Broad Street to St. Gregory's Church

St. Mary Northgate


May 1896 - Lot 2. A freehold stable, greenhouse and large productive garden, situated at the rear of the south side of Havelock Street, with entrance from North Holmes - The stable is let to Mr. Finn on a weekly tenancy, producing £3 18s. per annum, and the Greenhouse and Garden are let to Mr. J. E. Ratcliff on a yearly tenancy at the low rent of £4 per annum. For Particulars and Conditions of Sale apply to the Auctioneers, Palace Street


W. T. Streeting, Builders Works



No. 1

Edward G. WILLIAMS, Cabinet Makers Porter &

Edward Williams. Where do you live? 1 Havelock street. What is your employment? A furniture porter....." Parliamentary Papers

1889 William BUSHELL


No. 2

John P. HOLDER, Police Constable &

1889 John HOLDER, Police Constable

1903 Mrs. Katherine Mary HARLAND, Teacher of Music, 2 Havelock Street


No. 3

Thomas FINN, Agricultural Labourer &

1889 Thomas FINN, Labourer


No. 4

Henry STEVENS, Tailor &

1889 Mrs. RYAN


No. 5

William SOAMES, Bricklayer &

1889 Edwin CLINCH, Plasterer


No. 6

George H. GUMMER, Sawyer &

1889 George Henry GUMMER, Sawyer


No. 7

Emily STEEL &

1889 W. S. WILLIAMS, Coachsmith


No. 8

James Charles FARROW, Carver & Guilder *

1889 H. J. FOWLER, Mineral Water Bottler


No. 9

William H. CLARKE, outfitters assistant *

1889 Henry LEGG, Whitesmith

William STICKALS, Retired


No. 10

James TWYMAN, Police officer *

1889 Ed. Godfrey WILLIAMS, Porter

Frederick J. WOODMAN, Commercial Traveller (


No. 11

Edwin CROUCH, Plumber *

1889 Edwin CROUCH, Plumber


No. 12

Frederick GRACE, buliders clerk*

1889 Henry ELLENOR, Coach Builder


No. 13

Herbert DENYER, House decorator *

1889 Joshua E. RATCLIFF, Gardener


No. 14

John BELSEY, Coach Painter *

1889 - 1890's William Henry TURMAINE, Gas Stoker


No. 15

Edward HALL *

1889 John MAXTED, Plasterer


No. 16

Mary EAST *

1889 Benjamin ARGAR

Benjamin ARGAR, Retired Licenced Victualler (


No. 17


1889 Mrs. PRETT

Frank P. CHAPMAN, Photographer


No. 18

Emily E. BELSEY *

1889 - 90's John W. GRAINGE, House Painter


No. 19

Gibbon LADD, Victualler of NEW INN *

1889 - 1890's Richard H. ROBINSON, NEW INN


No. 20

John MARSHALL, Plumber *

1889 Thomas COGHLAN, Military Staff Clerk

George RUPERT, Quarter Master Sergeant (


Havelock Street 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 51, 52 (St. Pauls), plots sold to Mark HOLTON, Richard BOWEN, John HALKE, Richard MARSHALL, houses built by John Henry BRETT 1859.

No. 21

Marshall HARVEY, Baker *

1889 - 90's Dobson Brothers, Bakers (William and Thomas Dobson)

1903 Thomas DOBSON Jr., Baker


No. 22

1889 Philip MILTON, Tailor


No. 23

Isaac SLADDEN, Brewers Traveller *

1889 Isaac SLADDEN


No. 24

Edward GASKIN *

George STREETING, Teacher *

1889 - 90's James Y. NAYLOR, Sergt.-Major Gymnastic Staff


No. 25

William MARSHALL, Painter *

1889 Mrs. MARSHALL (Sarah Marshall)


No. 26

Purchased by Robert Young, Butcher in 1860(6)? (Butchery Lane)

^Robert Young Butcher and Grazier Butchery Lane, wife Jane, daughter Jane (two houses away from Angelo Castle)

Thomas BIRD *

1889 - 90's Henry Chas. HADLEY, Labourer (Bricklayer)


No. 27

Purchased by Robert Young, Butcher in 1860(6)? (Butchery Lane)

^Robert Young Butcher and Grazier Butchery Lane, wife Jane, daughter Jane (two houses away from Angelo Castle)

James H. FARROW, Clerk *

1889 Alfred BLAKE*, Army Scripture Reader

Alfred E. BAKER, Army Scripture Reader (

*not sure if it should be Blake or Baker


No. 28

Thomas WOOD *

1889 Mrs. WOOD

George BURRELL (


No. 29

Thomas MAXTED, Letter Carrier *

1889 - 1890's Thomas MAXTED (Postman)


