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St. Mary Bredin, Municipal ward of Dane John

The Roman road was found throughout Beer Cart Lane; but in Watling Street it runs under the houses on the north side of the street, not beneath the roadway. It also ran considerably to the north of Old Dover Road, not beneath the present roadway there. "Archaeologia Cantiana, 1883"

To be sold by private contract, A convenient house in Watling Street, near the Dane John. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)

Old Dover Road to St. Margaret's Street (right from Old Dover Road)


No. 1

OSWALD HOUSE on the corner of Watling and St. Mary Streets

Built 1794 on the Paddock (formerly a cherry garden) by William BALDOCK for George QUESTED a schoolmaster

the house remained a school until 1875 when it was sold by the schoolmaster William SMITH to William Minter CLARIS, gentleman. The playground was sold in 1876.

1838 Henry MARLEN, Dane John Academy, Boarding and Day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Watling Street

John SMITH, Schoolmaster, Dane John Acadamey % (wife Jane)

Teachers - John Edward LEWIS and Thomas Henry BROWN %

23 Pupils - Frank William WOOD, of Canterbury %

DANE JOHN ACADEMY, John SMITH, Schoolmaster, Alfred SMITH and Alexander GREY, Assistant Schoolmasters, 28 students ^

(ages to 9 - 20)

John Samuel GILES, Canterbury

George Thomas TOMSETT, Canterbury

Ferdinand William GREATREN, Captain in the Royal Dragoons (

By 1899 it was called Oswald House, and it was purchased by Thomas Soars JOHNSON, MD.

1917 W. Pembroke JONES Esq., and The Misses

The house was destroyed in 1942



Dec 20, 1894 Saturday next. Mr. George Slater will sell by auction, on Saturday next, December 22nd, a bay mare, 14.2, quite to ride a good fencer and has carried a lady to hounds for the last three seasons, the property of Martin Tomson, Esq.

Mr. George Slater will sell on Saturday next "Kitty" a chestnut mare 15.3* a good hack, quiet in double and single harness the property of J. T. Harris, Esq. *hands high

Mr. George Slater. Will sell on Saturday next, the twelve following Horses from the Canterbury Cavalry Depot by order of the Secretary of State for War.

40 Horses, for sale by auction, by Mr. George Slater at his repository, Canterbury on Saturday next December 22nd. Also Carriages and Harness.

George Slatter, Auctioneer and Land Agent (

1903 Geroge Slater, Auctioneer & Land Agent and horse repository, Watling Street

1917 George SLATER


Oswald Terrace (No. 1 - 3)


No. 3

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Miss JEUDWINE, 3 Watling Street

In Watling Street - Margaretta Jeudwine (u) age 83, with neice Eliza Gradidge (u) %

Sacred to the memory of
Who died March 23rd 1784. Aged 43.
Also Harriot Holt his wife
Who died August 24th, 1824(?) Aged 88
Harriot Alexander Gradidge. Their Daughter
Died at Folkstone July 12th 1808. Aged 44.
William James their son died April 10th 1804. Aged 38.
John their youngest son died Oct 22nd 1835. Aged 64. And was buried at St. Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.

This tablet is erected by the two surviving
Daughters of James & Harriot Holt Jeudwine

Their daughter, Margaretta, died January 1st 1852, Aged 84

Ann Elizabeth the last surviving daughter and relict of Peter Craig died March 22nd 1861, aged 84 years.

Tablet in St. Peter's Church

------ ^

No. 3 Watling street - 1890 Ann SANKEY...(William Henry Sankey of Sandiacre, Nottingham son) and Ann Elizabeth Hammond, wife of William Henry Hammond of Chilham, daughter of Ann

1917 Miss L. LIPSCOMB


No. 4

Jonahtan RUTTER %

Thomas OLIVER ^

W. K. CURTIS Esq. Member of the Kent Archaeological Society 1862 Archaeologia Cantiana 1862

1917 Mrs. J. MAYLAM


No. 5

William ROOTS, Army Forage Contractor %

William ROOTS ^

Edward COLLARD, Brewers Traveller

1917 George COLLARD


No. 6

Chapel House %


July 11, 1863

For new chapel, Watling Street, Canterbury. Mr. W. F. Poulton (Reading) architect:

Simms £2299

Wilson £2052

Lancefield £1863

Bonnett £1797

"The new chapel on the site of the old building, in Watling Street, Canterbury has just been commenced, and is to be in the Early Decorated Style. The accommodation will be for about 500 persons on the ground floor, and in an end gallery a school and class rooms will occupy the whole of the space under the chapel. Bath stone dressings and rag stone walling are the materials of the front. The cost will be about 2,000l, including lighting and all expenses. Mr. Lancefield of Canterbury is the contractor, Mr. Poulton is the architect." Aug 15 1863 The Builder vol 21

----- ^

George NEETON, Independent Minister %

1917 Rev. W. EDMONDSON


No. 7

Edward SANKEY, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons London and Licenced Apothecary (Ann Sankey, sister in law, widow) %

John USHER, Appraiser ^ *possibly the John Usher

William HOWARD, Bankers Clerk ^

John Thomas THOMPSON, Contractors Lay Clerk ^

Henry Christian SUTTON, Relieving & Inquiry Officer (

Walter MANT, Postman (Civil Service)

1917 Miss L. BOURNE


No. 8






No. 9

James JENKINS, Accountant %

Ann Isabella WILLIAMS, Furrier ^

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Miss Isabella WILLIAMS, listed under Furriers

Louisa HUGHES is boarding at No. 9 Watling street, she is an Elementary School mistress c. 1890's

Charles HOPPER, Job master (stableman)

1917 Francis CLARKE


No. 10

1838 Thomas BOULTON, 10 Watling Street (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and retired persons)

Thomas W. BOULTON, Omnibus Proprietor %

Elizabeth BOULTON (w) ^

Mr. A. HORSLEY, 10 Watling Street (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1917 Robert NOBLE


No. 11

William HARRISON, Stone mason %

Ann JULL, Lodging House keeper % (?) or no, 11

William JOHNSON, Hostler ^

1882 William Lewis AIANO, Boot Maker

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - William L. AIANO, 11 Watling Street - Listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1890's - 1903 William Lewis AIANO, Boot Maker (b. 1832 in Canterbury)

*William L. AIANO died in 1907 in Canterbury

*Living with his parent's in the 1840's in Albion Square his father Bartholemew AIANO was a Bird Cage Maker born in Kent

1917 William ELLIS


No. 12

James HOPPER, Ostler %

James HOPPER, Hostler ^

Sarah HOPPER and her daughter Ada who is a teacher of music are living at number 12. c. 1890's

1917 Ernest Sidney MARTIN


No. 13


Carline WEST, Dressmaker ^

William JONES, Carpenter ^

George MARTIN, Fly Driver (Groom), son Thomas Martin, Shopman, China (Earthenware), son Stratford Martin, Grocer's Porter, Emily Martin, daughter, Dressmaking Apprentice (



