St. Mary Bredin, Municipal Ward of Dane John

Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

"One cemetary on the east, runs under and on both sides of the road now called "Old Dover Road;" part of it was subsequently used as the graveyard of St. Sepulchre's Nunnery. A second Roman cemetery was found outside Worth Gate. It was adjacent to the site of the Chatham and Dover Railway Station, and extended into Wincheap field, beyond the Gasometer. A third cemetery was on the St. Dunstan's Road. It included the site of St. Dunstan's Churchyard, but it extended from the South Eastern Railway cutting to the London Road on the north-west. A fourth cemetery was found a Vauxhall, beside the Ramsgate Road. It included the sites of the Infantry and Cavalry Barracks. A fifth seems to have been near Little Barton and the cemetery of St. Augustine's Abbey. (See Brent's Canterbury in the Olden Time, 2nd Edition, pp. 31-33, 38-41)

The Roman road was found throughout Beer Cart Lane; but in Watling Street it runs under the houses on the north side of the street, not beneath the roadway. It also ran considerably to the north of Old Dover Road, not beneath the present roadway there. AC1883


Old Forge, No. 36 Dover Road c. 1902


Watling Street




Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

No. 1

William BODLE %

1889 James DOWN, Grocer's Assistant

1917 Walter JAMES


No. 2

William APPS, Groom %

1889 Alfred APPS, Confectioner

1903 Alfred APPS, Shopkeeper, Old Dover Road

1917 Mrs. ELGAR, Confectioner


No. 3

William NEAME %

1889 John SMITH

1903 Caleb KEMP, 3 Old Dover Road (House Decorator), previously living in Watling Street

1917 Bertie BREBNER



No. 4

William BARBER, Labourer %

1889 Samuel SNELL, Riding Gate Inn

1903 William Thomas HOPTON, Riding Gate Inn

1917 H. PALMER, Riding Gate Inn


July 15th, 1865 James C. WEYMOUTH, Riding Gate House (No. 1569) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted D & B (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)


Upper Bridge Street



This house was destroyed in the bombing of Canterbury in 1942

The lovely old photograph above showing THE LIMES on the right and the old Riding Gate Inn on the left

Photo credit thanks to DEREK BUTLER

Miss DEEDES, The Limes, Canterbury, Kent 1796

"Death at the Limes, Canterbury, aged 65, Mary Teresa Hawkins, widow of the late Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Nash court Kent." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1811

William ABBOT $

1847 Thomas Lever BURCH, Esq., The Limes

Martha MASON and Mary JENKINS (Teachers at the Limes) %

Students: Eleanor GOULDEN, Catherine Cramp, Helen Mason (Martha's neice), Mary Harvey, Mary Kirkby, Fanny McMahon, Anne DENNE, Fanny Green*, Emma and Maria David, Julia Willingstone, Julia West*, Augusta West, Mary Cramp, Julia Harvey, Elizabeth McMahon, Louisa Walker*, Elizabeth Hays.

George MINTER, Gardener ^

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1735 MINTER, George, The Limes, St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1889 William ELLYETT

1903 William ELLYETT, 5 Old Dover Road

1917 THE LIMES, Arthur B.R. SWORN Esq. (M.R.C.S.)


Sankey Buildings, Old Dover Road (1850's)

No. 1 Elizabeth & Mary Rogers

Henrietta REAKS ^ ?

Theopeterlus R. JONES, Assistant surveyor of taxes ^ ?

