"A.D. 1635, the wooden pipes of the city conduit were taken up, and leaden ones provided to supply their place. In the drainage excavations of 1868, some of these old wooden conduit pipes were exhumed im Burgate Lane, and by one of the engineers they were supposed to be Roman!" cot



In Canterbury Cholera prevailed from the 17th of July to the end of the month, in the neighbourhood of the river; and when it had nearly ceased there, namely, from the 2nd of October to the 10th, it raged with great violence in Burgate Lane in St. George's parish, which is distant from the river. Reports on Epidemic Cholera, 1854 *Canterbury Dr. Lochee, The majority of the cases were in a part of the city close to the river, where causes of insalubrity abounded. (1848-1849?)


Cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Burgate Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal - one in Burgate Lane, Male 10 months, death April 26th, Nature of District - Unhealthy Association Medical Journal


1838 - listed under lodging house keepers - Mrs. Sarah CULMER, Burgate Lane


No. 1

Thomas Mason, Newsman %

Henry Jordan, Butcher, Slaughterman

Early 1880's - 1889 William Cairns, Drummer in the Militia


No. 2

Mary Newport, Shoe Binder %

James Burt, Blacksmith / Gas Fitter *

1889 William Laker, Labourer


No. 3

John Kelth, Tailor %

Henry R. Pockett, Bricklayers Labourer *

Richard Ells, House Painter


J. C. ELVY, Builder

*Dec 1905 - To let, Guildford Lodge, Nunnery Fields. For particulars apply, J. C. Elvy, Burgate Lane, Canterbury


No. 4

1850's - 80's Edward N. Philpot, Ostler %


No. 5

Thomas Holtum, Ostler %

John Maple, Labourer

William Francis, Drapers Porter *

1870's - 80's Alfred Bishop, Gardener

1889 John Miller, Mason


No. 6

1838 Charles Thomas HAYWARD, Bookbinder, 6 Burgate Lane

Charles T. HAYWARD, Bookbinder %

1855 Charles HAYWARD, Binder, Burgate-Lane (Hodson's booksellers, publishers and stationers' directory)

1860's - 70's Charles T. HAYWARD, Bookbinder, son Edwin B. Hayward, bookbinder

Edwin B. HAYWARD, Bookbinder *

Alfred G. HAYWARD, Bookbinder *

1889 Hayward Brothers, Bookbinders

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Assistant Secretary, Mr. E. B. HAYWARD, 6 Burgate Lane, Canterbury

1903 Hayward Brothers, Bookbinders, 6 Burgate Lane


No. 7

William Bamble, Gentlemans Servant %

1870's - 80's George Sands, Bootmaker, his wife Sarah Ann Sands is a School Mistress (Blue Girls School)

*bankrupt list July 14, 1888 - William UDEN, late wholesale potato and fruit merchant, 7 Burgate lane, late 3 Kings Bridge, Canterbury, Ct. Canterbury. Order June 30. (Gazette, July 3, 1888) - there is a William Linten Uden, fruit and potato merchant in Sturry in 1889

1889 vacant


No. 8

Henry Godsmark, Stableman

Stephen Ratcliff, Weaver *

1889 Mrs. Holness


No. 9

Samuel Linscott, Weaver

early 80's to 1889 Mrs. Ann E. Linscott, Linen Worker / Needlewoman


No. 10

William Smith, Cab Driver &

Ethelbert Carter, House Painter

1889 John Burt, Painter


No. 11

William Bax, Cab Driver &

James W. Dray, Printer & Compositor

1889 Henry Kennett, Labourer


No. 12

Frederick Bennett, Stableman &

John Prett, French Polisher

1889 Stephen Ratcliff, Weaver


No. 13

John Amess, Carpenter &

Caroline Ames, Laundress

1889 William Ramsden


No. 14

Richard Webster, Shoemaker &

1889 Charles Parsons, Fitter


St. George's Street


1889 A. Goodban, Carver & Guilder


Zoar Baptist Chapel


No. 15

Charles Austen, Porter &

Jane Streahman

1889 Mrs. Gull, Dressmaker


No. 16

Henry Godsmark %

John Moss, Horse Keeper

1889 William Tice's Workshop


No. 17

Thomas Peake, Hand Loom Weaver %

John Harris *


No. 18

James Dodd, Horse Dealer %

Robert Wood *

1889 James Savage, Dealer


No. 19

Godfrey Grewcock, Licensed Hawker %

Edwin Clegg, Tailor *

1889 James Cheeseman, Labourer


No. 20

George F. Pearce, Flyman *

1889 Thomas Tomalin, Labourer


No. 21

John Ells, Blacksmith %

Henry Green *

1889 William Forwell, Labourer


1889 Joseph Philpot, Cooperage


No. 22

Jane A. Taylor %





James MAXWELL, farrier


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