Burgate street is in two parishes: St. Andrew & St. Mary Magdalene

Between 1860 and 1881 it looks like there was a change in the numbering of the houses/buildings on the street


Lower Bridge street to Sun Street (right from Lower Bridge Street)


No. 1

Aug 3, 1826 Leased to Mr. William Sharp?

Robert Barker, Bankers Clerk %

Leased to Mr. George William Ladd (Nov. 1, 1855)

Alfred Pilch, Brewers Manager *

Alfred Pilch - Brewer's Manager .. where do you live? Burgate Street. What is your occupation? Brewer, with Mr. Beer. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

1889 George Beer & Co. STAR BREWERY

1917 Star Brewery


Showing part of the Star Brewery, Burgate and Broad Street, demolished 1936 and was turned into a car park


No. 2

1838 William SOLLY, Carver, gilder and picture frame maker, 2 Burgate Street

1840 William R. Solly, 2 Burgate Street, Carver & Guilder

William SOLLY, Carver & Gilder $

William Ingledon, Brewers Servant *

William Ingleton ...what is your employment? A brewer's drayman. Where do you live? No. 2 Burgate. Which brewery do you work for? Mr. George Beer.... Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

1889 George Beer & Co. BREWERY OFFICES

Dec 26, 1896 - Isaac Fox, Practical Gunmaker (20 years with the late James Adsett), 52, Burgate Street, Canterbury. A good assortment of guns of all descriptions. Repairs a speciality, and promptly executed at reasonable charges. Cartridges of the best quality and correctly loaded. All kinds of sporting requisites kept in stock or obtained on the shortest notice. Please note the address: 2 Burgate Street, Canterbury - The Canterbury Press

1917 Star Brewery


No. 3

1838 Lewin MILDRED, Grocery Dealer, 3 Burgate Street

Thomas Linton, Chair Maker %

George Buckingham, Coach Maker *

1889 Mrs. C. Extons

1917 Misses Pringuer, Dressmakers


A view of No. 3 & 4 Burgate with No. 3 showing pieces of the old Burgate in the side of the building

No. 4

1838 Benjamin ASH, Basket Maker, 4 Burgate Street (also listed under Lime Burners and Whitening Manufacturers)

Benjamin ASH, Basket Maker $

Benjamin Ash, Whiting Maker %

Annie Waters, Needlewoman *

1889 Miss H. Waters, Apartments

1903 Miller Brothers, Cycle Makers

1917 Mrs. Tassell


No. 5

1840 Isaiah LEMAN, 5 Burgate Street, Straw Hat Maker

Ann CULLING, Milliner $

William CROUCH, Bricklayer %

Frederick Hobday, Plumber and Whiting Maker *

Mortgagee: Frederick Hobday, Plumber and wife Mary Hobday, Mortgagor: George Ashbee, Butcher of Canterbury, the Hobdays mortgaged the property to Ashbee for £250 (1864)

1889 Richard Barnard, Cabinet Maker

June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)



French Polishing, Upholstering, Furniture Repairing,

Carpent Beating, Chair Caning, etc.


Moderate Terms. Any Distance

Builders' and Undertakers' Work done on the shortest notice. Estimates Free.

Note the address:



5, Burgate Street, Canterbury

N.B. Shop fronts and fittings polished and kept in condition on yearly contract. Special low terms. Telephone : 2x3 Canterbury

1917 Miller Bros. (Stuart Inge) Cycle Depot


Cottage at the back (1840's - 3 unihabited)

William ARNOLD, Carter *


No. 6

1838 RICHARD SMITH, Boot & Shoemaker, 6 Burgate Street

Richard S. SMITH, Boot Maker $ %

William BLIGH * wife Ellen B. Ceorich Bligh

Died William Bligh CROUCH age 82, March 2, 1882

1889 Mrs. R.E. BLACKEY

1917 E. G. HORWOOD


No. 7

1838 Charles Ashdown (Stationer), Burgate Street (no number listed)

Robert ASHTON, Tailor $ (?)

1847 Charles Ashdown, Wholesale Stationer (no address on Burgate listed)

William Ashdown, Stationer %

Emma Pendergap & Ann Pendergap *

1889 Mrs. Smith, Shoe binder

1917 James William DRAY


No. 8

1838 James HUNT, Bookbinder & Bookseller, 8 Burgate Street

James HUNT, Bookseller $

1847 Mrs. Dells Starr, 8 Burgate Street

Sarah HACKWELL, Teacher, British School %

William Aistrop, Stableman *

1889 J. W. Scattergood, Caretaker

1917 George Frederick DILNOT


No. 9

1838 Thomas STARR, Solicitor, 9 Burgate Street

1847 Thomas Starr, Esq. 9 Burgate Street

Thomas Sarr, Esq. Barrister at Law, Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

"Marriage July 29, at Canterbury, the Rev. G. Oakes Miller, Rector of Milton, in Northamptonshire, to Jane Starr, third dau. of Thomas Starr, esq." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1830

Death, April 13th, in the Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury aged 79, the widow of Thomas Starr, esq.. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1848

George Curteis, Clerk to Justice Office %

**1843 George Curteis and Henry Kingsford, solicitors to Whitstable and Canterbury railroad company, gas light and c. company and clerks to county magistrate and to commissioners of sewers (no address listed)

George Curteis, Esq. Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

1852 - Poll for the Knights of the shire - Tenterden - George CURTEIS, Burgate Street, Canterbury

"Marriage, August 16th, 1854, at Canterbury, the Rev. J.B. Freer, Curate of St. John's Newfoundland, eldest son of John Both Freer, esq. M.D. of New Brentford, Middlesex, to Elizabeth-Hannah, second daughter of George Curteis, esq." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1854

early 1880's - 1889 Leonard B. Tempest, Moulder (E & M)

1917 L. B. Tempest, General Shop


I believe this is No. 10 & No. 11 Burgate, with No. 11 being on the left


No. 10

George CURTEIS, Solicitor $

1847 George CURTEIS, Esq. 10 Burgate Street

1889 Rev. Canon F. HOLLAND (and the Precincts)

1927 Ministry of PENSIONS, 10 Burgate Street, Canterbury (phone book)


No. 10C

No. 10C Burgate


No. 11

Elizabeth Whitworth, Schoolmistress, Ann Simmonds, Independent $

Harriet D. TERRY, born Chart Sutton, Governess, Ann TERRY, sister, Daily Governess, Mary S. TERRY, Governess %

Miss Harriet TERRY, Ladies School, 11 Burgate Street - 1855 post office directory of Kent

Louisa A. Gale, & Fanny Gale *

1889 "BURGATE HOUSE" Mrs. F. Gale

1903 "BURGATE HOUSE" Miss Gale

1917 'BURGATE HOUSE' Lady Mitchell

No. 11 & 12 Burgate Street


No. 12

1824 John CHAPMAN, Burgate Street - Listed under Basketmaker

1838 John CHAPMAN, Basket Maker, 12 Burgate Street (listed under Coopers also)

1840 John Chapman, 12 Burgate Street, Cooper

John CHAPMAN, Basket Maker $

John Chapman, Basket Maker %

July 15th, 1865 John CHAPMAN, Burgate Street (No. 1516) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted B & K (parish of qualification - Holy Cross Westgate Without)

Charles W. Clark, Whitesmith * John R. Hall, Chemist (retired) *

1887 John R. Hall, 12 Burgate Street, Canterbury (subscriber to The Parish of Chislet, Kent)

1889 Charles W. Clarke, Engineer

1917 Miss E. Stirling Hamilton


No. 13

*1838 a Miss WILLIAMS listed under Milliners and Dressmakers, Burgate Street (could be her)

1840 Ann WILLIAMS, Stay maker, 13 Burgate Street

Anne WILLIAMS, Corset Maker $

Anne WILLIAMS, Furrier %

Hammond DIVERS, Carpenter *

1889 Mrs. H. DIVERS, Greengrocer

1903 Alfred DIVERS, Commercial Traveller

1917 Alfred DIVERS


No. 14

Edward PLUMMER, Solicitor, Burgate Street (no number listed)

Stephen PLUMMER, Solicitor, 14 Burgate Street

Edward PLUMMER, Independent $

1889 Henry FIELDING, Solicitor and Clerk to C.S.B. (Canterbury School Board)

1917 H. FIELDING Esq. Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths, Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, Notary Public