No. 2 Esther Francis, Houses

Esther FRANCIS ^

No. 3 Robert PAYNE, Inland Revenue (retired)

Thomas BEDFORD, Coachman ^

No. 4 Alice AUSTEN / Charlotte ROUSE

William CARTER, Manager of Timber Yard ^

No. 5 John SIDDERS, Hop Agent

George BRADMAN, Cabinet Maker ^

No. 6 Henriett ROAKS / Charles BOYS, Officer of Inland Revenue

Francis HEWITT, Farm Bailiff ^

No. 7 William FROST, Officer of Inland Revenue

William H. CRIPPEN, Schoolmaster ^

No. 8 John NEWPORT

William FROST, Officer of Inland Revenue ^

Thomas L. BURCH, Land and House Proprietor ^


No. 6

Thomas MEARS, Labourer %

1889 Robert Linsell BUNCE


No. 7

1889 Henry KEEN, Blacksmith


No. 8 (now No. 17 Kent & Canterbury Club)

THE ELMS - Thanks to Paul Crampton for the use of the above picture


1840 William DELMAR esq, Elms, Old Dover Road

James DELMAR $

William DELMAR, Esq., Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

1860's William DELMAR, County Magistrate, Charles DELMAR son, Capt Royal .... Rifles

Sept 29, 1863 William DELMAR Esq., The Elms. Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

William DELMAR, County Magistrate, THE ELMS ^

1867 Died at The Elms, Canterbury, aged 81, William DELMAR, esq., of The Elms, and of Elmstone Court, Wingham, Kent. He was the eldest son of the late Charles DELMAR, esq., of Canterbury, by Harriet, daughter of John JACKSON, esq. He was born in 1786, and educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1808, and proceeded M.A. in 1811. He was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Kent, and married, in 1811, Emma, second daughter of the late John ABBOTT, esq., formerly of Bromstom house St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet (who died in 1858), by whom he has left issue seven children. GM

Edward Henry Underwood BUTTANSHAW, b. Sept 17, 1892, son of Lt. Col. E. T. Buttanshaw, A.S.C. The Elms, Canterbury


1903 THE ELMS, Charlotte D'Aeth


No. 9


1877 Francis Breauton Thompson (coachman, domestic service) and Eliza Jane Terry (domestic service)

1889 Miss THOMAS

1903 James GRAY, 9 Old Dover Road


No. 10

1889 Mrs. FRANCIS


1903 Miss FRANCIS, 10 Old Dover Road


No. 11

1881 John and Eliza TERRY, their daughter Hannah and her husband Thomas F. Grantham were also living with them. John's occupation was Upholsterer, Thomas is a Printer, Hannah is a Milliner and Eliza is a dressmaker (by 1880 Thomas and Hannah were there, as per their marriage certificate)


1891 Eliza TERRY age 69, she was living with Charles ARCHER, who was a Baker and his wife Margaret Archer. Her husband John Terry (71) was a patient in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital at this time. John Terry passed away December 5, 1891 at 11 Old Dover Road, St. Mary Bredin, the death certificate was registered by his daughter in law Amelia Terry of 5 Chantry Lane.

Alexandria SWANSON )


No. 12



No. 13

1889 Mrs. MARKCROW


No. 14

1889 Miss STOKES, Apartments

Sarah STOKES )

1916 Mr. H. A. Court


No. 15

1889 Mrs. E. CHANDLER

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1797, John CHANDLER, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, listed under parish of Sturry (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.


1903 Miss CHANDLER, 15 Old Dover Road


No. 16

1889 Mrs. HARLAND, Teacher of Music

Frances MUTTON )


No. 17

1889 George BROTHERS, clerk

1891/92 Mr. F. BAKER, C.E., VERNON HOUSE, Canterbury, Member of the East Kent Natural History Society

1895 Frank BAKER, Esq. Vernon House Canterbury

VERNON HOUSE, Cyril AITKEN, Civil Engineer )

1903 Cyril Hamilton AITKEN, 17 Old Dover Road


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

Vernon Place


No. 18


St. Mary Bredin Vicarage, Old Dover Road

above photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/

1889 Rev. J. Sanger DAVIES, St. Mary Bredin's vicarage

Joseph BAMBRIDGE, Church of England )

1903 Rev. Joseph John Bambridge, M.A. vicar of St. Mary Bredin, 18 Old Dover Road


No. 19

1889 John MARSH, Baker

John MARSH, Baker )