No. 30

Mary A. HOLTON *

1889 - 1890's Charles ELMES, Grocer's Assistant


No. 31

Elizabeth SAUNDERS *

1889 Mrs. S. TYWMAN

Sarah A. MOORE (


No. 32

William T. BECKETT, Architects Clerk *

1889 William Thomas BECKETT, Clerk (Surveyor) **works as a clerk for Mr. Harry Austin

1903 Edwin D. HARRIS, Accountant


No. 33

John TARRAN, Stone Mason *

John Tarran Oct 15, 1880 - What are you? Well, I am doing nothing now sir, because for 2 1/2 years I am suffering from depravation of sight, else I was a stonemason. When you were a mason, whom did you work with? I worked at the cathedral 43 years. Where you working there in 1874? Yes. Did you vote that year? Yes. Were you canvassed that year; I mean asked to vote by anybody? No. Were you asked to plump? No. To plump for Mr. Johnstone? No, I was not. By Mr. Austin? No. Or by anybody else? No; Mr. Austin never canvassed me for a vote in his life, and had no occasion to do so. Because your views were known, I suppose? Yes. Did you vote last year, in 1879? I did. And in 1880? Yes.....You took no part in it? No; there was always alot of exuberant verbosity at elections that I did not care a dump about. Parliamentary Papers 1881

(John Tarran died in 1888 in Canterbury)

George GOODMAN, Teacher *

1889 Miss THWAITES (Miss Sarah Thwaites)


No. 34

John BELSEY, Builder *

1889 John BELSEY, Builder, Mrs. Belsey, Apartments

John Belsey. What are you? A Builder. Where do you live? Havelock Street. ....Do you know Tom Holttum? Yes. ...Is there another person of your name who lives in Havelock street? Yes, I have two nephews who live there. Is he a voter? Yes. Are both of them voters? Yes. Will you send them here? They are here.." Parliamentary Papers

William R. PHILPOT, Brewers Cooper (


No. 35

William CLEGG, retired baker *

1889 John MENA, Pensioner

Benjamin JORDAN, Army Pensioner


No. 36

1889 - 90's John ROWDEN, Army Pensioner


No. 37

George NASH, Schoolmaster ^

1889 - 90's Mrs. E. WILLIAMS, Apartments (Elizabeth Williams)


No. 38

John ADAMS ^

William GEORGE *

1889 - 90's F. H. RICE, Plumber (Frederick H. Rice, Plumber)


No. 39

William HUNT, Carpenter ^

Samuel REYNOLDS, Builder *

1889 - 90's Samuel REYNOLDS, Carpenter, Joiner & Undertaker


No. 40

Thomas TERRY, Bricklayer wife Jane, sons Thomas, William and Charles, daughters, Jane E. and Mary ^

William THURGAR, Mary his wife is a school mistress *

1889 Frank SCOBELL, G.P.O. Clerk

Thomas PARREN, Wood dealer


No. 41


Charles F. W. CROWTHER, Railway Contractor ^

*Feb 1862, Orders of Discharge, to be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. Charles F. W. Crowther, Canterbury, Kent, clerk to a railway contractor.

*Charles Frederick William Crowther, Canterbury, Kent, clerk to a railway contractor, Jan 24 at 11, Canterbury, last ex.

Richard LONNANS, Gardener *

1889 Richard Lonnons, Labourer ( Richard Lunnens, Agricultural Labourer )


No. 42

Reginald MANTLE, Police officer *

1889 Charles SMITH, Pensioner

Henry J. SEATH, Policeman


No. 43

George W. CROSS, Grocers Assistant *

1889 - 1890's Henry BAYNES, Grocer's Assistant


No. 44

William MUNN, retired tanner *

1889 Martin, Sergt.-Major

William HAMMOND, Draper and Outfitter (


No. 45

Robert ANDREWS, Primitive Methodist Bur. Chapel *

1889 Rev. Samuel Joseph SOUTHWOOD, Primitive Methodist

1890's John JOPLING, Primitive Methodist Minister

*There is a Primitive Methodist Church in Northgate Street and Pound Lane


No. 46

1889 - 1890's Sydney BLIGH, Coach Body Maker


No. 47

George LOGGIE *

1889 - 90's S. CARTER (Stephen Carter)


No. 48

William BECK*

1889 - 90's Charles S. READ, Secretary Kent and Canterbury Hospital & The Friendly Society

May 1896 - Lot. 1 - a freehold messuage, with garden, Greenhouse and lodges, being No. 48, Havelock Street, Canterbury, at present untenamented.


No. 49

Harriet DEAN *

1889 Mrs. DEAN

Thomas Stephenson, Solicitor's Clerk (


No. 50

Lewis REUFSEAN, Cook at the Officers Mess at the Barracks &

William H. SUMMERS, Tailor *

1889 George Arthur JONES

Walter W. HALLS, Regt. Sergt. Major in the East Kent Yeomanry (


No. 51

Purchased by Robert Young, Butcher in 1860(6)? (Butchery Lane)

^Robert Young Butcher and Grazier Butchery Lane, wife Jane, daughter Jane (two houses away from Angelo Castle) born St. George's Canterbury

George Bradshaw, Cabinet Maker &

Edward DUNN, Staff Sergeant Major, Pensioners *

1889 William Simkin, Grocer's Manager

Elizabeth Hills, Henry Hills, Butcher (


No. 52

Purchased by Robert Young, Butcher in 1860(6)? (Butchery Lane)

^Robert Young Butcher and Grazier Butchery Lane, wife Jane, daughter Jane (two houses away from Angelo Castle)

Charles Durand, Wine & Spirit Merchant &

Tuesday, April 15, 1873 - Charles DURAND, Canterbury, Wine Merchant. April 28 at 12 at offices of Doyle and Edwards, Cary St., Lincoln's Inn. Delasaux.

