A. Lander, Photographer

In business c. 1899 or earlier to at least 1928


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A view of the shop on High Street

1899 British Journal of Dental Science - .. Objects: To acquire the business lately carried on at the Medical Hall, High Street, Canterbury as "Charles Grifith:" to enter into an agreement with A. LANDER, and to carry on the business of extractors, stoppers and fillers of teeth, and manufacturers and fitters of artificial teeth. The first directors (to number not less than two nor more than four) are A. LANDER and J. T. SMITH. Registered Office, Medical Hall, Canterbury

Early 1900's, Arthur Lander is at 17 High Street, but he is only noted as a Druggist and Optician. He's with wife Hannah and son Arthur J. Lander

Reports and Transactions for the year ending September 30th, 1901-September 30th, 1913. ser. 2. vol. 1-12 & 13. Arthur LANDER. East Kent Natural History Society, afterwards East Kent Scientific and Natural History Society (Canterbury)

1901 East Kent Natural History Society, A. LANDER, Esq. Hon. Sec., Medical Hall, Canterbury

1902 The Yearbook of the scientific and learned societies of Great Britain. Secretary. A. LANDER, The Medical Hall, Canterbury



Some amazing photographs taken by Arthur Lander submitted by Mark Baldwin



1904 A. LANDER of Canterbury showed a new pattern of photographic sunshine recorder made of...

1905....A new pattern of rain guage. Messrs. Lander & Smith (The Meteorological Magazine, Vo. 39)

1907 Pharmaceutical journal... On March 5th, at the Medical Hall, Canterbury, Hannah wife of Mr. Arthur Lander. A. Lander

1908..Scientific Instrument Makers (noted in Nature, Vol. 77, page 33)

1909 Great Hail Storm at Canterbury. Your readers may be interested in a short account of the extra ordinary thunderstorm which occurred here shortly after 5 o'clock in the afternoon of Friday, September 11th, and which is very fully.... by A. Lander

April 5, 1909, photo's of Canterbury weavers interior and Old Dutch Cupboard in the sitting room taken by Arthur Lander, John Smith, Medical Hall, High Street, Canterbury. (National Archives)

1911 The Yearbook of the scientific and learned societies of Great Britain. Secretary. A. LANDER, The Medical Hall, Canterbury

1914 The Yearbook of the scientific and learned societies of Great Britain. Secretary. A. LANDER, The Medical Hall, Canterbury

1917, 17 High Street, Medical Hall, Arthur LANDER, (J.P.) chemist, optician & photographer (Tele. 109) East Kent Artificial Teeth Depot

1918 Mr. A. LANDER has sent Nature photographic traces of movements in declination recorded at Canterbury during Thursday and Friday....


Advert for Lander & Smith, thanks to Mark Baldwin

Unknown family. Photo by A. Lander & Sons, 17 High Street, Canterbury

The photo ended up in an attic in Hadlow, Kent, England, photo courtesy of C.W.


Photo by Lander, Canterbury - courtesy of a visitor to the site


1922 Lander & Sons, Chemists, Photographers, and Opticians, 17 High Street, next door to the Royal Museum, Canterbury. Pure Drugs and Chemicals. Sponges. Toilet Requisites, etc. Photographic Materials and all Kodak Supplies, Amateur's Plates and Films Developed and Printed. Portraits taken and Enlargements made, etc. Lantern Slides of Canterbury and Neighbourhood.

1925 A. Lander, chemist, photographer and optician, next door to the Royal Museum

1925 Journal of the British Astronomical Association - Mr. Newton (in the absence of the Director of the Solar Section) showed some excellent slides of sunspots photographed by Mr. A. LANDER of Canterbury.

1926 (Apr 1926, British Astronomical Association) Meeting of the British Astronomical Association, Wednesday, 1926, February 24..The President asked Mr. Newton to show a valuable series of lantern-slides made from the photographs by Mr. Arthur Lander, J.P. of Canterbury, of the great sun-spots seen in the last few months. A 3 1/2-inch refractor was used with an orange screen.

1928 Mr. A. Lander, Ph.C, of Canterbury, has been appointed Almoner of the United Industrious Masonic Lodge (Pharmaceutical Journal)

No Date - East Kent Scientific and Photographic Society - Pres., Dr. Graham WILLS. Meetings, Beaney Institute, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Secretary, A. LANDER, 17 High Street, Canterbury

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