Oaten Hill


Cross Keys, Old Dover Road & Oaten Hill


No. 20


Matilda R. EVANS, Schoolmistress & 3 students

Matilda R. EVANS, Schoolmistress * 26 students

Sara A. GORDON, English Teacher *

Emily GIFFORD, Music and Drawing Teacher *

1882 Miss EVANS, subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

1889 Miss EVANS

"During all this time the numbers of the School were rising rapidly. In 1898 a new boarding house (Winchelsea House) was opened under the charge of the Rev. Leonard Evans. Moreover, temporary accommodation was found by placing some of the boys under the care of Mrs. Evans at "The Haven", St. Stephens, others in the Precentor's house....Further expansion in the School was met by the opening of a boarding house by Mrs. Bell in 1902 "Wingfield House" and by Mr. Evans change from "Winchelsea House" to a larger one in the old Dover road, known as "Holme House" of these, the former can accomodate twelve and the latter twenty-eight boys. The increased number of boys has led also to the creation of new forms. ...Schola Regia Cantuariensis (King's School) 1908"

1903 Rev. Leonard Hugh EVANS, M.A., Assistant Master King's School, Holme House, Old Dover Road

1903 Miss EVANS, 20 Old Dover Road


No. 21

Charles J. COVENTRY, EKM (the Buffs) &

Charles B. ROCHE, Lieutenant Colonel *

1889 Miss EVANS, Brunswick terrace

Ethel HEWARA )

1903 Rev. Arthur W. PAYNE, M.A., curate of St. Pauls', 21 Old Dover Road


No. 22

Elizabeth WEBBERLEY, domestic servant &

Subscribers to "Canterbury in the Olden Time" by John Brent 1879

Mr. John McMASTERS, Esq. 22 Old Dover Road, Canterbury

John McMASTER, Banker *

1889 Mrs. HOOK, ladies' school Brunswick terrace

Harriet SMITH )

1903 Mrs. SMITH, 22 Old Dover Road


No. 23

William J. COOPER, Town Councillor / Retired Surgeon &

*1873 Return of Land owners - William J. COOPER, Old Dover Road, Canterbury (Mr. Cooper has sold this property) Acres - 9, 2, 0 Rent 33, 10

Joseph B. SHEPPARD, Retired Surgeon *



1903 Mrs. CRAWFORD, 23 Old Dover Road


No. 24

1870 Mr. J. S. HIGGINS, Clifton House, Canterbury

John S. HIGGINS, Watchmaker & Jeweller &

1873 John. S. Higgins, CLIFTON HOUSE, Old Dover Road, Canterbury - Acres 13 0 24, Rent 22 10 (Return of Owners of Land, 1873, Kent)

John S. Higgins, Watchmaker and Jeweller *

1889 J. Simms Higgins "CLIFTON HOUSE"


No. 25

James CROWHURST, Veterinary Surgeon & Farmer &

Alfred B. STRETTELL, Vicar of St. Pauls, Canterbury *

Strettell tree information

1879 list of subscribers - Canterbury in the Olden Time, Rev. A. B. Strettel, M.A., Old Dover Road

1889 William Thomas HILL

1903 William T. HILL, 25 Old Dover Road


No. 26

Catherine SPARKES *

1889 Mrs. FOREMAN



No. 27

George GULLIVER, Surgeon M.R.C.S.E. & * (wife Anne)

G. GULLIVER, Esq., F.R.S. (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1882 - George Gulliver, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., formerly Hunterian Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, Royal College of Surgeons, b. at Banbury, June 4, 1804, died at Canterbury, November 17. Times, Nov. 21, p. 10b; Army & Navy Gaz. xxiii. p. 986; Lancet, 1882, ii. p. 917

1889 Francis SANGSTER

1892 Mr. Francis SANGSTER, 27 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society


1903 Mrs. SANGSTER, 27 Old Dover Road


No. 28

Frederick BELLINGHAM, Retired Tailor & Draper &

(granddaughter Agnes M. NEWMAN)

