Westgate Without

"In St. Dunstan's Street, on the north side, is the Gaol for the Eastern Division of the County; and on the same side, somewhat nearer to West-Gate, is a Jews' Synagogue." BEW1808


A view of St. Dunstan's Street from atop the Westgate (showing North Lane to the right)


No. 1, 2, 3 & 4

These buildings are gone now

No. 1 James Holiday - Chemist & Druggist &

September 20, 1879 The Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions - Death - On the 1st of September, 1879, Mr. James Holiday, Chemist & Druggist, St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury, aged 76 years.

No. 2 Anthony Liddell, Railway Engine Driver &

No. 4 Charles C. Luckey &

1889 Kennett, Son & Chamberlain, Appraisers, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and General furnishing warehouses, Westgate without


The sign on the building on the right says "Auctioneers"

1917 Kennett & Sons, house furnishers, auctioneers and valuers, depository and auction mart, Station Road West

The sign on the building says "Kennett"


North Lane


No. 5


1838 George HORN, Day and Writing Master (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 5 St. Dunstans Street

Edward Homersham, Wool Merchant &

DEATH - April 6, at St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury, after a short but painful illness, Alice Maud, youngest daughter of Edward and Fanny Homersham, aged 10 years. (KG April 12, 1870)

(FEB) Married, 1815. Mr. Edward Homersham, to Miss Wiltshier; all of Canterbury. The New Monthly Magazine 1815

1870 - Return of owners of land - Edward Homersham, 5 St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury - Acres 68 1 5 Rent 92 5

Mrs. Homersham, 5 St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury - Acres 11 2 21 Rent 21 10

(list of Freemen 1830 - James Homersham Jnr. St. Peter's, Woolstapler - James Homersham, Sun Street, Hairdresser - Charles Homersham, St. Peter's Street, Plumber - J. Homersham Senr. St. Alphage, Cordwainer, J. Homersham Jnr. St. Alphage, Grocer)

*The Law Times - 1844
Bankrupts, Gazette Dec 26

Thomas Hancock, Coach Smith, Canterbury, January 4th at two. Feb. 2 at twelve, Basinghall St. com. Fonblanque; Belcher, off.: Richardson and Talbot, Hevlford-row, and Sankey and Sladden, Canterbury, sols. Date of fiat. Dec. 20? E. Homersham, builder, Canterbury, pet. cr.

John WELSH, Coach Maker &

1889 John WELSH, Coach builder and Tobacconist *1890's living at 1 North Lane

1903 Welsh Brothers, Coach & Carriage Builders, Established 1850, Westgate

1903 Mrs. Sarah Welsh, Tobacconist

1917 Miss Welsh, Tobacconist

No's 5 & 6, detail from a 1935 photograph in my collection

No. 6

Mary Ann Unsworth &

1889 - 90's Benjamin Crowther, Engineer Cathedral Organ

1903 Frederick Nash, Tailor

1917 Nash & Co. Military Tailors, breeches makers and ladies' costumiers, etc. (F.C. Nash)


No. 7

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1740 Edward SWAIN, 7 St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

Richard Pierce, Butcher & ??

1889 John Richardson, Butcher, and Tea and Coffee Rooms

c. 1902 R.W. Whittaker, Pastrycook & Confectioner, Family and Fancy Bread Baker. Westgate Bakery, Canterbury (Next Falstaff Hotel), Tea, Coffee & Light Refreshments. Wedding Cakes a Specialty.

1903 Robert W. Whittaker, Baker

1917 F. H. Nicholls, Baker

An old postcard of the Falstaff Hotel courtesy of Sijbrand Kuiper, Amsterdam Collection




No. 8


1832 George FAGG


Charlotte A. Moore (w), Hotel Proprietor &

1889 - 90's Miss Sarah Hatton

1903 William Lidington

1917 Falstaff Hotel, Herbert Kemp



No. 9

Sarah BIRD

*May 9, 1874 - The Law Times - Sarah BIRD, Canterbury, widow. June 3: Callaway and Furley, solicitors, Canterbury. June 15; V.C. H., at one o'clock. Creditors under estates in Chancery.

May 23, 1874 - Creditors under estates in Chancery. Last Day of Proof. BIRD (Sarah), Canterbury, widow. June 3: John Callaway solicitor, Canterbury. June 15; V.C. Hall at one o'clock.


1889 Falstaff Hotel vaults

1900's Sarah Hatton

1903 William Lidington

1917 Falstaff Hotel, Herbert Kemp

No. 10

George Pewbrey, Parchment Maker & ??

Hammond Hills, Plumber & Painter & ??