No. 14 & 15

No. 14 James NORLEY, Tailor ^

No. 15 Charles MOORE, Grocer ^

Ann BOURNE, Grocer, Elizabeth CROW, Sister, Thomas WOOD, Grocers Assistant (

1917 P. E. BOURNE, Grocer


Rose Lane


On this road, at a very small distance from St. Margaret's street, before you come to the Dunjeon and Ridingate, is a large capital mansion house, formerly the property and residence of the family of Man, who were possessed of the aldermanry of Westgate, held of the crown in king Henry III's reign, from which time they continued resident in this city. In Henry VIII's reign, John Man, gentleman was of Canterbury, as appears by his deed dated in the 8th year of it, sealed with his coat of arms, which was, Or, a chevron ermine, between three lions rampant-guardant, sable. His great-grandson William Man, esq. resided in this parish of St. Mary Bredin (the church of which is situated close to the gardens of this house northward) whose son Sir Charles Man, anno I Charles I. built this mansion, which has a most respectable appearance; at length, after it had continued in his descendants till the latter end of the last century, it was alienated by one of them to the family of Denew, which has resided at Staplegate in this city for many descents; one of whom Nathaniel Denew, resided here, and dying in 1720, left it to his widow Dorothy, eldest daughter of Sir Abraham Jacob, of Dover, and the alienate it to Capt. Humphry Pudner, who died possessed of it in 1753, upon which it passed by his will to his daughter Katherine, wife of Thomas Barrett, esq. of Lee, in the county whom she survived, and afterwards sold it to Mrs. Cecilia Scott, of the family of Scott's hall, who resided in it, and dying unmarried in 1785, devised it by her last will to her brother William Scott, esq. of Blendon hall, in Bexley, in this county, who afterwards removed hither, and now resides in it.

No. 16

Built by Sir Charles Man, c. 1625 (but considerably altered at later dates)

Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Last Day of Claim. Friday, March, 29, 1861. John GODFREY, Esq. Brooke house, Ash, Kent. Wightwick, Kingsford & Fraser, Solicitors, 16 Watling Street, Canterbury, June 1 The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter, April 6, 1861

Used as an office ^

Stephen WATTS, Stonemason, Charlotte WATTS, daughter, Elementary School Teacher (

1903 Cecil Edward KINGSFORD, solicitor and commissioner for oaths and clerk to the commissioners of sewers for the Eastern division of the county and clerk to magistrates for Home and Wingham divisions (firm, Wightwick & Kingsford) 16 Watling street

*1883 - The Law Times - Professional Partnerships Dissolved, Gazette, Jan. 4. Wightwick, Kingsford, Wightwick and Kingsford Solicitors, Canterbury: Thomas Norman Wightwick, Montague Kingsford, William Norman Wightwick and Cecil Edward Kingsford j. As regards T. N. Wightwick. Dec. 31. Debts by remaining partners.

1913 Cecil Edward KINGSFORD, Clerk to the Justices

1913 Solicitors to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, KINGSFORD, Arrowsmith & Wightwick

1917 KINGSFORD, ARROWSMITH & WIGHTWICK, Solicitors (tele. 7)

*Cecil Edward KINGSFORD, Esq. solicitor and commissioner; clerk to the Justices and to the Commsrs. of Taxes (Home and Wingham Divisions) clerk to the Commissioners of Sewers for East Kent.

Office of the County Magistrates

Robert Henry ARROWSMITH, Esq. (B.A.) solicitor and commissioner

Normal Wightwick II, Esq. (B.A.)

Gerald M. KINGSFORD, Esq.

Mrs. HUDSON, Caretaker

The side view of the house


No. 17

James WILSON, Accountant ^


No. 18

Damaged in the WW2 bombing, Demolished 1953

Jane E. ABBOTT, School Mistress % (no 17 or 18?)

Thomas CROSS, Schoolmaster ^

Richard BARNWELL, student, Canterbury ^

1886 R. P. Evans, Esq. WATLING HOUSE, Canterbury *Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

1889 Francis Cross, Commercial School, WATLING HOUSE

C. Holttum, Surgeon, Watling House 1889

WATLING HOUSE, Francis William Cross, Schoolmaster and Journalist (

**F. W. Cross gave money towards the restoration of the Holy Cross Westgate churchyard, as per the notes in J. M. Cowpers book c. 1888

*Rambles Round Old Canterbury, have drawings by Francis William Cross, also History of the Walloon & Huguenot church at Canterbury (The publications of the Huguenot society London) by Francis William Cross

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mr. F. W. CROSS, Watling Street

1917 WATLING HOUSE, Sidney HARVEY, Esq. (F.I.C., F.C.S.)


No. 19

Damaged in the WW2 bombing, Demolished 1953

Robert Court CULLEN, Junior, Accountant ^

Lewis CASTLE, Fruiterer (

1913 Sidney HARVEY, City Analyst

1917 WATLING CHAMBERS, Hawkins and Roberts, Analysts

Borough Analyst's Offices, E. M. Hawkins, Esq. (F.I.C., F.C.S.)