Frederick BELLINGHAM *

1889 Mrs. Frederick BELLINGHAM

Herbert GIPPS )

1903 Lady MICHELL, 28 Old Dover Road


No. 29

1870 - c. 1889 George CATT, "LANGLEY HOUSE"

Mary BRINE )


No. 30 (now No. 61)


Charlotte & Annabella CROFT &

Robert C. STREATFIELD, Lt. Colonel of the Army Pay department *

1889 Richard MOXON

*Mr. Richard Moxon sworn - You are a partner in the firm of Moxon, Collard and Ash? Yes. Are you the senior partner in the firm? Yes. You have a brewery trade and a wine merchant's business? No, only the brewery. The wine merchant's business is Collard and Son? Yes, Collard and Son. You simply attend the brewery trade? Yes. Have you many public-houses in Canterbury? Yes. Is the "Hop Poles" one of them? Yes. The "White Hart" another? Yes. The "City of London"? Yes. The "Crown" No, that is not one. Will you give me a list of the public houses you own in Canterbury? Well I could. ... Was other beer given away at the "Hop Poles" about the same time, in the same way, to your knowledge? No, not to my knowledge; I do not know what the tenants did of course. Your tenant is William STOKES? Yes.....Is Mr. Ash in Canterbury? No, he lives in London....more....(Sept. 29, 1880)

Charles MOXON, Brewery Manager ) *b. 1870, married 1899 to Catherine Alice Griffiths

1903 Charles Ash MOXON, 30 Old Dover Road (his father Richard Moxon was a Brewer, "The Hermitage", Harbledown)


Garden Wall in Old Dover Road with a fabulous detail


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

Cossington Street

(Cossington Street and Cossington Road now amalgamated)


No. 31 (now No. 67)

Now the Tavern is known as The Pheonix (now No. 67 Old Dover Road)


Bridge House Tavern, Charles LEE )

1903 Bridge House Tavern, Public House, Robert Henry FARRELL, 31 Old Dover Road


The Railway Bridge from Old Dover Road


No. 32

1880 - 1889 James SPAIN, Market gardener and fruiterer

1879 Mr. Thomas Grant COZENS, DOVER HOUSE, Old Dover Road, Canterbury (b. 1825, d. 1906) *married 1848 & 1859

Albert E. COZENS, Teacher - Walter COZENS, Builder

(visiting Arthur G. Cozens Grocer & Draper in Faversham in 1891), Thomas is a retired Builder

1880's - 1889 32a. T. G. COZENS

Subscribers to "Canterbury in the Olden Time" by John Brent 1879

Mr. Thomas Grant COZENS, Dover House, Old Dover Road, Canterbury (d. 1906) m. 1848 & 1859

1889 32b. Miss CASTLE

Douglas COLLARD & Co. Steam Saw Mills


No. 33 (now No. 75)


Old Dover House, now numbered at 75 Old Dover Road

Rev. Richard Norris GANDY, Dover House, Old Dover Road (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

Richard N. GANDY, Clergyman *

1889 W.W. R. POWELL, Surveyor G.P.O.


No. 34

1880 - 1889 Richard GOODBOURN, gardener


The Alley


No. 35 (now No. 79 Sundial House)

Thomas G. STOKES, Publican "SIGN OF DOVER" %


1903 The sign of Dover, Old Dover Road. Mr. G. T. Drury appeared for the owners, Messrs. Ash & Co. Superintendent Farmery stated that the licensee was Mrs. Mockett. The house was in a very dirty state and required re-roofing, painting, and cleaning throughout. The tentant (Mrs. Mockett) said that she had been in the house since 1901. A good many repairs had been carried out quite recently, and the house was now in a respectable state. Mr. W. J. Jennings report showed that numerous repairs has been satisfactorily carried out during the past few weeks.

