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Updated March 13, 2021


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If you have a photograph or a piece of history that you would like to share about Canterbury and her families, we would love to be able to add it to the site. My aim is to help the generations now see what Canterbury was like in the late 1890's and early 1900's when our ancestors were living, working and growing up in Canterbury. What jobs did they have, where did they play, who were their neighbours, and where did they go to school? Anything that you wish to add, from the smallest tidbit would be most helpful for the other's out there searching for their Canterbury Roots.

A number of years ago I began researching my family who lived in Canterbury, and in the process, fell in love with the city's historical uniqueness. Since then I've spent time researching my family, the history, the buildings, and many other things pertaining to the city. I've now managed a few short trips to see the city.

I've decided to share what I have gathered so far, and what I truly love in the hope that it may help someone else understand the roots of their family history better, or allow them to appreciate this truly historic city. The contents of the site are areas which are of particular interest to me personally, and I'm certain with time, this site will continue to grow as I gather more information and insight into this beautiful city.

My family were Grocers, Upholsterers, Carpenters, Labourers, Printers & Freemen of this historic city.

This personal site is a testament to my fascination and love of all things Canterbury.

I'd like to say a special thank you to Tricia Baxter for all of her extra knowledge, time, and photographs which have enhanced the site considerably. Also to all the other wonderful people who have loaned me items for the site, a big "THANK YOU" to all of you.

Thank you to Paul Crampton for the use of some of his photographs, and for his great love and dedication to Canterbury. You can find all things "Canterbury" at www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/ please take the time to check out his wonderful site. A small sample of his work...."Canterbury's Lost Heritage," "Canterbury: Then & Now" and "Canterbury in the late 1940's: The Buddleia Years," are great reference tools, as well as an illustration of the rich history of the city itself.

This site is for PERSONAL use only. The pictures used on the site are all from OLD original books/pamphlets/photo's/etchings/postcards in my collection, (with the exception of the directories). The pages are fairly heavy in "visual" references, so I would recommend a high-speed connection as well as the Flash player which is used on several pages.



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