C.C. ROBERTS, Esq. (M.A., A.I.C.)

Thomas A. BOWEN, Esq., City Magistrates Clerk


No. 19b


No. 20

Susan C. GREAVES, Landed proprietress %

Susan Charlotte GREAVES ^

1873 (return of owners of land, 1873) William PLUMMER, 20 Watling Street, Canterbury

Acres. 33, 1, 20

Rent 79 10

Mary Ann HOLLOWAY, Boarding House Keeper (

William PENN, Furnishings Warehouseman )



No. 21

Thomas G. KENNETT, Wine & Spirt Merchants Clerk %

Thomas Godfrey KENNETT ^

Zachariah PRENTICE, Registered General Medical Practioner )



No. 22

Eliza KEELER, Lodging House keeper %

Jessie SCOTT ^

Eliza KEELER, Lodging House ^

Walter WILDEY, Builders Clerk (

Walter WILDEY, Builders Surveyor )

1917 Warters and Hall, Dressmakers


No. 23

Mary Ann DAVIS %

David HANCOCK % (?)

Elizabeth MAIDLOW & Eliza JONES, Young ladies school

1884 Robert Mendham EVANS (the exors. of the late), 23 Watling Street (listed under Hop Merchants)

1917 Miss SUTTON, Costumier

1940's ? - H. CAMPBELL and ASHENDEN, architects, 23 Watling Street *photograph of a plan of the undercroft of the Eastbridge Hospital CCA


Right from Castle Street


No. 24


William PIERSON, Victualler %

Isaac RATCLIFF, Inn Keeper ^

July 15th, 1865 I. RATCLIFFE, Queens Head Inn, Watling Street (No. 1561) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted B & K (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

William TERRY, Queen's Head Hotel, Watling Street, 1913

1917 Miss H. Ellen BLAIR




Hester E. SHIRLEY & mother Hester COLLARD ^


No. 25

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) John LE GRAND, 25 Watling Street

Caroline LE GRAND %

Jane JAGER ^

Miss Henrietta IRON, 25 Watling Street (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1917 ROGERS AND DORE, Auctioneers, valuers and house agents (tele. 11y)

F. H. DORE, Esq., Architect and Surveyor

Vaughn PAGE, Esq. Solicitor and commissioner for oaths


No. 26


1847 Henry WATERMAN, 26 Watling Street, Canterbury, 1847 Poll Book

David B. MAJOR, General Practioner & Apothocary %

The Medical Register 1860 - lists David Browning MAJOR at no 26 Watling Street, Canterbury Kent. Lic. Soc. Apoth. Lond. 1822. Mem. 1823 Fell. 1843. R. Coll. Surg. Eng.

David B. Marjor Surgeon ^

Medical News, May 11, 1861 - Deaths - May 3, David Browning MAJOR, of Watling Street, Canterbury F.R.C.S. Eng. (Hon) M.R.C.S., L.S.A. aged 59 (buried at St. Margarets)


HOLTTUM family

Latchmere House, Watling Street - Charles HOLTTUM (widower), Surgeon & General practioner

1894 Charles HOLTTUM was a creditor of Jane LONG, Fishmonger of St. Margaret's street in the amount of £25

1927 Mrs. Robert PATTERSON, 26 Watling Street, Canterbury (phone book)


No. 27

Thomas SMITH, Carpenter & office porter ^

Charles Joseph AYRE, Postmaster (

1917 Percy Thomas BAKER, Esq. (M.A.) Solicitor and commissionr for oaths (tele. 34) Mercer & Baker

Miss HODGSON, Caretaker


No. 28

George HART, Solicitor's Clerk ^

1890's - 1900's Charles RICHARDSON, Sanitary Inspector



No. 29

William Henry BIGGLESTON, Ironfounder ^

1854 - Ironfounders and co-partners, for smith and founders work on the new wing of the female prison CKS

