St. Mildred



A photo postcard given out by E.R. Chambers of Wincheap, stamped on the back


...and lastly, in Wincheap there was a Market for Wines: This Market had its Cross also with an House about it called Barnish Cross, standing in the Memory of Man upon a Green before the Street, but there is nothing now remaining of them. There is now a Gallows placed in their room....

Magna Britannia Antigua& Nova 1738

At the end of Stour Street is St. Mildred's church, at the west end of the south isle of which is a fair arch of Roman brick, and in the church yard some visible remains of the Roman wall. Passing through the postern, and turning to the left, we enter Wincheap, where are some almshouses, built by Mr. Harris in 1726, for five poor families. From hence, entering the city again through Wincheap gap, we pass over Chapel yard, the burying place of three parishes in the city, which have no ground belonging to them, down Castle street, and across Watling street to St. Margaret's church in which is an ecclesiastical court.... The Kentish Travellers Companion 1776

...and about half a mile further westward, in Wincheap Street, are Harris's Alms Houses, so called from Mr. Thomas Harris, Hop merchant of Canterbury, who, by his Will, dated in June, 1726, devised his five messuages, or dwellings, there situated, in trust, for the reception of five poor families for ever; and for whose support he bequeathed a farm then rented at 21l per annum. The Beauties of England and Wales 1808

"March 23. In Wincheap, near Canterbury, in her 64th year, Mrs. Sarah Highmore. She was the second unmarried daughter of Anthony and Anne Maria Highmore, of the same place, both deceased. Her mind was richly endowed with liberal and religious knowledge, she had learnt very early in life to think for herself, and to act upon the purest principles; and in these she was zealously attached to the Established Church; a retired disposition lead her into the pursuits and habits of reflection, without being chargeable with any natural reserve for to those whom she intimately loved, she was always frank and communicative; her literary attainments constituted for her a rich source of pleasurable occupation and relief, during the greater part of a long life, devoted to the affectionate duties attendant upon those most dear to her, whose declining health and years afforded her ample exercise for the sympathies of filial and fraternal love. The benevolence of her mind far outbalanced the limits of her slender fortune; but regularity and prudence enabled her to indulge in the luxury of doing good in the circle of her own neighbourhood; and some of the objects of her bounty have not been forgotten in her Will. This tribute to her merit may be reviewed without fear of controversy; and if she deserved sublunary praise, how grateful to her surviving relatives is the anticipation of her future reward!" The Gentlemen's Magazine 1814




Sept. 1819 Died at Canterbury, In Wincheap Street, 66, Mrs. Holmes. The Monthly Magazine 1819

Nov. 1819 Died at Canterbury, In Wincheap Street, 47, Mrs. S. Philpott. The Monthly Magazine 1819

1832 - John Springett, WHEAT SHEAF Wincheap Street

John Pope, of Wincheap, Street, Canterbury. Improvements in the application of steam power to ploughing and other agricultural purposes. (July 12, 1856 - (1648))

1838 Miss Elizabeth FOWLER, Ladies' day and boarding (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Wincheap Street

Death in Wincheap, Canterbury, aged 78, Elizabeth HARNETT, relict of W. T. Harnett, esq., formerly of Ospringe Parsonage. 1857

Died at Canterbury in Wincheap Street, Mr. N. CLOKE, The Monthly Magazine 1819

William AIANO, Wincheap Street, Canterbury - Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades 1880

An act to continue the term, and alter and enlarge the power of two acts, passed for amending and widening the road leading from the high post road, near the town of Faversham, to the town and port of Hythe, and from Bacon's Water to Holy Lane, in Wincheap, near the city of Canterbury, in the county of Kent. Public Acts 1803


The suburb of Wincheap contains many very respectable houses, though not numerous. In this suburb was the ancient hospital of St. James, sometimes called St. Jacob's of ancient foundation, and suppressed by Edward VI.; portions of the walls only remain. 1838 directory


1858 Mrs. Sarah TERRY, Wincheap Street

*Death TERRY - Lately, in Wincheap street, Canterbury, Mrs. S. Terry, widow of S. Terry Esq. of Bombay (The Kentish Gazette, Tuesday, May 9, 1854)

