St. Mildred, off of Wincheap Road


August 1896 - An alarming fire occurred at Canterbury on the 27th, when the saw mills in Tudor Road, belonging to Mr. H. B. Wilson, builder, etc., were nearly burnt to the ground, damage being done to the extent of about £2,000, less than a third of which was, however covered by insurance. KGaCP Sat Dec 26, 1896


Ramsgate - The New Cemetery. The contracts for building the chapels, lodge, walls, &c., have been received by the board, and Mr. Wilson, Builder of Canterbury, is the accepted contractor for the erection of the chapels for the sum of 1,882l. Mr. Duckett's tender for the lodge and wall at a sum of 2,400l. was accepted; but a letter from Mr. Duckett, to which the clerk was instructed to reply and inform him that the board was not prepared to entertain the proposals contained therein.


C & G Yeoman Depot?


No. 1

1880's - 1890's Charles T. Streeter, Carpenter & Joiner

No. 2

Henry Tomlin, Police Constable *

Herbert Wright, Grocers Clerk (


No. 3

William Betts, Coal Merchant *

Sarah A. Waters (


No. 4

William H. Baggs, Brewers Clerk *

*William Holland Baggs. Where do you live? 4 Tudor Road, Wincheap. What are you? A clerk at Mr. George Beer's. Did you give any allowance to any of the men? No. Have you ever done such a thing? No. In money I mean? No. Have you ever had to do with giving anybody money at an election? No. Have you ever had any offered to yourself? No. PP1881

John W. Teneth, General Labourer (

1903 Mrs. Susan Smith, Apartments

*1923 Might have been where the Canterbury Camera Club met - President Dr. R. Graham Wills


No. 5

George Beaney, Lawyer *

Thomas Waters, Tailor (


No. 6

Morris Cox, Iromongers Assistant *

Robert Ratcliffe, Lead Plumber (


No. 7

William J. Lewis, Printer & Compositor *

Henry Hampshire, Inspector of the RJPCA (


No. 8

1880's - 90's Frederick Wood, Builder

*Eno's Fruit Salt..A Gentleman states: "I am very much pleased with your Fruit Salt. I have fully proved its great efficacy by its having entirely cured me of indigestion." T. Wood, Junior, Tudor Road, Canterbury


No. 9

James Johnson, Builders Labourer *

John Fermar, Army Pensioner (

Charles Fermar, Clerk to Surveyor

James Fermar, Coach Body Builder


No. 10

Stephen Rowland, Engine Fitter at Works *

Robert Bignell, Grocer (


No. 11

James E. Brett, Printer *

Henry Elvidge, Verger of the Cathedral (


No. 12

Robert Surrey, Grocer Shopman *

Frederick Bloxham, Cabinet Maker (


No. 13

Eliza Bowles *

Edward Lamberton, Tailor (


No. 14

Charles Abbot, Tailor *

Henry Belcher, Coach Wheelwright (


No. 15

George Hewitt, Builders Labourer *

* George Hewitt - Where do you live? Just before the day of the election I moved to the Tudor Road. What is your occupation? I am foreman to Mr. Gaskin. Did you get some money from Hart at the last election? Yes. How much? A sovereign. That was for your vote? Yes. Did you get money in 1879? Yes. How much? 10s. From Whom? Mr. Laming. Was that for your vote? That was for my vote. Did you get any money in the 1874? No. Did you ever get any money at any elections but the last two? No. You got money then from the Liberals in 1879 and from the Conservatives in 1880? Yes. Parliamentary Papers 1881 *Mr James C. Gaskin employed 56 people in the early 1880's

George Pillow, Labourer (


No. 16

Samuel H. Horton, Labourer for the Gas & Water Company *

John Watts, Builders labourer (


No. 17

David Hoar, Tailor *

Thomas Marshucent, General Dealer (


No. 18

Henry Pope, Agricultural Labourer *

Henry A Langston, Grocers Clerk (


No. 19

Thomas Marshall, Army Pensioner *

William Appleton, Leather Cutter (


No. 20

Stephen Foreman, Agricultural Labourer *

Arthur E. Singleton, Buyer of Furnishings (


No. 21

William Huggins, Agricultural Labourer *

*Where do you live? Tudor Road, Wincheap. What is your business? Carpenter. Master Carpenter? Yes. Did you get some money from George Hart? I did. About the last election? Yes. Ten shillings? Yes. That was for your vote? Yes. Did you get any money in 1879? No. Any other election? No. Did you give any money away in 1879 or 1880? No. About the election? No. Do you know anyone else who got any money? No. Or who spent money in treating? No. Parliamentary Papers 1881

John Wilson, Gas Meter Inspector (

1903 Miss Jane Waters, Dressmaker


No. 22

Stephen J. Bowls, Brewers Cooper *

Matthew Smart, Grocers Carman (


No. 23

George Gammon, Carpenter *

Emma J. Duerlte, Dressmaker (


No. 24

John B. Arman, Painter *

1950's Mr. Frank Jenkins (member of the Kent Archaeoligical Society)


No. 25

John Brett, General Labourer *

Harold Goldsmith, Photographers Apprentice *

1903 Thomas Waters, Tailor


No. 26

William Mills, Agricultural Labourer *

1905 Dec - W. G. Stickels, 26 Tudor Road, Canterbury. Cabinet Making and Upholstering. Furniture removed. Carpets cleaned and relaid; all kinds of floorcloth laid.


No. 27

William Peel, Joiner *


Fernleigh Villas

Frank Wood, Gas & Water Clerk (


Frank Richford, Wholesale Meat Salesman (


Roseneath Villas

James Reid, Retired Tailor (


Georgina George (


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