Boxed Beads (hand planers) by Crow of Canterbury - Sizes 1/8", 3/16", 3/8", 4/8", 6/8", 7/8", 1"


Boxed Beads made by Crow of Canterbury for W. DENHAM


1780 Poll of the Electors

Richard CROW



1830 Poll of the Electors

James CROW, Palace Street, Canterbury, Hairdresser

John H. CROW, Margate, Kent, Coach Painter


1838 James CROW, Hairdresser & Perfumer, 24 Palace Street


1840 George CROW, Boot & Shoe Maker, 35 Palace Street

1840 Pigot's directory - William CROW, Plane & Tool Maker, 14 St. George's Street


1841 CROW family Saint George Street

Elizabeth CROW (c. 60), Mary Crow (c. 25), Edward CROW (c. 25) Plane Maker, Pilcher Crow (c. 8)


1846 Edward CROW married Ann NEAME


1847 William and Edward CROW, Plane Makers, St. George's Street (no actual address no. listed) *see no. 14 and no. 16


George CROW, Builders Works (Beer Cart Lane) (date?)


1851 John H. CROW, 46 St. Margaret's Street, Painter. Wife Sarah, children: James and Fanny


1851 51 Northgate Street, James CROW, Hairdresser, wife Mary, children: Elizabeth, William, George and Jane


1861 Edward CROW, Ann CROW, children: John CROW, Edward CROW, Elizabeth CROW and Ann CROW


1865 William CROW, Northgate, Canterbury, - 1597 D (No. 1701) Parish of Saint Paul

1865 L. CROW, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury - 1900, D.B. (Can. *) Parish of Faversham

1865 Lewis CROW, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury (1900) *List of persons who have claimed and are registered to vote in the Canterbury District, in which their places of abode are situate, or who are not resident of the County of Kent

1865 William CROW, St. John's Place, Canterbury (1597) Parish of Saint Mary Northgate

1865 Frederick Lewis CROW, Chancery Lane, Canterbury (4776) Parish of Ramsgate

1865 J. B. CROW, 2 Regent Cottages, behind Frederick Street (4777) Parish of Ramsgate

The parish beside the name is the parish of qualification; preceeding the name is the registered number of the Elector (in brackets), and after the name follows his address.


1871 Pilcher CROW, Mill Lane - Ann CROW, John, Eliza, Ellen, Fanny


1872 Thomas Fletcher Davison marries Elizabeth CROW *possibly the daughter of Edward and Ann CROW


No. 4 George CROW, Postman (1900's) Black Friars North

No. 67 Broad Street, Pilcher CROW, Cutler (1890's)

No. 67 Broad Street, 1900's Pilcher CROW, Cutler

No. 72 Broad Street, William CROW, Boot Maker (1880's)

No. 74 Broad Street, Mary CROW (1890's - 1900's)

No. 7 Cobden Place 1917 Mrs. CROW

No. 3 Duck Lane, James CROW, Printer & Compositor (1860's)

No. 3 Gordon Road G. CROW, Builder (year ?)

No. 61 Ivy Lane Henry CROW, Dealer (1889)

No. 11 Lower Bridge Street 1870's - 1889 George CROW, Livery stable keeper - Crow's Weighbridge

No. 15 Black Griffin Lane, death of a George CROW 1915

No. 51 Northgate James CROW, Hairdresser (1840's)

No. 37 1903 John Crow, Nunnery Fields

St Johns Place was laid out in 1836-1837. Several houses were built there between 1836-1845, some by members of the Crow and Hawker families.


16 St. George's Street


Edward Crow, head male age 64 born Canterbury, Cutler & Plane Maker, employing 2 men

*1871 at 14 St. Georges Street - Edward Crow, head, married age 55 Plane Maker born Canterbury, son John Crow unmarried age 23 Cutler, daughter Elizabeth age 19 Milliner

1882 Edward Crow, Cutler (Kelly's Directory of Kent, 1882)

1889 E. Crow Plane Maker & Cutler

1890's Ann Crow, head, widow, age 75, born Petham Kent, with daughter Ann, single, age 36, born Canterbury


Montrose Tennis Club - Maud CROW


Canterbury: Official Guide to the Cathedral Church and Handbook to the city, E. Crow & Son*