No. 15

1838 John KIRBY, Grocer Dealers, 15 Burgate Street

1840 Sarah LYON, 15 Burgate Street, Shopkeeper

George LYON, Cabinet Maker $

Edward KNOTT, Grocer $

John ASHTON, Book Binder %

1855 John Ashton (Binder) - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855

1889 John PLUMMER, Solicitor

1889 Canterbury Diocesan Registry

1903 Kent Lunatic Asylum (J. H. Monins esq. chairman; Henry Feilding, clerk); office, 15 Burgate Street

1917 H. FIELDING Esq. Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths, Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, Notary Public


No. 16

1838 Zachariah PRENTICE, Stationer, 16 Burgate Street (aslo listed under Hop Pocket, Sack and Twine manufacturers) (also listed under Worsted manufacturer)

1840 Zachariah PRENTICE, 16 Burgate Street, Sacking & Linen Manufacture

Zachariah PRENTICE, Worsted M. $

John W. FRIEND, Boot Maker %

John Jane CLEMENTS, Bootmaker *

1889 Mrs. C. VICKERS, Registry for Servants

1903 Kent County Examiner & Ashford Chronicle (branch office)

1917 George DUKES


1960's photograph of Burgate House, showing the new buildings on the left and St. Mary Magdalen Tower on the right

Thanks to Len Parrick for the loan of this photo for the site


No. 17


1838 Daniel HAYWARD, Basket Maker, 17 Burgate Street (also listed under Green Grocers & Fruiterers and Gardeners)

Daniel HAYWARD, Market Gardener $

Daniel HAYWARD, Market Gardener %

Daniel HAYWARD, Fruiterer ^


1889 Edward GOODWIN

W. J. Harris & Co. Machinist Agency

1917 C.H. SMITH, Tailor


No. 18


1838 Richard RAZEL, Pork Butcher, 18 Burgate Street (also listed under Poulterers)

1840 Richard Razell, 18 Burgate Street, Pork Butcher

Mary Ann RAZELL, Pork Butcher $

John Morris, Pork Butcher %

Charles Whitehead ^

Marion Penn, Upholsterer *

1889 M. Penn, Furniture Dealer

1917 Plymouth Brethren Meeting Hall, Henry Buss

AD (date?) Important to Families! A saving of 7 per cent in the price of Flour. The Canterbury Flour Company, 18 Burgate Street, J. JOHNSON, Salesman


No. 19


1839 Samuel POLLARD, Watchmaker, 19 Burgate Street

Maria PENN, Upholsterer $ (?)

1860's - 70's John Penn, Cabinet Maker

Alfred Phillpott, Pork Butcher *

1889 E. Philpott, Pork Butcher

1917 Thomas Marsh, Wardrobe Dealer


No. 20


1838 John LANCEFIELD and Richard MARSHALL, listed under Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers, 20 Burgate Street

1840 LANCEFIELD & MARSHALL, 20 Burgate Street, Plumbers

Richard MARSHALL, Plumber and Glazier $

Richard Marshall, Plumber %

His daughter Susan Jane Marshall married Joseph Bligh CROUCH in 1858

Richard Marshall, Plumber, Glazier & Painter ^

Robert N. Alchin, Bootmaker *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Robert N. Alchin, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 R. N. Alchin, Bootmaker & Mrs. Alchin, Apartments

1917 A. Barrow, Confectioner

An AD for "The Little Cafe" from the Pilgrim's Guide, 1929 - from my collection


No. 21


1838 Elizabeth SHRUBSOLE, Straw Hat Manufacturers, 21 Burgate Street

1840 Elizabeth SHRUBSOLE, 21 Burgate Street, Straw Hat Maker

Edward Clarke, Tea Dealer %

Edward Pillow, Paper Hanger ^

Elijah Dye, Tailor *

1889 Mrs. Buckingham, Machine Knitter

1903 Ernest George Wood, Poor rate collector, Canterbury district, Blean union, assistant over seer for Milton & Thanington, & Tailor's & dresmakers' warehouseman

1917 Ernest G. Wood, Rate Collector and Registrar, Blean District


No. 21a


Frederick Finn, Ale & Porter Merchant *

1917 H. W. Simpson


No. 21b


1917 John Penn


Ernest Geeson, Tailor *Geesons used to be at No. 44 Burgate on the corner of Butchery Lane (see below)


No. 22


1838 George BOORMAN, Boot & Shoemaker, 22 Burgate Street

John H. Reynolds, Grocer %

Edward Cloke ^

George W. Ladd, Stationer *

1889 The Misses Ladd, Toy Dealers & Stationers (Mary and Elizabeth?)

1905 - Comfortable Bedroom with board, suit two friends; home comforts; terms moderate - 22 Burgate Street, Canterbury

1917 Charles Lee, Second hand bookseller


No. 23

1838 Mrs. Mary HAGELL, Confectioner, 23 Burgate Street (also listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants)

1840 Ann Hagell, 23 Burgate Street, Confectioner

Matilda Hagell, Confectioner %

1889 Mrs. T. Norris, Toy & Fancy Repository

1917 Mrs. C. Norris, Toy Dealer


No. 24


A photo of Court Brothers in Burgate Street no. 24 (Photo c. 1912) *thanks to Tricia for this discovery

1838 James JACOBS, Hop-pocket, sack, and twine manufacturers, 24 Burgate Street (listed under Patten and Clog Makers and Weavers and Brush Maker)

James JACOBS, Linen Weaver $

James Jacobs, Linen Weaver and Rope Maker %

Frederick Finn, Ale & Porter Merchant &

1889 Henry T. Johnson, Coach Builder & Auctioneer

1889 Canterbury Institute - C. Fryman, Steward

1917 Court Brothers, Furnishing Warehouse


No. 25

** A photo of the front of the shop in Canterbury A second selection by Derek Butler

1838 John Morris and Mond THOMAS, listed under Glove, Gaiter and Breeches Makers, 25 Burgate Street (also listed under Truss Maker)

1840 John Norris Thomas, 25 Burgate Street, Glover

John THOMAS, Glove & Breeches Maker $

John M. Thomas, Glover %

George William Ladd, Stationer & News Agent &

William Moyes, Upholsterer *

1889 William Moyes, Cabinet Maker

To Bakers, Confectioners, and Others. House and Premises in main thoroughfare in the City of Canterbury, TO LET, from the 1st January 1897, where the business of a Baker and Confectioner has been successfully carried on for over 50 years; good oven, bakehouse and yard; rent moderate; fixtures optional. Apply to Wm. MOYES, 25 Burgate Street, Canterbury. KGaCP Sat Dec 26, 1896

1903 William Moyes, Paperhanger

1917 W. Moyes and Son, Paperhangers

c. 1920's Alfred Olby Ltd. Builders & Ironmongers **

No. 26

1838 Henry ALCHIN, Boot and Shoe Maker, 26 Burgate Street

Henry ALCHIN, Shoemaker $

Henry T. ALCHIN, Boot Maker %

Joseph PHILPOT, Cooper &

Edward GOULDEN, Bootmaker *

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Edward Goulden, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 James CLEAVER, Watch and Clock Maker

1917 J. CLEAVER, Jeweller


The "Now" view of Burgate street No. 24 to No. 28


No. 27

1838 Henry HORN, Cooper, 27 Burgate Street

1840 Henry Horn, 27 Burgate Street, Cooper

Walter Playfoot, Sewing Machine

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Owen McClory, listed under Saddlers & Harness Makers

1889 Owen McClory, Saddler

1917 J. Cleaver, Jeweller


No. 28

late 1880's 1st Volunteers East Kent Regiment, The Buffs, B & C Companies, Armoury Stores

1890's Thomas C. Carden, Seargeant instructor 1st Vol. Battallion, East Kent Regiment of "The Buffs"

1903 Alfred GOODBAN, Picture Frame Maker

July 20, 1907, Gramophones in all styles always in stock, from 30s. upwards Records from 1s. each. Instruments and Records sent to any part at my risk. Ask for price lists and catalogues. A. W. George, The Gramophone Depot, 28, Burgate Street, Canterbury

1917-18 A. W. George, Gramophone Depot


No. 30 to No. 24 The Burgate

No. 29 & 30

1838 - Edward TURMAINE, Listed under, Ale, Porter, and Cider Merchant, 30 Burgate Street

1838 William SHARP, Senior & Junior, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, listed under Burgate Street (no address) *likely no. 29

