Parish of St. Mildred

Photo of Castle Street courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/

The bottom of Castle Street 1930's with Beer Cart Lane at the end


Map detail c. 1777


"St. Mildred - A Donor, unknown, bequeathed in trust to the churchwardens two houses in Castle Street, two-thirds of the rents to be applied towards the repairs of the church, and the remainder distributed among the poor. The annual rent of these houses is £42, out of which one-third is distributed, in sums of from five to twenty shillings a year to each family." 1838


The same view of Castle Street now, with the Building changes on the left hand side (you can see No. 76 - 82)

The road to Ashford is through Castle Street and Wincheap, and beyond Wincheap a new and more direct road has been cut; the road from the Isle of Thanet to Ashford will, in the course of a few years, be very much shortened, in consequence fo the improvements made at the suggestion of R. Frend, Esq., a few years ago, in Pound Lane, by making the road in that part, which was only sufficient for one carriage to pass, wide enough for the passage of two; a new street, called St. Peter's Place, has been built by the side of Holy Cross Church, Westgate in the direction of Wincheap, and similar improvements are being made in that quarter; so that there will be a direct road from the Isle of Thanet through Pound Lane, crossing the High Street, by Westgate, through St. Peter's Place to Wincheap, thereby avoiding the passing over the city stones. 1838 directory


1950/60 - the Castle Inn and Castle Hotel were purchased from Truman, Hanbury, Buxton and Co. Ltd. (Ring Road, Compulsory purchase)


No. 1

The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter. July 6, 1861. - At a meeting of the town council of Canterbury, held on the 24th instant, Mr. Herbert Tritton Sankey, of this city, solicitor, was unanimously elected clerk of the peace for the city and borough, in the room of Mr. John Nutt, who had resigned.

Liquidation by Arrangement. First Meetings of Creditors. Friday, November 1, 1872. Peter James Clemitson, Canterbury, Eating House Keeper, Nov. 13 at 12, at office of Sankey and Co., Castle Street, Canterbury. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter Nov. 9, 1872

1882 Herbert Tritton Sankey, Clerk of the Peace

1882 Percy Edward Sankey (firm, Sankeys, Flint & Sankey), Solicitor

1882 Robert Sankey (Firm, Sankeys, Flint & Sankey), Solicitor

*1871 Robert Sankey, gentleman....2 roods and 28 perches of land in St. Peter's Parish, now in the occupation of John Andres

Sankeys, Flint & Sankey, solicitors & solicitors to the Kent & Canterbury Permanent Benefit Building Society, 1 Castle Street & 11 Cecil Square, Margate

1882 Rest William Flint (firm, Sankeys, Fint & Sankey), solicitor, commissioner for oaths, town clerk & clerk to the burial board & urban sanitary authority

1882 George Frederick Francis, Chief clerk to town clerk

1889 Sankey & Flint, Solicitors

1895 A letter from J. F. Whichford, Solicitor, 1 Castle Street, Canterbury....CCA

1903 Alfred W. JACKMAN, Auctioneer & Valuer & House and Estate Agent, 1 Castle Street



No. 2

1838 George CROTHALL, listed under Plasterers, 2 Castle Street

James GASKIN, Very large Builder &

*was in Castle Row in the 1850's

1882 Robert SANKEY

*Dissolutions of Professional Partnerships - From 23 Dec. 1845 to Jan 23, 1846 both inclusive with dates when gazetted. William Sladden and Robert Sankey, Canterbury, Attorneys and Solicitors. Jan. 2

Mrs. SANKEY !!


No. 3


James T. Cyler, Victualler &

1882 District Registry Office Court of Probate - George Shee, district registrar; J. N. Pilcher, Chief Clerk

1889 District Registry and Court of Probate

Offices !!


No. 4

Margaret's House

1838 Miss PRINGUER, listed under Milliners and Dressmakers, Castle Street (no number listed)

Francis PRINGUER &

William Pringuer, Post Office Clerk &

Kent, Canterbury - United Industrious Lodge (No. 31) - The first meeting of the Brethren of this Lodge after the summer vacation was held at the Lodge Room in High Street, on Thursday last, The Lodge was attended by a large number of its members, and among the visitors were some of the officers of the 19th Hussars at present stationed in our barracks, and some of the brethren of the Ashford Lodge. After the minutes of the previous Lodge had been read and confirmed, Bro. John R. Hall was installed as W.M. for the ensuing year in a very impressive manner, according to ancient custom by Bro. John Hemery, P.M. in the presence of a Board of Installed Masters, numbering thirteen members among whom were several past and present Provincial Grand Officers, including the P.G. Treas., Bro. Thorpe. After the ceremony the Lodge was resumed in the first degree, when Bros. Austen, Gardner, W. Davey, J. G. Hall, R. Strand, H.M. Bigglestone, and W. F. Pringuer, were appointed S.W., J.W., S.D., J.D., I.G., and Tyler respectively. Some other business was transacted, and the Lodge was then closed in due form with solemn prayer. The customary annual banquet, which was well served up, took place it the evening at Bro. Coppin's Rose Hotel, when the usual loyal and Masonic toasts were given from the Chair, and duly honoured by the Brethren present. The toasts of the Prov. G.M. and his officers was responded to by Bro. Thorpe, who expressed himself much pleased with the manner in which the working of the Lodge was conducted, and the cordial reception they had met with. That of the W.M. was given by Bro. Callaway in a truly fraternal manner, and in responding the W.M. said that he was a very young mason, four and a half years only having elapsed since his initiation; yet, with the aid of those old members of the Lodge, Bros. Delmar, and Pout, who were always ready to give their kind assistance and advice, he trusted he should be able to direct and rule the Lodge in such a manner, that when his year of office should have expired, the brethren would have no reason to regret the high honour they had paid him in electing him to the chair of such a well-known Lodge as that of the "United and Industrious" (No. 31). Some other toasts having been given, and responded to, the W.M. vacated the chair, and the party broke up. October 15, 1870 - The Freemasons' Quarterly

1882 Mrs. Morgan

House - Mr. KEMP !!


