43a St. Peters St., CANTERBURY

From an old photo album, thanks to a visitor to the site for the above photo

Photo by Wallace Mumford


St. Peter's Place during the flooding. Photo from my collection.

Photo by Wallace Mumford


"Floods at Canterbury - The heavy snowfall and subsequent thaw last Wednesday week resulted in the River Stour overflowing at Canterbury. The water entered the back gardens of St. Peter's Place until matters on Thursday reached a critical point. During that night the flood invaded a number of houses and covered a depth of about a foot in St. Peter's Place itself, and pentrated into Black Griffin Lane. Pound Lane and St. Peter's Lane were also flooded. Last Friday's high tide proved the peak point, after which the waters receded, and by Saturday morning the streets were again clear." TDEAEKN - Friday, 3, February 1939


http://catalogue.millsarchive.org/view-from-street-with-several-posed-locals-abbots-mill-canterbury - showing a photo of Abbot's Mill by Wallace Mumford

*there was a photo sold on E-Bay compliments of the Herne Bay Section - Kent County Constabulary by Wallace Mumford


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