1889 - 1890's John Callow, Grocer * moved to 86 St. Dunstan's Street by 1903

1917 Frederick Fedarb

10, 11, 12 St. Dunstan's Street (No. 10 is on the far right)


No. 11

Ann M. Hall &

1889 - 1917 Robert Butler, Hairdresser


No. 12

Hannah Foord & ??

Edward Ewell, Boot & Shoe Maker & ??

1889 - 1890's Frederick Parry, Retired Baker

1917 Mrs. Jane Parry


No. 13


Silas Bodkin

Richard Wellard

Charles PIPER, Victualler &

Robert Withwick, Confectioner &

1889 - 1891 John Fyles

1903 Frank Bovenzer

1917 H. J. Allin


No. 14


John Elgar & ??

John Partis & ??

1889 - 90's Mrs. Susannah Clark

1917 Edward Simmons, Tailor



No. 15

Henry BEAR&

1889 John CULLEN

1903 Thomas Pegden, Apartments

1917 Thomas Phillips, Laundry

No. 16

KENT ARMS - Charles HIBBERT, Hotel Keeper

1889 - 1891 James A. Brock KENT HOTEL

Thomas Owen

1903 KENT ARMS, Public House, Percy Smith

1917 H. Burville, Fish Restaurant


No. 17

14th Century Building

Samuel Thomas Grover, Grocer &

Mrs. Frances DRAYSON &??

1889 - 1890's S. C. & L. Ashbee (Sarah, Charlotte and Lewis Ashbee), Bakers & Confectioners

1903 - 1917 William T. HADFIELD, Baker

1922 Hadfield's Hygienic Bakeries. Veda Bread. 14th Century Building with 20th Century methods. Teas Provided.


No. 18

Mrs. Caroline LEPINE &

1889 - 90's C. ELVY, Tobacconist, Newsagent and "Post Office"

John WOOD, Stationer & Tobacconist

1917 G. R. WHEATLEY, Tobacconist


Kirby's Lane


Charles W. Allen, Photographer - WESTGATE STUDIO

1885 Kellys Directory - listed under Photographers - Charles Wm. ALLEN, St. Dunstan's Street


No. 19

Mary WHITE ^

Mrs. Elizabeth M. WALL &

1880's - 1889 Miss BALDOCK, Saddler

1917-18 G. W. WILKINSON, Bootmaker


No. 20

Pelham MAITLAND, Clergyman (without care of souls)


Nov 1887 Federick Joseph Tomalin, Greengrocer CCA

1889 Frederick ROBINS, Greengrocer

1917-18 C. E. MARSH, Fishmonger


No. 21

Thomas FAIRBRASS, Coal Merchant ^

Thomas W. FAIRBRASS, Coal Merchant &

William BIRD, Clergyman, Church of England *


1917-18 C. E. MARSH, Fishmonger


Station Road West


No. 22


1880's - 1889 Charles ELVY, Boot and Shoemaker

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Charles Elvy, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

*Dec 24, 1887 - Charles ELVY, tobacconist and stationer, Canterbury. First meeting, Dec, 22 at 12 at Bankruptcy build, Portugal at, Lincoln's inn. Exam. Dec 30 at 10 1/2, at the Guildhall, Canterbury. Ct. Canterbury. - First and final div. on 21 1/2 d. on Dec. 12 at office of Off. Rec. Canterbury. The Law Journal. Notices of Dividends. Under Bankruptcy Act, 1883. Gazette, Dec. 11. 1888.

1917-18 G. H. TEAL, Corn Merchant

The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters for Kent

see White Horse Lane

1917-18 George Hammerton, cycle agent


No. 23

Elizabeth Quested

Frederick Turmaine, Butcher ^

James Blackman &

1882 Albert Court, Pianoforte Teacher (Professor of Music)

1889 Albert Court, Organist and Pianoforte Warehouse *at 3 South Eastern Station Road in 1903

1917-18 Mrs. A. E. Easton

No. 24

Henry Martin, Baker

1889 R. W. Whittaker, Baker & Confectioner *moved to No. 7 St. Dunstan's c. 1902

1903-18 Walter Ide, Upholsterer


No. 25

John D. Biggleson, Butcher &


1828-29 James Bax

1880's - 1889 William Whiddett

1917-18 W. Pither, The Catherine Wheel


No. 26

Elizabeth Smith ^

Elizabeth Smith &

1882 Thomas Spurgeon Cowtan, Antique furniture and china dealer, builder & undertaker, tar, pitch & naphtha merchant

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Tar Merchants - Thomas Spurgeon COWTAN, 26 St. Dunstans Street, Canterbury

1889 Mrs. A.S. Daw, Antique Dealer

1903 A. E. Hobday, Antique Furniture Dealer


No. 27

*lovely picture of the Shop in Britain in Old Photographs, Canterbury by Derek Butler