No. 5

Lullingstone House


1880's William Tice, Master Iron Monger, Hot Water Engineer

1882 George Collard, Solicitor

1882 G. Collard, National Fire & Life

1882 G. Collard, Norwich & London, Accident & Scottish Union

1882 G. Collard, Westminster Fire & J.J. Lancaster 59 St. George's Street

Agricultural Hall Co., 5 Castle street, George Collard Secretary

late 1880's Worsfold Mowll, official receiver in bankruptcy


1917 Zachariah Prentice, Esq. (M.R.C.S.) *was a marriage of a Zachariah Prentice to Ann May October 20, 1799, at St. Alphage Church Canterbury (possible relation)


No. 6

Philip A. Laman, Sadler ^

Mr. PAUL (shop)

Feb 4 1887 - Marion Hargreaves - 6 Castle street, Canterbury CCA


No. 7

Eliza Head ^

1882 Mrs. Sarah Ann Noyce, Milliner

1894 Jane MURPHY, a bootmaker with a small sweetshop attached at 7 Castle Street, Canterbury.



No. 8

1847 Mrs. Sarah Terry, 8 Castle Street

1858 Samuel Lewis, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker, 8 Castle Street. Every description of Upholstery Work neatly executed on the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Mattrasses re-made. Carpest made and fitted. Fancy Chairs and Ottomans made to Pattern for Ladies' needlework.

George E. Cole, Carpenter & Tobacconist ^

1882 J. Cox, Law Union Fire & Life

1889 James Cox, Law, Union, Fire and Life office

Miss COX


No. 9

1838 George BROWN, listed under Hairdressers (and Perfumers), 9 Castle Street

George Brown, Hairdresser ^

1882 Mrs. Godden

1889 Mrs. Pay - Apartments



St. John's Lane


No. 10

1838 James STONE, Butcher, 10 Castle Street

James Stone, Butcher ^

1889 Frederick Allen, Hair Dresser & Naturalist

1910 Frederick ALLEN, a hairdresser, 10 Castle Street



No. 11

Hannah Ditch ^



No. 12

1838 Thomas Thorpe De Lasaux, listed under Solicitors, 12 Castle Street

1838 T. Thorpe De Lasuax, Sheriff for the city, Castle Street & Coroner for the County

James Finn, Labourer ^

1882 Edward Finn, Zinc & Tin Plate worker

1889 Edward Finn, Tinplate Worker


1912 Jane ROSE, widow of Gillis John Rose. She died at age 70, her niece Alice Finn was living with her

1914 Charlotte Frances Finn lived at 12 Castle street, she was a widow and aged 78. Hit by a car in High Street.


No. 13

1852 James NASH, 13 Castle Street, St. Mildred's (Voted Dering) Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

Benjamin Laker, Carman ^

1882 John Francis Cloke, Law Stationer



No. 14

Stephen MILLEN, Labourer ^

1882 George SMITH, Photographer

1885 Kelly's Directory - Listed under Photographers - George SMITH, 14 Castle Street, Canterbury

1889 George Smith, Clothier and Photographer


No. 14 & 15 Castle Street


No. 15

William J. Mills, Printer & Compositor ^

1882 William Lewis, Commercial Traveller

1889 E. Ellenden, Stationer and Registry Office

BAILEY (shop)


No. 16

Joseph P. Webster, ex. Policeman ^

1882 John Hubbard (from Collin's Burgate St.) working cutler' all kinds of repairs done on the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms. 16 Castle Street



No. 17

Sarah Bingham ^

1882 Joseph Horton, Jeweller

1889 J. B. Horton, Watchmaker



No. 17 & 18 Castle Street


No. 18

1838 Daniel TERRY, Corn factors and dealers (& hop factor), 18 Castle Street

George Gunner, Barristers Clerk ^

1882 Frank Laming, Antique Furniture Dealer

late 1880's A. F. Colborne, Photographer

1891 Dir. Arthur Frns. Colborne, Photographer

Dec 20, 1894 - Pilch, Collard & Co., Ltd., Coal and Coke Merchants. Chief Office: 1, Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury. Tele. No. 12. Orders also taken at our Coal Depots S.E.R.Office, 38 North Lane, L.C. and D.R. Office in coal yard; and at Mr. J. Reid's, 20 Castle Street.

1907 *Fruiterer's Business, cheap, low rent, main street, for quick sale - apply, Smith, 18 Castle Street, Canterbury



No. 19

William SOLLY, Hair Cutter ^

1882 Herbert Newman, Butcher


No. 20

Charles P. COWTAN ^ buried in St. Gregory the Great

1882 James Reid, Tailor



No. 21

1852 Charles James FOX (a) 21, Castle Street, Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

James COX, Solicitors Clerk ^

James Hookway Sworn (Canterbury Election Commission c. 1881)

(Mr. Charles) Where do you live? 21 Castle street.

What are you? Boot maker

Did you get any money at the last election? Not a farthing.

Did you give away anthing? Not any.

Did you get anything in 1879? No.

Or give away anything? Never.

Have you ever had anything to do with either giving away money or taking money? No, nothing whatever.

Is there anybody else of your name? Yes.

Somebody of the same name as yourself? I have three sons voters.

Has one of them been here? Yes, yesterday afternoon; William Hookway.

Who are the other two? The one is Charles Hookway, and the other is James Hookway, James Wilds Hookway.

Where do they live? One lives in 60 Castle Street, and the other in King Street.

