Henry Bailey (36), warden of Missionary College (Yorkshire, Brighton) *second warden of the college (wife Henrietta)

George Charles Pearson, Sub-warden (London, Middlesex) *sailed for Nova Scotia 1854 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Allen Page Moor, Fellow (Suffolk)

Missionary Students

William Bramley (Leeds, Yorkshire), sailed for Cape Town 1855

*William Bramley, son of Richard Bramley, esq. of Leeds. St. Augustine's College 1852-1854. South Africa, Cape Town. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/105

Thomas John M. Willoughby Blackman (D.C.L.) (Newfoundland, Port Douglas), sailed for Toronto 1852

*Thomas John Mark Willoughby Blackman, son of a Newfoundland Missionary. St. Augustine's College 1851, CANADA, not ordained - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/84

Charles Joseph Gillett (Newington), sailed 1852 for Barbados

William John Bussell Webber (Exeter, Devon) admitted March 30, 1850, through the Rev. Dr. Cornish, sailed for Guiana 1853 *died September 6, 1871 - OP 145

Arthur Wayn (Ludlow), sailed for Newcastle 1853 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Percy Jennings Smith (Middlesex), sailed for Sydney 1852 (removed to another foreign diocese)

James Cairn Hamilton (Surrey, Stockwell)

Charles Philip Emery (Cambridgeshire), sailed for Quebec 1855 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Alexander Scott (Kingston, Jamaica) *admitted February 17, 1849, through the Rev. John Mould (Barbados: Jamaica), died August 29, 1864 *Rev. Alexander Scott, sailed for Barbados 1852 - OP 86

John Symes Williams (Plymouth, Devon), sailed for Fredericton 1852

Robert Gamble (Leeds, Yorkshire), sailed for Newcastle 1854

John Griffiths (Carmarthishire?), sailed for Nova Scotia 1852

Samuel Butler Levin (Leyton) from Clapton; admitted December 7, 1850, sailed for Adelaide 1855, died November 26, 1855 (admitted through the Rev. C. Sparkes) OP 18

"It has not pleased God to allow the hopes to be realized, which had been formed concerning the usefulness of Kallihirua. But we may feel thankful for him, that he was brought to this country, and that he here became a member of Christ, and lived and died in the faith. He has soon followed his fellow-student at St. Augustine's, Mr. Levin, whose death at Adelaide we lately announced." Colonial Church Chronicle 1856

John Booth Freer (Leicester) from Harrow School, through the Rev. Dr. Vaughan admitted November 17, 1849 (Newfoundland; Bermuda), died June 22, 1865 *sailed for Newfoundland 1853. OP 90

Joseph Francis Phelps (Maderia Funchal), sailed for Newfoundland 1852

"The Bishop of Newfoundland has published a letter "To his flock and friends, and to al the friends of the poor in Newfoundland," in reference to a proposed House of Charity, or asylum for the poor widows and fatherless children, at St. John's, whose number has been increased to a most distressing extent by the late scourge of cholera. On Sunday, December 20th, being the Fourth Sunday in Advent, the Bishop held an Ordination in the cathedral church, when the Rev. J. F. Phelps, Vice-Principal of the College, and the Rev. J. B. Freer, Curate of St. John's, (both formerly studens of St. Augustine's College at Canterbury) were admitted to the priesthood." Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal July 1854 - June 1855

John Pearson (Nottingham)

John F.B.L. Wright (St. Georges, Bermuda)

George Pigott Sutton (Brill, Bucks)


Rev. John B. L. Lough, sailed for Newfoundland 1852

Rev. James Carter, sailed for Sydney 1853

Rev. John Chambers sailed for Tasmania 1855

*John Chambers, born 1834 near Harrow, son of Stanley Eld Chambers, Ordnance dept, Tower of London. St. Augustine's College - 1855. Australia. Obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/170

Rev. Lambert Mackenzie sailed for Guiana 1855 (removed to another foreign diocese (uncertain location))

"Mr. Lambert McKenzie, a negro student, who has passed through his course at St. Augustine's College, and has been approved by the Board of Examiners of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, sailed for Guiana on the 17th of January in the ship Atrata. *A grant was made for the expenses of the passage to Guiana of Mr. Lambert McKenzie, a negro student from St. Augustine's. He will be the first clergyman of his race in the Diocese.

Rev. Walter Baugh, sailed for Natal 1855

*Walter Baugh, Catechist, St. Augustine's College 1854 few months only, South Africa Natal, description of the journey by ship to Natal CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/51

Ernest Arthur Fussell, sailed for Madras 1855 (deceased prior to 1873)

Rev. Canon Loosemore, M.A. sailed for Fredericton 1855 (retired from foreign service from some special cause)

Serv. Sarah Ann Brenchly, Rosamond Ann Stone, William Towell

James Blunsom (48, Hartwell, Northamptonshire, d. 1878) and wife Marian Blunsom* (46, St. Pancras, Middlesex), Abuer Bedall, Hougham Johnson and William Handcock

*likely Mary Ann Blunsom - death of a Mary Ann Blunsom age 87, dist of Blean late 1891

"The following letter to Mr. Blunsom, who, as it will have been seen, had treated him with constant kindness, and done him much good service, will be read with interest:

St John's College, Newfoundland,
January 7, 1856

I received your kind letter by the December mail, and am very sorry to hear of your illness. The weather here is very cold, I feel it more than at Cape York. I have begun to skate, and find it a pleasant amusement. There is a lake a little distance from the College, called, 'Quidi Vidi,' on which we practise. The Bishop is very kind and good to me. College here is not so large and fine a place as St. Augustine's: nor are there so many students. I hope that all my kind friends at Canterbury are quite well. Please remember me kindly to Mr. and Mrs. Gipps, and all at St. Augustine's. With kind love to yourself,

I remain, yours affectionately, Kalli."


June 6, 1854 - "St. Augustine's College, Canterbury - C. J. Martin and J. Shelden have been admitted students, and the latter has been appointed to the scholarship founded in memory of Bishop Broughton."


Robert Louis BONNAUD, St. Augustine's College 1852-54. Calcutta, India. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/94

Death July 26th, 1854 at Farthingstone, co. Northampton, aged 19, Mr. Owen Jones, student of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, fifth son of S. J. Jones, esq. surg. 1854


Group photo c. 1915


1855 William Chalmers was admitted to the College (1833 - 1901)

*William CHALMERS, St. Augustines College 1855. Borneo, Australia. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/167



St. Peter's Day falling this year on a Sunday, the Commemorative Services at St. Augustine's College were of a more domestic character than is customary on such occasions. The Chapel Services commenced at ten o'clock, when Morning Prayers and the Litany were said by the Sub-Warden and one of the Fellows. The Holy Communion Office was said and the Sermon preached by te Bishop of Colombo, his Lordship taking for his texts Acts xii. 8. The Warden read the Gospel, Exhortation, &c.; the Rev. A.R. Symonds, a Missionary Clergyman from the Diocese of Madras, the Epistle. The Office for the Commemoration of deceased Benefactors was read by the Warden; and the Te Deum, and the Missionary Hymns in that Office, as well as the Gloria in Excelsis and Ter Sanctus, were devoutly chanted byt he students. The College dinner, as usual on Sundays, was at half-past one o'clock; and the only guest present were those friends who had attended the Chapel Services - viz., the Bishop of Colmbo, Sir W. James, Bart., A.B. Hope, Esq., Rev. A.R. Symonds, Rev. George Gilbert, the Principal of St. Thomas's College, and Charles Kemp and T. Smart Esq. of Syndey. After dinner Nashotah and other kindred institutions were not forgotten. At three o'clock the company resorted to the Cathedral or to St. Gregory's (the afternoon duties of which Church are undertakein by the Fellows, as the Sunday school is taught by the students.) The Bishop of Colombo preached at St. Paul's Church in the evening, from St. Matthew xiii. 31, 32; when about 9l was collected for the wants of his own Diocese. The evening was concluded by prayers in the College Chapel at nine o'clock.

On Monday afternoon, the Bishop of Colombo preached in the Cathedral, before a numerous congregation, from Luke ii. 30-32; and a collection was made in aid of the funds of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, amounting to 42l. 5s. The Warden and Fellows of St. Augustine's receive a large party at dinner at five o'clock, including the above-mentioned guests, the Archdeacons and Canons of the Cathedral, and other friends of the Missionary cause. In the evening a meeting in support of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel was held in St. George's Hall. The archdeacon of Maidstone presided, in the unavoidable absence of the Dean of Canterbury. A collection was made at the doors amounting to 14l. 8s. 6d. Several of the Clergy and foreign visitors returned to St. Augustine's College, after the meeting and attended Evening Service in the Chapel at ten o'clock.

We subjoin the College Examination List for June:

Examination List. St. Augustine's College, June 1856


First Class - Chalmers, Franklin, Lightfoot, Martin (prize)

Second Class - Glover, Good, Peterson, Pollard

Third Class - Fothergill, Wilson, Bode *, Crowther, Hackett, Richmond

Fourth Class - Dinzey, Morris, Ransome, Thompson

* Francis Dashwood BODE, Died c. June 15, 1903. St. Augustine's College 1855. Sydney, Australia, Newcastle Diocese, New South Wales - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/88


First Class - Chalmers (prize)

Second Class - Franklin, Lightfoot, Glover, Good, Petersen, Pollard

Third Class - Bode, Martin, Ransome, Crowther, Fothergill

Fourth Class - Dinzey, Hackett, Morris, Richmond, Thompson, Yeatman


First Class - Chalmers, Franklin, Glover, Lightfoot (prize)

Second Class - Good, Petersen, Pollard, Martin

Third Class - Bode, Crowther, Dinzey, Fothergill, Hackett

Fourth Class - Morris, Ransome, Richmond, Thompson, Yeatman


First Class - Chalmers, Franklin

Second Class - Glover, Lightfoot, Martin, Petersen

Missionary Essay

Lightfoot (prize)

*Sheldon excused the Examination


Charles Guest Franklin (Madras), admitted to the College October 21, 1854, died February 11, 1867, Mauritius (Occasional Paper, No. 108) Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students *Charles Guest Franklin. From Madras; through Rev. A. R. Symonds: admitted October 21, 1854; laboured and died in Mauritius: Occasional Paper No. 108

Frederick John Cookesley, admitted to the College April 11, 1857 (Natal, and then Quebec and Labrador), died May 28, 1867 *Memoir by his Father. Hunt & Co. Mission Life, September 1873 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students - From Eton College, through his father.

*Frederick John Cookesley, Born c. 1839, son of W. G. Cookesley. Died May 28, 1867; buried at Upton near Eaton. June 1, 1867. St. Augustine's College 1857. CANADA (Labrador, Newfoundland), South Africa (Natal) CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/208


c. 1856 (he studied for a year and a half at Canterbury 5 hours a day to learn the Tailor trade)

Kalli arrived in St. John's on the 2d October 1855, and was immediately admitted into the College of Theological Institution, for further training; and it was the Bishop's intention to have taken him, this summer, in the Church ship to the coast of Labrador, with the view particularly of comparing his language with that of the Esquimaux on the American continent, who are included under the government, and consequently in the Diocese of Newfoundland.

These projects it was determined in the good providenc of God, were not to be realized. During the winter Kalli suffered frequently from cough, and showed other signs of constitutional weakness. His cheerfullness, however, seldom failed him; his readiness to please and be pleased, to oblige and be obliged never. In letters which he sent to friends in England, he always spoke with gratitude and kindness shown him, and of being very happy. And during his last illness, which though short was not without considerable suffering, the same spirit of resignation and thankfulness was envinced to the last, "D... very kind," "K.... very kind, "Mrs...... very kind", "sorry to give so much trouble" were expressions continually on his lips as he was visited and assisted by his fellow students and other friends in succession. He devoutly and readily assented when reminded of God's gracious purpose in visiting him with sickness. His gentle spirit gently departed while the Bishop was commending it to God, "his faithful Creator and merciful Saviour" in the prescence of Rev. Mr. Wood, the Rev. Principal of the College, and all his fellow students.....