1838 William Hards RENWICK, Surgeon, 29 Burgate Street

1840 William Sharp, 29 Burgate Street, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker & Furniture Broker

1840 William H. RENWICK, Surgeon, 29 Burgate Street

No. 30 Edward GOULDEN, Boot Maker %

No. 29 John Pearce PAY, Grocer (George Hammond, Apprentice) &

No. 30 Edward GOULDEN, Boot Maker &

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1769 Edward GOULDEN, Burgate Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of Staplegate (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

No. 29 Henry MITTELL, Grocer %

( Assignments for Benefit of Creditors - Tuesday, February 9, 1858 - Henry Mittell, Grocer, Burgate Street, Canterbury, Jan 30. Trustees, W. Bryon, Provision Merchant, St. Mary-at-Hill. Creditors to execute before Mar 31. So. Carr, 25 Rood Lane)

No. 29 John Pearce PAY, Grocer &

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1736 PAY, John Pearce, Burgate Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Frederick William RANDALL, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs. & Northgate Street

c. 1880's to 1917 Frederick William Randall, Master Boot Maker

1903 Frederick William Randall, Boot & Shoee Maker

*Feb 6, 1911, Thomas William Dobson, stealing a single brown boot from Frederick William Randall of 29 & 30 Burgate Street, Canterbury CCA-CC-J/V/1911/4

1917 F. W. Randall, Bootmaker


No. 31

1838 John PENN, Auctioneer, Appraiser and Broker, 31 Burgate Street (also listed under Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers)

1838 John PENN, Commissioner of Pavements, 31 Burgate Street

1840 Harman COLLINS, 31 Burgate Street, Linen Draper

Harman Collins, Linen Draper %

George Palmer ARGRAVE, Watch and Clock Maker &

William S. Grigg, Bookseller *

1889 - 1903 Henry Ovenden, Furnishing Ironmonger

*1901 had a store in Mill Lane, his son Henry Ovenden an Ironmonger's Assistant employed by his father at 31 Burgate Street, Canterbury (CCA-CC-J/V/1901/90)

1917 H. Ovenden, Ironmonger

1927 Henry OVENDEN, Ironmonger, Trade valuer, 31 Burgate Street (phone book)



No. 32

1838 Walter SMITH, listed under Grocers, Tea Dealers and Cheesemongers, 32 Burgate Street

1840 Walter SMITH, Grocer, 32 Burgate Street, and dealer in British Wines

James Norris, Victualler &

William HOWARD, Grocer*

Maurice Girdlestone, Retired Army Officer *

1889 G. H. Stent, Fruiterer, Greengrocer & Florist

1903 Thomas EVEREST, Fruiterer

1917 T. EVEREST, Greengrocer


No. 33

No 34 on the left and No. 33 on the right

1838 William Henry and Edmund FLETCHER, Eating House Keeper, 33 Burgate Street

1840 Mary SHEPPARD, Eating house keeper, 33 Burgate Street

1850's Mary REEVE, Eating House Keeper, son Thomas Reeve, Banker Clerk, son John Reeve, Chemist***

***Poisonings by Mistake - The carelessness of a chemist at Canterbury has caused much anxiety in that city. A young man named Cole being unwell, his wife purchased a black draught and blue pill at the shop of Mr. Reeve. The pill was administered in due form at night, the draught in the morning. About an hour after taking the draught he became unable to walk, was got into bed, became drowsy, and in three hours died. He was buried; but the suddenness of his death occasioning talk, his corpse was exhumed and examined; and was found to contain laudanum in considerable quantity. In fact, in making up the medicine, the shopman had taken up a bottle from which the label had dropped, and which contained laudanum, and used it for a constituent of the black draught, in proporiton at least one-third of the whole. The chemist was committed on a charge of manslaughter. It is well known that the formula of "blue pill and black draught" is highly popular and in great request; it is frequently made in considerable quantities; and this fatal phial appears to have contained only its proportion of a large decoction. Consequently the alram spread far and wide. Many persons had taken a "blue pill and black draught," purchased at Mr. Reeve's shop; many had been violently affected after it, and some were said to have died. The corpse of another person was disinterred and an inquest held; but the circumstances clearly pointed to a natural death. It does not appear that death was in any other case reasonably traced to the carelessness of Mr. Reeve or his shopman. Annual Register 1859

Esther CHEESMAN, Eating House Keeper &

Letitia COLLINS, Cutler *

1882 John Hubbard (from Collin's Burgate St.) working cutler' all kinds of repairs done on the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms. 16 Castle Street

1889 A. H. Marks, Cutler & Gun Maker...33 Burgate Street, Cutlers, gunmakers, and opticians. The noted house for cutlery. Established 1801.

December 20, 1894 (Established 1801) T. C. Long (late Tempest) Practical Cutler, 33 Burgate Street, Canterbury, Table Cutlery, Scissors, Razonrs Butchers Knives, and steels, and pocket knives of every description. Electro plate and nickel silver forks and spoons. Cutlery ground and repaired daily. Table knives, carvers, and pocket knives rebladed equal to new. Gunpowder and shot. Eley's cartridges from 8s. 6d. per 100

1917 Thomas D. GOODMAN, Cutler


No. 34


A view of No.34 Burgate behind the Marlowe Memorial that used to stand in the Buttermarket (and now)

1838 Mrs. Elizabeth GREEN, listed under Ironmongers and Hardwaremen, 34 Burgate Street (also listed under Toy Dealers)

1840 Elizabeth GREEN, 34 Burgate Street, Hardwaremen

Frank HAYWARD, Boot & Shoe Maker &

1880's - 1903 George Philip LADD, Printer, Stationer & Bookseller

An old ADVERTISING postcard from my collection - G. P. LADD, 34 Burgate Street

1917 F. COURT, Bookseller


No. 35

An old photo in my collection c. 1935, showing 35 Burgate street on the right, the shop of W. J. PYE, Jeweller

1838 William DUNKIN and William WATSON, ALBION HOUSE, 35 Burgate Street, Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers, &c

1840 Dunkin & Watson, 35 Burgate Street, Linen Drapers

1852 Poll Book - William WATSON - registered to vote in St. Nicholas, Deptford - Burgate Street, Canterbury

AD 1860 Linford and Son, Operative and Photographic Chemists, 35, Burgate Street, Canterbury, Keep a large assortment of Photographs and Stereographs of the principal points of interest in Canterbury and its neighbourhood. Views taken to order. Photographic Apparatus and Chemicals of the best quality. Mountings of all Classes. Gilt and Composite Frames. Notice - 35, Burgate Street, near the Butter Market, Canterbury. (John Brent)\

Henry. G. ADAMS, Chemist and Druggist &

*Liquidation by Arrangement. First Meetings of Creditors. Tuesday, Nov. 5 1872. Henry Gardiner Adams, Canterbury, Chemist. Nov. 23 at 2, at 16 Watling Street, Canterbury. Wightwick & Co. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter

Pharmaceutical Journal 1883 - Pharmacy Act, 1868. Rectification of the registers of Pharmaceutical chemists and chemists and druggists. We are requested by the Registrar to publish the following list of persons whose names will be erased from the Registers unless they communicate with him on or before 30th December next: Henry Gardiner Adams, 35 Burgate Street, Canterbury

Alfred OXBROW, Jeweller & Watch Maker *

1889 - 1903 Alfred OXBROW - Watch maker & Jeweller



1907 W. J. PYE (late Oxbrow), Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician. 35 Burgate Street (Buttermarket), Canterbury. Gold and Silver - Alberts, Chains, Seals, Lockets, Compasses, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Pencil Cases, Tooth-picks, Studs, Links, Solitaires, Scarf pins, Necklaces. Spectacles and Eyeglasses. Full value allowed for Old and Wornout Jewellery, Teeth Plates, Gold Lace, etc. Watches, Clocks and Jewellery repaired. Orders by post or carrier promptly attend to.