1882 James Hookway, Tobacconist

1889 James Hookway, Bootmaker & Tobacconist



No. 22

1838 Thomas FEDARB, listed under Boot and Shoemaker, 22 Castle street


Emily E. PAYN, Sweetshop keeper *



No. 23

John JULL, Butcher ^



No. 24

1838 John NUTT, listed under Solicitors, 24 Castle Street

June 1838 - John NUTT, Town Clerk, Castle Street & Superintendent of births, deaths and marriages

John Nutt, Town Clerk $

A freeman's certificate of Canterbury in my collection, signed by the Town Clerk John NUTT

**1843 John Nutt, Town Clerk and commissioner for affidavits in Q.B., C.P., and Ex. (no address listed)

Marriage. July, 31. At St. Ann's, Westminster, John Weippert, esq. of Soho Square to Dorothy Ann Nutt, eldest daughter of John Nutt, esq. town clerk of Canterbury. At the same time, Mr. George Nutt, son of John Nutt, esq. to Sybell Julia Weippert, daughter of the late John Weippert, esq. of Soho Square. GM1847

Married. November 1818. Mr. John Nutt of Canterbury to Miss Fowler of Elham. MM

1849, William Sladden, of 24 Castle Street, Canterbury, Esq. Sheriff, City of Canterbury (The Legal Observer)

George W. Sulivan, Army Captain %

Nelson Collard, Cornfactor ^

The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter. July 6, 1861. - At a meeting of the town council of Canterbury, held on the 24th instant, Mr. Herbert Tritton Sankey, of this city, solicitor, was unanimously elected clerk of the peace for the city and borough, in the room of Mr. John Nutt, who had resigned.

Deaths - NUTT - On October 28th at Canterbury, John Nutt, Esq., aged 69, for many years Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace for the city and borough. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter Nov. 2, 1861

The Life of John Nutt, Esq.

John Nutt, Esq. was a Kentish gentleman, and resided at Canterbury, became a member for that city in the two last parliaments of King Charles I. and was one of the parliament committe for the county of Kent, beng a very decided friend to their interest; but he did not go all the lengths his party supposed he would, intirely rejecting all their persuasions to sit in judgement upon the king, or take any part in that prodigious wickedness. He survived the restoration some years, and resided still at Canterbury; Blome mentions, but does not dignify him with the title of esquire, but he more modest one of gentleman. It appears that he was an alderman of that city, and had borne a captain's commission in the parliament army. "The Lives of the English Regicides 1798" *possibly John's father?

Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Last day of Claim. Tuesday, Feb. 12, 1861. Catherine SHARP, Inkeeper, Castle Inn, Canterbury. Trehern & White, Solicitors, 13 Barge yard chambers, Bucklersbury. April 6. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter Feb. 16, 1861

CASTLE INN, Joseph Waghorn, Victualler, Licensed

late 1880's F. Laming, Dealer in Works of Art

1907 - July 20th, Good second-hand Kerry Motor Cycle, splendid running order; trial allowed. Apply 24, Castle Street, Canterbury

1911 George Ledner Reed, allegedly stole items from his employer, John Albert POXON. CCA

1917 Poxon and Co. Cycles


St. Mary's Street

Castle Street junction with St. Mary's Street and St. Mary De Castro Churchyard (now a park)


Churchyard of St. Mary de Castro


Castle Row

Castle Row looking towards Castle Street and Rosemary Lane, with St. Mary De Castro Graveyard on the right (now a park)

*you can see the gravestones lined up against the wall

"...and here Castle Street begins, which has nothing remarkable in it, unless Chapel church-yard be so, for being the burying place of three parishes in the city, distant from it, (but without church yards of their own,) and of St. Mildred's near it, which has one." WG


No. 25

1838 Miss Ann WOODWARD listed under Academies and Seminaries (boarding and day), Castle Street

Ann, Sophia and Matilda Woodward, Teachers *there was a school here with female students %

John SPAIN ^

Harriet SCOTT *

1889 George SARGEANT



No. 26

1838 John Thomas SCUDAMORE, listed under Surgeons, 26 Castle Street

Zachariah Prentice, Linen Manufacturers ^

James H. Dovell, Publican "SOVEREIGN INN"

1889 T. Fowler Junior, Fruit and Potato Stores



No. 27

1838 Robert SANKEY, listed under Solicitors, 27 Castle Street

1830 Poll Books Robert Sankey, Solicitor, Castle Street

*1838 Robert SANKEY, Castle Street, Councillor of Dane John Ward

*1838 Guardians of the Poor, Guardians Appointed at Vestries, St. Margaret, Robert SANKEY, Castle Street

1838 Robert SANKEY, Churchwarden of St. Margaret's Church

Robert Sankey, Solicitor $

**1843 Robert Sankey and William Sladden, country attornies (no address listed)

Robert Sankey, Solicitor %

Robert Sankey, Esq. Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 (2 copies)

*Charles James Fox, 4 University Street, Beford Square; and Canterbury - Applications for admission as attorneys,. Easter Term 1846 Queens Bench, articled to Robert Sankey

1852 Poll Book - registered to vote in Tenterden - Castle Street, Canterbury

Robert Sankey, Solicitor ^

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1833 Robert SANKEY, Castle Street, listed under parish of Thannington (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

early 1880's - at least 1889 James Charles Gaskin, Builder & Contractor

1882 James Charles Gaskin, Builder & Contractor & Brick Maker, 27 Castle Street and Sturry Road





Passage to Worthgate Place


No. 28


1832-34 William Mount (Wine Merchant)

Robert Sankey, Solicitor %

1858 Mr. William Collard, Old Castle, Castle Street

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1799 William COLLARD, Castle Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of Sturry (it is the parish of qualification)