He died of a peculiar disease of the lungs of long standing, and of which symptoms had been observed in England, the nature of which is, when developed, to progress with fearful rapidity.

He was borne to the grave by his fellow students, and followed by the Bishop and the Vice Principal of the College (who had been his fellow student at St. Augustine's), as chief mourners. The burial service in the church (St. Thomas's) was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Wood, and by the Rev. Mr. Mountain (the Principal of the College), in the cemetery. The quiet solemnity of the service was in keeping with the life and death of hte gentle Kalli."

The Colonial Church Chronicle


Erasmus Augustine Kallihirua (Qalasirssuaq, he was an Inuit), baptized at St. Martins Church. In 1854 he left England for Newfoundland. He died June 14, 1856, in Newfoundland. (Catechist Student) Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students (from Lat. 76 degrees N.; through Capt. Erasmus Ommanney, R. N., baptized at St. Martin's Church, advent sunday 1853. Memoir by Rev. T. B. Murray, SPCK, OP 5. 19.

*there is a picture of him at the National Maritime Museum website

"It has not pleased God to allow the hopes to be realized, which had been formed concerning the usefulness of Kallihirua. But we may feel thankful for him, that he was brought to this country, and that he here became a member of Christ, and lived and died in the faith. He has soon followed his fellow-student at St. Augustine's, Mr. Levin, whose death at Adelaide we lately announced."

"The writer of this Memoir well recollects the circumstances of a visit which he paid with his family to St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, on a bright day, in August, 1853, when (it being the vacation) only three students remained in residence. These were 1. Kallihirua, 2. A young Hindoo by the name Mark Pitamber Paul, and 3. Lambert McKenzie, a youth of colour, a native of Africa, sent to the College by the Bishop of Guiana. Cal, who was the only one of these personally known to the author, did not at first appear. He had strolled out to witness a cricket-match in a field near Canterbury, but Blunsom, the College porter, said that he had promised to return by two o'clock, and that he was very punctual.

It is here due both to Blunsom and his wife, to say that they were most kind friends to Kalli, watching over him with the most thoughtful attention, and the tenderest care throughout.

As the Cathedral clock struck two, Kalli entered the College-gates. With hair black as the raven's wing, and eyes sparkling with good-humour, he made his appearance; and soon showed a desire to do the honours of the College. His dress was neat, like that of a young English gentleman, and he had a gaiety of look and manner, but far removed from foppery of apparel or demeanour. With true politeness - that of the heart - he accompanied the visitors over the Library, the Chapel, the Common Hall and the Dormitories of the College; each student having a small bed-room and study to himself."


Charles Marsden Betts admitted through Bishop Broughton of Sydney, March 26, 1853 (Sydney), drowned in the Woollondilly River (Grandson of the Rev. Samuel Marsden from Paramatta, Syndey) died July 28, 1857 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students OP 25

Charles Marsden Betts, Died in Sydney 1857, St. Augustine's College pre 1855. Australia - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/71


William Hackett (from Leicester), admitted October 21, 1854, served Borneo: Malacca, died August 19, 1865 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students OP 92


"This Abbey has been rebuilt as a Missionary College, at a very large expense, chiefly contributed by Alexander Beresford Hope, Esq., M.P."

1858 Directory, Melville & Co.


A photograph in my collection

Centre is Bishop Knight, to the left of him is Cartwright


Marmoud Effendi (from Constantinople), admitted March, 31, 1860, died November 5, 1865 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students ** (admitted through Rev. C. G. Curtis) OP 93

** I question the name, thinking this may be Mahmoud or Selim Effendi baptized as Williams (see below) *Rev. Edward Williams (also known as Selim Effendi)

The Rev. C. B. Dalton, on the part of the Board of Examiners, presented the candidates. The first, Mr. Prentis, had been educated at King's College, London, on the Worsley Foundation, the object of which is to train candidates for missionary work in India. He was about to proceed to Bombay, as a catechist and candidate for Holy Orders. The three other candidates, whom it was his office to present, had been educated at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. Mr. Culpepper** had been selected for a Mission to the heathen in the Diocese of Jamaica by the Bishop of Kingston, and he would probably be stationed at Honduras. The next candidate was a Turk by birth, of the name of Mahmoud. He had been a major in the Turkish service, and had come to this country for instruction in engineering, and was converted here from Mohammedanism. He returned to Turkey, and was offered a high appointment on condition of his renouncing Christianity. He came again to England, and , notwithstanding his age, became a student at St. Augustine's. He was to stop at Malta, and would there be ordained, and would then proceed to Constantinople to labour amoung the Turks. The next candidate was also a Turk (formerly Selim Effendi), but he had been baptized, and had adopted the name of Williams. He was to go to Constantinople as a catechist, with a view to Holy Orders. Mr. Dalton bore high testimony to the efficiency of St. Augustine's College.

The Bishop of London then addressed the meeting and the candidates. He confirmed Mr. Dalton's testimony as to the value of St. Augustine's College.

At the request of the Bishop of London, Bishop Chapman and the Bishop of Honolulu addressed a few parting words to the Missionaries. Mr. Hawkins then read and delivered to each of them a letter of instructions. The blessing was pronounced by the Bishop of London.

+ Of the four clergymen engaged in it in 1865, two are Turks - the Rev. Edward Williams also know as Selim Effendi, and the Rev. Mahmoud Effendi, who had been carefully trained at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. Mr. John Williams, the son of the former Missionary, after a course of training at St. Augustine's assists in the mission as catechist. The Mission School, ably constructed by an English schoomaster, Mr.Coldham, and constantly superintended by the senior missionary, the Rev. G. C. Curtis, continues to be one of the most interesting features of the mission. Work in th Colonies by the Church of England 1865

Charles Roberts (from Ellesmere) admitted February 27, 1858 (Quebec), died December 21, 1864 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students (admitted through the Rev. J. Day) OP 86

**Arnell Henry Culpepper, born c. 1840 in Barbados, father incumbent of St. Paul, Antigua, British West Indies. St. Augustine's College 1860's. British West Indies. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/227


The Rev. Allen P. Moor, M.A., M.R.A.S., F.R.G.S, Sub-Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury

The Rev. Edward R. Orger, M.A., Fellow of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury

Local Board for Canterbury, Journal of the Society of Arts, February 3, 1860



Rev. Henry Bailey, Warden

Allen P. Moor, M.A. Sub Warden


Rev. G. U. Withers, D.D.

Rev. E. R. Orger, M.A.

Lecturer in Practical medicine, A. Lochee, M.D.

Professor of Sanscrit, R. Rost, Ph. D.


John William COE, born September 12, 1834 in Lancashire, son of a schoolmaster and businessman. Died May 18, 1904. St. Augustine's College 1858-1861. India, Calcutta, Bengal. Biographical notes. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/195



Rev. Henry Bailey, Warden

Allen P. Moor, Sub Warden, Asst Tutor

Edward R. Orger, Asst Tutor & Fellow of College *1863- Member of the Kent Archaeological Society

William L. B. Cator? visitor, Clergyman without cure of souls

Ernest R. Rost, Asst Tutor, Professor of Oriental Languages


William Crossland (Yorkshire), sailed to Borneo 1861

*William CROSSLAND, surgeon's apprentice. St. Augustine's College c. 1859. Died June 29, 1900. Borneo, Sarawak CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/225

William Ransome Mesney (Norfolk), sailed to Borneo 1861

Crispin Field (Barbadoes, British Subject)

Francis Robert Mitchell (Devon), sailed for Quebec 1861, Catechist Student

Arnell Henry Culpeper (Auguilla W., British Subject), sailed to Jamaica 1862

**A. Henry Culpepper, born c. 1840 in Barbados, father incumbent of St. Paul, Antigua, British West Indies. St. Augustine's College 1860's. British West Indies. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/227

Augustus F. Coemmern (South India, British Subject)

Tom Scarborough Hancock (Lincolnshire) admitted June 18, 1859, sailed for Capetown 1863...died June 17, 1868* Tom Scarborough Hancock. From Grantham; through the Rev. Canon Gilbert; admitted June 18, 1859; Capetown. O.P. 116

The Bishop of Capetown made a statement respecting the necessity of increased help, for sustaining the work of the Church in South Africa. Mr. T. S. Hancock, Student of St. Augustine's Canterbury, was appointed to a Mission in his Lordship's Diocese.

George Ledgard (Yorkshire), sailed for Bombay 1863 *George Ledford

William Drew (Cornwall), sailed for Calcutta 1863

Francis J. B. Allnatt (Clapham Surrey), sailed for Quebec, Canada 1864

Francis John Benwell ALLNATT, born 1841, Wandsworth, Surrey, London. St. Augustine's College 1859 - 1862, Canada - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/11

Robert Charles Nelson (Lynn, Norfolk), sailed for Fredericton 1863 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Thomas Fancourt (Malvern), sailed for Calcutta 1863 (removed to another foreign diocese)

John Augustine Beazor (Yarmouth, Norfolk), sailed for Columbia desig. (uncertain location or unsatisfactory information)

*John Augustine Beazor, St. Augustine's college 1862, CANADA. Did not go to British Columbia for very long for health reasons and a dispute with the bishop there. Portland Rectory c. 1905, died by 1909. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/60

Robert Holland Taylor (Bramall), sailed for Newfoundland 1863

*Newfoundland - On Trinity Sunday the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland held an Ordination at his Cathedral, when the Rev. R. Temple of Ferryland, was advanced to the Order of Priesthood; and Mr. R. H. Taylor, late of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England, and Mr. G. S. Chamerlain of the Theological College, St. John's, were admitted to the Order of Deacons.

George Giberne Danvers (Bombay, British Subject), sailed for Brisbane 1863

* George G. Danvers, St. Augustine's College c. 1863. Australia, Brisbane and Maryborough, Queensland. Died May 21, 1933. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/235

Sydney Endle, sailed for Calcutta 1863

Edwin Slade (Stourport, Worcester), sailed to Ontario 1862

Albert Whitmarsh (Devizes, Wiltshire), sailed for Ontario 1863

Edward J. Scanlan (Hackney, Middlesex)

Dan Desbois (Islington, Middlesex), sailed for Wellington 1863 (uncertain location or unsatisfactory information)

Benjamin Shaw (Harden, Yorkshire), sailed for Frederickton 1863

William Hey, (20 Bradford, Yorkshire), admitted December 1, 1860, sailed for Madagascar 1863 *died November 28, 1867 (admitted through the Rev. Canon Burfield) OP 108

George Henry Parker (Wiverliscombe, Devon), sailed for Montreal 1863 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Bransby Louis Key (London), sailed for Grahamstown 1864

Charles Andrew Daniel (Rushden, Northampton), sailed for Toronto 1864 (removed to another foreign diocese)

Manoah J. Drinkwater 20 (Trowbridge, Wiltshire), sailed for Antigua 1864

Charles Hawkins 25 (Oxford), sailed for Borneo 1864

Douglas William Dodd 20 (Eton, Birkshire), sailed for Grahamstown 1864

Thomas Richardson 25 (Bristol), sailed for Quebec 1864

Percy William Smith 23 (Islington, Middlesex), sailed for Ontario 1864

Theodore Athanasius 33 (Turkey)

George Mitchell (25 Northumberland) (b. 1835 near Mintford, England), sailed for Orange River F. State 1864

Paul J. Williams, 21 (born Turkey)

George Edwards Drayton 27 (Stoke Newington, Middlesex), sailed to Central Africa 1862, Catechist Student, died prior to 1873 (186_)(admitted through Archdeacon (afterwards Bishop) Mackenzie; Central Africa; Zanzibar

Robert John Mullins (Box, Wiltshire), sailed to Grahamstown 1862

John Peter Williams 26 (Turkey), sailed for Gibraltar 1862, Catechist Student


James Blunson(m), College Porter, with wife Marian

George E. Down

Richard L. Sann? age 16, from Canterbury

Edward File


Thomas Henry APPLEBY, educated at Bishops Training School, St. John's Newfoundland 1855-56, London Collegiate School, Camden Town 1856-57, son of a clergyman and missioner in Newfoundland; St. Augustine's College 1859-1863. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/28


c. 1861 a note in The Colonial Church Chronicle... The Junior Fellowship at St. Augustine's College is now vacant


It was resolved that Mr. Mitchell, late student of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, who has offered himself for missionary work at Pekin, shall for the present place himself at Singapore, to labour under the direction of the Society's Missionary there.