An old photo postcard of Wincheap Street


1839 Christopher NIXSON, Wheelwright, Wincheap Street

1847 Thomas Boorman, Surveyor of Taxes

* there was a George Boorman, of St. Mildred, Canterbury, Baker who declared insolvency in 1844

1847 Mr. Bartholemew Barnard, Wincheap Street

1850's Edward and Louisa Mace, Edward is a farmer of 25 acres and also a gatemaker

*Insolvent Debtors - Edward Mace, Canterbury, Kent, hop planter, Nov. 23 at 11, County Court of Kent at Canterbury (who have filed their petitions in the court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process) TJ1853


20 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Wincheap Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


Castle Street to the Water Works


No. 1

1865 Charles BEASLEY, 1 Wincheap Street, Canterbury (parish of qualification - Holy Cross Westgate Without)

1889 George MUNDIE, M.D. Surgeon

George Mundie, Surgeon, Wincheap, Canterbury, Ct. Canterbury. Order Dec. 31 - Adjudications Under Bankruptcy Act. 1883 - Bankrupt list, Jan 22, 1887 - George MUNDIE, Surgeon, Wincheap, Canterbury. First meeting, Jan 13 at 1. at Bankruptcy build, Portugal st. Lincoln's Inn fields. Exam. Jan 14 at 10 1/2. at the Guildhall, Canterbury. CT. Canterbury.

Henry LADD, Board of Guardians Clerk, Superintendent Registrar (

1917 - 1922 C. & G. Yeoman, General Cartage, Haulage and Road Transport Contractors. Steam Wagon, Tractor, and Petrol Lorry Proprietors. Coal and Coke Merchants. Special Low Conveyances for Motor Cars, Live Cattle, Machinery &c. Office: 1 Wincheap Street. Phone 237 Canterbury

1934 C. & G. Yeoman, General Cartage and Road Transport Contractors, 1 Wincheap Street, Canterbury


No. 2

early 80's Bartlett Allen Chambers *was living in Palace street in the 50's **his nephew was J. M. Champion

1889 - 1891 Jemima BROOKS

1917 The Misses GODDEN


No. 3

1889 John T. WALTERS

George BROTHERS, daughter Emily C. BROTHERS (art teacher)

December 20th, 1894 - "Full Art Teachers' Certificates - Emily C. BROTHERS, art masters' certificate, group 1" Sidney Coopers School

1917 Richard THOMPSON


No. 4

1881 Mrs. COLE, 4 Wincheap Street (Members - from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

1917 Mrs. S. READ


No. 5

1889 - 1890's Edwin Hy. SNELL, Draper

1917 Mrs. Bing


No. 6

1889 Nightingale & Son, Coach Builder

George SPREE (

1917 William HARRIS


No. 7

Oct. 1880 House of Commons Papers Vol. 39 - Henry Zachariah DAVEY (where do you live? In Wincheap, No. 7, what are you? Assistant to my father, a Milkman)




No. 8

1889 - 1890's Robert J. CROFTS and Son, builders and undertakers

1917 R. CROFTS, Furniture Dealer


No. 9

November 2, 1878 - The Law Times (creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. c. 35) - CHILDWICK (Frederick Edward), formerly of Aslon, Clackmannan, Scotland, late of 9, Wincheap-street, Canterbury, Inland Revenue officer. Dec 7: P. D. Claris, solicitor, 3? Biggin street, Dover

1889 A. Pilch, Coal Merchant

John F. BARBER, tea dealer (

March 4, 1906 Pattie CHAMBERS, wife of Ernest CHAMBERS of 9 Wincheap Street Canterbury CCA-CC-J/V/1906/4

1917 R. H. Evans-Lippey, Tobacconist


No. 10

1889 - 1890's Miss Ward - Mary Ann, Catherine and Lucy Ward

1917 Mrs. AMEY, Draper


No. 11

1889 - 1890's Albert COLLARD

1917 Mrs. A. COLLARD


No. 12

1889 Mrs. GADNEY

Henry SHAXBY, Wine & Spirit merchant and manufacturer of mineral water (

*Shaxby Brothers Mineral Water Works, Jewery Lane 1889

1894 at 18 Stour Street, wine & spirits and seltzer waters

1917 Arthur TOTTMAN, Butcher


No. 13



A photo postcard on the left showing the Maidens head and the picture on the right showing the Maidens head now (no. 28)