Elizabeth Harman, Confecitoner ^

Charlotte Eldridge, Confectioner &

early 1880's - 1889 James Burley, Pork Butcher and Green Grocer

1903 Edmund Burley, Pork Butcher

1917-18 Hope F. Nicholls, Green Grocer


South Eastern Railway Crossing


No. 28

Mem. (St. Dunstan's) - On Sunday, January 12th, 1800, in the time of divine Service, Henry Ovenden was declared Parish Clerk in the Room

Henry Ovenden, Carpenter ^

Henry Ovenden, Carpenter &

1889 G. Fright, South Eastern Railway Station Master

1903 William Baker, Station Master, Canterbury West Station

1917-18 Percy Wm. Pettyfer, Station Master



1. 1889 Walter East, Signalman

1917-18 A. J. Whitlock

2. 1880's - 1889 George Stancombe, Railway Porter

1917-18 Thomas Austin

3. 1889 Edward Hayward, Signalman

1917-18 R. Marsh

4. 1880's - 1889 John Croucher, Gatekeeper

1917-18 Mrs. Croucher


Hanover Place


No. 29

John L. Gimmbridge, Brewer's Servant ^

Thomas C. Ibbs, Painter & Glazier &

1881 - 1889 Frederick Turmaine, Butcher

1903 Francis & Petty, Butchers

1917-18 Herbert Rigden, Family Butcher

1927 Charles PHILLIPS & Son Bakers & Pastrycooks, 29 St. Dunstan's Street (also 9 Northgate Street) (phone book)


No. 30

William Petts, Timber Merchant ^

William Petts, Timber Merchant &

1889 - 1891 Charles Pearson, Baker

c 1900's - 1918 William Arthur Baker, Baker & Confectioner


No. 31

James Pilcher, Accountant &

1889 Mrs. Neame

Charles Cockburn

1907 - July 20th, Furnished apartments, good cooking and attendance. A., 31, St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury

1913 Mrs. Knox, 31 St. Dunstan's Street

1917-18 - Rev. C. d'E. Image


No. 32


William Cook, Brewers Labourer ^

William Cook, Brewers Labourer &

John Frederick Granby, 12th Lancers

1889 Mrs. Caroline E. Linom



Flint & Sons, Brewers and Maltsters, St. Dunstan's Brewery

Flint and Kingsford St Dunstans brewery about 1840, Flint and Kingsford had previously been (John) Abbott's brewery

Thank you to a regular contributor to the site

Roper's Gateway

No. 33



Died at Canterbury in St. Dunstan's, 73, the Hon. T. Roper The Monthly Magazine 1819

1838 Miss Harriet DAVEY, ladies day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 33, Westgate St., Without

John B. Amman, Painter & Glazier ^

Auguste A. Roche, Upholterer &

Roper House about 1864, thanks to a regular contributor to the site

Roper House early 1900's - a postcard in my collection (love the green house on the left)

Roper House 2011, my photograph (not much has changed)


Edward Flint, Roper House Canterbury, Kent - M.D. Edin. 1875, M.B. and C.M. 1876; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1878 (St. Barthol. Lond Hos and Univ. Edin.) late House Surg. Lond. Ho.)

1879 - Died - Horace Flint, M.B., M.R.C.S., eighth son of Frederick Flint Esq. at Roper House, Canterbury of typhoid fever, on May 1, aged 26. The Medical Times and Gazette

1880's - 1890's Frederick Flint, J.P. for Kent, Brewer & Hop Planter, Charles Albert Flint, Solicitor, Benjamin Hoy Flint, Brewer

1896 F. Flint & Revd. G. S. Flint, Roper House

Frederick Flint, Brewer & J. P. for Kent *possible death 1899

George S. Flint, Clergyman Church of England

1903 Rev. George S. Flint, Roper House

1905 Private School?

May 29, 1912 - Miss Florence Emma Strugnell, Roper House Canterbury - List of Members of the British Astronomical Association

1913 Misses A. & D. Jenner, Private school for young ladies

1917-18 St. Dunstan's Brewery Flint & Co. (ltd) Sec. and Manager, R. Wyllie

A view through the Ropers Gateway

*Nov. 11, 1936 Mr. Harry Grubb Morgan "Roper House", St. Dunstans, Canterbury "Referring to Clause 2 (3) of the lease, Fremlins Ltd., to Mrs. Dorothy Whitlock dated the 7th February 1935, we understand Messrs. Dore & Anderson, Charted Architects of Watling Street, Canterbury have prepared a schedule of dilapidations herein, and have estimated the cost of carrying out the work required in repairs and decorations at the sum of ninety-four pounds five shillings. We further understand you have agreed to accept this sum stated in full discharge of Mrs. Whitlock's liability under the repairs etc., covenant, and you therefore agree on payment by Mrs. Whitlock of this sum tht the premises have been handed over in good and tenantable repair and conditon, and to your entire satisfaction. Yours faithfully, for Fremlins Ltd.