The Bishop of the Diocese, who is now on a visit to England, held his last ordination at St. David's Cathedral Church, Hobart Town, on Sudnay, February 16th, when the Rev. C. Arthur, B.A. of Oxford, the Rev. F. Hudspeth, B.A. of Cambridge, and the Rev. A. Mason, of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, were admitted to the order of the priesthood. All these gentlemen ordained were Tasmanians.


The future employment of medicine in aid of the spread of Christianity may be effected in two ways. In the first place, the missionaries who go out in a distinctly spiritual capacity should likewise be taught medicine. This is thoroughly well done at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury (an Institution whose foundaiton is due to a suggestion of Mr. Brett, Surgeon, of Stoke Newington), in which the remais of the old Monastery dedicated tot he Apostle of England are restored, and converted into a college for the educating of Church of England missionaries to heathen. Not only do the students visit the Canterbury Hospital twice a week and receive clinical instruction from the Physicians, but they attend a course of fifty-nine lectures, delivered by Dr. Lochee, and are required to pass a Medical examination which would do no discredit to a M.B. of the University of London. It seems to be recorded as a thing of happy augury, that one of the first missionaries sent forth was successful in the treatment of the broken arm of a sailor in the ship which was conveying him to Nova Scotia. The Week, April 19, 1862


Johann Jerrom (from Nasik, Bombay) admitted November 29, 1862, died at sea on the return home, July 30, 1864 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustine's College, A letter to the students OP 82



Examination List. St. Augustine's College, June 1863


First Class - Key (prize)

Second Class - Drinkwater, Hey, Taylor - Cooke****, Daniels!, Francis, Hawkins, Roffe, Shaw;

Third Class - Campbell***, Clarke, Fairclough, Parker, Richardson, C.B. Smith - Abraham*, Desbois, Dodd, Jackson, Jerrom, P. Smith;

Fourth Class - Appleby, Ball**, Drummond, Ellis, Lewis, Mitchell, Tennear, Walters

*Thomas Abraham - file of letters in the Cathedral Archives CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/2, born May 19, 1842 at Frome, Somerset, emigrated to New Zealand, returned to England 1882, Thomas and wife Jane are living at the Vicarage in Torksey, Lincolnshire in the early 1890's, he's the Vicar of Torksey

**Edward Henry BALL, St. Augustine's College, 1863-65. Canada, Port Hill, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, died 1922 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/31

***likely John Roy CAMPBELL, St. Augustine's College before 1865. CANADA, Christmas dinner photograph, St. Augustine's College pre 1865. Died June 21, 1925 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/151

****Arthur William COOKE, St. Augustine's College before 1864. Died between Christmas and Feb 13, 1913. CANADA - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/207

! Charles Andrew DANIELS, born c. 1840. Father a Solicitor. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/234


First Class - Key (prize);

Second Class - Cooke - Daniel, Drinkwater, Hey, Roffe, Shaw, Taylor;

Third Class - Abraham, Desbois, Dodd, Francis, Hawkins, C. B. Smith - Clarke, Fairclough, Parker, P. Smith;

Fourth Class - Appleby, Ball, Campbell, Drummond, Jackson, Jerrom, Lewis, Richardson - Ellis, Mitchell, Tennear, Walters


First Class - Hawkins (prize) - Dodd, Taylor;

Second Class - Clarke, Shaw;

Third Class - Ball, Desbois, Francis, Parker, Richardson, Roffe - Campbell, Cooke, Daniel, Fairclough, P. Smith, Walters;

Fourth Class - Abraham, Ellis, Jackson, Jerrom, Lewis, Mitchell, C.B. Smith, Tennear - Appleby, Drummond


First Class - Hey (prize) - Mitchell, Shaw;

Second Class - Drinkwater, Hawkins, Key, Parker - Daniel;

Third Class - Abraham, Clarke, Dodd, Richardson, Taylor;

Fourth Class - Cooke, Desbois, P. Smith - Roffe


First Class - Dr. Watson, Dr. Willis, Desbois

Second Class - Daniel & Shaw - equal, Hawkins, Hey, Drinkwater

Third Class - Richardson, Key, Dodd, Parker, Smith - Mitchell, Dr. Nichol, absent

Missionary Paper

Hey (prize)

Daniel, Drinkwater, Hawkins, Taylor *acquitted themselves creditably


First Class - Ball, Fairclough, Francis, Roffe, Taylor

Second Class - Abraham, Edward, Jerrom, Tennear

Third Class - Appleby, Arthur, Campbell, Clarke, Cooke, Ellis, Jackson, Jeremiah, Lewis, C. B. Smith, Walters

Fourth Class - Drummond, Samuel


First Class - Endle, Fancourt

Second Class - Taylor, Hawkins


George William ANDERSON, St. Augustines College 1864-1867 went to Cape Town, South Africa CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/12

Alfred CHISWELL, St. Augustine's College - 1867. Died December 15, 1911. Madagascar - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/181

Charles Henry CHARD, Wells, Somerset. St. Augustine's College 1864-1867. BURMA, Rangoon - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/175

Frederick James BATEMAN, St. Augustine's College 1865-69, Ceylon, Jungle Padre, died 1905, gifts to College Museum of a letter rack of Ceylon woods and a Buddha CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/48

George BOWKER, St. Augustine's College 1866-68., cheating in exams, not substantiated. Canada? - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/100

Henry Maldon BURROWS, born March 1843, son of Henry Burrows. Died September 30, 1902. St. Augustine's College 1864-65. Canada, British West Indies. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/139

William CHRISTOPHER, born May 12, 1847 at St. Brides Minor near Cardiff, Glamorganshire. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/184

Henry John COACHAFER, born c. 1844, pupil teacher, Boys National School, Brigg; in Toronto only one year before returning to pursue a degree; Doctor of Laws 1904. St. Augustine's College 1865-68. CANADA, Toronto - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/192

.... Stephen MNYAKAMA - year of Sailing 1868, deceased July 12? 188?

c. 1863 - On the Fourth Sunday in Advent an ordination was held, in the mission-church of Palamcottah, Tinnevelly, by the Lord Bishop of Madras, then on his first visitation to the Tinnevelly Missions. Seventeen candidates, all engaged in missionary work, were admitted priests and deacons. Of these, eleven were natives. The Europeans ordained were: deacon - J. Stephenson, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury; priests - Revs. J. Macdonald, Cambridge; N. Howiss, J. Simmons, and W. P. Schaffter, Church Missionary Institution, Islington; J. M. Strachan, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury...... There was a great gathering of Tinnevelly Missionaries on the occasion; an occasion which those who were present will not soon forget; a welcome testimony to all interested in the cause of God, of the progressive life and vitality of the Church of England Missions in South India.


Jeremiah Libupuoa Mosheshue (son of the Basuto Chief, Moshesh), died on vacation at Welshampton, Hereford, August 26, 1863 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students Jeremiah Libupuoa Mosheshue. son of the Basuto Chief Moshesh; through Sir George Grey, and the Bishop of Capetown; died in vacation at Welshampton, Hereford. OP 72

*We are sorry to have to record the decease, on August 26th, while on a visit to Welsh Hampton, near Ellesmere, of Jeremiah, son of Moshesh, Prince of the Basutos, who was a hopeful student at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury.

Christian Consolation to Mourners. A Sermon, preached in the Chapel of St. Augustine's College, on the Occasion of the Death of Jeremiah Moshesh, of Basuto Land, and Student in the College. By the Rev. Henry Bailey, B.D., Warden of the College. Canterbury 1863.

We announced in our last issue the decease of a hopeful Student of St. Augustine's College, Jeremiah, son of the South African Chief, Moshesh. He was buried in the churchyard of Welsh Hampton, near Ellesmere, in which place he died, while on a visit to the Rev. T. M. Bulkeley Owen, the incumbent of the parish. He was never robust, and during the last few months of his life he had shown signs of not being in sound health, but he continued his usual employments, and at the Examination in June last he took the first place in most of the Classes. The Occasional Paper, of September 21, says of him, that "he was a youth of great thoughtfulness and close observation, improving his opportunities in the Christian land, with the steady view before him of doing good service to his relations and countrymen, on his return to Africa next year."

In the Preface to the Sermon, whose title we have placed at the head of this notice, we have the following particulars: -

"Jeremiah Libupuoa Moshueshue (Anglice, Moshesh) was one of the sons of the famous chief Moshesh, of Basuto Land, in South Africa, whose contributions to the Exhibition of 1862 in the Natal Court will be remembered. Jeremiah was, as I believe, first brought to a knowledge of the truth by French Missionaries. After his baptism by them, he was transferred to the Bishhop of Capetown's Kafir College at Zohnebloem. He remained there for a year or two, and approved himself to his teachers by his good sense and industry, and especially by his preserving efforts, by God's help, to overcome his natural sensitiveness and other faults of character. At the end of 1860 he was nominated, at the special desire of Governor Sir George Grey, as one of four to be sent over to St. Augustine's. All of them were confirmed by the Bishop of Capetown, and received their first communion in February 1861; and they arrived in England early in June of that year.

He invariably commended himself to us, and to the numerous friends whom he secured, by his genuine politeness, his remarkable considerateness, his good common sense, his intelligence and perservering industry, his reverential demeanour, his steady pursuit of all kinds of knowledge - particularly of the Holy Scripture, and what he thought would be useful to him in future life. And whatever might have been his influence over his own countrymen in future years, the glad experience of which, doubtless for wise reasons, has been denied us, we may humbly but surely turst that, in his own person at least, the Christian training which he received was blest to the saving of his soul."

*We have yet to speak of a distinct portion of territory which will be included in the Bishop's new diocese, and which is perhaps the most interesting part of his Mission-field. The country of the Basutos is a large mountain district, wholly independent of the Free State Government, and claiming protection from the British rule. The population is estimated at 180,000. They are governed by a number of petty chiefs, who in turn are subject to the rule of the great Moshesh, who calls himself "Chief of all the Basutos." He is described by those who know him as the finest chief in Southern Africa. For more than thirty years he has governed his people with wisdom and firmness, and is regarded by them with the utmost superstitiuos veneration. He has constant disputes with the Dutch about boundaries, and in past years has had differences with the authorities at the Cape on the same subject, but still desires to be considered " a child of the Queen of England." Last year he sent to the Governor of the Cape a long written statement, containing a history of all his dealings with the British, which he earnestly desired should be forwarded to the Home Government, with his urgent request that a British resident should be appointed to his mountain fortress of Thaba-Bassio. We understand that his request is about to be granted by our Government, and that the gentleman who is likely to be appointed is one who is well acquainted with the Basutos, and deeply interested in the progress of missionary work among them. About thirty years ago a few Presbyterian Missionaries from Paris penetrated to these tribes. They were kindly received by Moshesh, and have been at work with some success among the people ever since. He himself, though not a Christian, is anxious that teachers from England should be sent to his people; and a son of his own, a very promising young man, is at this very time a student in St. Augustine's College, at Canterbury, with the view of qualifying himself for the work of a Missionary among his own people.

