Was a quiet dead end Street, now St. Peter's Place connects to the Rheims Way

A photo of the flooding in St. Peter's Place in October 1909, the photo courtesy of michaelsbookshop.com

St. Peter's Place, No. 10 is the building with the scaffolding

"Corner plot of building land in a street or place called or intended to be called St. Peter's Place (1833), William KNOWLER intends to build 2 messuages to be built fronting St Peters Place."

The road to Ashford is through Castle Street and Wincheap, and beyond Wincheap a new and more direct road has been cut; the road from the Isle of Thanet to Ashford will, in the course of a few years, be very much shortened, in consequence of the improvements made at the suggestion of R. Frend, Esq., a few years ago, in Pound Lane, by making the road in that part, which was only sufficient for one carriage to pass, wide enough for the passage of two; a new street, called St. Peter's Place, has been built by the side of Holy Cross Church, Westgate in the direction of Wincheap, and similar improvements are being made in that quarter; so that there will be a direct road from the Isle of Thanet through Pound Lane, crossing the High Street, by Westgate, through St. Peter's Place to Wincheap, thereby avoiding the passing over the city stones. 1838 directory

Died at Canterbury, a few days after her marriage, Harriet, wife of Mr. John Dombrain. She hung herself from the banisters of the staircase. - The New Monthly Magazine 1816, pg 273 * - there was a marriage of John Dombrain of St. Margaret Canterbury, Merchant, Bachelor (29) and Harriet Underdown of St. Mildred, Canterbury, spinster (24), at St. Mildred, February 26, 1816 (Canterbury Marriage Licences). There was a marriage of a John Dombrain of St. Margaret Canterbury, Hop Planter and Widow and Mary Ann Sharp of St. Mildred Canterbury, spinster (22), at St. Mildred, October 12, 1818 (Canterbury Marriage Licences). There was a John Dombrain living at St. Peter's Place in Canterbury in 1841 noted as Independent born c. 1791, and an Ann Dombrain age 20, Independent. Was a death of a John Dombrain 1852, Blean district, Kent.


5 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in St. Peter's Place, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


1838 James SHOUBRIDGE, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral, St. Peter's Place


St. Peter's Place, A photo of the flooding October 1909, credit for this photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family


Mystery of the location of this card kindly solved by Len Parrick

Posted from Canterbury, July 21, 1909?

Was glad to get your letter last week do you know anyone here best love from all to all Pollie. Posted to Mr. C.H. Kenmand? Waupaca, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, USA

I think this is a railway funeral. The nearside man in the forth row from the front is wearing a waistcoat, at least two other men further down the line are are in waistcoats this was standard railway working gear. The man in front has a long coat on usually worn by the station master. The head gear is slightly different for station masters, I think there was some sort of braiding on the cap peak. Might be worth a look the obituarys in the local paper for around 1905/15 a funeral like that would have been newsworthy. (Thanks to Shirley for this)

Unknown Funeral Parade with Horse Drawn Glass Carriages....... She doesn't recognize it as Canterbury but, thinks their uniform looks like the Railway, especially one in front, believes it could be the Station Master. Maybe it was following a Railway crash /accident / disaster etc. (Thanks to Peggy & Sandra for this)



St. Peter's Place, Tower House


Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. C. 35

Miss E. J. BATES of St. Peter's Place, Canterbury. Sept 29: Sankey, Son & Co. Solicitors, Canterbury - The Law Times 1869


1858 The Misses COURT, Gothic Cottage, St. Peter's Place

1858 Mrs Susannah CULLEN, St. Peter's Place

1858 Mr. Ambrose CULLEN, St. Peter's Place


1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - John Cutler, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.


Detail from the 1907 OS Canterbury map


To be let. Convenient house in St. Peter's Place. Rent £24. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)


No. 1 (Removed?)