(noted as No. 14) Maidens Head 1861

Henry GIBSON, Publican with wife Mary Gibson and daughters Ann and Charlotte

(noted as No. 12) Maidens Head 1871

Henry GIBSON, Innkeeper age 74 with his wife Mary age 71 and Charlotte LEWIS (daughter) who is a Tea Travellers Wife, William G. LEWIS, grandson age 1, William H. HART, Grandson (months), William LEWIS, son-in-law age 30, Tea Traveller

Henry Gibson, landlord of the Maidens Head Pub, c. 1869 age 75, photo courtesy of Mark Lewis

Henry is of Scottish descent.

In about 1858/9 at the age of 63, presumably when no longer so physically able, he took over as publican at the Maidens Head in Wincheap in Canterbury. It seems he remained the publican until 1871 by which time he was about 75. Although this seems hard to believe you have to remember that there were no pensions in those days!

The pub itself is a building dating back to 1446, the 24th year of the reign of Henry the 6th. It first became an inn, or at least the owner Thomas Stokes gained a license to sell ales on the premises, in 1573. The pub itself consists of two timber framed buildings one parallel to the road and one extending backwards. It is possible that the building at the back, which once stood elsewhere was pressed into use here when the building became a pub to serve as a brew house. Later still a malt house was added beyond this. The malt house is shown at it's fullest extent on the 1874 Ordnance Survey 1:500 map.

A special thank you to the Clarke family for this information

1889 - Thomas BROWNING

1917 THE MAIDENS HEAD, W. G. Mills


Most likely the original No. 14, 15, 16 Wincheap (right to left), with 17 and beyond to the far left


No. 14

1917 Alfred GODDENOUGH, Bootmaker


No. 15

1917 Mrs. PHILLIPS, General Shop


No. 16

1917 Misses MARCH and PEEL, Dressmakers


No. 17 & 18

1917 H. SMITH, Greengrocer


Simmonds Row (No Thoro'fare) *as noted 1889


No. 19

Arthur John BROWN, Grocers Shop !!

1917 F. TOWNSEND, Bootmaker


No. 20

John BROWN !!


No. 21


No. 22

1889 William SEDGWICK, Shoemaker

Edward Charles GOLDSACK !!

1917 Albert AYLETT


No. 23

Mrs. H. M. DEAN (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

George Ramsdale THOMAS !!

1917 George THOMAS, Draper


No. 24

Arthur Gordon CRESSWELL !!

1917 A. G. CRESSWELL, Oil and Hardware dealer


No. 25

1889 John BEER

Stephen MARSHALL !!

1917 Miss BRETT, Confectioner


No. 26

Edgar H. CHAMBERS, Stationers Shop !!

1917 CHAMBERS Bros. Newsagents (also at 53 Northgate Street)


No. 27

*there is a picture of the building from 1931 in Derek Butler's "Canterbury Revisited"

Frederick James CLAYSON, Watchmaker !!

1917 Frederick CLAYSON, Watchmaker


No. 28

Archibald CHRISTIE, Fish Shop !!



No. 29


1889 Mrs. Charlotte Cobb WRIGHT

Philip Frederick DUNK !!

1917 H. DOWLE


No. 30

Ernest LUCAS, Bakers shop !!

1917 E. LUCAS, Baker


Spring Gardens * as noted 1889




Randall House, Catherine COLLARD !!

1917 The Misses COLLARD, RANDALL HOUSE, Wincheap Street


No. 31A

Hardware shop

1917 William GOODMAN, Noted for Genuine American Oil at Bottom Price.


No. 31





No. 32

1889 Godden & Son, Furniture Broker and Removers

Frederick Ephraim POPE, Fruiters Shop !!