1917 William James PYE, Watchmaker


No. 35, 36 and 37 recent view


No. 36

1838 John SOUTHEE, listed under Grocers, Tea Dealers and Cheesemongers, 36 Burgate Street (also listed under tobacconist, tinmen, braziers and tin plate workers)

1840 Samuel SOUTHEE, 36 Burgate Street, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Cheesemonger

Richard BARNWELL, Grocer and employer ^ &

William Petts MOORE, Draper *

1889-1903 William Petts MOORE - Linen Draper

1917 Houlden and Son, Drapers


No. 37

*used to be No. 41 (see below)

1838 Thomas Jessop TEMPEST, Cutler, 37 Burgate Street

1840 Thomas Joseph TEMPEST, 37 Burgate Street, Cutler

Robert COLLINS, Cutler &

Edward J. JAY, Ironmonger *

1887 William LEWIS, Tea Dealer

1917 Miss SIMKINS, Tea Rooms


Entrance to the Cathedral (Christ Church Gateway)


No. 38

1838 Samuel POWELL, Hosier and manufactuer, 38 Burgate Street

1840 Samuel POWELL, 38 Burgate Street, Hosier

Samuel POWELL, Hosier & Glover &

*Samuel POWELL, died April 3rd, 1873, aged 59 years, Burgate Street (Thomas Page Journal)

1889 Thomas CRUMP, Grocer & Provision Merchant

The Cash Grocery Stores

c. 1909 Clark & Theobalds (Theobalds & Studman, Theobalds & Cooper)

A photo of the Clarke & Theobalds Store, from my collection

A photo of the Buttermarket Stores delivery van, credit for this photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family


1917 The Buttermarket Stores, Theobalds & Studman: Grocery, Provision, Wine, Spirit and Meat Stores (tel. 93)


No. 38a

1917 Mrs. Sokoloff, Tea Rooms


The Buttermarket


No. 39

Jesse DOBELL, Watchmaker & Jeweller

1889 Thomas Harry WALKLEY, Wine & Spirit Merchant

1917 Walkley & Co. (T. W. Green) Wine Merchants (tel. 170)


No. 40

1838 Edward WOOTTON, Linen and Woollen Drapers, haberdashers, silk mercers, 40 Burgate Street

William P. Moore, Draper &


1889 Charles Paget "Black Boy Inn"

1917 Ye Old Cathedral Antique Showrooms (also at 13 St. Peter's Street)

1922 Ye Old Cathedral Antique Rooms. 40 Burgate Street. At angle behind the War Memorial in the Butter Market


An old view of the buildings around the Buttermarket......The Bullstake

The "numbered" view now of the Buttermarket


No. 41

(No. 41 used to be No. 37)

Showing Medhurst & Hopper at No. 41 Burgate Street

William J. C. DAVIS, Draper (Mantles and Millinery) &

1889 Warren & Summers, Clothiers & Outfitters

1907 Alfred Samuel WARREN, Outfitter

1910 Edward Arthur Ashwell, Clothing manager of Alfred Warren Clothiers

1917 Alfred S. WARREN, Outfitter and Hosier


No. 42

1838 William AUSTEN, Hatter, 42 Burgate Street

William AUSTEN, Tailor and Draper, WITNEY HOUSE, 42 Burgate Street

1840 William AUSTEN, 42 Burgate Street, Hatter & Tailor

1855 W. & R. AUSTEN, Burgate Street (Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationer's directory)

Robert AUSTEN, Bookseller & Stationer ^

1889 - 1890's Walter G. AUSTEN, Bookseller, Stationer & Printer

1917 Miss E. HARVEY, Milliner


No. 43

1838 Richard WELLARD, Stationer, 43 & 44 Burgate Street (also listed under Music & Musical instrument seller)

1840 Richard WELLARD, 43 & 44 Burgate Street, Music Seller

Robert AUSTEN, Bookseller & Stationer ^ &

1889 Mrs. E. LAWRENCE, Fruiterer and Green Grocer

1903 Alexander Gardener PUTWAIN, Confectioner

1917 Miss BROTHERS, Confectioner


No. 44

1838 Richard WELLARD, Stationer, 43 & 44 Burgate Street (also listed under Music & Musical instrument seller)

1840 Richard WELLARD, 43 & 44 Burgate Street, Music Seller

Robert AUSTEN, Bookseller & Stationer ^ &

1889 - vacant

1901 AD - For Smart Fitting Tailoring go to E. GEESON. Cash Tailor, 44, Burgate Street, Canterbury. Special value in Serge Suits at 30/- 35/- 39/6 & 45/- the suit. 2000 New Patterns in Tweed Suitings. Cute Cut. Faultless Fit.

1903 Ernest GEESEN, Tailor


1956 BURGATE FARM HOUSE - Morning coffees, Luncheaons, Teas, Home-made cakes, Farm Produce, Private room for parties. Phone 2716 Personal Supervision


Butchery Lane


No. 45 & 46

1838 William Henry and Edmund Fletcher, Butchers, 46 Burgate Street

1840 William H. Fletcher, 46 Burgate Street, Butcher

William Lawrence, Greengrocer &

William Penn, Furniture Dealer *

1889 W. Penn, Furniture Stores

1917 Canterbury Furnishing Stores, Penn & Co.


No. 47

1838 WEEKES & LINFORD (and Italian Warehouse), listed under Chemists and Druggists, 47 Burgate Street (also listed under Grocers, Tea Dealers and Cheesemongers)

1840 Weeks & Linford, 47 Burgate Street, Chemists & Druggists

John WEEKS, Chemist & Druggist, Sarah LINFORD, Richard Beck, Chemist's apprentice $

John WEEKS, Chemist %

John Weeks of Canterbury, Chemist (partner with Thomas Linford) "The Law Journal"

"The Law Journal" John Thomas Linford and John Weeks, both of the city of Canterbury, chemists and druggists, d. c. and co-partners in trade. Official assignee, Edwards. Old Jewry. Sol Smith, Bassinghall street. Fiat. Feb. 17. Pet. Crs. William James, William Hardwick, and Henry Browning of St. John Street, oil merchants.

(The Jurist 1844) Thomas Lindford and John Weeks, Canterbury, Chemists, Jan. 25 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, Div.

John Thomas Linford and John Weeks, Canterbury, Chemists, June 24 at half past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London aud. ac.

Certificates - John Thomas Lindford, Canterbury, Chemist, June 24 at half past 12 Court of Bankruptcy, London - The Jurist 1844

To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankruptcy unless cause be shewn to the contrary on or before July 18 - John Thos. Linford, Canterbury, Chemist

William SHARP, Cabinet Maker *

December 31, 1887 Soldiers and Sailors Institute proposed for Canterbury 29 r 4 f (Palmers index to The Times Newspaper)

1889 Prince of Wales Soldiers & Sailors Institute, G. Young, Manager

1896 - It was decided to close the Soldiers' and Sailors' Institute this month. The Institute had been in existence for eight years, and during that time it was the means of providing a comfortable club house for the troops of the depot.

Court Brothers, ironmongers, tinplate workers, japanners & oil merchangs, 11 & 12 Butchery Lane; house furnishers, carpet & linoleum factors & earthenware dealers, 24, 47 & 49 Burgate Street & builders; merchants, 77 Castle Street - 1903




Of all Goods at very low prices.


Everyone should see




Very Special Show at Burgate Street Premises.



An ad in the December 26, 1896, Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press


Court Brothers, ironmongers, tinplate workers, japanners & oil merchants, 11 & 12 Butchery Lane; house furnishers, carpet & linoleum factors & earthenware dealers, 24, 47 & 49 Burgate Street & builders; merchants, 77 Castle Street

1917 Court Brothers, Furnishing Warehousemen (tel. 4a)


No. 48

1884 Frederick Finn (Under Ale & Porter Merchants & Bottlers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Jos. Sheppard, Ale and Stout merchant

1917 Court Brothers, Furnishing Warehousemen (tel. 4a)


No. 49

1838 Edward BENNETT and John Frederick BENNETT, Listed under, Ale, Porter, and Cider Merchant, 49 Burgate Street (also listed under Wine & Spirit Merchants)

1838 Edward BENNETT and John BENNETT, listed under Ginger Beer and Soda Water Manufacturers

1839 Edward & John Frederick BENNETT, Wine Merchants, 49 Burgate Street

1840 Edward & John Frederick BENNETT, 49 Burgate Street, Porter & Ale Merchants

Elizabeth SHARP and son William SHARP, Upholsterer $

1850's - 70's William SHARP, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker

Ledeor HAYWARD, Coachmaker * (possibly Ledger)

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Albert JAMES, listed under Carriage Builders