*A view of Tower House from here

Ambrose CULLEN, Proprietor of Land & Houses

John BROWN, Teacher of Boys, British Schools &

Ann Fowler, and Francis CULLEN (sister), Proprietors of Land *

1889 Frank FORRESTER - Solicitor's Clerk

Frances S. BOORMAN )


No. 2

John Knight DOWN, Harness Maker *in Westgate street in the 70's

William HARVEY &

William T. STOKES, Carpenter & Joiner *


Charles TOWNSEND, Grocers Porter )


A view of St. Peter's Place from Westgate Towers, with Holy Cross in the foreground (from my collection)


No. 3

Mary BUCK, Hawkers Wife

George MARSH, Porter *

1889 George MARSH

*(Mr Charles) Who were the other two men? Marsh and Woodgate. Which Marsh was that? I do not know his Christian name; he lives in St. Peter's Place. St. Peter's Place? I do not know his number. He lives in St. Peter's Place at any rate? Yes. He has sworn before us most positively like Lacey, that he did not receive a farthing from you? I gave it to a young man of the name of Paris, and Paris gave it to him. But that you cannot tell unless you saw it? But Marsh has told me since, and he confessed to Mr. Knight, the draper that he had it. This is what Marsh says. He says he got no money at the last election, nor any allowance. Nothing at all? Is that the right Marsh? That is the man? Because Mr. Knight, the draper, St. George's told me Marsh told him he got the money. Woodgate, how much? 5s.

Anna Perkins, Arthur G. COLLARD, Robert W. Hoare )


No. 4

Cranbrook John WHITNALL, Tailor

Edmund EWELL, Gardener &

Elgar BRETT, Engine Driver, road locomotive *

1889 Henry WILSON, Tailor

SALE WEDNESDAY, 13th AUGUST, 1913 Lot. 3. The compact Freehold Detached Cottage Residence brick built and slated situate and being No. 4 ST. PETER'S PLACE, Canterbury. Containing sitting room, dining room and kitchen on ground floor, two large and one small bedroom above, outside w.c., connected to main sewers, forecourt with entrance in front, capital garden at rear, and paved yard with entry at the side from passage which is a right of way. The house is conveniently fitted with copper, cupboards, etc., and has been many years in the occupation of same good tenant.

Albert SANDY, Turnman for the Brewery )


St. Peter's Place


No. 5

Edward LINTON, Master Tailor

George MARSH, Grocers Porter &

Jane SAUNDERS, Stone masons wife *

1889 John SAUNDERS, Mason

John SAUNDERS, Stone Mason )


No. 6

Alfred MUIR, Carman ^

Frederick BOURNE, Railway Porter &

Elizabeth GEORGE, Tailoress *

1889 Mrs. Elizabeth GEORGE

William LYER, Foreman )


No. 7

Mary NORMAN, Dressmaker

Jane SAUNDERS, Mason's wife &

Richard COCKERSELL, Leather Currier *

1889 Frederick BEVIS, Railway Porter

Edwin COCKERSELL, Stone Mason )


Showing the flooding in St. Peter's Place October 1909 - from my collection


No. 8

David SIMONS, Brass & Iron Founder ^

Marion BATES, Wife of a Grocer

Thomas GEORGE, Tailor &

William WATSON, Bookbinder *

1889 Frederick CANON, Tailor

William EVANS, Domestic Butler )


No. 9

James LEE, Iron Moulder ^

John MUNNS, Grainer &

Henry WESTOVER, Printer & Compositor

Richard THOMPSON, Assistant Hardwareman *


Frances CHARRISON, Albert Carlton, Bill Boster, Jane E. Carleton, Actress


No. 10

James MOUNT, Musician ^

Henry PAINE, Master Carpenter &

Ann S. HARDEN (w), Dresmaker *

1889 John WOOD, Agent & Mrs. Ann Harden, Dressmaker

Ann HARDEN, Sick Nurse )


St. Peter's Place, No. 12 on the left and No. 11 on the right.