*September 24th, 1936 (reference letter) - Dear Sir, With reference to your letter of 23rd Sept. which you inadvertantly forgot to stamp, I may state that I have known Mr. H. G. Morgan, for many years in Ceylon, both personally and in my official capacity as a Senior Minister? of the Ceylon Civil Service, and I consider that you may with confidence recommend him as a tenant.

He was a most efficient and hard working manager of a large tea estate and I have a very high opinion of his business capacity and integrity in all his dealings. He had, too, a good record in the great war having won the D.C.M. in Gallpoli. Yours truly, W. E. Wait, C.M.G. (late Ceylon Civil Service). Messrs. Hammersley, Kennedy & Co. Ltd. 33 Davies St. Berkely Sq. W.I.

Fremlins Limited whose registered office is at Pale Ale Brewery Earl Street Maidstone Kent by Arthur Edward Fullagar its secretary hereby gives its Licence and authority to an assignment by Dorothy Whitlock of Roper House Canterbury Kent of all her estate and interest in the premises known as Roper House aforesaid demised by a Lease dated seventh February one thousand nine hundred and thirty five and made between the said Fremlins Limited of the one part and the said Dorothy Whitlock of the other part unto Harry Grubb Morgan c/o The Royal Bank of Scotland Dundee. Dated. 11th November 1936. For and on behalf of Fremlins Ltd. Signed. A.E. Fullagar, Secretary. (took possesion this date) *letters in my collection

In 1939 it became a Hotel

"My friend, Mrs. George Frederick Young, who was born in the Ropers' House at Canterbury, tells me that it was of singular Antiquity, full of queer Nooks, Corners, and Passages, with a sort of Dungeon below, that went by teh Name of Dick's Hole, the access to which was so dangerous, that it at length was forbidden to descent the Staircase. The Coach house and Harness room were curiously antique; the Chapel had been converted into a Laundry, but retained its Gothic windows. At length it became needful to rebuild the House, only the old Gateway of which remains. While the workmen were busy, an old Gentleman in Canterbury sent to beg Mrs. Young's father to dig in a particular red brick, and called Banyards. It is at present in the occupation of a venerable Clergyman and Magistrate. This Mansion, in the time of Henry the eighth, was the residence of Sir Edward Bray, who was constable of the Tower in the Year 1539, and whose son married Elizabeth, the daughter of Margaret and William Roper." The household of Sir. Thomas More, 1860

1949, 1954 Royal School of English Church Music, Roper House, St. Dunstans Street, Canterbury


No. 34 *likely working for the Roper House

Susanna Holdstock ^

Susanna Holdstock, Baker &

1889 Richard Forward, Gardener

1917-18 Frederick Bloyce


No. 35 *likely working for the Roper House

Charles J. Lawrence, Warehouseman ^

Elizabeth Allen &

1880's to early 1900's James Griggs, Domestic Coachman

1917-18 Charles Newlyn

No. 35a

1917-18 J. W. Callow, Upholsterer


Wests Passage/West Place


No. 36

John F. Bing, Cordwainer ^

Charles Lawrence, Gardener &

1889 - 1900's Henry Saddleton

1917-18 H. Amos, Boot repairer


No. 37

The Monument Inn

John F. Bing, Cordwainer &

1889 Alfred Goldsack, MONUMENT INN

1917-18 G. W. Hodges, THE MONUMENT INN


No. 38

1889 Mrs. Mary Winsor

1917-18 Mrs. Finn

St. Dunstan's and London Road 2011

Whitstable Road

London Road



No. 39

1889 - 1918 C. Wooldridge, Market Gardener


No. 40

1889 - 1900's W. Clark, Bootmaker

1917-18 C. Wooldridge, Market Gardener


No. 41

1889 Albert Charles Rigden

1917-18 C. Phillips, Baker


No. 42

* A photo of the front of the shop in Canterbury A second selection by Derek Butler

1889 C. Wilson, Cook & Confectioner

1890's William Hopper, Baker

1917-18 C. Phillips, Baker


No. 43

St. Dunstan's Cottage

1889 C. T. Clifford, Sweetshop

1917-18 Mrs. King


No. 44

1889 William Cook, Sexton

1917-18 Thomas Maycock


No. 45

St. Dunstan's House

1903 Edwin Fermer, Apartments

1913 Tomson & Wotton, Ltd., Pale Ale Brewers, Ramsgate - Canterbury Stores 46, St. Dunstan's Street

1917-18 E. T. Shann, Esq. (M.A., M.B., B.C., Cantab)


No. 46

1889 Frederick William Drury, Manager Ramsgate Brewery Stores

August 1913 Tomson & Wotton, Ltd., Pale Ale Brewers, Ramsgate - Canterbury Stores 46, St. Dunstan's Street (established 1700)

All Ales are Guaranteed to be brewed from East Kent Malt and Hops of the best quality only. Thomson and Wooton, Ltd., supply their Ales, Stout and Oatmeal Stout in quart, pint, and half-pint bottles. Price List on Application. The trade supplied on liberal terms.