George JONES, Boot Manufacturer *

1889 William Henry Summers

Annie L. Summers (


No. 53

Elvey BARTON, Tailor *

1889 Elvey BARTON

William MOUNT, Carpenter (


No. 54

1880's - 1890's John SOUTHEE, Retired Baker


No. 55

Albert ROSE, Watchmaker*


No. 56

Robert TOLHURST, Retired Iron Founder *

1889 R. Fairbrother, Bandmaster Cavalry Depot

Edward Raye, 2n Master Sergt. "The Buffs", E.K.R. (East Kent Regiment) (


No. 57

George F. NICHOLSON, Professor of Music *

1889 - 1890's George F. Nicholson, Professor/Teacher of Music

1906 Percy Laurance Hall, Assistant Master Simon Langton School


No. 58

William MOUNT, Carpenter *

1889 William MOUNT, Carpenter


No. 59

Thomas BLAKE, Ironmongers Clerk *

1889 John Chapman, Warder H. M. Prison

Elizabeth Chapman, Tailoress (


No. 60

Tomas KENNET, Nurseryman *

1889 - 1890's Silas Bodkin, Painter (House Decorator)


No. 61

1889 - 1890's Henry Twyman, Police Constable

*wife Mary, children, Henry G. (chorister), Frederick J., Alexander W.

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 - The Sidney Cooper School of Science and Art

An examination for free scholarships at the above School took place on the 30th ult. The conditions this year differed from those of previous years, the examination being open only to past and not present pupils of the elementary schools. Some 32 candidates presented themselves. Then were, however, disqualified, through being students at elementary schools. The maximum number of points was forty, and the subject freehand drawing from a flat copy. The work was generally very good, and the following were the successful candidates with the number of points gained: Miss Bear, 36, Louisa Surry, 36; William Jarrett, 35, George Jarrett, 34; Rose Surry, 32, Frank Collingwood, 30, Arthur Rye, 30, Ernest Ingleton, 29; Mabel Sewel, 29, George Parry, 28; Robert Holness, 27; George Coppen, 26; James Spillett, 24; Alexander Twyman, 23; - Hopkins, 16; Forwood, 8.

1892 Mr. A. WETHERELT, 61 Havelock Street, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society


No. 62

1889 Mrs. H. GIBBS, Dressmaker

Harriet GIBBS, daughter Jane Gibbs, School teacher *

Richard Fairbrother, Bandmaster Cavalry Depot (


No. 63

William NISBET (

1889 - 1890's Edwin James Stokes, Carpenter


No. 64

Harriet ELLIOTT (

1889 Thomas Beckett, Clerk


No. 65

Jesse BARTON, Plasterer (

1889 - 1890's Edward Gaskin, Bricklayer


No. 66

1889 Thomas WEST

Thomas West, Retired Eating House Keeper (b. 1827 d. 1911 Canterbury) (


No. 67

1889 Mrs. Lucas - LADIES SCHOOL

1914 death of a Mrs. Ellen WILSON, widow (CCA)


No. 68

George E. Hills, Ironmongers Shopman &

1889 - 1890's William Rye, Tailor


No. 69

1889 Henry F. Westover, Apartments

Henry Westover, Foreman Printer (


No. 70

Elizabeth Corringham &

1889 Mrs. HARRIS

Eliza M. HARRIS, Music Teacher (


No. 71

William R. PHILPOT, Cooper &

William Russell Philpott - Where do you live? 71 Havelock Street. What is your occupation? A Cooper. PP1881

1889 William Russell Philpot, Cooper *moved to 34 Havelock street by 1891


No. 72

William FRICKER, Schoolmaster &

1889 Mrs. S. A. MOORE


No. 73

Levy Jacobs (born in Rotterdam, Holland) Tailor

* moved to High Street by the 80's

(The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter, Nov. 7, 1868, Levy Jacobs, Prisoner for Debt, Canterbury. Adj. Oct 19. Callaway, Canterbury. Nov 17 at 11.

1889 Mrs. Rice (Annie J. Rice)


No. 74

David REILLY, Pawnborkers Assistant &

1889 E. H. TURNER, Bandmaster St. Mary's College


No. 75

Thomas TERRY, Bricklayer born Bethersden Kent, wife Jane, daughters Jane E. TERRY born Ashford, daughter Mary b. 1852 Canterbury &

1889 - 1890's John BLIGH (Coach Builder)


No. 76

1889 R. Tolhurst, Butcher (Robert W. Tolhurst)



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