No. 11

John Irons, Clerk at the Cathedral ^

Richard Thompson, Hardewareman/Shopman &

1881 Charles TERRY, head, married age 22, Bricklayer, born Canterbury, Kent, wife Pleasant E. TERRY, age 22, born Canterbury, daughter Amelia age 1, son Arthur H. 2 months

1889 - Rd. Thompson, Manager

Richard Thompson, Boarding House Keeper )


Numbers 12 & 11 St. Peter's Place


No. 12

Edwin F. FIELD, Baker &

Maria HOBDAY, Baker *

1889 Mrs. M. HOBDAY, General Shop & Baker

1917 Miss E. WELLSTED, Baker


No. 13

Maria VINCENT, Seamstress &

Godfrey COOPER, Master Dairyman Master, his son Frank is also a Dairyman *

1889 John ANDREWS

1917 John Herbert FRIEND


No. 14

Maria HOBDAY, Baker & Grocer ^ (Mary Pilcher, mother)

Frances WOODLAND ^

George ADAMS, Cooper *

1889 Mrs. J. OVERTON

Charles Overton. What are you? Foreman to Mr. W.E. Nolan. Where does he live? He lives in Canterbury, but I am working for him at Minster. What trade? He is a potato dealer. Where do you live? 53 St. Peter's Place.....more information. PP1881

1917 Mrs. FINCH


No. 15

Caroline FINN, Lodging House ^


No. 16

James LEE, Iron Moulder in Foundry *

James Lee, are you employed at a tannery? No, sir, at Drury's. PP1881

1889 Mrs. LEE

1917 Charlie LAMING


No. 17

Elizah BARTLETT, Carpenter ^

William HICKMOTT, Traveller to Ironmonger *

1889 William HICKMOTT, Traveller & Mrs & Miss Hickmott, Dressmakers


No. 18

William NEWSOME, Lay Clerk of Canterbury Cathedral ^

George GILHAM, Hotel Fly Driver Coach, Coach man *

1889 George GILHAM, Police Constable

1917 Albert COPPARD


No. 19

John H. PAYN, Solicitor's Clerk ^

1889 Octavius Webster, Tailor


No. 20

Robert FORD, Carpenter ^

William Horsley, Cattle Drover, son John R. Solicitor's General Clerk, boarder Clara Hobday, Dressmaker *

1889 John HORSLEY, Clerk

July 2, 1921 - Mr. Frank Amos offered several lots of freehold property for sale at the Royal Fountain Hotel, Canterbury on Wednesday afternoon. No. 20 St. Peter's Place was sold for £195 to Mr. J. R. Horsley, the tenant.


No. 20 1/2

Thomas JENNER, Retired Farmer ^


No. 21

Elizabeth ROCKFORT

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1734 JENNER, Thomas, 21 St. Peter's Place, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1889 John HOLLOW, Printer

July 2, 1921 - Mr. Frank Amos offered several lots of freehold property for sale at the Royal Fountain Hotel, Canterbury on Wednesday afternoon. Nos. 21 St. Peter's Place was not sold and can be treated for privately.


No. 22

William HORSLEY, Butcher ^

c 1880 - 1889 Henry DAVIS, Carpenter


No. 22 1/2

Elizabeth G. Rochfort ^


No. 23

William FISHER, Gardener ^

Robert Kay, Tallow makers meter *

Robert Kay What are you? A labourer at Mr. Neames' Where do you live? 23, St. Peter's Place. Did you get any money or give any money away at the last election? Yes. Which? I had 2s. from Roberty Hayward. For your vote? No, for an allowance..... Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

1889 Robert Kay, Labourer


No. 24

George Blair, Woolstapler *

1889 Alfred Robinson, Painter


No. 25

William W. Jefferies, Draper *

1889 Benjamin Joad, Baker


No. 26

John Ward, Engine Fitter at Works (out of employ) 2 Boarders: Mary M. Laverick, Pupil Teacher 4th Year and Jane A. Laverick, Pupil teacher, 2nd year (likely working at St. Peters Place School, see below) *