1917-18 L. W. Harvey, Manager of Tomson & Wotton Brewers (see 45)


No. 47

1889 - 1900's Edward Anderson, Dealer in Yeast


No. 48

1889 John A. Anderson, Maltman

1900's Charles Mount, Builder, Contractor and General House decorator - BUILDERS YARD

1903 Charles Mount, Builder

1917-18 Ernest Dixon


No. 49

1873 (return of owners of Land, Kent) William Whiddett, 49, St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury - 1 3 35(acres) 9 0 (rent)

1889 John HOWARD, lath render

1900's Charles Mount, Builder, (BUILDERS YARD)

1903 Charles MOUNT, Builder

1917-18 Leslie RUSH


No. 50

1889 Mrs. E. SMITH

1917-18 Miss BING


Orchard Street


No. 51

A photo of A.W. Clark Butchers of St. Dunstan's, credit for this photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family

1859 Thomas ENFIELD, late of No. 51 St. Dunstan's, Catnerbury, Kent, out of business. In the Gaol of Canterbury.

1889 William Thomas HILLS, Butcher

1900's -1918 A. W. CLARK, Butcher


No. 52

1884 - Castleden & Wacher, 52 St. Dunstan's Street (Under Hop Factors) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Castleden & Wacher, corn and hop factors

1900's Office of Weights and Measures

1903 John Morgan, Inspector of weights & measures, Home & Eltham divisions

August 2, 1913 - For Electric Power and Light Installations, Bells and Telephones Go To S. TERRY, 52, St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury. Estimates Free. Moderate Charges and prompt attention to all orders and Enquiries. (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

1917-18 A. W. Clark, Butcher


No. 53

1889 R. C. Cross, lay clerk

1917-18 Harold Bridgland


No. 54

1889 Joseph S. Castleden

1917-18 E. B. Barnard, Dairyman


No. 55

1880's John E. WILTSHIRE, Builder

1889 John FIELD

1905 Dec - Wanted, respectable Day Girl; short hours. Apply, 55 St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury

1917-18 Miss S. N. ALLSWORTH


No. 56

Dec 1905 Apartments, Large, well furnished Rooms good cooking and attendance; highly recommended, 56 St. Dunstan's Street

1917-18 W. T. L. LEEMING


No. 57

1880's Walter A. FEATHERSTONE

1889 Frank HARDIMAN

c. 1901 - 1903 William James PIERCE, Veterinary Surgeon

1917-18 E. BURLEY


No. 58

1889 Robert HISCOTT, Tailor

1917-18 Ernest VIRGO


No. 59

1917-18 Miss K. V. BOURNER


No. 60

Edwin Andrews. Where do you live? 60 St. Dunstans Street. What are you? Carman and Contractor.....more writeup. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

early 1880's - 1903 Edwin ANDREWS, Carrier & Coal Dealer

1903 Edwin ANDREWS, Timber Dealer

1917-18 E. ANDREWS


No. 61 & 62


1889 G. H. JORDAN, Unicorn Inn

1903 "Unicorn" James DRAPER (James Draper, Station Master of Canterbury East Station)

1917-18 G. H. MINTER, Unicorn Inn

Showing 66, 65, 64, etc., in the distance is London Road, and just behind the houses you can see the square tower of St. Dunstans Church


No. 63

1889 Mrs. DANIELS, Dressmaker

1917-18 Solomon OLIVER


St. Dunstan's Street showing from the left No. 66, then Westgate Cottage then the Unicorn Inn with the flowers hanging


No. 64

Westgate Cottage

1880's Frederick EWELL, Cordwainer

1889 Edmund EWELL, Gardener

1917-18 Edmund EWELL


No. 65

1917-18 Henry E. NICHOLLS


No. 66

1889 C.F. SHOOSMITH, House decorator and blind maker

C. F. Shoosmith (11 years with F.R. Bateman) painter, paperhanger, decorator and blind manufacturer

1903-18 Walter H. SMALL, Plumber


Sign on the wall on the old photo says "Plumber Walter H. Small"


South Eastern Railway Crossing


No. 67

1880's - 1889 Mrs. QUARTERMAN, Apartments

1903 -18 John WILSON, Apartments

No. 68

1887 George R. BARBER, 68 S. Dunstan's, Canterbury (subscriber to The Parish of Chislet, Kent)

1889 - 1903 Barber Brothers, Corn and Fodder dealers

1917-18 Mrs. BARBER



Left Picture is the detail of 69 & 70 St. Dunstan's Street (69 on the far right) and the Right Picture - NOW


No. 69

1880's - 1889 Mrs. Sarah SWAIN

1917-18 John William WELSH, WELSH BROS.