* "Supplement to the London Gazette, February 27, 1858", John George Drury and William H. BIGGLESTON, Canterbury, Gentlemen

Death of a William Henry BIGGLESTON 1870, Canterbury aged 62

Son Mr. H. M. BIGGLESTON moved to Cornubia on the corner of Puckle Lane and Old Dover Road c. 1890 (architect John Green Hall)

1890's - 1900's Reuben BETTS, Coal Merchant (

1917 J. M. WATSON, Credit Draper


No. 30

Reine ELGAR ^

John SPAIN, Carpenter (

Harriette WEEKES (

John SPAIN, Carpenter )

1913 Harry James HOULDEN, Vaccination Officer

1917 H. J. HOULDEN, registrar of births, deaths and marriages

Canterbury Baths Co. (ltd.) H. J. HOULDEN, sec.

Canterbury Insurance Committee; H. J. HOULDEN, clerk


No. 31

Thomas BOYCOTT, Physcian ^


photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/

Percis HARVEY, Principal of High Class School for Girls (

Ada Eva NAISH, Governess (sister) (

Ellen Gertrude FROST, Governess (

Alice Margaret HARVEY, Governess (

15 girls from age 13 - 17

Purvis HARVEY, School Mistress ) * A School for Young Ladies

1900 - Wanted, re-engagement by lady. Six years' experience in teaching. London, ... and Cambridge certificates. ...Drawing, English, Mathematics, Latin, French, German, Drawing, Painting &c. - K. O'Leary, The Laurels, Canterbury (Journal of Education)

Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society; Hon. Represntative, Miss Harvey, The Laurels, Watling Street - 1913

1917 C. W. FINN and Sons, Auctioneers, land agents and valuers (tele. 159)


No. 32

Edmund GRANTHAM, Captain in the Army ^

Sarah Amy TAYLOR, Lodging House Keeper (

1917 Percy MAYLAM, Esq. Solicitor, (tele. 178) commissioner for oaths and perpetual commissioner


No. 33

Mary Ann GLOVER ^

Amelia POTTER, Lodging House Proprietor (

1917 Mrs. H. C. BROWNING


No. 34

1847 Mr. Thomas HACKER, 34 Watling Street

John WILTSHIER, Painter, Glazier and Plumber ^

Johnathan RUTTER ^

John ELGAR, Commission Agent (

William WILTSHIRE, House Decorator )

1903 A. WILTSHIRE, registered plumber, Member Sanitary Institute. Plumber, Sanitary Engineer and House Decorator, Gas, Hot and Cold Water Fitter, 34 Watling St., Canterbury. .....Expert on Sanitary Matters....

1917 Archibald WILTSHIER, Builder, decorator and sanityar engineer (tele. 14y)


No. 35

1832 - 34 George FORTLINE, Beer retailer and Brewer

Matilda REEL, Baker and Brewer ^

Alfred Ernest OSTLER, Baker (

Alfred OSTLER, Baker )

1917 Alfred Ernest OSTLER, Baker



St. Johns Lane / Rose Lane


No. 36

1832 George ASH, Brewer (listed under Pubs and Brewers of Kent)

July 15th, 1865 George ASH jr. (No. 1540) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted B & K (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

George ASH, Retired Brewer and Landowner *Grandchildren Ann O. Collard, Sophia, Albert ^&

James WILTSHIER, Bankers Accountant *


No. 37

1847 Capt. George P. COLLARD, 37 Watling Street

1858 George P. COLLARD, Esq., 37 Watling Street

George P. COLLARD, Wine Merchant


No. 38


Maria RANDALL, Victualler

1917 W. SWAIN


No. 39

William R. Skey ^

1903 Harry BAKER, 39 Watling Street

1917 Mrs. BISHOP


No. 41

1830, Insolvent Debtors - James LAWS, formerly of High Street, Canterbury, out of business, afterwards of Guildhall street, butcher, afterwards of Dovor, and late of No. 41 Watling street, Canterbury, horse dealer.