April 1898 William NEWBY a South Eastern Railway Porter of 26 St. Peter's Place CCA

1889 Alfred TOMALIN, Butcher

1917 James BEST


St. Peter's Place, A photo of the flooding October 1909, my thanks go out to Len Parrick for the use of this postcard on the site, note the "Schools Closed" sign on the right which refers to St. Peter's Place (SCHOOL HOUSE) Holy Cross & St. Peter's School


No. 27

Henry Wood, Carpenter *

1889 John Chattington, Tanner

1917 Isbirbe WRATTEN


No. 28

Michael Munns, Police Constable *

1889 William Watson, Bookbinder


No. 29

Thomas Harris, Valet *

1889 John Parden


No. 30

George Lamberton, Bricklayer's labourer *

1889 Mrs. Ann Lamberton


No. 31

Charles Strand, Grocer's Porter *

1889 Ed. Stockbridge, Grocers Porter


Camden Terrace


1889 George Daniels - IVY HOUSE



Henry Upton, Gardener (working as a domestic servant) *

St. Peter's Place (SCHOOL HOUSE) Holy Cross & St. Peter's School

Thomas Stroud, National Schoolmaster, Jessie Stroud, National Schoolmistress, Ellen Blenkinsop, sister in law, National Schoolmistress, Eliza A. Leggett, visitor, Assistant Schoolmistress *

1889 R. F. Marshall, School Master - School house


No. 32

Charles Luery, Tunman at Brewery *


No. 33

No. 34

No. 35

No. 36

Postcard from Maude Skinner's Aunt in Amherstburg, Ontario August 4, 1913 to 36 St. Peters Place Canterbury - from my collection


No. 37

No. 38


No. 39

John Cutler, Bookmaker ^


No. 40

Elizabeth Hearnden, Upholsterer ^


No. 41

Elizabeth Brett, Laundress *


No. 42

John Church, Brewer's Drayman *


No. 43

Joseph M. Lawrence, House Painter *

1917 Mrs. QUESTED


No. 44

Mary A. Thompson, Laundress *


No. 45

Thomas E. Nixon, Boot and Shoe Salesman *


No. 46

Alfred Hunt, Butcher *


No. 47

George Trice, Grocer's Assistant *

1917 Alfred Thomas WARMAN, Bootmaker


No. 48

Friend Sampson, Gardener *

1917 George SUTTON


No. 49

Harriet Lamerton *

1917 William ELDRIDGE, Bootmaker


No. 50

John Cutler, Boot maker *

1917 Albert Charles BING


No. 51

John H. Laming, Carpenter *

1917 Thomas LAMING


No. 52

1917 J. GALVIN


Passage to Black Griffin Lane


No. 53

Charles Overton, Greengrocers Warehouseman *

1917 George T. FOREMAN


No. 54

Charles Marshall, Painter & Glazier *

1917 Miss MARSHALL


No. 55

Charles Amos, whitesmith *


No. 56

Richard Cocherrell, Currier ^

Mr. James Munro, 56, St. Peter's Place, Canterbury, Photograph of Canterbury Cathedral - Photographs registered during the past week (The Photographic News, July 24, 1863)

Thomas Harvey, Domestic Butler *


No. 57

John Andrews, Retired Cowkeeper *


No. 58

Abel Shepherd, Retired Domestic Butler *


No. 59

Caroline Easton, Tailoress *


No. 60

Thomas Goldsmith, Coppers Smith *


Detail from the Funeral Procession, the sign says ODDFELLOWS ARMS

Detail from the Funeral Procession

No. 61


Charles Butler, Licensed Victualler *

1917 Mrs. STIGGER


No. 62

Frederick G. Marsh, Brewers Labourer *


No. 63

Esther A. Watson, Lodging Keeper *

1917 Miss WATSON


No. 64

James SINCLAIR, Police Constable *

1917 Jack BAKER


No. 65

Jane Paris *

1917 Mrs. H. GILLHAM


No. 66

Elijah J. Dixon, Carriage Maker *


No. 65 & 66

SALE WEDNESDAY, 13th AUGUST, 1913 Lot. 1. The pair of Substantial well arranged Freeholds, Nos. 65 and 66, ST. PETER'S PLACE, CANTERBURY, each containing 2 sitting and 3 bedrooms, with kitchen and w.c., forecourt and Gardens at the rear, in the occupation of good tenants of long standing, drained in the City mains, each supplied with Company's Gas and Water. (Mr. Ben Twyman)