No. 70, 69, 68 and 67


No. 70

1889 Mrs. CAFFIN

1903 Mrs. BATEMAN

1917-18 Mrs. M. A. BUTTON


No. 71


William H. DONALDSON, Manager, London & County Bank *

1889 Vacant

1903 Mrs. FULLER

1913 Capt. Henry C. KENRICK, 71 St. Dunstan's St. Canterbury

1917-18 Lieut.-Col. Edward R. BROOMHEAD


No. 72

1889 Henry Martin CLEMENTS *1903 Henry Martin Clements, Corn Mercer, Mill Lane, Harbledown


1917-18 Miss Jessie SCOONES, A.T.C.L. Ladies School (ST. NINIANS)



No. 73

1882 Herbert George HADDEN, an Engineer's Apprentice living at 73 St. Dunstan's Street, Canterbury June 1882

1889 Percy SOLLY

1917-18 Mrs. HOOKWAY, Stationer, P.O.

No. 73 and No. 74

No. 74

1889 W. G. SOLLY

1917-18 F. GLOVER, Basket Maker


No. 75

1889 H. P. SHEARS, Tobacconist

1917-18 C. DAVID, Hairdresser


No. 76


1889 - 1891 Alfred STEADMAN

1886 Rent due to Edwin and Sarah BATEMAN of the Rose and Crown by George BEER Co. (Edwin was an Auctioneer)

1917-18 E. G. SOLLY, Rose and Crown (Geo. Beer & Co, Stars Brewery)


No. 77

1889 - 1891 James BUSS, Carpenter

1917-18 Thomas PAGE


Star Place


No. 78

* There is also a photo of the front of the shop in Canterbury A second selection by Derek Butler

1889 Thomas Crump, Grocer

The Centre store

The Old Star Inn above



No. 79

1889 - 1890's Henry EMONS, Fancy draper and milliner

January 1901 Frank DURTNALL, draper at 79 St. Dunstan's Street

1917-18 Frank DURTNAL, Draper


No. 80

1889 - 1918 George Frederick FRANCIS, Collector of General District Rates


No's 81, 80 and 79 on the extreme right hand side of the photo. A photo in my collection c. 1929


No. 81

1889 Bateman & Son, Builders & Undertakers

1917-18 81a Edwin P. PEMBLE

1917-18 81 G. W. FAGG


No's 82, 83 and 84 c. 1929. No. 82 is on the far right (a detail from a photo in my collection)


No 82 St. Dunstan's Street, far left

No. 82

1889 - 1890's Mrs. Elizabeth STYLES, Fish Dealer

George W. FAGG )

1903 William PETERS, Refreshment Rooms

1917-18 William PETERS, Confectioner (Model Bakery)


No. 83

1889 George EAST, Sweetshop

1891 George EAST, Grocer, daughter Winifred School Teacher

Herbert W. BATEMAN, Builder & Undertaker )

1917-18 H. W. BATEMAN, Builder


No. 84

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Christopher CARDINAL, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 - 1891 Cristopher R. CARDINAL, Bootmaker

1917-18 H. W. BATEMAN, Builder



No. 85

1882 - 1891 James Court, Market Gardener (Greengrocer)

Jane Court, Green Grocer )

1917-18 A. F. Court, Fruiterer


No.'s 85 and 86 c. 1929.....................................................

No. 86

William Bullinger - Grocer and Wesleyan Preacher & (no number listed)

1889 John Callow, Grocer and wine merchant and dairyman

1890's James Callow, Gardener

Francis A.R. Hunt, Yardman for Dairyman )

1903 John Callow, Grocer


Linden Grove (previously Water Lane)



No. 87



Elizabeth C. CROASDILL&

*Returns of owners of land - Mrs. Eliz. C. CROASDILL, Canterbury - Acres - 285 0 0 (Mrs. Croasdill has since purchased the Middle Heronden Farm of 107 acres 3r, 27p., of the annual value of £221)

Bankruptcy, G. Croasdill, Holy Cross Westgate, Canterbury, Maltster (Plummer and Sons, Canterbury; Nethersoles and Barron, Essex street, Strand). - The Monthly Magazine 1826 pg. 679

"July - Married at Canterbury - G. Croasdill, esq. to Miss E. C. Kelly of Westgate." The New Monthly Magazine, 1821

*1873 Return of owners of land (Kent) - Stn. CLARK, Eastry (Mr. Clark has disposed of 107 acres 3r. 27 p. of this land to Mrs. E. C. Croasdill of Canterbury, the remainder of Mr. Clark's property in Kent, 5a. Or. 20p. is estimated at the annual value of £10 15s.)