SUNDIAL HOUSE name c. 1927


No. 36 (now No. 81)


Built in 1694, is an object of interest to the visitors. It was formerly a forge, but of recent years has been converted into a dwelling house.

Thomas SMITH, Blacksmith %

Robert S. SUTTON, Blacksmith *

1889 Mrs. E. SUTTON, Blacksmith

The Old Forge House is now numbered at 81 Old Dover Road


No. 37

July 15th, 1865 Frederick Thomas WALSH, Ivy House (No. 1568) Poll for the two knights of the shire, no vote, possibly dead? (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)


Stephen MEDHURST, Draper *

1903 Samuel COOKE, Ivy House


SOMERFEILD, Stanley COLLARD, Wine Merchant )


No. 38

1880-1889 Stephen COLTHAM, labourer


No. 39

Sarah CHEESEMAN, Nurse *

1889 Mrs. TILLER


No. 40

William WATERS *

1889 John HANSLOW, labourer


No. 41

Thomas HOWELL *

1889 Thomas HALL, labourer


No. 42

Thomas R. PHILPOTT *

1889 Joseph HUGHES, labourer


No. 43

Charles E. PERCIVAL *

1889 Joseph CLAYSON, labourer


No. 44

Charles GURR *

1889 Mrs. JORDAN, mangling


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road


No. 45

John UDEN *

1889 John UDEN, labourer


No. 46

Thomas ROGERS, Farm Labourer *

1889 Thomas ROGERS, labourer


No. 47


1889 Mrs. H. ALLEN


No. 48

Joseph Furrow *

1889 Joseph Davies, labourer


No. 49

Daniel Williams *

1889 Frederick Tassell, labourer


No. 50


1889 Hy. BASS, cricket ground keeper


No. 51

Louisa HOLNESS * - Henry BASS, Professional Cricketeer

1889 Mrs. HOLNESS, shopkeeper


No. 52

1889 Thomas BEAN, labourer


No. 53

1889 Albert ALGAR, labourer


No. 54

1889 David WILLIAMS, labourer


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road


No. 55 (now No. 163)


Edward GRUBSOLE, Publican & Butcher %


1903 Walter HEARNE, BAT & BALL Public House

St. Lawrence's Road



1. Mrs. Donaldson

2. Mrs. S. Allardyce

3. Major General E. L. Hawkins

1903 Mrs. Hawkins, 3 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

4. Colonel George Hamilton

1903 Col. James Graham Hamilton, 4 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

5. Captain R. N. Mourilyan

1903 Staff Com. Thomas Longley R. N. Mourilyan, 5 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

6. Mrs. Westead

1903 Miss Webb, 6 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

7. John Bass, Agricultural Labourer %

Colonel Stanley Clark

8. George Bass, Agricultural Labourer %

Cecil Edward Kingsford

9. Thomas Marshall, Agricultural Labourer %

Douglas Collard

1903 Misses Tuke, 9 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

10. Stephen Lemar, Gardener (has acreage) %

1903 Mrs. Wardell, 10 St. Lawrence Villas

11. Major Sherrad

12. 1903 Major George Steuart Goldsmith, 12 St. Lawrence Villas, Old Dover Road

13. William Holbrook, Agricultural Labourer %

14. Jane Hewitt %



1903 Charles Gutteridge Brickenden, Public House & Pork Butcher, Old Dover Road


1889 Thomas CASTLE, labourer "SLATE COTTAGE"

St. Lawrence Cricket Field




1903 - St. Lawrence Steam Laundry Co. Limited - Edwin Ellis, Manager, Old Dover Road


No. 56

1889 S. STOCKBRIDGE, Gardener

Stephen Stockbridge, Domestic Gardener wife Geraldine, son Henry b. Essex & other siblings

*January 1896 The strange death of a boy, named Henry William Gilbert Stockbridge, aged 13 years, occured on the 27th. Deceased was discovered in his employer's store with a rope around his neck, in a kneeling position, quite dead. At the inquest the jury returned the verdict, suggested by the Coroner, "that deceased was found suffocated by means of a rope, there being no evidence to show that he intended taking his own life." He is supposed to have been "playing at hanging."