No. 67

Alfred Muir, General Labourer *


No. 68

Charles Iggleden, Glazier and Painter *


Opening to Black Griffin Lane


No. 69

Walter PITT, Lay Clerk at the Cathedral )

Edward H. ELVY, Journalist *

June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

AD for Walter PITT,




69, St. Peter's Place, Canterbury.

General Repairs personally attended to.

Agent for the North British and Mercantile

Fire and Life Insurance Company


1917 Walter PITT, Builder


No. 70

Edward Johncock, Warehouseman )

Mary Sankey (w) *

1917 Edward Henry BAUCKHAMP


No. 71

Henry Davey, Agricultural labourer )

Elizabeth A. Rennie, Housekeeper *

1917 Henry DAVEY



Thomas Ward, ^


No. 88

Sarah Cooper, Former Dressmaker ^

1863 The cordial thanks of the committee are presented for the following acceptable presents to the Society; namely, - To Mrs. Cooper, No. 8*, St. Peter's Place, Canterbury for 50 Workbags, 15 Pin Cushions, 3 Pairs of Babies Shoes, 4 Boys Dresses, 18 Frocks, 3 Petticoats, 6 Pairs of Stays, 8 Pinafores, 3 Papers of Pins, 100 Needles, 12 Thimbles, 18 Reels of Cotton, 2 Pieces of Tape, 6 Books, (the "Sinner's Friend,") for the Rev. Joseph May, Free-Town, &c.: and for a similar parcel for the Rev. W. West, Cape-Coast. Wesleyan Missionary Notices, December 26, 1863

*likely should read 88

Christmas offerings 1864 - Mrs. Cooper, Catnerbury, 2 parcels containing Children's Clothing, Working Materials & c.


Thomas Fancy, Baker

Edward Neville, Tailor

Frances Rye, Thomas Rye, Joiner

Edward Hoile, Whitesmith

John Filmer, Gardener

John Cross, Tanner

Thomas Champs, Coachman

James Richardson, Labourer

Susan Mount, the wife of James Mount, professor of Music

Henry Eyles, Professor of Music

William PRETT, Glazier

Frances Bedewell

Frances Payne

George Blair, Woolstapler

William Burgess, Coach Porter

James Badcock, Plumber

Elizabeth Cansdell, Dressmaker

Ezekiel Seymour, Shoemanker

Elizabeth Coppens, James Coppens, Upholsterer

Elizabeth Goldfinch

Jesse Padgham, Ironmonger

John Stephenson, Skinner

John Creswell, Tailor

James Rosewarn, Ironfounder

Edward Willis, Tailor

Jeremiah Brook, Shoemaker

Henry Wood, Carpenter

James Hoare, Porter

Diana Webster

Samuel Wade, Cabinet Maker

Maria Chapman, Schoolmistress

James PRETT, Carpenter and Wife Elizabeth

St. Peters Register - Sacred to the memory of James PRETT of this parish who departed this life September 29th, 1847, aged 60 years. Blessed are they and only they Who in their Saviour Lie. Their bodies wait redemption's day. And sleep in peace where e'r they lie. Footstone: J.P. 1847

Harry Hayday, Whitesmith

Henry Bartlett, Carpenter

Edward Rayner, Sawyer

Richard Paine, Bricklayer

George Ladd, Shoemaker


1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Tudely - William KING, St. Peter's Place, Canterbury


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