1917 F. POPE, Greengrocer


No. 33

Oct. 1880 House of Commons Papers Vol. 39 - James JOHNSON (where do you live? 33, Wincheap, what are you? A labourer)




A photograph of Wincheap now


No. 35

David MARTIN, Gas Stoker *

David Martin - Where do you live? At Wincheap. What is your employment? A cokeman at the gas works. Did you get any money in the last election? No. Or last year, 1879? Yes. How much? 1L. Did you get it for your vote? Yes. Who did you get it from? William Horton. Did you give any of it away? No. Were you mean to give any of it away? No. Parliamentary Papers 1881

Louisa MARTIN, 35 Wincheap Street, Canterbury - photo in my collection

Richard Charles EGLETON !!


No. 36

Albert CROUCHER !!


No. 37

Kathleen HOGG, Laundry !!


No. 38

Kathleen HOGG, Laundry !!


No. 39

George Ernest COX !!


No. 40

Herbert SACKETT !!


No. 41

1889 Thomas SMITHSON, Confectioner

William BALDRY, General Shop !!

1917 H. J. CAREY, General Shop


No. 43

1889 M. COX



No. 44

1889 Miss CRIPPEN

1917 James Thomas ASHBY


No. 47



No. 48

1889 Walter MARSH

1917 "WOODMANS ARMS", H. Lawrence


THANINGTON PLACE *as noted 1889



No. 55


1903 William ASHENDEN, 55 Wincheap

1917 Herbert KING


No. 60

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - James Dalimer, listed under Leather Lace Maker


No. 64

1889 E. J. DIXON, Corn Dealer


No. 65

1903 Mrs. Elisabeth FORDWOOD, Draper


No. 66

John Theoff - Where do you live? 66, Wincheap. What is your employment? A labourer. Did you get any money at the last election? Yes. How much? 5s. Who from? William Richards. Did you get any money in 1879? No. You got the money for your vote, did not you? I got he 5s, that is all. That is for your vote? Yes. Parliamentary Papers 1881

1889 W. HUNT, Stationer & Toy Dealer


No. 68

Oct. 1880 House of Commons Papers Vol. 39 - William CASTLE (Where do you live? 68, Wincheap, What is your employment? A Labourer)


No. 70

The Vicarage - Richard Gandy, Curate of Thanington &

1889 Rev. William Henry HOLMAN, M.A. Thanington Vicarage

1903 Rev. Matthew Flyn Evans, Vicar of St. Nicholas & rector of Milton, next Canterbury, also chaplain to Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Thanington Rectory, 70 Wincheap Street

1917 Rev. M. F. EVANS, St. Nicholas Rectory


X's mark the Industrial School in Wincheap

"Dear Aunt, Thank you for the photo's I am at the home with Maud, but my photo's came on and the letter I shall try and send you a nice little present later on I have put a cross over our home it is on this postcard. It is the only one with a green oven. I remain LL XXXXX Please write back soon Lily." Posted to Mrs. Lawrence No. 6 Potery Road, Newport, Mon. from Canterbury, 3:30 pm October 14, 1905


No. 71

*there is a picture of girls from the school in 1911 from Derek Butler's "Canterbury A Second Selection"

Industrial School, run by Mary Thornden and Amelia Baldwell (11 girls ages 10 - 14) &

1889 GIRLS INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, Miss Skipps, Matron

1913 - Queen Bertha's Home (Church of England), Waifs' & Strays' Training Home for Girls, formerly called The Industrial School, Wincheap. Provides a safe home and good instruction for respectable girls who desire to become household servants; the school consists of 24 girls' these enter at the age of 7 to 14, and ordinarily stay in the school till 16 years of age; they are boarded, lodged and educated gratuitously, and are the survival of the Grey & Blue schools which existed in Canterbury for nearly 200 years; the school has a small endowment; Miss Moore, hon. sec. & treasurer; Miss Mason, matron.

1917 Queen Bertha's Home for Girls, Church of England Waifs & Strays Society. Miss E. A. Mason, Matron


No. 72

October 1880 - Thomas TERRY. What are you? Bricklayer. Where do you live? 72, Wincheap. Did you get anything about the last election? Yes. How much? 1l. From whom? SCOONES. Was that for your vote? Day's pay and railway fare. Because you had to vote? Yes, I had a vote. Did you get anything in 1879? No, I never voted. Did Mr. Butler-Johnstone ever give you anything? No. Are you quite sure? Yes, quite sure. Never anything at all? Never anything at all.