The son of another chief, named Mopelli, is also at St. Augustine's with the same object; and it is hoped that these two young men, if spared, may be the nucleus of a native ministry in this interesting and important field. Another son of Moshesh, who is himself a chief, lately sent a written application, accompanied by his photograph, to the Bishop of Capetown, asking for a Missionary to be sent to his people. He is afraid that "his white friedn has thrown him away." After he was assured that the Bishop would try to supply his wants, he writes: "Ever since I received that letter of yours, I have almost been unable to sleep at all for thinking of it, and for joy at the hopes of having a Missionary. Pray for me to the Bishop to make me his child and watch over me. My great wish is to show the Basutos at home, and those who are with me, what was the good of my every going to Capetown, and how I mean to oppose heathenism, when I have got a Missionary to second me. Although I have not yet succeeded in conquering every heathen custom which is in opposition and enmity to God, I do not expect to do so alone. I still trust, with the help of God, that a time will come for this new country, when I shall have conquered them." The Colonial Church Chronicle


William Richard DRUMMOND (from Bath), through Rev. James Wood, admitted November 28, 1863 (Guiana), died July 4, 1868 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students


Edward Dumisweni Maqoma (son of Kaffir Chief, Moqoma), died September 14, 1865 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students, son of Kaffir Chief, Maqoma; through Sir George Grey, and the Bishop of Capetown, Grahamstown.


George Edwards DEATTON, from Stoke Newington (Mackenzie: Central Africa: Zanzibar), died November 28, 1867 Twenty Five Years at St. Augustines College, A letter to the students


Charles BICE, St. Augustine's College 1865-68. Melanesia, Australia, Murrundi, New South Wales. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/77 *possibly from Cornwall

Thurston BUTTON, St. Augustine's College 1868-69. South Africa, Springvale, Natal, admitted Nov 29, 1867, died ?. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/145

*At our early service, four Studens received their Hoods on their several appointments. Mr. Hewitt (who had gained the Mission Essay Prize) for Cape Town; Mr. Castell, for the Bahamas; Mr. Pascoe for Christ Church, New Zealand; Mr. Button for Natal. The first two have already sailed; Mr. Pascoe sails this month and Mr. Button probably soon after. OP 1870

Henry Thomas Stamp CASTELL, St. Augustine's College 1867-68? Bahamas, Nassau - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/159

*At our early service, four Studens received their Hoods on their several appointments. Mr. Hewitt (who had gained the Mission Essay Prize) for Cape Town; Mr. Castell, for the Bahamas; Mr. Pascoe for Christ Church, New Zealand; Mr. Button for Natal. The first two have already sailed; Mr. Pascoe sails this month and Mr. Button probably soon after. OP 1870

Robert C. CALDWELL, son of Dr. Caldwell, missionary in South India. St. Augustine's College 1866-1869. India, Palamcottah, Madras, South India - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/149

George Frederick CROSS, St. Augustine's College - 1870. Australia. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/223


A photograph in my collection



Henry Bailey, Warden of St. Augustine's College D.D.

Edward R. Orger, Subwarden M.A.

Gavin F. Saxby, Fellow of College M.A.

John H. C. McGill, Fellow of College B.A.


William Charles Ford, sailed to Melbourne 1871

*Son of a Norwich merchant, brought up as a Wesleyan Methodist

James Clondesley Betts (born Australia), sailed to Goulburn 1871

*James Clondesley Betts, St. Augustine's College. Australia, Charlwood, Goulburn diocese, New South Wales - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/73

George Smith, sailed to Maritzburg 1871

Robert T. Batchelor (born East Indies), sailed to Madagascar 1872

*Robert Twiddy Batchelor, born in India c. 1848, son of a Weslyan Missionary, worked as a clerk with Messrs. Twiddy and Co. in the Provision trade, living in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. St. Augustine's College 1868 - 72. Madagascar, Antananarivo, Continental Europe....CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/45

Frederick Richmond, sailed to Brisbane 1872

Joseph Rushton, sailed to Fredericton 1872

Alfred Gadney, sailed to Bombay 1872

*Alfred Gadney, born 1850/51; Pupil Teacher, Oxford St. Thomas. Died December 23, 1928. St. Augustine's College, 1869-72. India, Poona and Dapoli, Bombay. (letters) CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/351

*There is also a photograph in the archives of the staff and students 1872. CCA/U88/A/7/27/1

Henry Adnum (born Australia), sailed to Newcastle 1873

*Henry Adnum, born c. 1840, St. Augustines College 1869-1871 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/6

De Berdt Hovell (born Goodnestone, Kent), sailed to Bombay 1872

Thomas Blundun, sailed to Honolulu 1872

*Thomas Blunden, died January 1, 1909. St. Augustine's College - 1872. Hawaii; Sandwich Islands; Honolulu - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/87

Arthur Phillips, sailed to Ontario 1873

Alexander Temple, sailed to Capetown 1873

John H. S. Sweet, sailed to Quebec 1873

James Alfred Colbeck, sailed to Calcutta 1873

James Alfred COLBECK, born February 11, 1851, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, son of John Colbeck, schoolmaster, deceased and Mary Ann Colbeck, one of a large family. Died March 2, 1888. St. Augustine's College, 1870-73. Burma, Rangoon and Mandalay, Burma funeral service, newspaper obituary notes. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/197 (his brother went to the school)

James Hale Talbot, sailed to Fredericton 1873

William Russell Almond, sailed to Fredericton 1873

Joseph Allen, sailed to Melbourne 1873

*Joseph Alen born Winchfield, Hants, St. Augustines College 1870-1873 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/8

John R. S. Parkinson

Herbert A. Merpich?

George Ditcham, sailed to Honolulu 1873

Arthur C. Weghorne

Adolpus A. W. Hudley

Humphry Davis

* Humfrey DAVIS, St. Augustine's College 1870-73. South Africa, Springvale and Richmond, Natal CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/244

Bruce Machay

Henry W. Little

Jacques Hymans

Zacharias Vallespinoza / Vail-Spinoza (born Spain), sailed to Jamaica 1873 *he was ordained and appointed curate of the parish church at Kingston, Jamaica, and resided in Puerto Rico for thirteen years before going to America. *from the New York Times, January 24, 1897

Francis Bourezan (born Turkey in Asia), sailed to Syria 1873 *Catechist Student

*Francis Bourezan, born at Mosul 1842, son of a Roman Catholic with American Missionaries. St. Augustines College 1871-72 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/98

Franijce? Merwanjce (born East Indies)

Knanishu Maratchan (born Persia), sailed to Persia 1872 *Catechist Student


Procession in St. Augustine's College grounds, a photograph in my collection


Charles COATES, born January 28, 1847, Whitby, Yorkshire, articled to an architect. St. Augustine's College 1871-73. New Zealand. Obituary Notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/194

Herbert Hugh BARBER, St. Augustine's College - 1873, USA, Married Edith Johnson of Canterbury, died 1913 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/36

Ebenezer Lloyd COAKES, Born Natal, South Africa. St. Augustine's College 1873-1875. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/193

Samuel William COX, born c. 1850. Ironmonger's Assistant. St. Augustine's College 1873-78. South Africa. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/215

Albert CAPEL, born c. 1845. St. Augustine's College 1874-77. North China, Shanghai, Angsu - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/153

Charles Frederick ATKINSON, born c. 1855 Stratford Upon Avon, educated at Stratford Grammar School, Clerk in the Gas Light and Coke Company, London, St. Augustine's College 1875-77, South Africa Capetown. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/19

George BROOKES, Shop Boy. St. Augustine's College 1874-77. South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, Colesburg and Grahmastown. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/117

Edward Andrew CHAPMAN, drowned at Whitstable, buried at Brackley. St. Augustine's College - 1876. tombstone inscription. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/174

Joseph William ARNOLD, Railway Clerk, St. Augustine's College 1875-77, Australia, query about his going to Transvaal diocese, South Africa, CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/24

Thomas BAILEY, son of a brick manufacturer, apprentice to a chemist in Westbury, Wiltshire. St. Augustine's college 1875-77. Canada, asked to go to Madagascar, but was refused. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/30

Colin Stuart CAMPBELL, born February 1, 1856. St. Augustine's College 1874-76. British Guiana, Demerara. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/150

John Frederick ADKIN - St. Augustine's College 1877 - 1879, South Africa, died 1912 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/5

Maurice James BYWATER, St. Augustine's College 1878-79. USA, Denver, Colorado, Washington and North Yakima. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/146

John Walton AUSTIN born c. 1857 Rugby, 2 years at St. Augustine's College, British West Indies USA, Montego Bay, Spanish Town, Jamaica, Washington, USA- CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/17

John Arthur COLBECK, born at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, son of John Colbeck, schoolmaster, deceased and Mary Ann Colbeck. St. Augustine's College, 1878-80. Burma Maulmein and Rangoon - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/198

Thomas Elijah DARVALL, St. Augustine's College - 1880? India, Nagapatam CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/237

Arthur LOGSDAIL (b. 1854) graduated from St. Augustine's 1879, deacon 1882, ordained priest 1884 at Calcutta (produced a prayer book for the young in Hindi) *submitted three slides of rural life in Hindustan to the 1907 Fifty-second exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.


1881 (Occasional Papers) - Michaelmas Term 1881

Rev. George Frederick Maclear, Warden & Clergyman D.D. - Bedfordshire (honorary Canon of Canterbury)

James Frederick Vallings M.A., Sub-Warden, Clergyman - India

Edward J. Taylor, Fellow of St. Augustine (Bot), Hastings, Sussex

Philip S. Smith, Fellow of St. Augustine (Mot), Nottinghamshire

Berkley William Randolph, Fellow of St. Augustine (Bot), Sevenoaks, Kent

Geor. M. Brunger, Porter of St. Augustines College (School Service)

Students (Theological Scholars)

Frederick J. Askyn, Lancashire

Arthur B. Vickers, from??