1889 L. HAYWARD, Carriage Builder

Ledger HAYWARD, Carriage (Coach) Builder (


Court Brothers, ironmongers, tinplate workers, japanners & oil merchangs, 11 & 12 Butchery Lane; house furnishers, carpet & linoleum factors & earthenware dealers, 24, 47 & 49 Burgate Street & builders; merchants, 77 Castle Street - 1903

1917-18 J. Court Bros. Furnishings warehousemen


The Market & Corn Exchange

The back entrance to the market in Burgate Street, taken down in the 1960's (my drawing)


No. 50

1838 George COTTRELL, Listed under Painters, Pumbers and Glaziers, 50 Burgate Street

1840 George COTTRELL, plumber, painter & glazier, 50 Burgate Street

George COTTRELL, Plumber & Painter %

Ledger HAYWARD ^

"Insolvent Debtors - Daniel HAYWARD and Ledger HAYWARD, Canterbury, Kent, Coach builders, Jan 10 at 11, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury." The Jurist 1855

Ledger HAYWARD, Carriage Builder &

1880 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Ledger HAYWARD, Coach & Carriage Builders

Caroline E. PHILLPOTT, Cooper, son Henry J. Phillpott is also a Cooper *

1884 Mrs. Caroline PHILPOT, 50 Burgate Street (Under Coopers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 Mrs PHILPOT, Cooper

1917 Chayney and Co. - Scale Makers



No. 51

1838 Charles JOHNSON, Hair Dresser & Perfumer, 51 Burgate Street

1840 Charles JOHNSON, 51 Burgate Street, Hair Dresser & Perfumer

1840's - 60's Charles JOHNSON, Hair Dresser

(George Packer and Jacob Wanstall, Perfumers Apprentices) $

Caroline Emily PHILPOT, Cooper &

1873 (return of owners of land, 1873) Mrs. PHILLIPS, 51 Burgate Street, Canterbury

Acres. 13, 0, 28

Rent 27 0

John SOLLY, Publican *

James Craik, Photographer *

"British Journal of Photography - What offers in exchange for a capital double-geared rolling press, steel plate 11 x 8 14, folding tripod, six inch bronze head, 12 x 10 mahogany case water tight bath, dark tent on three wheels, developing and changing box, tent up to 12 x 10, two pneumatic holders, anda quantity of wet plage apparatus! Wanted a portable tourist quarter or half plate camera, swing back, with three or more double backs. - Address J. C., 51 Burgate Street, Canterbury (March 16, 1883)

1885 Kelly's Directory - Listed under Photographers - James CRAIK, 51 Burgate Street and 33 St. Margaret's Street, Canterbury

1889 Vacant

Thomas MAYNARD, Baker (

1917-18 Edward MOSS, Hairdresser


No. 52

Destroyed in the bombing 1942

1838 Richard FOORD, Ladies' boot and shoe warehouse, 52 Burgate Street

*there was a Robert FOORD in 1838 listed under Surgeons, Burgate Street (no # listed)

1838 Richard FOORD, Commissioner of Pavements, 52 Burgate Street

Richard FOORD, Shoemaker $

Richard FOORD, Cordwainer %

1852 Richard FOORD (Voted Dering/Bridges) Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

1860's - 70's James JACOBS, Linen Weaver/Manufacturer

William BODIN, Gun Maker *

Miss Kate BEER Governess *

1889 - 1890's William BODIN, Gun Maker

1903 Henry James STEWART, Electrical Engineer, 52 Burgate Street

1917-18 Canterbury and District Co-operative Society ltd., J. W. PARKS


No. 53

Destroyed in the boming 1942

Arthur COLBORNE, Fancy Dealer &

Arthur Francis Colborne his son would grow up to be a photographer

Thomas EPPS, Grocer, his son William Epps is a School teacher *

1889 Thomas EPPS, Grocer

1903 Mrs. J.W. HUNT - Teacher of Music & John William Hunt, Printer

August 2, 1913 - Don't give up looking for that book which you have so often wished for until you have tried Philpot's Book Shop, 53, Burgate, Canterbury. Write immediately. Be sure it is Philpot's.

"Mention of one book shop at Canterbury was omitted from the preceding article, viz., that of Mr. Philpot, 53 Burgate Street. The business was opened in 1907 and the stock includes local, theological and general items, and old prints of Canterbury, while some business is done in ex-libris and stamps, particularly stamps of Great Britain : There is a lending department of popular novels with about 1,400 titles."

1917 Philpot's Bookshop


No. 54

Destroyed in the boming 1942

1840 Edmund FLETCHER, 54 Burgate Street, Butcher

Edmund FLETCHER, Butcher $

1850's - 60's Edmond, Henry & Albert FLETCHER, Butchers


Richard MARSHALL, Plumber *

1889 Richard J. Marshall, Plumber

John Marshall, Plumber & Gasfitter (

George DUKES


No. 55

Destroyed in the boming 1942


1838 John PILBROW, listed under Ironmongers and Hardwareman, 55 Burgate Street (also listed under Smiths)

1840 John PILBROW, 55 Burgate Street, Ironmonger

1840's - 60's Pilbrow Family, Ironmongers

Elizabeth PILBROW (w), Ironmonger %

Richard MARSHALL, Plumber & Painter &

Sarah A. HORTON, Upholstress *

1889 Vacant

1890's Charles H. Hayes, Printer (born India, British Subject), James H. Cooper, Printer & Compositor

*was a death of a Charles Henry Hayes in 1893 in Canterbury

1900's Jane Hayes, Letterpress Printing. son Charles is a Printer, Compositor

1917 J. HAYES, Printer & Publisher


No. 56

Destroyed in the boming 1942

1838 Henry BIRD, Auctioneer, Appraiser and Broker, 56 Burgate Street (also listed under Cabinet-Makers and Upholsterers)

1840 - 60's - Henry BIRD, Auctioneer & Broker

July 15th, 1865 Henry BIRD (dead), Burgate Street (No. 1579) Poll for the two knights of the shire (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Magdalen)

William PARKER, Basket Maker &

Edward COOMBER, Fishmonger, Frederick Flint, Fishmongers Assistant *

1889 - 1890's George H. HOARE, Basket Maker, Arthur C. BOWEN, Printer

early 1900's James MOYS, Gardening, with sons Joseph H. and George. Wife Ellen A. Moys is a General Shop Keeper

1903 James MOYS, Greengrocer

1917 J. MOYS, General Shop



Iron Bar lane


No. 57

Destroyed in the boming 1942

1838 Charles ASHDOWN, Stationer, Burgate Street

1840 Charles ASHDOWN, 57 Burgate Street, Stationer

Charles Ashdown, Stationer $

Edward FURWACD, Plationer, mother in law Sophia ASHDOWN

In the early 1870's William Samuel GRIGG, was here and noted as a Ginger Beer Manufacturer. William and his wife Louisa were living in Palace street in 1868 when they baptized their son Walter John Grigg. *from the Registers of Canterbury Cathedral...March 12, 1868, Walter John, son of William Samuel and Louisa Sarah Grigg, of Palace Street, greengrocer. Their son Walter John Grigg died in 1871

"Baptism March 12, 1868, Walter John, son of William Samuel & Louisa Sarah Grigg, of Palace Street, Greengrocer" at Canterbury Cathedral *Walter John Grigg, died early in 1871 - Louisa died in 1888 in Maidstone, Kent

Edward Whitear CROWN INN *

1889 Edward Whitear, CROWN INN

1890's - early 1900's CROWN INN, Eliza Whitear, Innkeeper



No. 58

Destroyed in the boming 1942

1832 CROWN INN, Stephen Watts

1838 CROWN INN, Stephen WATTS, 58 Burgate Street

James PEARCE, Inn Keeper $

Henry Hill, Inn Keeper %

Henry Missell, Inn Keeper

Edward Whitear, Licensed Victualler &

Edward Whitear CROWN INN *

1889 Mrs. F. Hopper, Catholic Repository

Mary A. A. Hopper, Shopkeeper (

Oliver G. Woodcock, Ironmonger

1917 F. BLIGH, Ironmonger




ST. THOMAS CHURCH (Roman Catholic)




John HARVEY, Baker $

John HARVEY, Baker %

James COOPER, Ironmonger

July 15th, 1865 James COOPER, Burgate Street (No. 1544) Poll for the two knights of the shire, passed away ? (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

John Edward DASHWOOD, Ironmonger &

1880's - early 1900's Richard POWER, Roman Catholic Priest, from Ireland (Catholic) Presbytery

