Showing St. George's Gate (left) and Lower Bridge Street (right)

You can see Pettit & Son Stationers & Newsagents in the background, with Godfrey and Co. Pianoforte dealers on the extreme left

The street signs give the distance to London, Maidstone, Charing, Dover and Folkestone


Showing the store of Pettit & Son on the left (unveiling of the war memorial) from an old postcard in my collection


No. 1

Samuel B. Pettit, Tailor &

Samuel B. Pettit, Tobacconist & Newsagent *

1889 Samuel B. Pettit, Tobacconist and Newsagent & Post Office (S. B. Pettit, receiver)

Samuel B. H. Pettit, Tobacconist *his wife's name is Ann Pettit (

Samuel Bexhill H. Pettit, Tobacconist

1903 Samuel Bexhill Pettit, Tobacconist & Stationer, also located at 11 St. Peter's Street

*his daughter's name is Elsie M. Pettit - See Montrose Tennis Club

1905 - Dec - House (semi-detache), 7 Norman Road, Canterbury; rent £19 10s. - Apply S. Pettit, 1 St. George's Gate, Canterbury

Samuel Bexhill Pettit, junior: possession and sale of 10 obscene prints being kept at a shop, 1 St George's Gate Canterbury. The Justice's of the Peace authorised a warrant, to Chief Constable John James Farmery Canterbury Police, ordering that the prints should be destroyed within 7 days, unless Samuel Bexhill Pettit, junior should appeal to show reason otherwise. Obscene Publications Act 1857.
Authorisation of Police Warrant- 9 Feb 1906-Court of Summary Jurisdiction Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-CC-J/V/1906/2

1917 Pettit and Son, Stationers

Detail showing no. 2 Godfrey's Piano's c. 1917, or earlier and Pettit and Son on the right


No. 2

1870 - 1890's Alfred Bing, Grocer and Provisions Merchant

1882 Alfred Bing, Grocer

Frederic J. Deveries, Pianoforte Dealer )

1903 Frederick John Deveries, Musical instrument dealer and Post office

1917 Godfrey and Co. (ltd.) Pianoforte Dealers


Detail showing no. 3 & 4 A. T. Bates, Gunsmith and B & W Fisk-Moore c. 1917 or earlier


No. 3

Stephen Martin, Butcher

Alfred Cornes, Butcher * (moved to Butchery Lane)

1889 E. Williams and Son, Tailors

1903 Williams & Sons, Tailors

1917 A.T. Bates, Gunsmith


Showing from right No. 1 Samuel Pettit to No. 4 Fisk-Moore, photographers on the left


No. 4

Thomas Potvine, Harness Maker & *died 1880 in Canterbury

Joseph Kirkby, Air Tight Case Maker *

1889 to at least 1903 J. Craik, Photographer *was at 51 Burgate Street prior to this

C. Nesbitt, I'm unsure of the date or when he was in business at this location

possibly between the time of James Craik and B & W Fisk-Moore?poss

1913 B & W. Fisk Moore, Photographers

1917 B. & W. Fisk Moore, Photographers

No. 5

1917 Miss Hardman, Tea Rooms


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