William W. Malachi (26), Plumstead, Kent

William Alexander Swan, Newbrompton, Kent (1878 - 1881 St. Augustine's College) *died Oct 1927, South Australia

Francis Worthington Colley, Newfoundland, Canada (fourth year)

*Francis Worthington Colley, born February 11, 1860 at St. John's Newfoundland, son of a clergyman. St. Augustine's College. CANADA, St. John's Newfoundland CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/203

*At the late Cambridge "Preliminary Examination for Holy Orders" held at St. Augustine's College, as one of the centres, Mr. M. HAYWARD obtained a first class, and Mr. F. W. COLLEY, Mr. C. W. FOWLER, and Mr. H. GAINER were placed in the second class. There were only eight men placed in the first class at all, a fact which makes Mr. HAYWARD's success the more satisfactory. OP

Henry J. Nears, India

George W. Matthews, Cardinganshire

Henry Gainer, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

*At the late Cambridge "Preliminary Examination for Holy Orders" held at St. Augustine's College, as one of the centres, Mr. M. HAYWARD obtained a first class, and Mr. F. W. COLLEY, Mr. C. W. FOWLER, and Mr. H. GAINER were placed in the second class. There were only eight men placed in the first class at all, a fact which makes Mr. HAYWARD's success the more satisfactory. OP

Morris Hayward, Cotton, Lincolnshire (third year)

*At the late Cambridge "Preliminary Examination for Holy Orders" held at St. Augustine's College, as one of the centres, Mr. M. HAYWARD obtained a first class, and Mr. F. W. COLLEY, Mr. C. W. FOWLER, and Mr. H. GAINER were placed in the second class. There were only eight men placed in the first class at all, a fact which makes Mr. HAYWARD's success the more satisfactory. OP

Charles William Fowler, Hundsdon, Hartsfortshire (third year)

*At the late Cambridge "Preliminary Examination for Holy Orders" held at St. Augustine's College, as one of the centres, Mr. M. HAYWARD obtained a first class, and Mr. F. W. COLLEY, Mr. C. W. FOWLER, and Mr. H. GAINER were placed in the second class. There were only eight men placed in the first class at all, a fact which makes Mr. HAYWARD's success the more satisfactory. OP

William S. Siggers, Colchester, Essex (William Scutcher Siggers, third year)

William S. Curzon-Siggers, St. Augustine's College c. 1882, Died September 1947. New Zealand. Dundedin, St. Matthew. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/231

George Rawdon French Nobbs (20), Norfolk (Island?) (third year)

Samuel Daw, Newfoundland (third year)

* Samuel DAW, born 1859 at Roberts Bay, Newfoundland. Son of Samuel and Fanny Daw. St. Augustine's College 1879-80. Died January 24, 1947. CANADA, Dachburg and North Gower. Hamilton, Belleville Christ Church, Ontario. Newspaper Cuttings. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/246

Alfred William Mackay, Manchester, Lancashire (third year)

Henry Francis Crofton, India (third year)

*Henry Francis Crofton, St. Augustine's College 1880. Died 1943. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/221

John Tryon Wilson (27), Peterborough (third year)

Edward Pick, Grantham, Lincolnshire (third year)

John Vosper (26), Wimborne, Dorsetshire *moved to Australia (third year)

Henry James Organ, Middlesex, London (third year)

Eric D. Stanson, Clapham, Surrey

Alfred Richards, Middlesex, London (1880-1883) (second year)

John Catling, Tilbrook, Bedfordshire (second year)

*John Catling, born April 8, 1868 at Tilbrook, Bedfordshire, son of James and Mary Catling. St. Augustine's College 1880-1883. South Africa, Tarkastad - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/162

John Tsan Baw, British Burmah (second year)

John Isan BAW, born Rangoon, Burma 1861, St. Augustines College CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/52

Alexander Salmon, Finsborough, Essex (second year)

Alfred W. BRERETON, Massingham, Norfolk (b. 1862) (seond year)

*A W Brereton, Born in London?, son of a London Surgeon. Grandson of Headmaster of Bedford Grammar School. St. Augustine's College - 1883. South Africa. Grahmastown, Cape of Good Hope. Obituary Notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/109

*As Mr. A. W. Brereton, of St. Augustine's College, was rowing down the river towards Barton Mills, on June 8th, he overheard a conversation which ultimately led to his discovering that a boy had by some means got in the water. Brereton at once ordered the boat to be drawn ashore, and without divesting himself of his clothes, for a space of nearly half-an-hour, dived and searched for the body of the unfortunate child, but without success. The above event makes the sixth time that Brereton has risked his life for the sake of others. The Royal Humane Society sent a medal to the College, which the warden publicly presented to Brereton in the College Hall.

(possibles, Walter Sydney Barrett (6), Jack Chaney (12), Danzy Foster (11), Sidney James McConnell (7), John Henry Miller (12), William Edward Ruck (14 or 11)

Howard Hanham, Wartham, Dorsetshire (second year)

David Joseph Flynn, India (second year)

William Yewdall Stead (22), Eccolashill, Yorkshire (second year)

George Henry Pinchin (29), Woodburn, Bucks (second year)

Frederick Louis Quick, Kingstigoton, Devon (second year)

Robert Henry Cole, Liverpool, Lancashire (second year)

*possibly Robert Henry Cole, died September 6, 1934. Bermuda, New Zealand. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/199

Frederic Critchley, Bristol, Gloucestershire (second year)

Henry Ward Cunningham, Newfoundland (first year)

*Henry Ward Cunningham, born August 12, 1862 at Burgeo, Newfoundland. Son of Rev. John Cunnigham, Burgeo, Newfoundland. St. Augustine's College 1881-1884. Died Feb 12, 1943. CANADA (Halifax, Nova Scotia), USA (Wilmington, Delaware) CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/229

Ernest Browne, Isle of Man (first year)

*Ernest Browne, born August 21, 1861 at Douglas, Isle of Man. Died March 6, 1900. St. Augustine's College - 1884. India, Ahmadnagar, Kandesh, Bombay, Madras, Marathi, obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/123

John Amos Cresswell, Eeylon? Ceylon? (first year)

*John Amos Cresswell. St. Augustine's College - 1883. USA, CANADA. Obituary notice, newscutting & photograph CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/219

Frederick William Leggatt (19), Aldershot, Hants (Leggett?)* (first year)

Mathew Albert Maggs, Somerset (first year)

Henry Havelock Smith (23), Canada (first year)

Tegid Aneurin Williams (21), Llangathen, Carmarthen (first year)


Walter Fielder

Thomas Gardner

John Hunt

Christopher Lord

Theodore F. Lord

Edmund Pocknell

William Sturtevant Rafter

William Abel Turner


Edwin William BIBBY, born July 21, 1862 at Rochester, son of James Bibby (deceased) and Mary Anne Bibby. Died 25th October 1943. St. Augustine's College 1882, South Africa, Natal - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/78

Arthur BRITTAIN, died Nov 20, 1918. St. Augustine's College - 1881. USA (Norfolk Island, Virginia). - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/115

Alfred BRITTEN, India, Telugu and Giddalur. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/116

Thomas Henry BROWN, born December 30th, 1859 at Walworth, son of William and Fanny Guerre Brown. St. Augustine's College (no date). - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/122

William Webster BURTON, born January 9, 1861 at Timerbland, Lincolnshire, son of William Burton, deceased and Betsy Burton. St. Augustine's College 1882-83. Canada, Madoc, Ontario. Baptism certificate. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/142



Rev. George Frederick Maclear D.D., warden (Warden's Lodge)

Rev. James Frederick Vallings M.A. sub-warden

Reinhold Rost P.H.D. Oriental Lecturer*

Honorary Fellows:

A.J. B. Beresford Hope Esq. D.C.L., M.P.

Rev. George Charles Pearson M.A.**

Rev. Allen Page Moor M.A.

Rev. George Herbert Curteis M.A.

Rev. Samuel Thomas Pettigrew M.A.**

Rev. Gavin Frank Saxby M.A.

Mr. Edward Francis Taylor B.A.

Rev. Henry Bailey D.D.

Alfred Campbell Lochèe Esq. - Physcian M.D., F.R.C.P, London *garrison chaplain Bombay 1880

Rev. E.R. Orger M.A.


Walter George ANDREWS, one year at St. Augustine's College - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/15

John H. BEST, born July 21, 1864 at Kirkoswald, son of a clergyman and Mrs. Helen Best of Bedford. St. Augustine's College? - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/70 *his father is John Best, he was Clergyman of Kirkoswald, Cumberland in 1871, his mother is a widow in 1881*he's in Tattingstone, Suffolk in 1891 on a Glebe Farm and noted as (lodger crossed out, head, married, no wife with him, Clerk in Holy Orders)

Alfred DARBY, born September 16, 1863 at Ardley Wood End, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Son of Walter Darby, farmer and Sarah Elizabeth Darby. St. Augustine's College 1884. India, Kolhapur, Bombay, and Miri and Tisgao, Ahmadnagar, Kandesh CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/236

George Henry COLBECK, born July 19, 1860 at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, son of John Colbeck, schoolmaster, deceased and Mary Ann Colbeck. Died November 4, 1941 aged 80. St. Augustine's College, 1884-87. India, South Africa, France. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/196

James BAXTER, born Durban, Cape of Good Hope, 1863, son of a business man, and a Presbyterian. St. Augustine's College 1885? CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/53

Thomas Gilbert BEAL, born Southsea, Hampshire 1865, son of a clergyman, St. Augustine's College 1885-87, Canada, Qu'Appelle diocese, Quebec, Canada, Rector Sandhurst, Kent 1921-45, CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/55

Sydney John BLOYD, born October 6, 1867 at Cobham, Surrey, son of Mrs. M. Bloyd of Balham. Died January 24, 1941. St. Augustines College 1885. Australia, Largo Bay. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/86

William Joseph Helmore BANKS, born Stanwell, Middlesex, son of a schoolmaster, St. Augustine's College. South Africa. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/34

William Henry BARNES, born Manchester 1860, St. Augustine's College 1882-1884, Hawaii, Australia, Honolulu, Canada, Organising Secretary SPG...CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/40 *the call of the world: S.P.G. Birthday Pageant, by William Henry BARNES, 1927

Merrick Dashwood BODE, born November 30, 1869 at Newcastle, Australia, son of Francis Dashwood BODE, clerk in holy orders and Emily Mary Bode. St. Augustine's College (date?). - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/89


A photograph in my collection


Robert ATKINSON, born at Louth, 1857, St. Augustines College 1884 - 1886, Canada, Georgetown, Ontario, Montreal - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/18

Richard COLEMAN, born August 7, 1857 at Lydden Court near Dover, son of Richard Coleman, farmer and Emma Coleman. St. Augustine's College 1885-1886. CANADA -CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/200

Albert Edward CLAY, born Dec 7, 1866 at Canterbury, son of Chales and Elizabeth CLAY. Died in America Feb 10, 1948. St. Augustine's College 1885-1888. USA. Pennsylvania and California. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/190

Augustus George BAYLY, born Bonavista, Newfoundland, son of a clergyman, St. Augustine's College, 1887, Canada? CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/54

Daniel Cross BATES, St. Augustine's 1890, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South Africa CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/50

Francis Joseph BETTS, Born January 9, 1869 at Waruawbool, Victoria, Australia, son of John Wesley Betts, storekeeper, Victoria Australia. St. Augustine's College (date?). - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/72



George Frederick Maclear D.D., (w), Warden of St. Augustine's College School (Warden's Lodge) *Has his three sons and sister-in-law Ms. Gertrude F. Purcell

Rev. Charles Henry Cotes M.A., sub-warden

College Servants

John Bailey

Henry J. Gibbins

Charles Bean

Walter H. Hoar

Rev. Mark John Simmonds M.A.(29) Fellow of St. Augustine's College, Lambeth, Surrey

Henry Havelock Ramsay B.A.(27) Fellow of St. Augustine's College, Middlesex, London

Rev. Charles Henry Robinson M.A.(30), Clerk in Holy Orders (Clergy), Kernshaw, Somerset

Henry A. Gogarty esq. M.D. lecturer in practical medicine

Charles Holttum F.R.C.S. hon. consulting surgeon & examiner

T.W. Reid F.R.C.P. Edin. lecturer in practical surgery

Frank Wacher esq. M.R.C.S. medical attendant at the college & examiner of probationers

Reihold Rost C.I.E. PH.D., LL.D., oriental lecturer

Missionary Students

Oliver H. Wilson (25), Nutfield, Surrey

Horatio Kenny (25), Leicester

Frederick C.F. Clarke (21), Isle of Man

Wilfred G. M. Murphy (23), Bideford, Devon

Frderick Newham (23), Maidstone, Kent

Edgar Lancaster (20), Canterbury, Kent

Frank S.C. Pringle (22), Newport Pragnall, Bucks

John Warren (24), Sutton Coalden, Dorset

Albert E. Franklin (22), Lee, Kent

John H. Smithwhite (20), Punjaul, India

Frank R. Hartley (23) Hull, Yorsk

Henry Marriott (20), Middlesex, London

Francis J.R. Smith (20), Newfoundland

James Guidrod (21), Stafford, Leek

Benjamin Bryant (23), Oxford, Oxfordshire

*Benjamin Dove BRYANT, St. Augustine's College before 1898. Australia, Herberton, Ingham & Crookwell, Queensland - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/130

John W. Bate (24), Plymouth, Devonshire

*William John Bate, St. Augustine's college 1889, Canada, Belleville, Ontario, New Brunswick, Frederickton, desire to return home 1907, refused, died 1952. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/46

Horatio J. Read (21), Newfoundland

Frederick M.A. Bohm (22), Damaraland, South Africa

Henry D. Gemish (20), Trowbridge, Wilts.