1917 Rev. Richard Power, Rev. Edmund H. Sheppherd



Showing Burgate No. 59 - 65


No. 60

The Burgate Dispensary

1838 John POTTER & Frederick POTTER, Choristers of the Cathedral, 60 Burgate Street

1838 Bathing Establishment, Burgate Street - Proprietress, Mrs. Ann POTTER, 60 Burgate Street

(The Bathing Establishment, which is the only one in Canterbury, is in Burgate Street. It is a very extensive suite of rooms, fitted up with every convenience for all kings of bathing. The charges are very moderate. 1838)

*1838 also a Mrs. POTTER listed under Lodging House Keepers, Burgate Street

1839 BATHS, 60 Burgate Street, Ann POTTER, Keeper

1840 Ann POTTER, Baths, 60 Burgate Street

1847 Ann POTTER, Bathing Establishment, 60 Burgate Street

Ann POTTER, Bathing establishment %

Charles MacFarlane, Historian (b. Scotland) %

*The Comprehensive history of England by Charles Macfarlane and the Rev. Thomas Thomson 1861

The Chinese Revolution 1853

Thomas RICHARDSON, Roman Catholic Priest, Burgate St. and Hales Place ^

Richard POWER, Roman Catholic Priest &

George RIGDEN, Surgeon *

June 21, 1879 The Medical Times and Gazette - Vaccination - Mr. Rigden of Canterbury, has received for the fourth time the first class award of the Privy Council for successful vaccinations, amounting to £27 18s.

late 1880's George RIGDEN, M.R.C.S. Surgeon, CANTERBURY DISPENSARY

*Brian Rigden, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Canterbury Dispensary (Jan 17, 1880, The British Medical Journal)

June 19, 1880 - The British Medical Journal - Votes of Thanks were given to the late President, Dr. Bowles, and to the late Vice-President, Mr. Rigden of Canterbury, and Dr. T.S. Rowe of Margate. (South-Eastern Branch; Annual Meeting)

George RIGDEN, Surgeon & wife Imogen (

George RIGDEN, Jan. 1, 1859. Licence Soc. Apothecaries London, 1837 & Member of the Royal College of Surgeons England 1844

1903 Brian RIGDEN, General Medical Practioner (Surg.)

*The Medical Times and Gazette Jan, 1879. "the following gentlemen having undergone the necessary examinations, were admitted Members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 20th, inst., viz. Brian Rigden, Canterbury, of University College Hospital

July 20, 1907 - CANTERBURY DISPENSARY. Patients are admitted every morning (Sundays excepted) between nine and ten o'clock under the care of Mr. Brian Rigden, Surgeon. Number of patients admitted during the past week, 30; remaining under treatmetn, 142; total admitted since the opening of the Institution, 110,101.

1917 Brian RIGDEN, Esq., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A. Lond.


No. 61 to No. 65 Burgate


No. 61

*The property where the auther of the "Ingoldsby Legends" was born, R. H. BARHAM

"The Rev. Richard Harris BARHAM, BA, Author of The Ingoldsby Legends, Son of Alderman Barham, Mayor of Canterbury, was born here on December 6th 1788. An Unrivalled Humorist. A Poet. A Genealogist. An Antiquary. A Clergyman greatly beloved." from the plaque unveiled September 25, 1930 by the Rev. W. R. Inge


"The Author of the Ingoldsby Legends first saw the light at No. 61 Burgate Street, at the corner of Canterbury Lane, a tablet to whose memory was unveiled by the Very Rev. Dr. Inge, K.C.V.O., Dean of St. Paul's in 1930." Rev. Richard Harris Barham, b. December 6th, 1788, christened at St. Mary Magdalen

John NUTT, Solicitor $

George RIGDEN, Surgeon %

(wife Imogen, sons George W. and Walter, daughter Jane, sister Sarah Rigden)

later half of 1842 - A marriage of Imogen Masters in Canterbury to George Rigden (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons)

George RIGDEN, General Practioner ^

"February 13, 1869, The Lancet" The thirty-second annual report of the Canterbury Dispensary has reached us. It states that duing 1868 more persons were admitted than in any former year to the benefit of the institution. Out of 1775 patients, 1574 were visited at their own homes. A very commendable feature of the institution is the practice of giving trusses to those affected with hernia. During the year 61 persons were supplied with trusses, representing a large amount of relief from great personal discomfort and danger. Scarlet fever prevailed in Canterbury in an epidemic form amongst the dispensary patients.

article written by him on "Public Health in the city of Canterbury during the year 1861" by George Rigden, Esq., Surgeon to the Canterbury Dispensary, in The British Medical Journal, December 13, 1862

George RIGDEN, General Practitioner, M.R.C.S. &

George RIGDEN, Esq., M.R.C.S., Burgate, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879

Mrs. RIGDEN, Burgate, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879

1880's - 1903 Lt. Colonel William Kaylet CURTIS, Surgeon

1917 T. W. K. CURTIS, Esq.


No. 62

William HOWLAND, Independent $ %

1847 William HOWLAND, Gentleman, 62 Burgate Street

William HOWLAND, Retired Draper %

William Kaylet CURTIS, Surgeon &

Edward CHAMBERS, Whitesmith * son Herbert L. Sankey, Barrister

Herbert T. SANKEY, Esq. Burgate Street, Canterbury (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

late 1880's Major H. THOMSON

Oct. 16, 1886 (The Lancet) Kent and Canterbury Nursing Institute. Wanted a thoroughly experienced Medical and Surgical Nurse, not under 30 years of age. Apply to Lady Superintendent, Canterbury.

Dec. 4 1886 (The Lancet General Advertiser) - Kent and Canterbury Institute for Trained Nurses. Wanted, a good Medical and Surgical Nurse for Private Nursing. Apply, Lady Superintendent

"The property that used to stand on the site of 62 Burgate was built in 1755 and for many years was a private house. In 1894 it was taken over as the offices of the Kent and Canterbury Institute for trained nurses, a charity which was federated with the Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses. The property remained an office until 1939." Kent Archives

Photo courtesy of Len Parrick (It was taken in the small car park off Canterbury Lane, and is of a stone which is found in the wall which backs onto Burgate.)

1894 Kent & Canterbury Institute for Trained Nurses *founded June 1875

Clara F. SHAW, Superintendent of Nurses

1917 Kent & Canterbury Institute for Trained Nurses - Miss GWYN, lady supt.


No. 63

Thomas WIGHTWICK, Solicitor $

Elizabeth JEFFERYS, Governess, Mary LEDGER, Teacher, Emily E. DRIVER, Teacher (students - Charlotte ABBOT, Louisa GREET, Elizabeth and Louisa COLLARD)%

Herbert Tritton Sankey, Solicitor &

Martha MOFFATT *

late 1880's Mrs. SPARKS

Caroline WARD (

1903 George TODD, 2nd Vesturer to the Cathedral, 63 Burgate Street

1917 T. H. SAYERS, Insurance Agent (tel. 234)

1917 Chamber of Trade Offices. Offices of Canterbury Plate Glass Insurance Society (ltd.) and General fire and Life Insurance Office. Vicktor sewing machine depot.