Stephen Stockbridge, Gardener )


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road


No. 57

1889 Henry FAGG, Engineer

James WOOD, Laundry Labourer ) (most likely at the St. Lawrence Steam Laundry)


No. 58

1889 George Henry STONE, labourer



No. 59

1889 Frank YOUNG, pensioner

Thomas ELLEN, Gardener )


No. 60

1889 Miss ANDREWS, Laundress

William WAKE )


No. 61

1889 Frederick SMITH, Coachman

Thomas PAINTER )


No. 62

1889 James PARSONS, Bootmaker

James PARSONS, Shoemaker )


No. 63

1889 William ANSLOW, Labourer

William ANSLOW, works for the Corporation )


No. 64

1889 James HAYES, Labourer



No. 65

1889 Venct VERGNIUD, Timekeeper

Henry COLLARD, Thatcher )


No. 66

1889 Henry FUNNELL, Bricklayer

Henry FUNNELL, Bricklayer )

1927 H. F. de PAVILLET, 66 Old Dover Road, Canterbury (phone book)


No. 67

1889 Walter BAKER, Carpenter

Eliza FILMER )


No. 68

1889 Thomas CASTLE, fruiterer and dairyman, St. Lawrence dairy

"T. Castle & Son,

Greengrocers & Fruiterers,

St. Lawrence Dairy,

68, Old Dover Road & 19, Watling Street, Canterbury

Choice Fruit and Fresh Vegetables from our own Garden Daily

Orders Solicited and Punctually Delivered"

late 1880's

Thomas CASTLE, Cattle )

1903 Thomas CASTLE, Dairyman & Greengrocer, 68 Old Dover Road


No. 69


1889 Percival d'Este EASTES

Percival d'Este Eastes, Newspaper Editor )*of the Kentish Gazette, he will buy the newspaper in 1905

*there is a biography of Percival d'Este Eastes available on Scoop

Percival Eastes, Newspaper Editor, wife Catherine

1903 Mrs. Farrow, 69 Old Dover Road


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road

Ethelbert Road

Cricklewood Hill


No. 70

1889 Miss COX

Walter FUNNELL, Bricklayer )


No. 71

1889 John CLARK, gardener

John CLARK )


No. 72

1889 John PHILPOTT, agricultural labourer



No. 73

1889 Herbert LEMAR, gardener

David BROWNING, Gardener )


No. 74

1889 - BARBER, baker

Edward HAWKINS, Gardener )


No. 75


c.1890 "Architect John Hall Green of Canterbury…for building a new residence (Cornubia, on the corner of Puckle Lane) in Old Dover Road for Mr. H.M. Biggleston"

1889 Henry M. BIIGGLESTON, Cornubia

1892 Mr. H. BIGGLESTONE, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society

Henry Biggleston, Iron Merchant )


Puckle Lane (formerly Nunnery Grove)

Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road



No. 60, now known as 56 The Hoystings

Possibly the site of a lime kiln 1495 WU

The building was all covered in ivy pre-WW1

c. 16th century, refers to the area

c. 1835 Major General Henry James DEGACHER, CB, Hoystings, Canterbury

Frederick T. WALSH, Retired Civil Service, son Arthur F. WALSH is a Lieutenant in the East Kent Militia (The Buffs) &

" I should like to know the reason? - I said to a great friend of mine, Mr. Arthur Walsh of the Hoystings, in the course of the election. "Do you think we shall win?" ....and it seemed to me a grat mass of bribery had been committed om the poor voters living on the outskirts of Canterbury, the Dover Road, and about there. I founded my opinion on that." Mr. H. A. M. Butler-Johnstone, Oct 5, 1880

In 1892 Lord Shaftesbury sold all his Purton estates, and the house and land, then known as the Church Farm, were bought by Mr. Charles Beak, a native of Purton, who emigrated to Mexico, and there made a sufficient fortune to enable him to purchase the property which he knew so well in his boyhood. On his death, in 1900, the Manor House and land adjoining were sold by the representatives of the Beak family to Mrs. Walsh, widow of Arthur Francis Walsh, of the Hoystings, Canterbury.