19 Students at the school


Robert Kinninmonth BENNETT, Born July 29th, 1869, Portsmouth, Hampshire, son of Ebenezer Bennett, Gatesheady on Tyne, Engineer RN, retired. St. Augustine's College 1891. Bahamas, Nassau. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/69 *staying with Harry A. Evans, Builder/Merchants, and his wife Elizabeth W. Evans and children. Noted as Brother in law age 21 and Theological Student.

Henry BLACKLOCK, born April 8, 1866 at Derby, Derbyshire son of George Blacklock, bookseller and Ellen Blacklock. St. Augustine's College 1889. USA, Brooklyn. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/82 *visiting Clara Wootan and her daughter in 1891 in Preston Sussex, he's noted as a Theological Student.

John Henry BONE, born April 17, 1867 at Sleaford, (Ewerby) Lincolnshire, son of John Bone, Devon, Schoolmaster. St. Augustine's College 1891-92. Zanzibar, South Africa. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/93 *In Grimston Norfolk in 1881 with his family, mother Jane

Herbert John BOON, born February 13, 1870 in Manchester, Lancashire, son of John Boon, Draper & Sarah Ann. St. Augustine's College - 1893. East Africa, Australia. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/95 *at home in 1891, noted as Drapers Assistant

Joseph James BOWKER, Born April 17, 1868 at Farnworth, Lancashire, son of Elizabeth Bowker a Dress Milliner. St. Augustine's College 1889-1891. Canada (Rupertsland), USA (Montana) - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/101 *at home with his mom in 1891 noted as Theolgical Student, aslo has another Theological student with him. George GRIFFITHS age 21 of South Wales Carmar...shire?

James Cottrell, born October 18, 1872 at Ashbrittle, Somerset, son of James Cottrell, builder and Sarah Cotrell. St. Augustine's College 1894-95. South Africa, Kimberley, Blomfontein, Orange Free State. Batismal Certificate. Warminster certificate. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/212

Samuel Alymer DAWSON, born December 27, 1872 at Leicester. Son of Emma Taylor Dawson, father a savings bank cashier. St. Augustine's College 1894-96. CANADA, Spaniards BAy and Greenspond, St. Stephen, Newfoundland CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/248

William Medland BREACH, born February 4, 1874 at Knysna, Cape of Good Hope, son of Rev. William Breach, curate in charge, St. Peter's Mission, Plettenberg's Bay and Susanna Albertina Breach. St. Augustine's College 1895. South Africa - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/107

Sydney Russell BROWNE, St. Augustines College - 1891. British West Indies, Tobago. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/125 *at home with his mom Ruth in 1891, he's 29 and noted as a Student of Theology

Frederic CAUNT, born June 22, 1859 at Blackley, Manchester, son of Thomas Caunt, blacksmith. St. Augustine's College 1888-1891. British West Indies, Nevis, Antigua, Porto Rico and St. Kitts. Baptism certifcate and obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/163

Edmund Richard CLOUGH, born March 10, 1871 at Rangoon, Burma, son of Rev. John Clough, rector of Clifton Cum Glapton, Norttinghamshire. St. Augustine's College 1890. India, Nowgouf - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/191B

Arthur Neil Litt BUCKLEY, born September 17, 1876 at Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales. Guardian Miss P.J. Buckley. Died April 25, 1944. St. Augustine's College before 1898. South Africa. Baptism Certificate. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/132 *with his Aunt Pauline Jane Buckley in 1891 age 14, Scholar

Willie Whichello CASTLE, born December 11, 1872 at Tewkesbury, son of James William Castle, forman and cutter. St. Augustine's College 1892. South Africa, King Williams Town, Cape of Good Hope. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/160

Allen Thurlow CRASWELL, born May 28, 1871 in North East London. Son of Charles Thurlow Craswell, Clerk and Agnes Segra Craswell. St. Augustine's College (date?) Australia CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/217



Death of Dr. Reinhold Rost occured at Canterbury on the February 7th, 1896 (see below)


Henry Cecil BATEMAN, born Burton on Trent, 1875, parents in Hong Kong, St. Augustine's College 1893-95, India, British West Indies, Bombay, Jamaica, Contributed to a new cross and candlesticks for the upper chapel St. Augustine's College. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/49

Sydney Malcome Welbye BROOKS, Born June 24, 1874 at Abingdon, Berkshire, son of H. Jamyn Brooks, artist. St. Augustine's College 1894-95. China? - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/119

James Edwin ASHLEY-JONES, born at Bethnal Green 1875, son of a boot finisher, educated at Mansford Street Board School, worked as a French Polisher, St. Pauls Missionary College 1895-96, St. Augustine's College 1897-1899, Canada, New Zealand, Sailed from Liverpool on the "California", married Miss Meadows 1908 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/21

Thomas Alfred BECKETT, born 12 Oct 1874, Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana, son of Thomas Beckett, clerk. St. Augustine's. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/61

Arthur Dowrick BEAVAN, born Teignmouth, Devon, son of a landowner and famer, St. Augustines College 1895-98. New Zealand. Returned to England 1906. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/58

Sydney Norman BISHOP, born March 20th, 1873 in London. St. Augustine's College 1895-98. South Africa, Kaffraria; Griqualand, Cape of Good Hope; Umtata. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/81

Ambrose Henry BEAVIN, born Bardney, Lincoln, 1874, son of a deceased farmer. St. Augustine's College, 1895-97. Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia), USA (New York) CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/59

Reginald Sparke BARKER, born Huyton, Lancashire 1870, son of a merchant, educated at Birkenhead School, worked as an architect's pupil for four years, and an architect's assistant for one year, St. Augustine's College 1889 -1893? *.. South Africa, died 1899, left a collection of Kaffir artefacts to the museum at St. Augustine's College. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/38 *must be at St. Augustines after 1891, as he is still with his family in Oxton, Cheshire at this time working as an Architect's Draughtsman, his father William is a Steam Coal Merchant

Ben Darcy BEELEY, born April 4, 1875, St. Augustine's College 1898, Borneo, South Australia, India CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/63

Herwald Ramsbotham DAVIES, born February 14, 1879 at Nutley, Sussex. Son of Robert Watt Davies, Captain, Royal Navy, Retired. St. Augustine's College 1899-1903. British West Indies, Tobago. Copy baptism certificate. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/242 *1891 he was in school at Giggleswick Royal Grammar School under the tutelage of George Style (clerk in holy orders - Schoolmaster) married 1914 a Miss. Browne in London




George F. Maclear (68) (w), Warden, Clergyman, Church of England (Bedford, Bedfordshire) - Warden 1880-1902

Robert J. E. Baggis, Sub-Warden, Clergyman, Church of England (Aldborough, Yorkshire)

Watkin W. Williams, Fellow, Clergyman, Church of England (Middlesex, London)

Edward B. Ford, Fellow, Clergyman, Church of England (Middlesex, London)

*Rev. Maclear and Rev. Williams wrote a textbook "An Introduction to the articles of the church of England" c. 1896


Stanley A. Champion, Paramatta, Australia

*Stanley Adolphus Thomas Champion, born November 29, 1876 at Paramatta, New South Wales, Australia, son of Alexander Adolphus Champion, manufacturer and Sarah Ann Buckingham Champion. St. Augustine's College 1899-1902. Australia. Obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/172

John C.G. Wood, Piquekurg, South Africa

Ralph G. Ladgard, Norwich, Norfolk

Joseph Hutchby, Eckington, Derby

Morton S.H. Williamson, Edinborough, Scotland

Henry L. K. Wosan, Croma, Ireland

Henry Aldesey, Shepherdsbush, London

Hanz V. Whitehouse, Worcestershire

Colin W. Weston, Secumdambra, India

John R. Paswall, Dover, Kent

Philip de Land Falkner, Hoxne, Suffolk

Charles Carpenter, Exeter, Devon

*Charles Carpenter, born March 13, 1880 at Exeter, son of James Carpenter, accountant and Jane Carpenter. St. Augustine's College 1898-1902. Canada, St. John, Newfoundland. Baptism certificate. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/156

Charles W. Winch (29), Shepherdswell, Kent

Edgar P.C. Josa, Essequito, British Guiana

Sidney E. Lindridge, Hastings, Sussex

Frank Severne, Worcester, Worcestershire

Charles M. Hickngs? (20), S Bees, Cumberland

Herbert F.A. Champion, Australia

*Herbert Fracis Alexander CHAMPION, born May 4, 1875 at Maratah, New South Wales, Australia, son of Alexander Adolphus Champion, manufacturer and Sarah Ann Buckingham Champion. St. Augustine's College 1899-1902. Australia. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/171

Herbert J. Henry (26), Rockhamplion, Australia

Ascar? Je? Hine (20), Longneville, Jersey

Henry C. Joy (28), Shoreham, Sussex

?ara R. Morris, (19), Trelade, Wales

Arthur R. Parsons, Chelsea, Middlesex

Thomas Whitehead (23), Rotherhithe, Middlesex

Harold S. Robins (21) Crayford, Kent

Francis T. Stead (21), Widnes, Lancashire

Hugh V. Fairbourne (22), Leeds, Yorkshire

Leonard E. Oscroft (20), Notts

George Boys (20), Manchester

29 students


Bernard W. Mackie, Bank Clerk, Liverpool


Frederic Caesar Parr Clucas CLARKE, born June 28, 1869 on Isle of Man, son of Kate Clarke, father a clergyman, deceased. St. Augustine's College 1889-1902. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/188

Charles Edward BARRAT, born Stockport 1880, son of a hatter, St. Augustine's College 1902-1904, CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/41

Jacob BRINTON, St. Augustine's College 1901-1904. Canada. Obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/113



George Maclear passed away in October of 1902

Rev. Robert James Edmund Boggis B.D. Sub-Warden


Rev. Watkin Wynn Williams M.A.

Rev. Bernard Horation Parry Fisher M.A.

Henry A. Gogarty esq. M.D. lecturer in practical medicine

T.W. Reid Esq. M.D. F.R.C.P. Edin., L.R.C.P. Lond. lecturer in practical surgery


~ NEW ~


Cecil Herbert CHATER, born February 13, 1884 at Clydesdale, Upper Umkimkulu, East Griqualand, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, son of Rev. J. G. Chater; guardian and grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Chater. St. Augustine's College 1903-1906. South Africa - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/177

Joseph COWAN, born January 9, 1882 at Lisburn, Antrim, Norther Ireland, son of Joseph Cowan, flaxdresser. St. Augustine's College 1903-08. South Africa CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/214

Frederic Charles ARNOLD, born at Newbold Verdon, Leics. educated at the Wyggerton Boys School, Leicester, son of a farmer, worked as a builders assistant. Burgh College - 18 months. St. Augustine's College 1904-1906, India SPG Mission, Dapoli, Bombay 1908, married 1915, baptism certificate 1902. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/25

Charles Frederic BURRELL, Born September 11, 1869 at Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Orphan. St. Augustine's College 1904-1907. South Africa. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/138 *likely parent's Frederick G. Burrell, Commercial Travellor and Georgianna. He's a grocers assistant in 1891 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and in 1901 the same.