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1882 Mrs. Champion

late 1880's Mrs. Champion, Old Castle House


1917 R. A. Bremner, Esq. (M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond)


No. 29

1838 Thomas GAMMON, listed under Hop pocket, sack, and twine manufacturers, 29 Castle Street

1838 Thomas GAMMON, listed under Weaver, 29 Castle Street

Charles Twyman, Linen Weaver % ^

1882 Mrs. Rye

1911 Frank Petts, 29 Castle Street


No. 30

1838 George ELLEN, listed under Boot and Shoemaker, Boot and shoe warehouse, 30 Castle Street

1858 George Ellen, boot and shoe maker, Castle Street (no address)

George Ellen, Shoemaker % ^

1882 "VICTORIA" Robert Crampton

1889 "VICTORIA" Charles William Smith

THE CASTLE, public house - HARTLAND

1917 CASTLE HOTEL, William Solly


Wincheap Green, Wincheap Street and entrance to the LCD Railway Station


No. 31

1838 Robert WALKER, listed under Solicitors, 31 Castle Street

Mary Andrews, Taking care of the offices & house %

late 1880's Vacant - THE CEDARS

1903 Stephen Williamson Junior, THE CEDARS


Wincheap Grove


No. 32

1838 George KINGSFORD, Grocery Dealer, 32 Castle Street

George Kingsford, Grocer %

GLOBE - Richard Faulkner, Retailer of Beer

1889 Mrs. Rayner

February 1, 1894 - Births - HOULDEN, on the 25th January, at 32 Castle Street, Canterbury, the wife of H. J. Houlden of a son.


No. 33

William KELSON, Builder %

1882 Charles CHAPMAN, Lime Merchant

1889 Charles CHAPMAN, Limeburner


No. 34

1838 Charles CRIPPEN, listed under Grocers, tea dealers, and cheesemongers (wholesale and retail tea dealer), 34 Castle Street

Hester SMITH, Lodging House %

1858 Mrs. HOULDEN, Castle Place

1889 Miss HOULDEN


No. 35

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Ann CURLING, 35 Castle Street

John Chenoweth, Navy %

1852 Poll Book - John CHENOWETH - registered to vote in Gravesend - Castle Street, Canterbury

1873 (return of owners of land, 1873) Fras. W. PITTOCK, 35 Castle Street, Canterbury

Acres. 73, 2, 0

Rent 88 0

1882 Mrs. Mary Ann THEOBALD, Dress Makers

1889 Edward G. THEOBALD


No. 36

William ADAMS, Dentists Assistant &

1879 William Johnson and Henry Faviell, stealing from Henry Christian Sutton, a Stonemason of 36 Castle Street, Old Castle Canterbury. Imprisoned, hard labour, 3 months, HMP St. Augustine's Canterbury

1882 Henry Christian SUTTON, Stone Mason

No. 36 Castle Street, next to the old Castle - Arthur K. Sutton, Mason, c. 1902 (Castle Place early 1880's)



No. 1

James Charles Weymouth, Mason & Plasterer ^

No. 2

James Allen, Tailor ^

No. 3

Sarah Houlden ^

No. 4

Lydia Pearson ^

No. 5

James Houlden and wife Sarah %

James Houlden, Draper ^

Annie Sally James Houlden

Ann TERRY, servant age 16 born Chartham, Kent


No. 37


1830 William MOUNT, Gentleman, Castle House, Canterbury

1847 Castle House, Thomas DORMAN Esq.

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Dartford (Gravesend District) - Charles DORMAN, Castle House, Canterbury

Thomas DORMAN, Gentleman, retired Linen Draper %

*Died at Canterbury, aged 67 Thomas DORMAN, esq., many years distributor of stamps for the county of Kent



Richard WELLARD, Town Hall Keeper &

1882 John FRASER

late 1880's John FRASER, CASTLE HOUSE

1917 William Henry VIPAN Esq., M.R.C.S., ret. (died 1924/25)

*this property later became the Norman Castle Hotel

(Normal Castle Hotel was purchased by the City Council c. 1938, to be used as "open space") - William John Fagg


Gas Street





*purchased by the city in 1938 from William John FAGG (deceased) for 1000£


No. 38

Walter J. WHITE, Clerk to the Board of Guardians &

1882 Thomas MAY


No. 40

1880 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Albert JAMES

1882 Albert JAMES, Coach Builder

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Albert JAMES, listed under Carriage Builders, 40 Castle Street


No. 41

1882 Mrs. EVES

1882 James BURCH, Clerk to Blean Union & Highway Board - Superintendent Registrar of Blean Union


No. 43

1882 Russell Benjamin BROWNING


No. 46

John D. W. SMITH, Builders Foreman *likely for James Charles Gaskin (see above)


No. 47

William EAST, French Polisher


No. 48

Thomas FOWLER Junior, Grocer

1882 Thomas FOWLER, Junior, Grocer

1889 Jordon & Sons, Grocers

1907 Edward Richmond Jordan, a grocer at 48 Castle Street


Rosemary Lane


No. 49

James Hookway, Shoe Maker ^

early 1880's to at least 1889 George H. Smeed, Butcher

1882 George Hills SMEED, Butcher

(Smeed name - August 16, 1825, John SMEED of St. Alphage in Canterbury, marries Anne HILLS, of this Parish by Banns (Canterbury Cathedral))

*John SMEED christened December 1, 1777 at St. Pauls Canterbury, son of John SMEED and Jane PAIN

1830 Poll Book - John SMEED, residence, St. Mildred, Canterbury, Cabinet Maker

1930...P. Edgar, haulage contractor, 49 Castle Street, Canterbury


No. 50

1838 James BUNCE, listed under builders and carpenters, Castle Street

James Bunce, Master Carpenter ^

Benjamin Ralph, Baker *

1882 Benjamin, Ralph, Baker

1889 Frank Hopper, Baker

1926 Frederick J. Baldock, Greengrocer


The Canterbury Fire Brigade in Castle Street, January 1926. The firemen came out to save a cat. Credit for this lovely photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family


No. 51

1858 Richard Delph, locksmith and bellhanger, and registrar office for servants, Castle Street (no address listed)

Richard Delph, Lock Smith ^

William Austin, Shoe Maker *

1889 William Austen, Bootmaker


No. 52

Robert Wright, Gardener ^

early 1880's to at least 1889 George Easton, Cabinet Maker

1926 Henry Petts, Confectioner


No. 53

William Oakenfull, Shoemaker ^

Arthur Smith, Maltster


No. 54

William Barlow, Hairdresser ^

Sarah A. Lancefield, son Edward is a Printer *

July 23, 1881 - Edward Lancefield, Compositor *new member of the phonetic society (Pitman's Journal of Commercial Education - Isaac Pitman)