1889 William DIVERS


No. 74

1917 Mrs. CORK, General Shop



Edward Cawley, Oast Cottages, courtesy of the Appleyard family

Edward was a Stationary Engine Driver



No. 75 & No. 76

WHITE HORSE - Joseph Pentecost, Carrier and Victualler &

Visiting the White Horse in in 1871 was Thomas TERRY age 25, Bricklayer from Chartham, Kent with his wife Louisa age 28 from Canterbury and daughter Louisa age 3 born Canterbury




No. 77

1917 Alfred SHAXTED


No. 78

Oct. 1880 House of Commons Papers Vol. 39 - William BROMLEY (Where do you live? 78, Wincheap, what are you? A labourer)

1917 W. AUSTEN


No. 79


1889 Stephen Butcher, "KING'S HEAD INN" Wood Dealer and Hoop maker





The entrance to the Wincheap Nonconformist Burial Ground



1889 George BEECHING, Potato Merchant and Hop Sampler - Hope Cottage

1889 Beeching & Richards, Hop Samplers - Hope Cottage

1917 H. Smith and Son, Market Gardeners


St. Nicholas Terrace (1-4)

1. 1917 B. H. Turner

2. 1917 - Mrs. M. A. Champion

3. 1917 - Frederick Hooker

4. 1917 - Edgar Bacon


Stockton Lodge

1917 Charles Henry WILSON


Oakley Villas (1-2)



1917 L. A. PHILPOTT, Insurance agent


Prospect House - R. Brett & Sons - Motor Haulage Contractors and Furniture Removers

1917 R. BRETT and Sons, motor haulage contractors and furniture removers


Thanington Cottages *as noted 1889

1. 1917 Alfred Wiffen

2. 1917 - William W. A. Beale

3. 1917 - James Gower


Marlowe Terrace (1-7)

1. 1917 George Henry Johnson

2. 1917 - Mrs. E. Benefield

3. 1917 - Stephen Epps

4. 1917 Mrs. Simms

5. 1917 William Iddenden

6. 1917 Walter Parker

7. 1917 Charles Phipps


The Hop Poles, C. A. Dove

THE HOP POLES - A postcard from my collection, posted to Mrs. Noble, 15 Colenes? Terrace, Mead Road, L. Willesboro, Ashford

Dr. N. When are you going to have your week end free the Lancers go to Church. Hope all are well love from all to all yours Lall?

Postmarked from Canterbury, October 14th, 1911 (1:30 PM)

*notes on owners


Thanington Dairy

1917 Mrs. SMITH


Waterworks Cottages (1-3)

1. 1917 John Laurence

2. 1917 - A. G. Lamb

3. 1917 - Albert May


Wincheap Athletic Grounds



1917 Waterworks Resident Engineer - Mr. W. Swinnerton, Wincheap Street

"Canterbury New Waterworks"

The engine and boiler house, coal store, chimney, cooling pond, softening and lime water reservoirs, boundary walls, permanent pumping engines, pumps and boilers, are all so far finished that the permanent pumping engine, pumps, and boilers, have been in use for some weeks past to pump up the sprint water from one of the two bore holes. The quantity of water raised from the bore hole, by the new pumping engine has been at the rate of 1000 gallons per minute, equal to about one million gallons and half per twenty four days.

The normal level of the water in the bore holes is now 9 ft. above the level of the water in the river Stour, at the Silver Hole spring at Wincheap, and, when yielding a supply at the rate of 1,000 gallons per minute, this level in the bore hole is only temporarily lowered about 22 ft., the water at once rising again to the normal level directly the pumping is stopped.

The object of the present pumping is to clear out the soft chalk, &c. from the subterranean fissures that yield the spring water, in order that the water may come up clear and free from chalk in suspension.

On Tuesday, the 18th inst., this reservoir, which is 19 ft 6 in. deep, and capable of holding 350,000 gallons, was quite filled with water to the overflow and on carefully testing, it was found that the reservoir was quite water tight. The water tightness of the 12 in. main pipe is now being tested throughout its whole length.

