Bust of a beautiful lady scuplted by Henry Weekes R.A.

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1802 MARRIAGE - Capon Weekes of St. Margaret's Canterbury gentleman bachelor (23) & Mary PEARSON of Stelling, Spinster (23), at Selling, July 24, 1802

1807 Birth of Henry Weekes

1816 died at Canterbury the wife of Mr. Capon Weekes (age 36)

Bust of Capon Weekes scuplted by Henry Weekes R.A.

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1816 Henry Weekes, King's School Canterbury

1822 Henry Weekes is apprenticed to William Behnes

1825 MARRIAGE - Capon Weekes of St. George's Canterbury, widow and Susan CHALK of St. Mildred's Canterbury, spinster, at St. Mildred. Jun 15, 1825

Christening, December 3, 1826 of Catherine WEEKES, daughter of Capon and Susan WEEKES in St. George's church, Canterbury


Bust of Catherine Weekes, sculpted by Henry Weekes R.A.

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1827- Mr. W. H. WEEKES delivered a lecture on Chemistry on July 17th at the Canterbury Philosophical Institute in Guildhall St. (Donation to the Museum - Great black backed Gull & Thirteen specimens of snakes, Mr. W. H. WEEKES) (also a donation of a Sphinx Tiliae (lime tree moth) 2 spec. Mrs. WEEKES)

1827 Mr. Capon WEEKES (Committee Member of the Philosophical Institute)

1827 & 1829 & 1831 Members of the above inst. John WEEKS, Capon WEEKES, William Henry WEEKES

1830 Poll Book - Capon Weekes, St. George's Canterbury, Bankers Clerk "forty years held an appointment in Messrs. Hammond and Furley's Bank in that city."

1832 Counterpart lease for 30 years to James WEEKES, Yeoman of a tenement, carpenters yard, buildings, garden ground, appurtances near Castle Street, opposite Chapel Churchyard in the parish of St. Mildred

1838 Directory - Capon WEEKES, Kent (Fire and Life) Bridge Street

1838 Directory - WEEKES and Son, Leather cutters and curriers and tanners, 13 St. Alpahge lane & Littlebourne

1839 Lease of Powlbrooks Farm, Chiddingstone, Kent, between Capon Weekes of Littlebourne next Canterbury, Tanner and William Marker of Shelleys Farm, Knockholt. A farm called Powlbrooks with 30 acres land in Chiddingstone

1840 Death of an Edward WEEKES in Canterbury

1840 Fire & c. Office Agents - Capon WEEKES, St. Alphage Lane

1840 Pigot's Directory - Capon WEEKES, Littlebourne & Canterbury

1840 Abstract of Title 1774-1857 mentions Henry Weekes, Lower Belgrave Place, Pimlico, sculptor only son of Capon Weekes, who died 23 March 1848 intestate.

1840 - Henry Weekes was living in Canterbury in about 1840 when he was engaged in carving the sundial for the Dane John


The copy of the sundial was sculpted by Timothy Lees, after the original by Henry Weekes

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"On the lawn is an exquisitely sculptured sundial by the celebrated Weeks, a native of this city. On the pillar, in bold relief are classical figures of the Seasons."


In the Dane John "…the lawn is planted with flowers, arranged in beds, and on the left is a sun-dial supported by a marble pedestal ornamented with sculptured figures representing the Seasons, and executed by a native artist of the name of WEEKES, who has lately made great advances in his art." (subscription of £250)

1841 Capon WEEKES, in Littlebourne age 60, Tanner, wife Susan, children, Mary Ann age 25, Harriett age 20, Katherine age 15, Frederick age 5

1844 the birth of a Lionel Capon WEEKES in London

March 23, 1848 death of Capon WEEKES in Canterbury (buried in St. Mildred's)

"Beneath are deposited

the remains of


of this City

who died March 23rd 1848

in the 69th year of his age

Beloved & lamented

MARY his first wife

who died March 18th 1816

aged 35 years


their youngest child

who died March 31st 1840

aged 24 years"

(burial Capon Weekes, noted as March 30, 1848, 68 years, Abode - High Street, buried at St. Mildred)

Burial of a Jane Weekes, September 20th, 1811, 3 years, Abode - not given, buried at St. Mildred

Burial of a William Capon Weekes, September 20th, 1811, age 13 months, Abode - not given, buried at St. Mildred

(near Alderman Simmons in St. Mildred's Church) Close to his grave is that of Capon Weekes, the father of a distinguished son Henry Weekes, R.A., of whose memory, as a native genius, Canterbury should feel proud. (1884)

1851 Oaten Hill - Susanna WEEKES, age 76 (widow) and Catherine WEEKES, age 34, Harriett WEEKES, daughter in law age 46 (all born Canterbury) St. Mary Bredin

1861 The marriage of Catherine WEEKES and David COLLARD, St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury

1877 the death of Henry WEEKES

(Henry Weekes children: Herbert William Weekes, Henry Weekes jr. Frederick Weekes)


".....and also a marble bust of the late Alderman Masters, by H. Weekes Esq. R.A." Was originally in the Canterbury Philosophical Institute in Guildhall Street



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