No. 55

Robert Smith, Tailor ^

Caroline Cornford, Greengrocer *

1882 Mrs. Caroline Cornford, Greengrocer


No. 56

William Austen, Cordwainer ^

*Charles GOODWIN recalled....did you give a man called William AUSTEN of Castle Street anything? £3 (PP)

1882 Hearnden & Goldup, Dress Makers


No. 57

1838 Edward CAYLEY, Baker, 57 Castle Street

Edward Cayley, Baker $

James C. Gaskin, Builder (?) ^

early 1880's to at least 1889 Mr. Geoge Cole, Plumber & Painter *subscribed to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent, employed men in his business


No. 58

James Hookway, Carpenter *was at 21 Castle street previously (see above)


No. 59

George GANN, Grocer &

Alfred Street, Plumber


No. 60

1861 Hannah TERRY, Mantlemaker, born Canterbury, Sarah A. TERRY, sister, Mantlemaker, born Canterbury

1871 Hannah TERRY, age 52?, Mantle Maker, born Canterbury

Herny H. RICHES, lodger, Clerk for Inland Revenue &

James Wilds Hookway c. 1881?

early 1880's to at least 1889 Mrs. Catherine Ford, Laundress


No. 61

1858 Mr. C. L. Hudson, (late clerk in her majesty's high court of Bankruptcy, London) Accountant, House and General business Agent, and Law stationer, 61, Castle Street

John LEWIN, Inspector of Telegraph Works &


No. 62

Samuel F. PRINGEUR, Foreman, Cabinet Maker &


No. 63

Mary A. SMITH, Dressmaker &

Stephen PILCER, Coachman *


No. 64

Thomas FOWLER, Fruiterer &

William ELDRIDGE, Carrier *

1882 William ELDRIDGE, Greengrocer

1889 Stephen BRETT, Brushmaker

1889 William ELDRIDGE, Greengrocer


No. 65

Victoria ANDREWS, Laundress &

1882 Stephen BRETT, Grocer


No. 66

Geoge H. HAISELL, Master of Workhouse his wife Martha is the Matron of the Workhouse &

1882 James Frederick STOW, Gardener

Frederick Lockyer WALLIS, Hosier, 66 Castle Street, Canterbury. Ct. Canterbury. Debt. pet. April 4. Order Apr. 4. The Law Journal. Bankrupt List. April 21. 1888.


No. 67


*The society of parish clerks, meet at the Black Dog in Castle Street, on the twenty-ninth of May every year for the purpose of dining together in a friendly manner. It was established in 1223, consequently the next anniversary will be the six hundred and sixteenth." 1838

*Union Friendly Society met here in Castle street. The society was established in 1784 and has 150 members. (Parliamentary Papers 1877)

The Union Friendly Society, at the Black Dog, Castle-street, was established in 1784, for a similar purpose as the last mentioned. None are admitted as
members under the age of seventeen, or above thirty; and the subscription is two shillings per month, with twelve shillings and sixpence entrance. The benefits to be derived are, in times of sickness, in infirmity, such as lameness, blindness, or accidents, the sum of fifteen shillings per week, for twenty-six weeks successively, subject to a reduction should the complaint continue after the expiration of that time; and five shillings per week when any member has arrived at the age of seventy. On the death of any member 14l. is given, and on the death of the wife of a member 6l. The number of members in December 1837 amounted to 414, and the fund at that time in the hands of the bankers was 850l.

1838, meeting place of the "Union Friendly Society"

President - George GOLDSMITH, Watling Street

Vice President - Henry GAZE, Old Dover Road

Secretary - Joseph DEWHIRST, Military Road

Meeting House, "Black Dog", Castle Street

1838 James STEDDY, Coach Builder, Castle Street

1839 James STEDDY, Wheelwright, 67 Castle Street

1840 James Steddy, Carpenter & Coach Builder

James Steddy, Wheelwright, son James Steddy is also a wheelwright

William FOREMAN, Wheelwright & employer &

*William FOREMAN, Canterbury, Coach Builder and Wheelwright. Dec. 15. Sankey, Son & Flint, Canterbury. Creditors under 22 & 23 Vic. Cap. 35. Friday, Nov. 7, 1879. Last day of Claim (The Weekly Notes)

early 1880's to at least 1889 "BLACK DOG", Thomas Marsh



Castle Street junction with Hospital Lane


Hospital Lane


No. 68

Elizabeth H. Philpot *

1882 Frederick EDE

1889 Frederick EDE

A. K. Mowll, 68 Castle Street, Canterbury - Subscriber to Freeman of Canterbury by J. M. Cowper 1903


No. 69

1838 Robert BALLS, listed under Tailors, (and habit maker), 69 GAS COTTAGE, Castle Street

Frederick EDE, Corn & Hop Factor *

1882 Philpott & EDE, Corn & Hop Factor

1884 - Philpott & Ede, 69 Castle Street (Under Hop Factors) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Philpott & Ede, Corn & Hop Merchants

July 16, 1904 - To be let, immediate possession, the commodious Business Premises, Nos. 2 and 3 Orange street, Canterbury, in its entirety or divided, if desired, comprising: a carriage factory, with two spacious showrooms, wheelwrights' shop, carpenters' shop, and paint shop, two forges, stabling for 10 horses, etc., good residence. For particulars, apply to Mr. Edwin L. GARDENER, Auctioneer and Valueer, 69 Castle Street, Canterbury.