The Builder, Feb. 12, 1870


Woodville Homes for Children

1917 Miss GARRETT, Foster Mother


Railway Terrace (1-7)

1. 1917 John Wilson, general shop

2. 1917 - Alfred Cooper

3. 1917 - Alfred Igglenden, Sweep

4. 1917 Arthur Broadbent

5. 1917 - Miss Cole

6. 1917 - Harry Rogers

7. 1917 - L. C. Pinnington, D. M. Pinnington, Photographer (Daisy)


St. Jacobs Place


St. Jacobs Terrace (1-6)

1. 1917 William Thomas Grimson

2. 1917 Charles Pierce

3. 1917 William Dunster

4. 1917 J. W. White

5. 1917 J. Parry

6. 1917 Mrs. Clements, Wincheap Dairy



1917 Charles AYERS



1917 J. JARVIS



1917 W. H. ONGLEY



1917 Alfred DEVERIES


Ada Road *there was a toll gate near here


Western Terrace (1-4)

1. 1917 R. H. Williamson

2. 1917 Mrs. Grant

3. 1917 Mrs. Johnson

4. 1917 Mrs. Cork


West View Terrace (1-7)


Hollow Lane


Elham Cottages (1-3)

1. 1917 George A. Stokes

2. 1917 Henry Hills

3. 1917 Ernest Igglenden, Dairyman




No. 80

1889 Charles AYERS, Cattle Dealer

Maria AYERS !!

1917 Mrs. AYERS

Groom's Tyre Service, Tyre Specialists, New and retread, Batteries. 80 Wincheap, Canterbury. Telephone 64918. c. 1960's


Providence Row


No. 81


Edmund Sedgwick !!



No. 82

1889 A. NEAME

John PAY !!

1917 Mrs. WIFFEN


No. 83

1917 Mrs. Holmes


No. 84

A. E. Ellis, Agent

1917 Henry Sprickett


No. 85

1917 Walter Long


No. 86

1889 Mrs. PIDDUCK, Hosier & General Shop

1917 Albert TAYLOR


No. 87

1889 Mrs. PIDDUCK, Hosier & General Shop

William HAYWARD !!



Seymour Place (No Thoro'fare) *as noted 1889


No. 88

Ernest Thomas ATKINS, Butcher )

1903 Ernest Thomas ATKINS, Butcher

1917 Thomas CARDEN, Greengrocer

88a Charles GODFREY, 1889

Stephen John HOOLE, Butchers Shop !!


No. 89

Henry DAVIS, Victualler )


1917 Robert CRAMP


VICTORIA DAIRY (back of 89 Wincheap Street) 89A

Alfred James PAY, Diaryman

Daniel TERRY, Dairy and house !!



Underdowns Passage *1889

DEATH - UNDERDOWN - May 8, at the advanced age of 88 years, Mr. Wm. Underdown, late of Wincheap Street, Canterbury, much respected. (The Kentish Gazette, Tuesday, May 9, 1854)


No. 90

Benjamin Vincent VINCENT, Professional Musician and Photographer )

Elizabeth STOKES )

1917 Daniel TERRY, Dairyman


No. 90B

1889 G. HARRIS, Grocer

1917 C. F. GRIGGS, Grocer / Post Office


No. 91

Alice JONES )

1917 Mrs. Howels


No. 92

William John SAUNDERS, Tanyard Labourer )\

1917 John Harris


No. 93

Charles LEMAN, Public Gardens Gardener )

1917 Enoch Harlow


No. 94

Jane CLARKSON, wife of a soldier in South Africa )

1917 Richard Henry WEBB


No. 95

Oct. 1880 House of Commons Papers Vol. 39 - John Sandy (where do you live? 95 Wincheap, what is your occupation? Labourer)

Robert MILES, foreman at Coal Merchants )

1917 Frederick BEESBY

Showing Victoria Road & Wincheap now


Victoria Terrace (1-3)


Underdown Passage (1917)


No. 96

Alfred John CHAMBERS, Tanner )

1917 Mrs. CHAMBERS


An old photo postcard of Wincheap Street


No. 97

Mary Ann BEDWELL )

1917 Mrs. BEDWELL, laundress

No. 98

John OLDFIELD, Railway Carman

1917 John OLDFIELD


Passage to the Vicarage


No. 99

James Frederick STOWE, Market Gardener )

1917 Mrs. A. WINGROVE


No. 102



1903 Mrs. ASHENDEN, 102 Wincheap Street

1917 Miss BROTHERS, Orchard House


No. 103-105 Orchard Villas (1917)


No. 104 & 105


Kate DADDS, Maud Harriet DUNBAR, James GILDER !!