The Hoystings - thanks to Paul Crampton for the use of this picture

Elizabeth A. WALSH * (wife of Frederick Walsh), Arthur Frederick Walsh, who is Elizabeth's son, along with his wife Helen is also living there. Arthur Frederick Walsh died in January 1887, there is a memorial window to him in St. Martins.

August 29th, 1891, Colonel J.C. RUSSELL - 1892 Hart's List, Cavalry Depot at Canterbury - Commandant - Colonel J. C. Russell (from h.p. 12 Lancers), 8 Apr. 87

1888 List of members - Col. J. C. Russell, The Hoystings, Old Dover Road, Canterbury (catalogue of the London Library)

Sarah Saffling, cook )

November 29, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


DEGACHER - November 25th, at the "Hoystings" Canterbury, Major-General Henry James DEGACHER, C.B., J.P. Colonel-in-Chief of the 24th South Wales Borderers Regiment. Funeral at Bedford, Saturday afternoon at 2:30.

1903 Mrs. DEGACHER, The Hoystings, Old Dover Road

"The ground upon which the modern houses stand, on the side of the old Dover Road opposite the Hoystings, appears to have been the cemetery of the nunnery, in which it seems probable that interments were granted to others than the nuns of St. Sepulchre's. In the opening up of the ground for the foundations of the new houses, skeletons were found at a depth of about four feet, so thick together that Mr. Brent describes them as lying shoulder to shoulder, presenting a ghastly spectacle.....About two feet below this layer of skeletons, the excavators came upon a more ancient cemetery, evidently Roman....below this second deposit of human remains there were evidences of a third still more ancient, the human bones unburnt, the interments apparently belonging to the Celtic period." RROC

A letter, on letterhead of "The Hoystings" Old Dover Road, Written by Colonel J.C. Russell

In 1873 part of the Hoystings estate, then known as Ivy House, was sold off as building land. The house called The Pines was built in Nunnery Grove in 1874, and was so called because of the large number of pine trees then growing on the estate. (CCA)

Formerly purchased by the Dean and Chapter for the use of the Kings School as a house for boys. 1945, purchased for house flats


1889 Col. J. C. Russell "THE HOYSTINGS"

.."the Nunnery of St. Sepulchre's of which but a small piece of wall remains in the grounds of the Hoystings." RROC

Information in Archaeologia cantiana - Vol 125 pg 29 on finds during trenching at the Hoystings Close, Old Dover Road


Nunnery Fields

1889 Moystyn Place

Alfred Smith, grocer, "Post Office"


No. 77

1889 Frederick Jason MUIR, carpenter

Frederick MUIR, Carpenter )


No. 78

1889 Frederick MARTIN, Cricketer

Frederick MARTIN, Cricketer )

1903 Frederick MARTIN, 78 Old Dover Road


No. 79

1889 William HEWETT, Grocer

John PINE, Pork Butcher

John PINE, Greengrocer )


No. 80

1889 James TAYLOR, Labourer

Frank HARDIMAN, Newspaper Manager (

Alfred TAYLOR )

1903 Alfred George TAYLOR, 80 OId Dover Road


No. 81

1889 William SOLLY, Labourer

Catherine WARD )

1903 Miss Ward, 81 Old Dover Road


No. 82

1889 Philip J. BARBER, Labourer

1893 George H. Payne (re: a letter sent from this address)

William HOLMAN, Mechanic )

1903 William John HOLMAN, 82 Old Dover Road


No. 83

1889 H. RICHARDS, Brushmaker

1903 Mrs. PEPPER, 83 Old Dover Road


No. 84

1889 Charles LEMAR, Labourer

Rebecca ANDREWS )