Harold Dening Baker, Born Bridgetown Berry, Pomeroy, S Devon 1883, St. Augustine's College 1906-07 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/32

Arthur DAVIES, born April 7, 1886 at Greasborough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, son of Harry Davies, secretary and Albina Harriet Davies. St. Augustine's College 1906-08. Unsuitable for ordination. Lay Worker. CANADA, Montreal. certificate of registry of birth. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/238

William Thomas COOPER, St. Augustines 1907. Transferred to the Roman Catholic Church 1908. Did not go abroad as an SPG Missionary. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/209

P. ARMOUR born at Hitchin, St. Augustine's College 1908-1910, Two letters discussing his suitability or unsuitability for the course, he is now 27/28, another apologizing for his behaviour 1911 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/23

William Walter CLARKSON, born May 1, 1855 at Kendal, Westmoreland, son of William Walter Clarkson, Ironmonger. St. Augustine's College 1908-1909. CANADA. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/189

Ernest Owen DAVIES, born May 21, 1876 at London. Son of Mrs. E.S. Davies, father deceased. St. Augustine's College - 1908. New Guinea. Baptismal certificate. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/240


St. Augustine's Football Team 1911-1912 A photograph in my collection

A.M. Daintrey (referee), L.K. Zeeman, T. Slater, R.F. Bastow, L.C. Watson, L.R. Tatham, C. F. Fortescue, Henry Butcher (Linesman)

Bruce George Beale, F. W. Tritton, H. L. Pike, J. P. Adams (Captain), Frederick Albert Rainbow (Vice Captain), Rev. J. C. Winslow*, Harry Crook

*1922, possible in India - Rev. J.C. Winslow, S.P.G. Ahmednagar, W. India - *he spent a year at Wells Theological College, Salibury. He was made deacon in 1907, ordained 1908. He was at St. Augustines as a lecturer for three years. John Copley Winslow (b. 1882)

BUTCHER, HENRY Born 5 July 1890 at Twickenham, Middlesex, son of William Butcher, architect and surveyor, and Alice Butcher; educated at St Dunstan's college, Catford; employed as a clerk in the audit department of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway; and in the London City and Westminster Bank Ltd St Augustines College: 1911-1914 Did not go abroad Baptism certificate. Enlisted 1914 in the 36th Field Ambulance and killed in action at a field dressing station [in France] which was destoyed by shell fire 1 October 1915. His friend Beale wrote, '... life is counted of small value the poor fellows fall by hundreds daily ...' He was buried at Vermelles British cemetery in France

RAINBOW, FREDERICK ALBERT Born 9 December 1886, son of Henry Rainbow, railway works employer, Wolverton; educated at Church End Board school, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire; employed as a teacher in Northampton and New Zealand; married St Augustine's College: 1910-1912 NEW ZEALAND Bishop Auckland St Helen; Trimdon, Co Durham Intended to go to New Zealand but could not afford the fare; then delayed by the war. May have gone eventually.


Wilfrid Lowry CASTLEY, born July 21, 1876 at Earl Stonham, Suffolk, son of Rev. Castley, sometime fellow and dean of Pembroke College, Cambridge, rector of Stonham and Eleanora Earnshaw Castley. Died Janaury 4, 1966. St. Augustine's College 1906-1908. South Africa, Zonnebloem. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/161

Percy Kennedy Pax BOLTON, born January 6, 1886 at East Dulwich, son of John Bolton, clerk and Louisa Emily Bolton. St. Augustine's College 1906-10. Antigua. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/92

Arthur CLAYTON, born December 6, 1884 at Wellington, Shrophsire, son of Armel Clayton, lay missioner. St. Augustine's College 1908-1911. CANADA. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/191

Edward George COURTMAN, born August 15, 1884 at Hatfield Peverel, Essex, son of a retail shopkeeper. St. Augustine's College 1908-11. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/213

William Frederick CLAYTON, born Feb 22, 1885 at Browney Colliery, Durham, son of Titus Clayton, Engineer. St. Augustine's College 1911-14? CANADA, USA. Obituary notice. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/191A **1912 a photo by H. B. Collis of Fred W. Clayton of St. Augustine's College in the CCA archives - CCA/U88/A/7/38/157

Ronald Victor BRISTOW, born June 4, 1889 at Eastbourne, son of Henry Bristow, Grocer. Died May 25, 1966. St. Augustine's College. 1909-1911 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/114

Arthur William BLAXALL, born May 25, 1891 at Lewisham, son of William Arthur Blaxall, Commercial Traveller and Kate Whitton Blaxall. St. Augustine's College 1910-1914. South Africa, Serbia, Central Africa, Transvaal, Skopje. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/85

Bruce George BEALE, born Worth, Kent, 1891, son of a retired Naval Officer, St. Augustines College 1911-14, War, Commissioned 1916, wounded 1917. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/56 *died 1967


1912 One of the photographs in my collection

St. Augustine's Cricket Team 1912 Cricket XI. Gilbert Salt Oliver, Frederick William Collins, Bishop Knight* (president), John Charles Hawksworth, Charles Henry Cecil Winkworth, Henry Butcher, (scorer), Robert Cecil Cross*, J P Adams* (vice-captain), A M T Daintrey* (captain), Latimer Kempton Zeeman, Henry Dwyer Parker Malachi, Percival Alderson, Lawrence Ralph Tatham


Bishop Arthur M. Knight was Warden of St. Augustine's College on May 9, 1911 *sometimes Bishop of Rangoon (1903-09)

GILBERT SALT OLIVER Born 22 January 1886 at Shelton, Stoke on Trent, illegitimate son brought up by an aunt and uncle who he thought were his parents; educated at Shelton National school; employed as a cabinet maker; joined the Church Army St Augustine's College: 1910-1914 AUSTRALIA; CANADA Newtown, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia; Algoma, Canada Engaged to be married, but later broken off; broke College agreement and married in Brisbane; two daughters; joined army and served in France; MC; Archbishop of Brisbane refused to have him as a married priest; finally went to Canada Newspaper cuttings about his MC - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/761

FREDERICK WILLIAM COLLINS Born 10 Sep 1884 at Yatala, South Australia, son of Frederick Collins, farmer; died 29 Apr 1916 (2nd Lieutenant, 1st Life Guards, died at St. Omer in France) St Augustines College: 1914 Did not go abroad. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/204 *one of 58 students to enlist

HAWKSWORTH, JOHN CHARLES Born 4 August 1885, son of William Hawksworth, draughtsman, Great Western railway, Swindon; educated at College Street Infants school, Swindon; Sanford Street Board school, Swindon; North Wilts Technical Institute; employed as fitter and turner, Locomotive works, Swindon; materials testing laboratory, Swindon; and draughtsman, G W R, Swindon St Augustines College: 1911-1915 NEW ZEALAND

WINKWORTH, CHARLES HENRY CECIL Born 22 February 1891 at Annandale, New South Wales, Australia, son of Charles Winkworth, piano and organ importer; educated at Petersham Superior Public school, Sydney, New South Wales; employed in his father's business St Augustines College: 1911-1914 Did not go abroad Enlisted 1914; in camp at Eastbourne 1915; and commissioned into the 11th service battallion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry at Bedford; mentioned going out to the Dardanelles; writes of a zeppelin raid on Kent; killed in action September-October 1916. The letters mention the repayment to his family of 800 francs French 5% National Defence Loan Bonds at £25.14s.5d less 3s brokerage and stamp His brother Herbert C Winkworth also enlisted and was commissioned into the 10th Reinforcements to the 18th battallion 5th Infantry brigade Australian Infantry Force (no 4272); on 1 November 1916 he wrote from France, '... we expect to have a rough time, as conditions are awful and the fighting as fierce as any part of the western front.' He was wounded in the chest and both legs during the advance on the Baupaune Road and spent some time in Naunton hospital, Cheltenham before he rejoined his regiment CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/1103 *also a photo of him 2nd Lt. 3rd Bat. Kings own CCA-U88/A/7/35/1

ZEEMAN, LATIMER KEMPTON Born 20 September 1884 at Malmesbury, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, son of Daniel William Zeeman, school teacher and Principal of Malmesbury Mission school, clergyman and Anne Zeeman, a European; educated at Malmesbury Mission school under his father; and at the south Africa College in Capetown where he studied engineering; spent two years of a three year course in Glasgow, Lanarkshire learning practical civil engineering which he abandoned to return to Malmesbury to train as a priest for missionary work; not employed St Augustines College: 1910-1913 SOUTH AFRICA Uoorder Paarl, Cape of Good Hope Zeeman was a South African of mixed parentage and was refused entry to St Paul's Hostel, Grahamstown, the first native clergy training college in the Cape, on this basis, and that he was said to have represented himself as a Boer. This he denied, and was much upset by. There is evidence on this file of the beginnings of apartheid; the problems of financing students; and the new warden, Bishop Knight's ideas of the length of training required for missionary priests who had not had the benefit of a public school, university or theological college training Baptism certificate; letter about his work. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/1118

MALACHI, HARRY DWYER PARKER Born 3 October 1890 at Auchindoie, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, son of William West Malachi, clergyman, retired; educated at St Oswalds College, Ellesmere, Salop; St Anne Redhill, Surrey; and Bristol Grammar school; not employed. Returned to England 1931 St Augustine's College: 1910-1913 SOUTH AFRICA Kaffraria St John and Matatiele, Umtata, Cape of Good Hope; Johannesburg, Transvaal; and Durban, Natal; baptism certificate

ALDERSON, PERCIVAL Second of three sons of Rev H E Alderson, vicar of Hope, Pendleton, Manchester and Annie H H Alderson; educated at St Bees, Cumberland. Married at Chester St John 30 July 1919 St Augustines College: 1910-1911;1913-1914 Did not go abroad Spent a year at SAC; took a year out to improve his studies and returned 1913. Enlisted with his two brothers 1914; fought in France and did not return to SAC. There are letters about WW1 with BEF in France as a Grenade Officer and as a Lieutenant in the Machine Gun Company. In 1949 he entered Lincoln Theological college to train for ordination

TATHAM, LAWRENCE RALPH Born 20 June 1893 at Watford, Hertfordshire, son of Percy Lawrence Tatham, commission merchant, and Emily Antoinette; educated at St Edwards school, Oxford; and privately at home; not employed St Augustines College: 1911-1913 Did not go abroad as a missionary (he was christened July 22, 1893, Watford, Hertfordshire, had a sister Katherine Juliet Tatham christened April 17, 1890 Watford) brothers Trevor E., Ralph and Erie, sisters Katherine, Margaret (Katherine was possibly living in Australia for a time)

Gordon Thomas BEALE, born Pegwell Bay, Kent, 1889, son of a Lieutenant RN retired, John H. Beale, Chief Boatman in charge of Coastguard. His mother Jane, brother John H. and sisters Muriel Anne, Beatrice, Winifred Maud, and Lilian Emma. Gordon - St. Augustine's College 1910-12. New Zealand CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/57

William Carey COLES, born December 14, 1880 at Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire, son of James Cary Newbery Coles, farmer and Louisa Coles; bank clerk, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. St. Augustine's College 1908-1911. Baptismal certificate. South Africa CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/202 *was with his grandmother Mary WALLIS in Wiltshire in 1891 "from Anglicans in Natal c. 1950 - "As the first fruits of his plans to raise a priesthood from among his own people he spoke in 1911, of three youths who had been accepted for the ministry, and of these, William Cary Coles, whom the Diocese had sent to be trained at St. Augustine's Canterbury, was on his way home after serving a curacy in Durham...."