No. 70

1882 Miss Fanny JEANES, Greengrocer


No. 71

1882 James FOLWELL, Baker


No. 72

early 1880's to at least 1889 William BUTLER, Coachmaker


Adelaide Place


No. 73

Ann LINOM, Dressmaker

1889 Linom & Caister, Dressmakers

August 2, 1913 - Partington's Kent Bill Posting, Ltd., Local office for Canterbury, Ashford & Faversham. 73, Castle Street, Canterbury (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


No. 74

1889 The Misses OAKENDEN, Dressmakers


No. 75

William ADAMS, Dental Surgeon *

1882 William ADAMS, Dentist

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Dentists - William ADAMS, 75 Castle Street, Canterbury

1934 Frank BAILEY, photographer, 75 Castle Street, Canterbury


No. 76

1882 Richard PILCHER, Silex paint manufacturer, agent for chemical manures, agricultural implements, rags & shoddy, creosote, oil & cart grease salesman, wholesale & retail

Mr. WEST !!


No. 77

1855 J. DEVERSON (binder) Castle Street - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855

1882 George DEVERSON, Bookbinder

1889 George DEVERSON, Bookbinder

Warehouse !!


No. 78

1882 Nelson COLLARD, Corn & hop factor

1884 - Nelson COLLARD, 78 Castle Street (Under Hop Factors) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

*1857 Land Tax Commissioners Names for the City and County of the City of Canterbury - Frederick BELLINGHAM, Thomas Sankey COOPER, Thomas ASH, George RIGDEN, Alfred NEAME, John ARIS, Charles James FOX senior, John BRENT junior, John GIBBONS, Nelson COLLARD, John BUSHELL

Nelson COLLARD of the Old Castle Canterbury bachelor and Louise Harriot ASH of St. Mildred's Canterbury, sp (23) at St. Mildred.

King's School - Nelson COLLARD, son of Nelson COLLARD (b. March 8, 1870)

1889 Henry COURT

Warehouse !!


No. 78a

1889 Court Brothers, Japanning Works and Stores


No. 79

1882 GLOBE, Richard FAULKNER

1889 "GLOBE" Charles PIPER

The GLOBE - Mr. SOLLY !!


No. 80

George BOND, Ostler (for the Globe) *

1882 Stringer Oldman HILTON, Solicitor

1889 S. O. HILTON, Solicitor

John James Sayer HARVEY, 80 Castle Street Canterbury (c. 1904)

Gardner and Allard, 80 Castle Street

Roger Macnaughtan from New Zealand sent this interesting old postcard dated 1907. From the long message on the back of the card we know that it is “the funeral procession of Mr Kay that used to have the Boot Shop in Castle Street opposite the Queen’s Head.”


No. 81

1882 William KAY, Boot Maker

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - William Kay, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 William Kay, Boot Warehouse


No. 82

1882 George TWYMAN, Manufacturer of linen, hop pocketing, bed sacking, corn & flour sacks, rope, line & twine & cocoa nut & Kentish matting, rick cloths & wagon covers; & at 82 Castle Street Canterbury. - also Boughton

1889 G. E. Twyman, Weaver and Spinner

Offices !!

August 1913 - H. Mead Briggs, F.A.I., Auctioneer and Valuer, House and Estate Agent. Brewery, Hotel, & Tavern Broker. .....Address, 82, Castle Street, Canterbury


Beer Cart Lane


In the early years of the eighteenth century the art of printing was revived in Canterbury after a silence of 160 years by a bookseller named James ABREE, who settled in Canterbury in 1717 and founded the first Canterbury newspaper, "The Kentish Post and Canterbury News Letter." He set up his printing office and bookseller's shop in one of the narrow ways that led to the Castle," over against the Three Tuns in St. Margaret's parish." The Three Tuns has long since disappeared and its exact site cannot be determined, but it was probably in Castle Street, near Beer Cart Lane. Henry Plomer


"The Agricultural Hall is located in Castle Street, George Collard is the Secretary." 1880's Directory


A Donor, unknown, bequeathed in trust to the churchwardens two houses in Castle-street, two-thirds of the rents to be applied towards the
repairs of the church, and the remainder distributed among the poor. The animal rent of these houses is 4.2, out of which one-third is
distributed, in sums of from five to twenty shillings a-year, to each family. (1838 Dir)


1580. Ware-lane, leading from Stour-street to Castle-street, in Saint Mildred's, is sold, and afterwards built upon. HT

1629 a lease for 21 years to Philp Fowler and his wife Amy, tenement and garden in Castle street, parish of St. Mildred CCA

1630 a lease for 21 years of a tenement and garden in Castle street to Robert Simpson and his wife Alice CCA

1631 a lease to John Thorn (21 years), parish of St. Mildred

1631 lease for 21 years to George Marham and his wife Ann in Castle street, parish of St. Margaret

1652 Lease for 35 years to James RUFFORD, Castle Street

1667 Lease for 30 years of eight small tenements in Castle Street to Mary MAY

1615 Lease for 21 years to John WHITE, labourer, Castle street in the Parish of St. Mildred

1695 lease to Paul De Farques, of 40 years, tenement in Castle Street, parish of St. Margaret

1728 Lease for 30 years of six small tenements (formerly 8) in Castle street in the parish of St. Mildred to William Botting, Alderman and his wife Margaret



William ABBOT, Proctor, Castle Street *possibly an Attorney or Solicitor

William BEDWELL, Shoemaker, Castle Street

John FLETCHER, Butcher, Castle Street

Thomas HACKER, Plumber & Glazier, Castle Street

William HATCHER, Hop Planter, Castle Street *1802 freeholders (see also STAPLE Church for HATCHER)

Israel LEFEVER, Worsted Manufacturer, Castle Street

Zechariah PRENTICE, worsted manufacturer, Castle Street

Francis READ, glover, Castle Street

John RUMNEY, Builder, Castle Street

Thomas RUSSELL, Grocer, Castle Street

Edward SCUDAMORE, Apothecary, Castle Street

William THORNTON, Baker, Castle Street


Mr. John WATSON, alderman of this city, by his last will in 1633, gave two tenements, once John WINTER'S, at the iron cross, being at the four vent way between St. Margaret's and Castle street *late in the occupation of Mr. Edward SCUDAMORE, but now let in seperate tenements HT