No. 64

1838 Charles HOVELL, Surgeons, 64 Burgate Street

Charles HOVELL, Surgeon (his son Charles is also a surgeon) $

Charles HOVELL, General Surgeon late R.N. %

"Deaths June 12th, In Burgate Street, Canterbury, aged 72, Charles HOVEL, esq., surgeon, late R.N." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1859

James J. LANCASTER, Chartered Accountant *

*The Medical Times and Gazette Jan, 1879. "the following gentlemen having undergone the necessary examinations, were admitted Members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 20th, inst., viz. Brian RIGDEN, Canterbury, of University College Hospital

*Brian RIGDEN, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Canterbury Dispensary (Jan 17, 1880, The British Medical Journal)

1883 Brian RIDGEN, Burgate Street

Married Ellen Morgan RIGDEN in 1897

1880's to 1900's Brian RIGDEN, M.R.C.S. General Medical Practioner (Surg.) ( *Feb. 14, 1879)

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England 1879. Lic. Society of Apothocaries London, 1879

1923 Brian RIGDEN, Burgate Street, Canterbury

1917 Diocesan C.E.T.S. Offices. Rev. C. F. TONKS, organising secretary. J. L. FLEMING Esq. Assistant.


No. 65

1838 William BEER, St. Augustine's Brewery and 65 Burgate Street (listed under Brewers and Hop factor as well)

Sarah DAVIS, Corset Maker %

Catherine SIMPSON, Landed Proprietor %

Charles PILLOW, Carpenter ^

James John LANCASTER who is an accountant with his family, Caroline Fanny, and children, Walter James, Helen, Henry George, Gertrude, Bertha, Emma Fanny (buried in St. Gregory the Great), & Edgar &

1877 Mr & Mrs. Elsmere, 65 Burgate Street, Canterbury (was some family letters for sale in 2010 on Ebay) - Charlotte Elsmore, Frederick Henry Elsmore, Stephen Staaford (nephew)

Henry J. HAMMOND, Carrier Canterbury Gas & Water Co. *

late 1880's E. H. HOBDAY

1890's Edwin H. HOBDAY, Auctioneer & Appraiser

Frederick HARDIMAN, Relieving Officer & Registrar

1903 Frederick Hardiman, Relieving, Vaccination & school attendance officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Sturry sub-district of Blean union

1917 George A. MARSHALL

No. 66

Robert BARKER, Bankers Clerk $

(Ann SIMMONDS, Widow) $

William DREWETT, Retired Corn Dealer %

Herbert Edward BEER, Brewer ^ *wife Julia A. (moved to Melbourne Terrace, Monastery Street by the 70's - Wine & Spirit Merchant)

July 15th, 1865 Herbert Edward BEER, 66 Burgate Street (No. 1402) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted D (parish of qualification - Saint Gregory)

*December 5, 1868 The Solicitors Journal and Reporter - Richard Pearse & Herbert Edward BEER, Canterbury, Kent, Wine Merchants. Pet. Nov 16. Dec 9 at 11. Wright & Co. Fenchurch street.

*Married Julia Ann HOWARD in 1858 in Canterbury - died 1887 in West Ham, Essex, London?

1881 Hannah TERREY, head, widow age 71 born Canterbury, Florence M. Terrey, grand daughter, unmarried age 18 born Lydd, Linda Terrey, granddaughter age 13 born Reading, Berkshire, Alexander Wetherett, cousin, widower age 66, no occupation born Canterbury, Kent

"Clement BARLING, in 1688, left by will an annuity of £3., the annual rent of lands in Denge Marsh in Lydd, Kent, now in the occupation of Mr. TERRY; thirty shillings of which was to be given to six ministers' widows in Cogan's Hospital, and the remaining thirty shillings to be expended in repairing that house." 1838D

1881 Miss TERRY, 66, Burgate Street, Canterbury (from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

"For many miscellaneous objects of interest the Society's thanks are due to Miss TERRY and other members whose contributions are recorded with the minutes of the Society."

March 7th, 1882

Mrs. Hannah TERRY, Deceased

All persons having CLAIMS against the Estate of Mrs. Hannah TERRY, late of Burgate street, in the city of Canterbury, Widow, are requested forthwith to send the particulars thereof to me, the undersigned Solictor for her Executors.

Walter Furley, 38, St. Margaret Street, Canterbury

late 1880's Vacant

1890's - 1903 Robert BARRETT, keeper of Guildhall & Sheriffs' officer

1917 R. WATSON


No. 67 & 68 The Burgate


No. 67 Burgate 1932 looks like the Antique Shop

No. 67 (16th century doorway)

1838 Miss Harriet HOLLANDS, Milliners and Dressmakers, 67 Burgate Street

1840 Harriet HOLLANDS, 67 Burgate Street, Milliner

Hopkins FRANCIS, Clerk in Stamp Office $

John LANCEFIELD, Plumber %

Sarah HARDEMAN, House Proprietor

William CRAIG, Hairdresser *

1889 William CRAIG, Haircutter & Naturalist

1890's early 1900's s CRAIG, Hairdresser, daughter Bertha L. Craig, shopwoman

1930's Mrs. AMES, Antique Shop


No. 68

1838 Thomas WOOD, Boot and Shoemaker, 68 Burgate Street

1847 Rt. BAKER, Solicitors Clerk, 68 Burgate Street

Thomas WOOD, Shoe Maker %

George WOOD, Boot Maker

Thomas WILLEY, Market Gardener *

late 1880's Thomas WILLEY, Greengrocer

1890's - early 1900's Emma S.WILLEY, Fruiterer, brothers Edwin & Thomas J. WILLEY, Market Gardeners

1917 Misses E. & S. WILLEY, Fruit Stores


No. 69

Isaiah LEMAR, Fruiteer $

Thomas WILLEY, Gardener %

July 15th, 1865 Thomas WILLEY, 69 Burgate Street (No. 1570) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted D & B (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

Stephen CARTER, Baker * Buried in the non-conformist cemetery

1889 A.S. WRAIGHT, Baker &c.

1890's Albert S. WRAIGHT, Baker

1917 J. FAYER, Baker


Burgate Lane

Burgate from Burgate Lane


No. 70

Stephen CARTER, Baker $

July 15th, 1865 Stephen CARTER, Burgate Street (No. 1580) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted D (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Magdalen)

Sophia SANKEY, Charles and William COOMBS $

Stephen CARTER, Baker %

Joseph PHILLPOTT, Cooper *

1884 - Joseph PHILPOT, 70 & 71 Burgate Street (Under Coppers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 - 1903 Joseph PHILPOT, Cooper

1925 A.T. BATES, for your Taxis, prompt and reliable service


No. 71

1840 John PAMPLETT, 71 Burgate Street, Butcher

John PAMPLET, Butcher $

Catherine E. LEMAR, Bonnet Maker %

(1838 is listed a Mrs. Mary LEMAR of Burgate street under Green Grocers & Fruiterers, no address number listed)

Joseph PHILPOT, Cooper *

1884 - Joseph PHILPOT, 70 & 71 Burgate Street (Under Coppers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

1889 - 1903 Joseph PHILPOT, Cooper

1925 A.T. BATES, for your Taxis, prompt and reliable service


No. 72

1828/29 SARACEN'S HEAD, Mary Williams, Burgate St.

1838 Saracen's Head Inn, Henry Gage EPPS, Burgate Street

Mr. W. PILCH left the Saracens Head, Apirl 6, 1869 (Thomas Page Journal)


Alfred ORGER, Hotel Manager *

1884 Saracen's Head, Thomas ORGER, Lower Bridge Street and 72 Burgate Street

1889 W. M. CHECKLEY SARACEN'S HEAD HOTEL, and livery and bait stables


Their Synagogue or School stood about where now some part of the Saracens head Taverne doth, as appeares by the Records of Christ-Church. (Jewish Synagogue?)

The back of the Saracen's Head Pub, Burgate 1923, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site



No. 73

John E. BASSENDEN, Innkeeper %

William PILCH, Inn Keeper, Fuller Pilch, Cricketer ^

"F. & W. PILCH,

(Successors W.J. E. Bassenden)




F AND W P repectfully informs their Friends and all the Public general, that they have taken the above


where it will be their .. to accomodate their Friends and all who may ... them with a visit, is a .. that shall .. their comfort and ...

Genuine Superior Liquors of all kinds


Scotch Ales, Bottled Porter, &c, &c

Excellent Well-Aired Beds

Capital STALL STABLING and Coach House.

N.B. Cricket Bats, Balls, Leggings and every reqisite for Cricketing."




1769 Bankrupts - George RUMTON, of Burgate Street, in the city of Canterbury, in Kent, Potseller (The London Magazine, Gentlemen's Monthly Intelligencer, vol 38)

Marriage April 27th, 1794, at Canterbury, Mr. John STIFF, shoemaker, to Miss LAWRENCE, both of Burgate Street in that city.

1795, January 11th, Death, in Burgate Street, Canterbury, aged 92, Mrs. MILLICENT, widow.

"Death, May 27th, 1795 - In Canterbury, Mr. John STIFF, senior, formerly master of the DOLPHIN INN in Burgate Street." KR1795



Henry ANDREWS, seedsman & sack manufacturer

William BATES, druggist

William CHANDLER, surgeon

John CUMMING, attorney "October 4th, In Burgate Street, Canterbury, aged 67, Mr. John Cumming, attorney at law, and brother of Admiral James Cumming." The Gentleman's Magazine 1807 (will of John Cumming, Gentleman of Canterbury, Dec 14, 1807, National Archives)

Thomas DAVIS, pattern maker

Charles FOWLER, leather cutter

William FOWLER, pattern maker

James GREEN, pawnbroker

Joseph HAGELL, pastry cook

George HAMMOND, upholsterer and paper hanger

Phillis HUGGETT, milliner

Ann MEAD, haberdasher

Herbert PACKE, M.D.

