV Vixit Verarv Virtvtv Lavdibvs Illvstri trivm avratae militae aeqvitv Dn Gvalteri Mantillii Primvm; Dein Dn. Gvliel Havlt: Postremo Dn. Iacobi Halesii vxori aviae svae Dilectiss Thomas Nevill (9) Cantvar. Decan,(9) Hoc amoris ac observantiae testi monivm perennis memoriae ergo fixit ivlii xxx m d xcix

Svmma semper (qvoad vlxit in prosperis modestiam in adversis constantia erga homines charitatem erga devm pietatem exhibvit tandemq sexaginta septem annis christianissime completis (Septemb xvi.m.d.lxxvii) sancta animvla corpore solvta ad dominvm migravit.



Here Lyeth the Body of


who married MARGARET


by whom he had issue 6 sons

and 3 Daughters 4 of which

sons and one Daugr survives

him Viz.



He died Aug 20th, 1716

Aged 46 Years

*Sir Francis Head, Bart succeeded his grandfather in 1689, and married Margaret, daughter and coheiress of James Smithsbye, Esq. who was son of Sir Thomas Smithsbye, Knt. a great sufferer in the royal cause, for he lent 30,000 l. to King Charles I. which sum was entirely lost; the wife of the said James Smithsbye, was daughter of John GREEN Esq. recorder of London, and Mary his wife, eldest daughter of Philip JERMYN, Esq. judge of the king's bench, in King Charles I's time; which Margaret Smithsbye, by James, her husband had two daughters; the eldest, wife of Sir Francis Head, Bart. as aforesaid, by whom he had six sons and three daughters. He was buried at ST. Mildred's Church at Canterbury, with the above inscription on his tomb."



lyes the Body of the Reverend

and Learned JOHN RIGDEN


Born in this Parish

Educated in the Kings School

Vicar of Ryegate in Surrey

Fellow of St. Johns College in

Cambridge who died Aug

2nd 1?32 in his 42 Year.


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