*1847 Mr. Gurney Croasdill, Orchard Street

*1844 The Jurist, Gurney Croasdill, Holy Cross, Westgate Canterbury, Feb. 9 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

1879 list of Subscribers to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent - Mrs. CROASDILL, Westgate House, Canterbury

1880 a death of a Elizabeth Clarrissa CROASDILL

*Elizabeth Kelly c.1766 (Westgate Street)

Gurney CROASDILL age 45

Clarence CROASDILL age 40

*Legal Case 1837 - Philpott against Elizabeth Kelley. Trover for port wine, bottles, casks, &c. Pleas: Not guilty, and the statute of limitations. Issues thereon. At the trial before Lord Lyndhurst C. B. at the Spring assizes for Kent, 1834, one Croasdill, son-in-law of the defendent, was called on behalf of the plaintiff, and stated that in 1825 he took charge of a pipe of port wine for the plaintiff, to whom it belonged, and placed it in the defendents cellar by her leave. Some proof was given that he at that time asked her to take part of it on her own account. It appeared further, that, in November 1826, a commission of bankrupt issued against Croasdill founded on acts of bankruptcy committed during that year, and an assignment was executed on the 6th of December 1826. Before Christmas the wine was claimed of the defendant by the assignees, but she refused to deliver it. Messrs. Brooks and Co., solicitors for the plaintiff, wrote the following letter to the defendant, dated the 26th December 1826: ............etc,

1889 - 1891 Miss Clara K. CROASDILL

*death of a Clara Kelley CROASDILL, 1897

George NEALE, Domestic Gardener )

1917-18 The Westgate House, Mrs. A. F. LAURIE


No. 88

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - George DOWN, listed under Saddlers & Harness Makers

1889 George DOWN, Saddler, Engraver and brass finisher

George DOWN, Saddler & Harness Maker (

Eiza PILL, Housekeeper )

1917-18 Sidney TERRY, Electrician



No. 89

1889 - 1891 Charles EDWARDS, Nurseryman (Florist)

C. EDWARDS, Florist, Bouquets and Cut flowers

1917-18 Charles EDWARDS, Florist


No. 89 & 90 St. Dunstan's (Westgate Without), detail from a photograph in my collection


No. 90

1889 - 1891 Arthur E. HUNT, Butcher

Westgate Meat Stores, Fresh Pork (Frederick)

Frederick BAILEY, Butcher )

Showing W&R Fletcher Ltd. Family Butchers and John Kingsmill on the right and possibly one of the Fletchers on the left

1917-18 W. & R. FLETCHER (ltd.), Family Butchers


No. 91

1889 - 90's Sydney MARSHALL, Watchmaker

1903 Henry Edmund NICHOLLS, Toy Dealer )

1917-18 William PENNEY, Fishmonger

W. PENNEY, Fresh Caught Fish Daily


No. 92

THE GUN TAVERN Flints Fine Ales, Stout & Porter

1889 Thomas NEWMAN

Flint & Sons Fine Ales & Porter

1917-18 H. SKELTON, Dining Rooms


No. 93

1889 - 1918 Edward WOOD, Grocer


No. 94

No. 94 & 95 St. Dunstan Street, J. A. Small. On the corner of the building under the sign shows "Westgate Grove"

1889 J. A. SMALL

1891 - 1903 James Albert SMALL, Plumber & Glazier

1917-18 James A. SMALL, Plumber

1922 The Westgate Restaurant, Proprietor H. HATTON. Ices, Cakes, Minerals. Afternoon Teas. Hot and Cold Luncheons 12 till 2:30. In and Out-door parties catered for. Having visited The Westgate with its interesting Museum, a pleasant diversion may be made by taking rest and refreshment at The Restaurant facing the Gateway.