"Death, March 17th, at Canterbury, aged 72, Edward Scudamore, esq. M.D. one of the Physicians of the Kent and Canterbury hospital." GM1850

Alex SPRATT, junior, Builder, Castle Street

Thomas SWINYARD, Carpenter, Castle Street *1830 Harbledown House, Kent, Carpenter (christening 1785 St. Peter's, Cant. Aug 14, Thomas, son of Thomas SWINYARD and Sarah his wife)

1798 Thomas Swinyard to build three brick dwellings in Castle Street, parish of St. Mildred. James Simmons, Master of the Spittal (Maynards and Cottons)


1806 died at his lodgings in Castle Street, Canterbury, in his 17th year, in consequence of a hemorrhage on the lungs, Cornet A. THIELE, of the 2nd Light Dragoons of the German Legion. GM


1832 Counterpart lease for 30 years to James WEEKES, Yeoman of a tenement, carpenters yard, buildings, garden ground, appurtances near Castle Street, opposite Chapel Churchyard in the parish of St. Mildred


1823 - Death in Castle Street, Miss M. GARNER MM



Joseph LUDDINGTON, Castle Street - Listed under Academies

Edward LONG, Castle Street - Listed under Grocers & Cheesmongers

William PHILPOTT, Castle street - Listed under Corn & Hop Factors

Daniel TERRY, Castle street - Listed under Corn & Hop Factors

Thomas STONE (plasterer only), Castle Street - Listed under Bricklayers

John DUNN, Castle Street - Listed under Dyers


Catherine Benskin's Gift - Extract from the Will of Catherine Benskin, of Saint Mildred's dated 19th August 27th Elizabeth.

"Item: I will that my executors shall pay to the Maior and Cominaltie of the said cytty of Canterbury for the time being twenty pounds, of good and lawful money of England, within one yere next after my decease; adn my will is, that the said Maior and Cominaltie of the same citty for the time being shall with the said money, within one year next after the receipt thereof buy one tenement within the said citty of Canterbury, or within the liberties of the same, and that the yearly profits and revenues of the said tenement shall be and remain to the use of the brothers and sisters of the hospital commonly called Mainard's Spittle, set and being within the said parish of Saint Mildred for ever; and my will is, that the said Maior and Cominaltie of the said city of Canterbury for the time being shall, upon the receipt of the said twenty pounds, be bound in writing obligatory to my executor, his heirs and assigns, in double the value thereof, either to bestow the same twenty pounds in manner and form as is aforesaid, and to the use as is aforesaid, or else to repay the same twenty pounds to my executor, or to his assigns to the use of my said executor, his heirs and assigns, within one yere and a quarter next after the said receipt thereof."

Purchase Deed - 1588. By Indenture, dated 28th August, 30th Elizabeth, made between Thomas London, of the city of Canterbury, shoemaker, on the one part, and the Mayor and Commonalty of the said city of Canterbury, on the other part;

Reciting the above bequest of the said Catherine Benskin, and that the said Mayor and Commonalty intending the true performance of the said testament according to the true meaning of the said Catherine, had for the consideration of 27l. to the said Thomas London paid, agreed with the said Thomas for the purchasing of a messuage and premises thereinafter described.

Then the said Thomas London did for the consideration of the said 27l. to him paid, give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said Mayor and Commonalty - "All that messuage, garden and other the appurtenances to the same belonging, situate in the said city, in the street there called Castle Street, in the parish of St. Margaret's; to the messuage and yard and garden of William Bixe towards the south; to the orchard of the said William Bixe towards the west; to the tenement and garden of our sovereign lady the Queen, north, and to the said Castle Street, east.

To hold unto the said Mayor and Commonalty and their successors for ever.

This estate forms part of the possessions of the Brothers and Sisters of Maynard's Spital, and is leased by them by Indentures under their common seal, the same as their other estates, and they receive the rents and profits thereof.

March 1833, John Nutt, Town Clerk


1830 Poll Books

Daniel TERRY, Castle Street, Cornfactor

Alex. H. Spratt, Gentleman, Castle Street

John Steddy, Wheelwright, Castle Street

W. S. Thornton, Baker, Castle Street

Charles Hawkins, Labourer, Castle Street

William Kelson, Builder, Castle Street

*Mr. Kelson, builder and surveyor, deposed to having dispensed bribes in 1847, by order of Bennett, when the election was "getting desperate." In 1852, Mr. Pont gave him £160, with which witness bribed forty voters. There was a body of electors in Canterbury, called the "Butter Market Troop," led by Mr. Mathews, a magistrate. Pont gave witness £10 to go away to the Isle of Man, when the Committee sat on the Canterbury election, and sent another £10 after him." The Slaveholder Abroad - The Canterbury Bribery Commission 1860

James Fedarb, Cordwainer, Castle Street

John T. Scudamore, Surgeon, Castle Street

*Will of John Thomas Scudamore of Castle Street, Canterbury, Kent (November 6, 1857)

Edward Kite, Gentleman, Castle Street

James Parker, Cutler, Castle Street

*1838 James Grey Parker, Cutler, Castle Street

Thomas Fedarb, Cordwainer, Castle Street

George Coleman, Cellarman, Castle Street

Thomas Gilby, Carpenter, Castle Street

William Collard, Cornfactor, Castle Street

Samuel Bunce, Carpenter, Castle Street

John Filmer, Printer, Castle Street

Thomas Stone, Plasterer, Castle Street

William Castle, Gardener, Castle Street

*1838 William CASTLE, listed under Fruiterer only, Castle Street

George Kingsford, Grocer, Castle Street

Morrice Porter, Carpenter, Castle Street

John Storey, Draper, Castle Street

William Philpott, Cornfactor, Castle Street

*1838 William PHILPOTT, Castle Street, Councillor of Dane John Ward

Barnard READ, Glover, Castle Street

*1838 Barnard READ, junior, Baker, Castle Street

1828 Counterpart Lease to Bernard READ, Grocer for 30 years of a tenement in Castle street CCA

William Street Jun. Plumber, Castle Street

*1838 William STREET, junior, listed under Painters, plumbers, and glaziers, Castle Street