Ernest Henry ARNOLD, born Devizes, Wiltshire 1890, son of an ironmoulder, educated at Southbroom Elementary School, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1913-15, St. Augustine's College 1909 - 1911, Korea Fusan 1916, English Church Mission Seoul, Korea. Died July 30, 1950. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/26


1911 Cricket XI. C W Rawson (umpire), Albert Victor Sullivan, B G Beale, John Sellors, C F Fortescue, H L Pike, L C H Woodgate (scorer), John Percy Fitzherbert Adams*, A M T Daintrey* (vice-captain), P K P Bolton* (captain), Bishop Knight (president), A Peters*, L K Zeeman, H D P Malachi


SULLIVAN, ALBERT VICTOR Born 31 January 1889 at Rawalpindi, India, son of Denis Sullivan, District Superintendant, London and Manchester Assurance Company, and Emma Sullivan; came to England as a child; educated at Devonport High school; and privately; employed as a student teacher at Banham Grammar school, Attleborough, Norfolk; married 1915 a nurse from Guy's hospital who was born in Canterbury; still alive 1946 St Augustine's College: 1908-1914 BERMUDA St George 1916-1917; Smith and Hamilton 1917-1921; Somerset St James 1921- Newspaper cuttings relating to his silver jubilee in Somerset parish; profile in The [Bermuda] Historical Quarterly; Canon Bailey's gift Letter asking about future of SAC 1946 and deaths of students during WW2

ADAMS, JOHN PERCY FITZHERBERT Born 1891; University College, Durham (no degree) St Augustines College: 1911-1913 CANADA Newfoundland; 2nd lieut. Durham Light Infantry; joined the Royal Flying Corps as an observer; killed in action 14 Oct 1917 Obituary

John SELLORS, born 5 October 1886 at Holloway, near Matlock, Derbyshire, son of George Sellors, warehouseman; educated at Lea Board school and by private study since then; employed in the counting house of a hosiery factory, and as a bookkeeper in an estate office; Keble College, Oxford 1912-1914; Cuddesdon 1915; exempt from military sevice St Augustine's College: associate 1908-1915 SOUTH AFRICA Capetown St John War service in Serbia; letters about money given for his course at Oxford by Rev W S Dixon

Edward ANDREWS, St. Augustine's College 1909-1911, voyage home to Newfoundland on the "Mongolian" with the loss of part of his baggage - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/14

John Percy Fitzherbert ADAMS, born 1891, (St. Thomas, Devon), St. Augustines College 1911-1913, went to Newfoundland, Canada. Killed in Action in WW1- CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/3 *Descendant of Henry Percy, Rector of Greystoke and Canon of Carlisle, 1813-1870


St. Augustine's Football Team 1912-13


John Walton BAMBER, born Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa, 1886, son of a clerk, educated at Ladysmith Government School and Pietermaritzburg College, worked as a civil servant. St. Augustine's College 1911-1914. Joined the army (10th Yorkshire Light Infantry). Killed in action in France 1916. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/33

Fred BRIGHTON, Born February 25, 1886 at Tipton, Staffordshire, son of Joseph Brighton, blacksmith, wheelwright and machinery merchant. St. Augustine's College 1911-1915 - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/110

Donald James BRIMS, born September 3, 1883 at Southwark, son of James Brims, engineer. St. Augustine's College 1908-11. South Africa, Pretoria, Transvaal. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/111

Arthur Marmaduke Thorold DAINTREY, born December 23, 1882 at Petworth, Sussex, son of a lawyer. Mother, Constance Chary Daintry. Layworker in Labrador before ordination. St. Augustine's College 1912-13. CANADA, Alberta and Shanaanon and East End St. Augustine, Saskatchewan CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/232


St. Augustine's Football Team 1913-14 (First XI)


Photo c. 1915 from my collection. Staff and student's outside the gate


Joseph George CALDICOTT, born November 1, 1884 at Wandsworth, London, stepson of Mr. Ellender, Dover, diver and son of Rose Ellender. St. Augustine's College. 1910-1914. India, Burma, Switzerland, Italy. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/148

Charles George Elton BURGESS, born December 24, 1887, at Regent's Park, London, son of Charles Henry Burgess, wine merchant and Frances Burgess. St. Augustine's College 1909 - 1918? - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/136

Robert Cecil CROSS, born August 12, 1886 at Lewisham Park, London. Son of Henry Cross, Tea Merchant. St. Augustine's College 1912-15. Died November 28, 1925. South Africa? CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/224

Harry CROOK, born March 27, 1893 at Cottingham, Northamptonshire, son of a furniture porter; guardian, Mr. G. R. Walker. Killed in France 1915. St. Augustine's College 1913. Did not go abroad. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/222

Cecil William Frederick BENNETT, born Sept 27, 1895 at Brinckley, Newmarket, son of Lewis Long Bennett, draper. Perse Grammar School, Cambridge 1907-1914. St. Augustine's College 1914-16. South India, Palamcottah, Tinevelly diocese. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/66

Albert Henry CANDLER, born June 30, 1890 at Colchester, son of James William Candler, army pensioner. St. Augustines College - 1913. West Africa, Burma. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/152

James Ramsbotham DAVIES, born March 15, 1889 at Aberdeen. Son of Robert Watt Davies, Captain Royal Navy, Retired. St. Augustine's College 1913-18. Died November 6, 1962. CANADA, Belloram, Newfoundland CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/243 *his brother went to St. Augustine's as well

Frederick William COLLINS, born September 10, 1884 at Yatala, South Australia, son of Frederick Collins, farmer. Died April 29, 1916. St. Augustine's College 1914. Did not go abroad. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/204


Sixes 1915




Founded by Royal Charter in 1848. Visitor, Archbishop of Canterbury. Electoral Body: The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishop of London, by whom the Warden, Sub-Warden and Fellows are appointed.

Warden - The Right Rev. A.M. Knight (D.D.), late Lord Bishop of Rangoon

Sub-Warden and Bursar - Rev. R.U. Potts (M.A.)


Rev. F.J. Badcock (M.A.)

Rev. L.E. Browne (M.A.)

Rev. B.C. Roberts (M.A.)

Lecturer in Practical Medicine, H. Wacher, Esq. (M.B.)

Lecturer in Practical Surgery, E.D. Whitehead Reid, Esq. (M.B., B.C.)


Bishop Arthur M. Knight and students of St. Augustine's College, luncheon (girl in background, top photo)


John Gerard BIRD, born Feb 3, 1898 at Blackpool, son of George Walmer Bird, Decorator. St. Augustine's College 1921. Unsuitable Candidate, did not go abroad. - CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/80

Douglas Humphrey CUMMING, born October 18, 1903, son of Edwin Atherton Cumming, Schoolmaster and Fanny Cumming. St. Augustine's College. Left 1922 after failure to pass examinations. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/228

Cecil John ALCHIN, St. Augustine's College, 1926-1929 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/10

George APPLETON, born Windsor. St. Augustines College 1925. Burma. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/27

Paul Y BANNO, born Japan. St. Augustine's College 1927?, Studied theology at St. Augustine's and music at Kelham. CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/35

Charles Atherley ATHERLEY, born Aldershot Camp, 1901, son of a bandmaster. St. Augustine's College; 1926-28 - Aldershot All Saints Garrison Church, Army Chaplain, CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/20

Richard Frailick DAWSON, born September 22, 1902 at Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada. Son of Harold George Dawson, Grain Dealer and Elizabeth Anna Dawson. St. Augustine's College 1926-29. CANADA CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/247


Above group photo outside St. Augustine's Gate 1920, written

First row from left to right:

1. Lupio (?)

2. Mr. Serido (?)

3. Mr. Roberts

4. Mr. Badcock

5. Bishop Knight (the Right Rev. A. M. Knight D.D., late Lord Bishop of Rangoon) Warden 1909-1928

6. Mr. Potts (Sub warden, bursar- Rev. R. U. Potts M.A.) **Rev. Robert James Edmund Boggis B.D. Sub-Warden

7. Mr. Browne (Rev. L.E. Browne M.A.)

8. Mr. Hobson

9. Mr. Lawson


Clarence Abraham MOULTON - born Newfoundland. St. Augustine's College 1912-1915 CCA-U88/A/2/6/C/726


~ NEW ~

1921 St. Peter's Day, Augustines College, Canterbury. Rev. Boggis, Baigey Hope (Baumer) Gregory. A.C.B., A.P. Senior, F. T. Badcock, R.U. Potts, Canon Lavis, Warden- from my collection


1921 St. Peter's Day, Augustines College, Canterbury. From my collection

July 2, 1921 - St. Peter's Day at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. Wednesday's Commemoration Festival.

The annual commemoration festival at St. Agustine's College, Canterbury, was observed on Wednesday. The special preacher at the commemoration service was the Rev. Canon Lavis. At the luncheon, which was held at 1:30, the Warden (Bishop Knight) presided, and he was supported by the Dean of Canterbury (Dr. Wace), the Mayor of Canterbury (Councillor Wright Hunt), Archdeacon Spooner, the Ven. W. Heard, Canon Lavis, the Rev. W. J. B. Scott, the Rev. Professor Barnes, the Ven. F. W. T. Elliott, the Rev. J. Vaizey Hope, the Rev. W. C. Ford, the Rev. C. H. Wilkie, Canon Fisher, the Rev. C. H. Parry, the Rev. R. J. E. Boggis the Rev. W. F. Burnside, and the Rev. W. S. Dixon.

In propsing a toast to "our guests" the Warden thanked the Dean and Archdeacon Spooner for honouring them with their presence that day and said the felt that the annual commemoration day was one of the occasions on which he had the chance to get into touch with his fellow citizens who were represented by the Mayor. He very often felt a little uneasy because they lived such a self contained life in their College and did not contribute and did not enjoy as much as they would wish what the city over which the Mayor presided offered but they were glad to feel that they were a part of the city and they would feel very sorry if the city did not feel the College was part of itself.

The Mayor responding on behalf of the guests, thanked the College authorities for inviting them to be present to take some part in the commemoration that day. Speaking for himself he said he recalled tht his first impression of St. Augustine's College was not altogether of the happiest, because he remembered when at the King's School in the course of his divinity lessons he had a book "Maclear's Introduction to the book of Common Prayer" and he remembered it used to cause him considerable anxiety on a Monday morning when he was examined as to what he had learned on the previous day. The book was written by one of the present Warden's learned predecessors, and while they all regarded the book of considerable interest now it was regarded by him when at school as a book made his task uncessarily hard (Laughter). He was glad that day of having the opportunity of meeting the Warden of St. Augustine's College under more pleasant circumstances.


The Dean in proposing the toast of "The College" said he was glad to know that the College was renewing its activities. The students there responded like the other colleges to the call of war and their numbers were reduced to something like twelve but he was glad to know from the first report issued that they were rising again to the old numbers and he hoped in time their numbers would still further increase. Although Knutsford had for a time thrown the work of that College a little into the shade he had no doubt that as time when on St. Augustine's would be more and more appreciated by the authorities of the Church and that an institution like that would be more and more used in the training of the clergy for missionary work. Those who were being trained there for the work of missions were being trained for the greatest work there was.


The Sub-Warden (the Rev. P. C. Roberts) in propsing "The Old Students" referred to the fact that a stystem had been instituted by which the students wrote one letter to a missionary every year so that every man in the mission field received a letter from his old College at least once a year. He believed that was a very helathy method to keep in touch with the old men and he believed it was healthy on both sides.

The Rev. W. J. B. Scott responded to the toast.


Group photo, Staff and Students 1920, St. Augustines, Canterbury. From my collection - noted on back "Uncle Andrew" X St. Augustines, Canterbury


1922 St. Augustines College, Canterbury. Staff & Students in front of St. Augustine's Gate - from my collection


1922 St. Peters Day, St. Augustines College, Canterbury. Staff & Students


1922 St. Peter's Day, staff of St. Augustines College, Canterbury



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