No. 95

1889 SMALL Bros. Plumbers and Glaziers

1891 - 1903 James Albert SMALL, Plumber & Glazier

1917-18 James A. SMALL, Plumber


Westgate Grove




In consequence of the rapid melting of the snow, which commenced on Monday evening, a great number of houses in Canterbury were overflowed, and the furniture in many materially damaged. The thaw continuing all Tuesday, and the greatest part of Wednesday, occasioned the river Stour to spread its waters to a greater depth and extent than at any time since the year 1776, over all the adjoining low lands from Ashford to Sandwich haven. At noon on Wednesday, the flood increased so rapidly, that many houses in Stour Street, Beer cart lane, Lamb lane, Bests Lane, St. Radegund's bath, Pound Lane, part of St. Peter's, Cocklane, St. Dunstan's, and North Lane, had their ground floors laid under water, those nearest the river several feet deep. The inhabitants were obliged to betake themselves to their chambers for safety, and some families to leave their habitations. In the afternoon it again began to freeze, which probably in some measure checked the supplies of the torrent, and lessened its rapidity; and between ten and eleven at night the waters were perceived to subside, and in the morning marked their progress, by leaving the streets covered with broad and broken sheets of ice. TSMFeb1795



John ABBOTT, brewer

William BALDOCK, sadler and harness maker

Thomas DEAN, boot and shoemaker

Edward FLOOKS, shoemaker

William FULLER, carpenter

John LAMB, baker

Sarah MANN, smith

Henry MATHEWS, bricklayer

Thomas PILCHER, wheelwright

William REED, plumber and glazier

Emanuel SOLOMON, clock and watch maker

Thomas STROUT, boarding school



In St. Dunstan's Street stands a long range of building, converted into school rooms for the education of the children of the poor, on the system of Dr. Bell. These premises were formerly the prison for the eastern division of the county of Kent, before it was removed to St. Augustine's; and not far from it the Jews have a synagogue, which they have lately enlarged. WG1825

1825 - lxxxviii, An Act for more effectually repairing the roads leading from Saint Dunstan's Cross to North Lane near to the city of Canterbury, and to the sea side at Whitstable in the county of Kent, and for widening and improving the road from North Lane aforesaid, over west gate bridge, to the west gate of the said city, and for making a foot bridge on each side of the said bridge and gate into the said city. AR1824

"Death, July 30th, At Bengal, of cholera, George A. NEAME, youngest son of the late John NEAME, esq. of St. Dunstan's Canterbury."GM1858

Died in St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, aged 72, Mrs. Elizabeth SCOTT, widow of Thomas SCOTT, Captain in the 70th Regiment, and brother of the late Sir Walter Scott, of Abbotsford. AR1848 *had a daughter Ann Scott

Insolvent Debtors - 1830 James Edmed, formerly of Ashford, farmer, next lodging in Ashford, out of business, next of the King's Head, Wincheap, licensed Victualler, next of St. Dunstan Street, Canterbury, out of business, next of the Eight Bells*, St. Dunstan's street, licensed Victualler, all in Kent, also, at the same time in copartnership with one William Haywood, as wood-dealers and carriers. (Thursday, March 4 at 9) *previously the THREE QUEENS


13 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in St. Dunstan's, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


1847 Richard BARNETT, French Polisher, Westgate Street


Hannah FOORD &

Elizabeth COURT, Neice

*death of a Hannah Foord in Bridge in 1872

*Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Last day of claim. Tuesday, March 25, 1873. Hannah Foord, Canterbury, Kent, Spinster. Apirl 19. Callaway and Furley, Canterbury. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter April 5, 1873


TO BE LETT, A House (pleasantly situated over-against St.Dunstan's Cross) consisting of a Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, Wash-house and Brew-house, two Cellars, three good Bed Chambers, two Garrets, a good Garden, and a Stable for three or four Horses. Also a good Cockle Oast, with good Stowages - Inquire of Mrs. Child, or of Mr. Roberts, in St. Margaret's, Canterbury Kentish Post September 1756 *information kindly supplied by Richard, please do not copy the above Newspaper information without prior permission from him - the links to his site are as follows:

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dutillieul/ZOtherPapers/NewKent11Sep1756.html (Kentish Post)

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dutillieul/ZOtherPapers/Index.html (Main Newspaper Site)



William Ratcliff - Porter with son? Richard and daughter (in law?) Esther?

Parish of St. Peter

Sacred to the memory of Sarah, wife of William RATCLIFF who died November 12th, 1828 aged 70 years. Had issue four sons and 4 (?) daughters viz Mary Sarah William Elizabeth Susannah Richard Thomas Edward...Susannah died June 16 18.. Aged 5 years (?) and was buried at Westgate* Sarah died October 3 1828, aged 3 years (?) and was buried at St. Marys Dover. Also of the abovenamed William RATCLIFF who died June 13th 1841 in the 80th year of his age. Footstones: S.R. 1828 W.R. 1841


1838 Ashley TERRY, Baker, St. Dunstan's Street

1838 James SWAIN, Baker, St. Dunstan's Street

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