1832 Counterpart lease to William STREET, junior, Plumber, Glazier and Painter for 30 years of six tenements several gardens, backsides, easements commodities, etc in Castle Street near Chapel churchyard, in the parish of St. Mildred

James Thomsett, Newsman, Castle Street

James Bunce, Carpenter, Castle Street

Charles Goodwin, Butcher, Castle Street

*1838 Charles GOODWIN, listed under Maltsters, Castle Street

William Stone, Plasterer, Castle Street


1840's - Daniel TERRY, Corn & Hop Factor, born in Kent living in Castle Street

Lease for 21 years for a tenement, etc. in Castle Street, in the parish of St. Margaret, April 4, 1831 (Daniel TERRY, cornfactor)


1838 Henry HILL, Castle Street, Commissioner of Pavement

1838 George BEALE, Officer of the 2nd Division, Castle Street (exicise office)

1838 Mrs. BOWLES, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 John CHEESEMAN, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

*1838 John CHEESEMAN, clerk at Kentish Observer Office, Castle Street

1838 Henry HILL, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 Mrs. Mary MORRIS, , Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

*Mrs Mary MORRIS, listed under Academies and Seminaries (boarding and day), Castle Street

1838 Mrs. RALPH, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 Bernard READ, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 Thomas STONE, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 Mrs. WRAKE, Castle Street, listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired persons

1838 William Simmons THORTON, listed under Baker, Castle Street & Stour Street

1838 Edward AUSTIN, Boot and Shoemaker, Castle Street

1838 Thomas CROFT, listed under Carpenters, Castle Street

1838 Thomas JENNINGS, Senior, listed under Builders and Carpenters, Castle Street (b. 1797 ?)

(1830 Poll book, Thomas Jennings, St. Pauls, Canterbury, Builder)

1838 Thomas JENNINGS Junr. listed under Coal Merchants and Dealers, Castle Street

1838 John PAVIS, listed under Hairdressers, Castle street

1838 John DIXON, listed under linen and woollen drapers, haberdashers, silk mercers, &c., Castle Street

1838 James NASH, listed under Tailors, Castle Street

1838 Henry HILLS, Job and Post Master, Castle Street



William Wood, Law Stationer

William Thornton, Baker

William Philpott, Corn & Hop Factor

*1838 William PHILPOTT, listed under Corn Factors and Dealers, Castle Street

Thomas DeLasaux, Solicitor

Thomas Delasaux, Wine Merchant

James Delasaux, Attorneys Clerk

Richard Cock

Henry Brown, Licensed Victualler

William Street, Plummer

Daniel Greenstreet, Grocer

*1838 Daniel GREENSTREET, listed under Grocery Dealers, Castle Street

James Dernocom, Baker

Sophia Admans, Cap Maker

Joseph & Frederick Bangham, Tanners

Robert Smith, Plumber

John Homersham, Labourer

George Coleman, Cellerman

George Coleman, Butcher

James Bunce, Builder

Richard Gilbert, Bankers Clerk

Elizabeth Hogben, Dress Maker

Elizabeth Marsh, Green Grocer

Edward James, Labourer

Harriet Westover, Laundress

Joseph Marshall, Linen Weaver

Edward Cayley, Baker

George Martin, Pork Butcher

George Gann, Grocer

*1838 George GANN, listed under Green Grocer & Fruiterers (and Gardener), Castle Street

William & George Gann, Musicians

Charles Griffin, Officer of the Excise

John Cheeseman, Accountant Clerk

John Kemp, Porter Agent

George Sharp, Sheriffs Officer

James Steddy, Wheelwright

George Crothall, Plasterer

Thomas Stone

George Penn, Carpenter

Charles Sharp, Innkeeper

Gamaliel Fitzmaurice, works in the Hoy business

James Parker, Cutler

Henry Hill, Hackney Master

Hezekiah Marshall, Architect

*1838 Hezekiah MARSHALL, listed under Surveyors (Architect), Castle Street

Thomas Goldfinch, Architects Clerk

Thomas Fedarb, Shoemaker

John Smith, Cabinet Maker

Sarah Simmonds, Widow

Thomas Andrews, Tailor

John Simmonds, Clerk


1847 Jas. S. Browne, Clerk of the Works at Gas and Water Company

1847 Charles P. Cowton, Solicitors Clerk, Castle Street

1847 James Cox, Solicitors Clerk, Castle Street

1847 Rev. Thomas Darling, Castle Street

April 1933....Castle Street. Double-fronted Shop with good living accommodation; walled garden and side entrance; all services. £1100


1806, Sept - At his lodgings in Castle street, Canterbury, in his 17th year, in consequence of a hemorrhage on the lungs, Cornet A. THIELE, of the 2d Light Dragoons of the German Legion. GM1806 vol 76 pt 2

*burial Sept 8, 1806 Augusta THIELE age 17 at St. Mildred


"Death in Castle Street, Canterbury, aged 79, Gilbert Knowler Esq." GM1808


Died at Canterbury (November), 79, Mrs. HARDY, of Castle-street. MM1813


Died at Canterbury, In Castle Street, Mr. NEAME, 78. MM1817


August - Marriage of Lieut. DOORNE, Royal Navy, to Mrs. WETHERELL, of Castle-Street, Canterbury NMM1820


1828/9 - QUEEN'S HEAD, George JARVIS, Castle street (Inns & Hotels)

George PILCHER, Queen's Head. Livery and Bait Stables


Hezekiah MARSHALL, Architect $

Hezekiah MARSHALL, Surveyor, Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 (died 1868 age 81 buried at St. Martins)


Thomas FEDARB, Shoemaker $


Henry HILL

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