The Counterfoil Album, Canterbury - 6 images, E. Crow & Son


1882 John CROW, Bricklayer of East Bridge Hospital, begging (CCA)

1885 Henry CROW, stealing money from Mary Anna CRUMP, daughter of Mr. Crump a Grocer of Mercery Lane (CCA)

1899 Clara ROLFE and Annie CROW, keeping a brothel at 7 Staplegate Place, Canterbury (CCA)




*death of an Edward Crow age 66, May 1882

1889 Edward CROW, Bookseller, Stationer, Printer and Lithographer (late Hal Drury)

1889 Canterbury and Vacinity Directory Edward CROW, Bookseller, Stationer, Printer and Lithographer, 8 Mercery Lane (late Hal Drury)

1891 Kellys Directory of Kent Edward CROW - Bookseller Mercery Lane (no address listed)

1901 Edward Crow, Stationer & Bookseller, son Edward R. CROW, Stationer's Assistant

1903 Kelly's Directory of Kent Edward CROW, Bookseller & Stationer Mercery Lane (no address listed)

1913 Kelly's Directory of Kent E. Crow & Son Booksellers Mercery Lane (no address listed)

1917-18 Canterbury & District Directory Edward Crow & Son, Stationers (Tele. 187)

1922 - Messrs. Crow & Son, 8 Mercery Lane, were agents for "The Canterbury Pilgrim Bottles" (Bearing the Cross and Arms of the city of Canterbury)


*Canterbury Official Guide to the Cathedral Church and Handbook to the City, Rev. T. Field & Rev. C.F. Routledge, Publisher - E.Crow, Canterbury, 1895


The Library Mercery Lane

(Leading to the Cathedral)

The largest selection of


Photo views and etchings

in the city.

The Celebrated Pictures

"Pilgramage to Canterbury."

Painted by

Thomas Stothart, R.A.,

and William Blake,

In all sizes.

Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", 3/6 nett.

Stanley's "Memorials of Canterbury" 2/6 nett.

Bell's Series,

Canterbury Cathedral 1/6 nett.

St. Martins Church 1/6 nett.


Published many postcards

Canterbury Cathedral from S.W. (black & white)


Canterbury Cathedral Nave E. (black & white)

Canterbury Cathedral, S.W. (colour) E. Crow & Son, Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral, ruins old Priory (black & white)

Canterbury Cathedral, The Choir (black & white)

Canterbury Cathedral from N.E. (black & white)

Canterbury Cathedral from N.W. (black & white) E. Crow & Son.


Canterbury: Official Guide to the Cathedral Church and Handbook to the City, E. Crow & Son 1920


Edward Crow & Son, Canterbury (unused)


*there was an John W. Crow age 42 born in Canterbury, Kent in the 1901 census listed at 35 Henry Street, in Lambeth, London. He was married to Lucy J. from Canterbury, and he was a Compositor Printer. I wonder if he is any relation to the above Crow family. (living at 9 St. John's Place in Canterbury in 1881). His parent's were Pilcher and Ann Crow of Mill Lane (1871), his father was a Plane Maker.


1905 Florence Lily GAYWOOD marries Hubert Stanley CROW in Canterbury. Hubert is a Bank Clerk, and son of John and Sarah CROW of Woodbine Villa in Nunnery Fields. John CROW is a Cutler.


He was succeeded by his son-in-law, Masters, from whom the business passed to Ashenden and then to Hal Drury, who published among other things the Rev. M. E. Walcott's Memorials of Canterbury in 1868. Edward CROW, his former assistant, next purchased the business, which is now in the hands of his son.


1688 Marriage, April 12, Patrick CROW and Martha WOODWARD (St. Peter's, Canterbury)

1751 June 20 Marr, May WOOD & John CROW, botp Faversham, lic. (All Saints, Canterbury)

1773 Marriage, November 8th. Isaac FEARF, bachelor and Mary CROW, widow by banns (St. Peter's, Canterbury)

February 2, 1777 Joseph HARVEY and Hester CROW, by banns (St. Peter's, Canterbury)

1801 Jan 10th Marriage of James SMITH & Elizabeth CROWE, banns (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1804 Feb 12 Baptism of William, son of James & Elizabeth CROW (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1806 Aug 31 Baptism of James, son of James & Elizabeth CROW (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1808 Dec 31 Marriage of Mary BEBB & John CROW (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1809 June 18th Baptism of John Hawkes, son of James & Elizabeth CROW (St. Pauls, Canterbury)



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