*John Southwell Peppard (?) married Thomasine, daughter of Herbert Packe, Esq. M.D. late of Canterbury, and has issue, John, Anne and Frances (Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed

May 1812, obituary...At Canterbury, the wife of Herbert PACKE, M.D. and daughter of the late John BROWNE, esq. of Mount Browne, Limerick

Canterbury Volunteer Rifle Corps. (London Gazette) date?
Robert Rushbrooke, Esq; to be Captain
Herbert Packe, Gent, to be Lieutenant
William Webster Sankey, Gent, to be Lieutenant

John PALMER, taylor

Richard PEALL, haberdasher

Joseph PITT, gun maker

John Zachariah PLUMMER, attorney

*will of John Zachariah Plummer, Attorney at Law of Canterbury, Jan 18, 1828 (Available at the National Archives)

The Manor of Whitsable/Manor of Northwood was bought by Charles PEARSON in 1792, he employed John Zachariah Plummer a Canterbury attorney as steward.

Friend of Robert WRAITH (listed in his will as "my friend John Zachariah Plummer")

Elizabeth POLLARD, pastrycook

John QUESTED, cooper

Charles ROBINSON, Esq., barrister

Charles ROOTS, grocer

William SHRUBSOLE, linen draper

*March 20, 1809...William Shrubsole, late of the City of Canterbury, Linen draper, now of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, banker..CCA-U3-154/3/48

Charles SMITH, grocer

John SOUTHEE, grocer

Thomas SOUTHEE, baker

Thomas STARR, attorney

Sophia WEAR, milliner and haberdasher

Southee WEAR, baker

*Marriage St. Peter's Canterbury, November 13, 1794, Southee WEAR, bachelor, of the parish of St. Mildred in this City and Sarah GILL, spinster by licence

John WILLIAMSON, surgeon

* John Williamson senior (1740-1815), a Canterbury surgeon; his son John (1790-1828) also a Canterbury surgeon;...John Marsh mentioned John Williamson senior a number of his times in his diary as a steward of the Canterbury orchestra in the 1780's and as a participant in other musical events; he described him as "a very steady & good performer (as far as his execution went) upon thie fiddle(,) tenor or violoncello."

Death 1815 , 75, Mr. John Williamson, surgeon apothecary and senior surgeon to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital from its first institution, and for some years past treasurer tot he Kent Medical Benevolent Society. (MM)


1824 Pigot directory

John Zachariah PLUMMER & Sons, Burgate Street - Listed under Attorneys

Thomas STARR, Burgate Street - Listed under Attorneys

Henry BIRD, Burgate Street - Listed under Auctioneers & cabinet makers and brokers

William SHARP, Burate Street - Listed under Auctioneers

Benjamin ASH ( & whiting manufacturers ), Burgate Street - Listed under Basketmaker

John CHAPMAN, Burgate Street - Listed under Basketmaker

James SOUTHEE, Burgate Street - Listed under Bakers

John COZENS, Burgate Street - Listed under Builders & Carpenters

William BRICE, Burgate Street, Listed under Bakers

Richard FOORD, Burgate Street, Listed under Boot & Shoemakers

Daniel TOWSE, Burgate Street, Listed under Boot & Shoemakers

Thomas WOOD, Burgate Street, Listed under Boot & Shoemakers

John PENN, Burgate Street, Listed under Cabinet makers and brokers

William SHARP, Burgate Street, Listed under Cabinet makers and brokers (also under coopers) www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooper_(profession)

Henry HAYWARD, Burgate Street, Listed under Coach builder

Johua Frederick HAGELL, Burgate Street, Listed under Confectioner &c.

WEEKS & LINFORD, Burgate Street, Listed under Druggists

Charles SMITH, Burgate Street, Listed under Grocers & Cheesemongers

John SOUTHEE, Burgate Street, Listed under Grocers & Cheesemongers

WEEKS & LINFORD, Burgate Street, Listed under Grocers & Cheesemongers

John PILBROW, Burgate Street, Listed under Ironmonger & smith

Thomas DORMAN, Burgate Street, Listed under Linen & Drapers

Edward WOOTTON, Burgate Street, Listed under Linen & Drapers

Mary Ann CASTLE, Burgate Street, Listed under Milliners

John CRIPPEN, Burgate Street, Listed under Patten Makers (possibly should read Pattern?)

John PRIER, Burgate Street, Listed under Patten Makers (possibly should read Pattern?)

Richard BRIGHTWELL, Burgate Street, Listed under Plumbers, painters, & glaziers

John WILLIAMSON, Burgate Street, Listed under Surgeons

William AUSTEN, Burgate Street, Listed under Tailors & Drapers

John THOMAS, Burgate Street, Listed under Tailors & Drapers

Stephen PHILPOT, "CROWN", Burgate Street, Listed under Tavern & Public Houses

Charles WILLIAMS, "SARACEN'S HEAD", Burgate Street, Listed under Tavern & Public Houses

John THOMAS, Burgate Street, Listed under Truss Maker

Thomas HART (wine merchant), Burgate Street, Listed under Wine & Spirt Merchants

John CALLAWAY, silk manufacturer, Burgate Street, Listed under Miscellaneous

Thomas TEMPEST, cutler, Burgate Street, Listed under Miscellaneous


1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament

Daniel HAYWARD, Burgate Street, Gardener

Thomas TEMPEST, Burgate Street, Cutler

Henry BIRD, Burgate Street, Auctioneer

William PHILPOTT, Burgate Street, Dancing Master

George PHILPOT, Burtate Street, Prof. Dancing

George B. FOREMAN, Burgate Street, Watchmaker

Samuel POWELL, Burgate Street, Hosier

Henry WHITE, Burgate Street, Coachsmith

John PENN, Burgate, Broker

Richard FOORD, Burgate, Cordwainer

Henry S. WOOD, Burgate, Watchmaker

Thomas GEORGE, Burgate street, Tailor

George HAMMOND, Burgate Street, Gentleman

Charles HAYWARD, Burgate street, Book binder

Benjamin ASH, Burgate street, Basket maker

Thomas WOOD, Burgate street, Cordwainer

John PILBROW, Burgate street, Ironmonger

Edmund FLETCHER, Burgate street, Butcher

Henry WHITE, Burgate street, Coachsmith

John CROFT, Burgate street, Butcher

Henry HORN, Burgate street, Cooper

John S. HAWYARD, Burgate, Coachmaker

Only the resident freemen could vote in elections for the corporation (composed of the mayor, 12 aldermen and 24 common councilmen). Non-resident freemen, almost all of them from London, were entitled to vote in parliamentary elections, and they comprised 1,278 (or 55 per cent) of the supposed total of 2,335 freemen in 1830. (History of Paliament online)


John STARR, Esq. Burgate, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879

John STARR, Esq. Canterbury, subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

*John Starr, 1817. Son of John STARR, Solicitor and Auditor to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. b. 1804. New Inn Hall, Oxf. Solicitor. Partner with his father. Retired 1840. The Precincts Canterbury.

Powys STARR, 1821, Brother of the above. b. 1808. Died at Charterhouse 1824.

Thomas STARR, 1809-12. Brother of the above. b. 1794. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Died at Canterbury 1858.

Marriages, August 17, 1852. At Canterbury, John STARR, esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of George Curteis. esq. GM


Pettit - 15th December 1864 - 3112. Stephen PETTIT, of Burgate, in the City of Canterbury, Draper, for an invention for "Improvements in engines or apparatus for obtaining motive-power: - Provincial protection only (index of patents)

Caroline WARREN, Needle worker and Seminary (address?? ^)


Canterbury Police Court. Wednesday (Before T. S. Cooper, Esql, and R.Y. Fill, Esq.) Alleged Theft. A lad named Edward SETTERFIELD, an apprentice to Mr. GOODBAN, Burgate Street, was brought up and charged with stealing a picture frame, the property of his master. The prosecuter did not appear, and therefore the Bench dischared the accused. (KG April 12, 1870)

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