1903 Mrs. ANDREWS, 84 Old Dover Road


No. 85

1889 George SYKES, Labourer



No. 86

John JOHNSON, 1903 John Gilbert Johnson, 86 Old Dover Road



1889 H. B. WILSON

1903 Mrs. WILSON, The Beeches, Old Dover Road


1889 J. NASH, brush & basket maker, STEAM BRUSH WORKS






1889 Richard WESTWOOD

1903 James Gilbert SANDIFORD, York House, Old Dover Road



Stanley COLLARD, Wine Merchant *

1903 Stanley Ash COLLARD, Southfield, Old Dover Road



1903 Charles PEDDLER, High Meadow, Old Dover Road



1903 Miss WIGHTWICK, Stoneleigh, Old Dover Road

Canon Grevile M. LIVETT, B.A., F.S.A., Stoneleigh, Old Dover Road, Canterbury


1927 ISOR, Old Dover Road, Miss A. N. PATTERSON (phone book)


Numbering has changed on Old Dover Road


"Death at age 19, William Walker, a waggoner's mate. He was instantly killed by the falling in of a large quantity of chalk in a lime pit where he was at work, in the old Dover Road near Canterbury" GM1808


July 15th, 1865 Thomas John MEAD (No. 1557) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted B & K (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)



James HAMMOND (& Notary), Old Dover Road - Listed under Attorneys


April 1933 - Old Dover Road, A desirable modern Residence with 6 bedrooms, bathroom, w.c., oak-panelled lounge hall, dining and drawing rooms, usual domestic offices; well-planned garden, etc. to be let or sold (Kennett & Sons, the Westgate)

1840 Henry Somerford, Miller, Old Dover Road (married Elizabeth Cozens 1848 in Canterbury? was in Chilham in the early 1840's and in Whitstable in the 1850's)

1850's living in Old Dover Road Thomas TERRY, of Folkestone Kent with wife Mary of Chartham and visitor Mary Collard of Chartham and visitor Charles Simmonds of Christ Church, Canterbury Precints.

1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament to represent the city of Canterbury

Robert Francis, Gentleman, Old Dover Road


1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1771, Edward KNOTT, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, listed under parish of Staplegate (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.


"All that other part of the Parish of St. Paul comprising part of the Old Dover Road commencing at St. Lawrence"

St. Lawrence

James PARSONS, Cordwainer & wife Eliza PARSONS (born Nackington) &

Charlotte Rogers and Eliza Parsons, Hackington: stealing 23 pounds in weight of coal, 2 dusters, 1 pocket handkerchief, value 1s 6d, property of Captain Thomas Hilton. Witness statements: Police Constable Daniel Page of Lower Hardres Kent and Charles Clifford, Butler to Captain Hilton. Both defendants imprisoned 7 days in Gaol at Dover. Documents include 2 forms of recognizance dated 9 Mar 1875. John William Hobday of Dane John Farm stood surety for Charlotte Rogers and James Parsons of Jewel Cottage Old Dover Road stood surety for Eliza Parsons.
Date 11 Mar 1875 - CCA, Judicial records

c. 1966 - John Lindley HARPER, 136 Old Dover Road, St. Lawrence Priory

1917 Mrs. Deparillen, Mulgrave Cottage, Old Dover Road, Canterbury

Canterbury Police Court - Thursday (Before the Mayor, Alderman Aris, T. S. Copper, Esq. and R.Y. Fill Esq) ASSAULT. James PARTRIDGE was summonded for assaulting Henry George TOLPUTT on the 4th inst. Defendant pleaded "not guilty". Complainant said: On Monday afternoon I was in my store in the Old Dover Road, when defendant came in, and I requested him to leave. He did not move, and I said, "If you don't go out, I shall put you out." He then went out, and came back again, and I was going to put him out, when he struck me. After hearing further evidence, the Bench find defaendant 1s. and 10s. costs. (KG April 12, 1870)

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