Richard STRINGER, Grocer ^



Watling Street Square (no thorofare) No. 2, 3, 4


No. 40

Thomas PAYNE, Brewers traveller ) *might work for the Dane John Brewery


No. 41


Alfred H. HADLOW, Publican )


No. 42

1838 Thomas LONGLEY, Chorister in the Cathedral, 42 Watling street

William HODGSON, Joiner )

1917 Herbert AMOS


No. 43

Harried HADLOW, lodging house keeper )


No. 44

William KEMP, Civil Service Clerk, Postal and Telegraph

James JORDAN, Tailors Journeyman )

1917 Mrs. MEPHAM


No. 45

1865 Poll - Francis Samuel SEELEY, 45 Watling Street

Francis S. SEELEY, Retired Cabinet maker )


No. 46

Charles HATTON, Retired tailor )


Purchased by the city in 1951


No. 47

Elizabeth KENNETT )

Purchased by the city in 1951


No. 48

William MERITT, Clock maker, 48 Watling Street

Caleb KEMP )

1917 Charles BANNER


No. 49

George HEWETT, Carter and Contractor )

1917 Miss Jane MORGAN


Watling Street Square


Dane John Gardens


No. 53

Henry WESTOVER, Printer & Compositor ^


May 1795

The roof of a stable, at the barracks in Watling Street, Canterbury, in which were 62 horses, belonging to the 11th light dragoons, suddenly fell down, the rafters pitching, for want of stays. Though several men were within side, happily they received no material injury, and all the horses were unhurt, though the tiles fell upon them in great abundance. KR



Thomas DOCKER, surgeon

George ASH, brewer

PETTIT and PERKINS, builders


... just beyond the city walls, a Roman Cemetery has been touched upon by excavators for the foundations of a house. Mr. John Brent has been assiduously watching these discoveries on the part of the Kent Archaeological Society. GM 1861


Died, March 30. At Canterbury, aged 88, Mrs. Hannah CAMPBELL, sister of the late Rev. Archibald Colin Campbell of Watling Street. GM 1854


St. Lawrence House, formerly stood on the south side of the Watling Street, and occupied the site of an hospital, founded in 1137 for leprous or contagiously diseased inmates of St. Augustine's Abbey. Sir George Rooke, the celebrated admiral, who derived the estate from Sir William, his father, gave it the name of "The Rook's Nest" and spent the latter part of his life here. The estate has lately been purchased by Richard Milles, Esq. who has taken down the house, and added the adjoining lands to those in his own occupation.

Excursions in the county of Kent by Thomas Kitson Cromwell 1822

*Richard Milles, Esq. M.P. for Canterbury, subscriber to Gostling 1779



John NUTT (& town clerk), Watling Street - Listed under Attorneys


1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. KELSEY, Watling Street

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. HILL, Watling Street

1838 The Misses KEELER, day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Watling Street

1847 Thomas BOULTON, Omnibus Proprietor, Watling Street

1847 Mrs. Hannah BOURNE, Watling Street


Excavations lately made in the High street of Canterbury have laid open the foundations of Roman buildings which cross below the present street, proving that it cannot be of so early a date as some have imagined. On the side of the Watling



John SMITH, Schoolmaster, Dane John Acadamey

Margaretta JEWDWINE, Landed Proprietor

Johnathan RUTTER, Landed Proprietor

William ROOTS, Army Forage Contractor

Watling Street, Chapel House, George NEETON, Independent Ministher of Union Chapel, Watling Street

Edward SANKEY, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons London and Licence of the Apothecaries Company, General Practioner


James JENKINS, Accountant

Thomas W. BOULTON, Owner of an Omnibus

William HARRISON, Stone Mason

Ann JULL, Lodging House Keeper

James HOPPER, Ostler


Sidney GOLDSMITH, Grocer

Ash HACKER, Builder

Jane E. ABBOTT, School Mistress

Edward THORNTON, School Master

*Will of Edward Thornton of Canterbury, Kent (April 21, 1853) Prob 11/2171


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