York Road (1917)


No. 106

1889 John GRUNDY, Teacher of Singing and Music

John GRUNDY !!

1917 R. K. BISHOP


No. 107 (now No. 33)

*there is a picture of the building from before WW1 in Derek Butler's "Canterbury Revisited"

Henry BEAR, Grocers Shop !!

1917 Henry BEAR, Grocer


No. 108

St. Mildred's Parish Hall


No. 109

George SHEAFF, Corn dealers shop !!

1917 F. J. Billing, Corn Dealer


No. 110

Arthur HARDING, butchers shop !!

1917 British and Argentian Meat Co. (ltd) A. P. HARDING, manager


No. 111

July 23, 1881 - Leonard Jennings, Compositor *new member of the phonetic society (Pitman's Journal of Commercial Education - Isaac Pitman)

Wlater James MAY, Fruiters shop !!

1917 James Walter May, Greengrocer


Tudor Road *1889


Showing Tudor Road & Wincheap now


No. 112

1917 D. MANOUCH, fish monger


No. 113

1917 Mrs. WESTON


No. 114

1917 Walter COTTON


No. 115

William HAIGH, tailor *

Kentish Observer Thursday June 18, 1914
Canterburian's death in the States. News was received a few days ago of the death at Brattleboro, in his 80th year, of William Haigh, who was born in Canterbury in 1834. He was one of six children of George and Elizabeth Haigh, and in 1854 he married at Canterbury Miss Mary Ellis, subsequently they lived for a time in Hamilton, Ontario. Later they returned to Canterbury, but again left for the States in 1887, having resided since that time at Brattleboro. The deceased, who was a tailor by trade, had a family of seven children. One of the sons, Percy J. Haigh, who is now a foreman in E. J. Haigh Hildreth and Co's establishment, served his apprenticeship at a local printing office. The late Mr. Haigh was a prominent member of the Baptist Church, and had been a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters since he was 18 years of age. Mrs. Haigh survives him.

*they were living at 115 Wincheap street in 1881, his on Percy was working as a printer lithographer and was born in Hamilton, Canada.

living at 15 Orange street with his parents George & Elizabeth in 1850's


No. 116



No. 117

James HARVEY )


No. 118



No. 119

1889 Mrs. SANKEY

Thomas EPPS )

1917 no listing


No. 120


No. 121

Annie Groves & mother Elizabeth Hayward )

1917 - Mrs. Groves


No. 122

Walter Ernest SLADDEN )

1917 - W. Sladden, Tobacconist


The photo above from my collection shows H.Kennett, baker & confectioner in the background (see detail below)

No. 123

Hezekiah Kennett, Baker & Confectioner )

1910 - Hezekiah Kennett (age 71) baker, born in Canterbury with wife Jane Ann Kennet (69) - 10 children died (7 living) with daughter Kate, shop assistant, also

Charles Kennett, son and Vincent Sladden, grandson

1917 - H. Kennett, baker


No. 124

1889 G. Wakeford, District Superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co. Limited, Holborn Bars, London

Walter Clark )

1917 Charles Cruttenden


GODDEN & SON, Furniture Warehouse


No. 124a

1889 Crofts & Son

1917 R. Crofts Furniture Store


Gordon Road (Wincheap Street to Lime Kiln Road) 1889


1889 Betts & Sons Offices, Coal Merchants

1917 C. Breeze, Coal Office


Entrance to L.C.&D. Railway


No. 125


William HOOKWAY, Licenced Victualler )

1917 W. T. FOSTER


Wincheap Green


A photograph of Wincheap Street now



Francis READ, esq. Wincheap

George SHARP, grocer

William BEAL, baker

John COLLARD, hop planter

Richard HODGHES, smith

Richard HAYWARD, gardener

Edward FILL, builder

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